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yes, me

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>I don't want to look like I'm trying to flex on everyone or buy her attention and creep her out.

Donate anonymously

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You won't get anywhere by doing what everyone else is doing.
Forge your own path. If anything, your homework experiment last time was interesting.

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Yeah, me

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She needs to make a video + community announcement on her Youtube that she's streaming solely on Twitch for right now. Tens of people have said they didn't know in these threads, meaning there's probably 100+ people missing her streams every week.

Ironically, posting her brief shitpost clips and highlights on YouTube is a great move. It still generates visibility and her subs are still slowly inclining. It's a good idea to get more spreadable samples.

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I forgot who was he in charge of.

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yes, me.
I been larping as one in this site for the last three months.
Join us.

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Not if I become a Vtuber first so I can collab with her, make her laugh, show her my gun (literal) and then show her my BIG gun (metaphorical).

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