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no no no!! you can't post evidence! they are a small minority of antis and schizos baiting!!!

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im going to but im waiting for my model to be done
yeah yeah "stop making excuses just start streaming right now with a png you shit out into mspaint" i dont care im a perfectionist and im doing it this way no matter how much harder it makes things and how much dumber i look posting here
simply dont fuck up idiot

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You are here because of clippers. Probably clippers who clipped Kizuna, Miko, or Fubuki.

Say "thank you clippers".

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Cover tells you - yes, you - that the company can no longer support so many chuubas. You have to choose ten (10) hololive girls that will stay while the rest can piss off. Here is my ten:

1) Sakura Miko
2) Haachama
3) Inugami Korone
4) Shirakami Fubuki
5) Usada Pekora
6) Houshou Marine
7) Kureiji Ollie
8) Gawr Gura
9) IRyS
10) Ouro Kronii

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whether you start asap with a png and no flair or wait until you have everything together for a polished presentation, nothing can make you a good streamer more than knowing how to be entertaining. i have seen so many vtubers putting in all the stops to promote themselves and all that but when i tune into their stream they sit there near-silently for minutes at a time with the occasional cough or short responses spoken with zero energy. its no wonder why these people dont grow
i am waiting to get my model done and finish all my overlays and other visual presentation and then i will start streaming and Make Content and i will just fucking wing it and i will be great. all you really gotta do is have confidence, dont stop fucking talking, and dont be afraid to be cringe - being good at streaming is more just knowing what to do and breaking past the psychological barriers preventing you from acting as your best self.
its less an "experience" issue and more of a knowledge issue - experience can help you gain that knowledge, but you can do well or potentially better by waiting until you can put forth your strongest effort instead of just "making content" as long as you do your reps. worst case scenario you have some technical scuff, but if you know what youre doing you can easily play that off
worst case scenario i fuck it up big time but at least then ill know ive made the best effort i can instead of wasting my time making garbage content and coping that this is just the warmup and ill do better once i get a model or whatever

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>implying Gura isn't rocking an immaculate coin slot pusspuss

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