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Same, but I refuse to admit I'm wrong, so I will continue to move the goalpost until she does eventually get filtered, and then say "I told you so". And if she beats the game, I'll just say she didn't earn it, or pretend that I believed in her the entire time.

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yeah this a kiara thread

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Bodied by management and kfp

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That or she's still hungry for more

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>Kiara could learn a ton from IRyS,
IRyS cried on stream a week or so back in the middle of an ongoing depression arc where she has talked a lot about not being happy with stuff. Meanwhile it is months ago since Kiara had some dumb out of context clip made. If anything her call outs has scared KamiClips off from doing [serious] clips. Plus in terms of asserting dominance over management Kiara is the one to learn from.

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Easy. It's Nene.

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Yurichads just keep winning. Every day is another victory.

>Kiara is not a lesbian
Straight girls like Kiara and Reine being together is even hotter.

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Your soul is mine

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>You can really feel how close they are
So it won't be like this

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>he doesn't know

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There was a choice?

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Yes and?

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>always complain that no one is ever awake to have an MC collab with you
>collab with someone that's almost always in the MC collabs, well outside of your usual stream times
>awake and chatting with holos at times when MC collabs happen

What did she mean by this?

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I'm okay with Mori being there at the same time now. Kiara is gonna wax her asshole

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>in the running
In order for Kiara to be in the running, she'd need to have competition. She's undoubtedly the best at zatsu in EN.

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>You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

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You get what you pay for. Holo girls are top quality and would never pull this shit.
Vshojo girls are thots and should be treated as such.

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Ok, ok. Get this. Kiara is the one who rims both Mori AND Reine.

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She took over Mori's familia so now she's doing the rimming instead.

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PC broken?
Sound like obstacles for a lesser oshi.

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