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She WILL collab with them and you WILL enjoy it.

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Time zones matter. ID time is most comfortable for Australians, no one in North America. Can't say about Europe since I'm not going to look at the time difference in that perspective.

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Imagine working as a singer for 10+ years and Risu destroys you without even trying.

She does sing. Not a lot, but when she does she's easily the best.

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>practice for a decade
>still lose to a squirrel that does random acapellas because they are bored

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it's going to be funny when she gets 1 million subs before debut but sings much worse than Risu.

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>kawaii uguu one tone singer vs someone who can sing anything
real tough decision here

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maybe because she acted like a whiny bitch last time

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>few subs
>infinitely better singer
how does the squirrel do it?

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FUUUUUUCK Risu is only speaking indog today.
Is there anything cool live right now bros?

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So is this the death of ID?

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But I am, eternal Prisuner here

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Ok I used to think that Moona is on the same level as Risu. But now I kneel. Risu's singing skill is way better than Moona.

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