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I'm glad KFP managed to make Kiara love her own language again.

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Or you could just articulate what exactly you mean by that instead of hoping everyone agrees with you. I'm sure this is an easy task... unless your command of the English language is insufficient.

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when you put it like that... I don't know, good to have him back nonetheless

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Of course. She also has read Wittenstein!

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"like", "stuffs", "so", etc etc etc. You notice among ESLs, they also utilize vulgarity and buzzwords to fill in the gap their vocabulary lacks. Look at any anti thread and most of them throw around words like self-contained hieroglyphics instead of having them as parts of a sentence.

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>Not constructing an austronesean-based conlang to united nusantara and polynesia.

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/pol/ lingo has been dispersed into the greater internet. It's been 5 years, man. Buzzwords like that are more easily absorbed by ESLs exactly because of their deficient vocabularies. These buzzwords act more as hieroglyphics with self-contained phrases in themselves instead of parts of a more complete sentence, which are utilized more by the ESLs and the zoomers who employ a simplified, and frankly incomplete, English language.

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No, she's obviously Spanish.

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But if you're learning either Indonesian or Japanese or both, she's a great listen because she enunciates every syllable. Reine blitzes through her Indonesian and Ollie is well, Ollie.

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She swaps between three languages at will. I asked her a question in English and she replied to me in Japanese. But on the flip side, she enunciates her words in ID or JP she's easy to follow if you're learning.

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Urara question was also done by me.

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The ego? Introspection? Get this language game nonsense out of here.

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Several people in fact
>Tier SSSSS Anya#0 ( Forma de Damascus- Legendario)
>Tier SSS Anya#13 ( Forma de Woyde- Linguistico)
>Tier SS Anya#1 (Forma de Fight Club)
>Tier S Anya#15 ( Forma de Watamelon-Edgardo)
>Tier A Anya#2 ( Forma de anarquista)
>Tier B Anya#3 (Forma de Doxxbrap)
>Tier C Anya #12( Forma de Picky amongus)
>Tier D Anya#5 (Forma de managero de Tik Tok)
>Tier E Anya#10 ( Forma de squizo)
>Tier F Anya#2 (Forma de Comunista)

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You already do linguistic stuff and some rpg ones. I'm sure the babi part is more of a debuff than your actual content.

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Jesus Christ. She's learning Spanish too fast holy shit.

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Learn a language. Do your reps.

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Are you a cute girl?
The title of Destroy of Philosophy goes to Wittengenstein, actually.

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Back in /jp/ we killed tohou (2hu) threads, and it was a meme of sorts to meekly say "the 2hus...." when we accidentally create multiple global threads. /vt/ is a new era and thus worthy of new memes. And thus, we have 2views. God, I really love the evolution of language and memes.

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I am already learning Indonesian.
It's easy if you already know hiligaynon, bisaya and karay-a.

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How come none of you Merakyats mention her fascination with language and culture, and not just South East Asia, but language itself and the ESL-experience and how different languages changes the way you think?

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Has Anya edits improved your perception of Anya?

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Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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You are not a duck.

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