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Maybe I will go independent.

I'm working a story and am finding myself routinely frustrated by the fact that I have to work within the confines of the character. A lot of hologirls are too... not samey but they are all clustered within a similar personality blanket. And the more I try to force it, the more I find I either have to sacrifice story for the sake of the characters or sacrifice characters for the sake of the story.

Biggest downside of fanfics I guess. I want to keep writing but I'm unironically becoming frustrated at this point. I lose regardless of what I do.

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There are so many better collab games...

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I can't keep up with hololive...

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The higher the numbers, the less they get quality chat interactions. in their eyes they dont see you as a fan, they see you as numbers. your "oshi" doesnt love you, they love the subscriber milestone that you have helped given them. even after supporting her for over a year she still struggles pronouncing your name, your oshi doesnt care and you can't change my mind

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I haven't done my reps

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I wish...

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>me being emotional during the entire concert but never tearing up
>suzy: "stellar stellar ;;;"
>break the fuck down
What a fucking experience, I'm glad this was the very first time and thing I've spent money on for a chuuba

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this arrangement just fucking hits me in the feels, I can't explain it

also ENTER 3.12

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man i never do this but i just randomly started thinking about how she will eventually one day leave us/retire and i made myself feel sad as fuck. i'm terrible at goodbyes.

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Hoshiyomibros... I can't see the comet in the sky anymore...

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I had an exam this morning and I fucking fell asleep and missed almost all of it man I'm gonna fail this shitty course
I need Shiraken to cheer me up...

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>it's just a meme review
>30 minutes in they clothe themselves
and here i thought i'd get a good one going...

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I wish I could get the plushie but if I got the plushie I'd probably have to pay nearly double the price (that price including the shipping) because of my country's retarded taxes. Plus I'm a NEET right now and blew a good chunk of my money with the sololive and the album.

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I miss him, bros.

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What could've been...

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I... I have faith

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>mfw Pekora's makeover of Saori
Of all those options she went with the least fitting ones.

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>mfw the part of the festival I was looking forward to the most turned out to be an absolute shitshow
at the very least I genuinely had fun seeing the parts I thought I wouldn't care about but c'mon...

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It's over bros...

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sorry anon....
but this is your fault, actions have consequences

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I had a crush on Alice

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Fucking game

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