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I met that guy on the /luna/ thread
He isn't doing ok at all

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Luna found the Top secret stage! Unlimited capes, mushrooms, flowers and Yoshis for my cute daughteru!

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I love how Luna straight up shot down any hope of seeing the original dress at the end of FF9 yesterday

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I was filtered at the beginning but I saw the light after the Metroid streams.

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Thanks for the Corgi sub whoever was it!

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I like when watame sings this the most but Luna is stilli cute.

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Depends on which one.
I watch Luna Rise specifically to hear her sing the tunes, while I'd watch anyone play the original MonHun specifically for the novelty of it.
Furthermore, I'd watch MH4U and XX to see certain eventful fights and if all else fails, because the music makes for good background noise.

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Thanks bat!

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Ars-Himes. Some came out of the woods today since Luna has a new costume.

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