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They’re like sisters…

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I love Botan so much. She’s not my oshi but she’s god damn close. Such a fantastic talent and one of the best live streamers in the whole world imo

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Big fan of this one.

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If there’s an actual Bodan in the thread, just wanna say your oshi is one of the best streamers in the whole world
t. Watamate

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My dick is no longer flaccid

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Anon, a hag wearing a young girl’s clothing is a fetish of mine

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These two are cute

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Good thing I can contain my horny

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I think it very perfectly sums up much of Hololive as well. And yes, they seem to be very good friends IRL. I’m pretty sure they have to be in the same place for the cooperated 3D stuff and they’ve been doing it quite a bit (the Watame birthday one when they held hands was so cute)

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Based Botan OP

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Objection! They’re both switch

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