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Why has her attitude change so much?

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I remember when she used to pretend to be a priestess. Now she's just a drawing gook.

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>councilfags spreading lies about ina
it's all so tiresome

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>Ina and Mori were the ones excited for it
>Kiara gets it
Why did they pick the one with shit numbers

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Oh boy, i can't wait for the chat to get triggered by seeing Vtubers on their screen.

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Where the fuck is FFXIV INA???

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>Walfas Inner
Why does this disturb me more than the post itself?

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Your attitude is really pissing me off lately, Ina.

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>it's another "yab" that won't even last a day episode
I hate reruns

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>average EN2 Minecraft stream has multiple other genmates showing up
>meanwhile only Ina shows up despite specifically advertising it as allowing people to join

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This isn't even cringe, I've seen some shit

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>both Ironmouse and Milky are obsessed with Connor but don't drag Mori into their shit
>Ollie does

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I still don't know where we're going

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Why does Cover call Hololive members "talents" when the only one with marketable skills is Ina?
No Hololive member sings at pro level, Suisei is the best at singing and even she is an idol reject.
Ina is a professional illustrator, she actually has real talent. Take streaming away from any other member and they wont have anything left. No one would hire them.

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>Collab involving JP senpai: 30 days
>Mori/Ina: 62 days
>Mori/Ame: 55 days
>Mori/Gura: 26 days
>Mori/Kiara: 6 days
Mori's only Hololive collabs in August will have been a sponsored readalong with Kiara and a Gartic Phone collab to shill merchandise. I guess all of those senpai collabs after the Gigguk collab really were just damage control since Mori is back to ignoring her senpai.

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I miss Ina...

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Same bro, same...

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>thread start doesn't have I love Ina/Mori/Reine ritualposts
Ritualniggers reclining

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IDs go away and stop trying to make IRyS into your Apex friend.

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Why do you redditors do this? Spoilers aren't meant to be used like that. The only people who use spoilers like that are people who have gender pronouns int heir social media bios and ERP on discord regularly.
please stop or go away

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>it's been over 3 months since Mori said she'd do another collab with Korone on her birthday stream

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