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To be fair, unlike retarded numberfags think, if EN2 can maintain closer to 5k viewers every stream it would mean that they're pretty successful and I'm 100% sure they'll do. Kronii will probably get 10k every stream easily too

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>no Pekora
>no Subaru
>no Nene
>etc. etc.
They don't care about Hololive. Holostars are more Hololive than them. Pathetic.

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I got distracted
What happened to the labcoat?

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I dunno, I think this feels like Yuul to me.

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I'm not a /pol/fag, what is the flag with the snake?

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Jokes on you, I have a fetish for depressed scientists.

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They get along because Ina and Enma are the same per

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KFP... Your oshi is retarded...
It does make this kino though.

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I'm 26 and I never suffered from back pain, like ever.
And no I'm not /fit/ I'm a literal deadbeat irl who stays at the computer all day.
Is this normal?

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>Ame has a collab this week
>Collab with Ina "soon"
>Ina has a collab with kiara and ID
Yfw it's another gurame collab

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You'll venerate Enma and you will like it.
Otherwise, get out of here. We don't need you.

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I had fucking silent orchestra on day 12 in my playthrough. Never have I salted so hardwhile memo rep.

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