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>Smugly recommending going to Reddit as an alternative to a website that’s full of shills
I’m the only non-shill on this website aren’t I

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Literally every single Coco thread, there'd be a hundred posts bragging about
>Hmph, they're down to only six spammers now? How pathetic
>What a sad copypasta. The chinks will never get her to graduate that way!
Now all of a sudden, the spam (which was supposedly decreasing each month, and was also supposed to be blocked by Youtube) was now too much, and she's quitting because of it? And suddenly, the Tatsunokos are trying to rewrite history, acting like the chinks were always a threat, and how their spam never slowed down even after months?

Wait... did I fall for a rrat? Was "Coco won" the biggest rrat ever spread on this board?

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>japan has its head up its own ass and needs to start participating in global culture.

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>and THIS thread is funny because it... uuhhh... what the fu-

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>ENs aren't even allowed to say Coco's name
>but this shit is allowed

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