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>they subscribed?

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Partially true, the hate to cover from the chinks will go for years, but thing aren't as bad as they used to be, they even got some game permission and sponsors from games owned by chinese investors and companies like tencent.

I have to say that it was a big chad move from Cover to pull out from china and closing the chinese branch and open the EN branch.

If you want to get in deep rrats, then I can tell you about how the ones behind the whole taiwan drama was bilibili because they were pushing Cover to sell part of their company shares and to firm a exclusive deal to stream more in BiliBili, because they were popular as fuck there, specially Fubuki and Aqua.

BiliBili management have deep ties with the CCP and the 50 Cent Party

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>only 600 CCV away from slipping?
>Dump Ahoy
GG kek

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>he bid?

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>crash everyone's stream except Pekora. Her rhythm heaven is funny as fuck

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>they scored?
>activate the draw machine

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I need a KFP update

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me2oon, random Genshin streamer I've seen seen but never clicked on

There's 15 people on the list, I made it that way specifically so when people have an excuse for one there's 14 other people to point to. Being a sex pest doesn't mean you don't have viewers, that's a shitty excuse. If anything you should have fewer, right?

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I only have Watame one

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good luck, my first guess was biotech indeed heh, one of the riskiest endeavors

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Pecor is about to beat ze zump king?
Kill et.

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>watanoff, he has 6 mil in credits
>remove the fees entirely and,
>no refunds

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>make the call Calli

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>Honk implement Bogration 2.0
>they're panic selling
>pomp eet

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KEK I was wondering why the fuck I was subscribed to a Solana channel.
whales trying to dump their coins on fomofags.

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>cypher is a jet away from 1 billion

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>he refreshed

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dump it down

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>then it's a lot more impressive
That’s not how “big numbers > small numbers” work.
Numberfagging is about appreciating the magnitude of the numbers, disconnected from how they were obtained or even who obtained them.
What you describe is either tribalfaggotry rationalized throw some veneer of rationality.

>Pekora wouldn't even be able to hit 20k today if Subaru didn't stop streaming for her.
Did I say rationality? Sorry, I meant schizophrenia. Just hold still for a second, I’ll make a call and bring in some help

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