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Literally not my post but a random anon always post this on Ollie’s threads. Here it is anyway
Short ver.
Stream Link

a little fun timeline, will start in 1:58:57 only for context, everything until here was normal.
two motion insertion, probably first to pull out clothes and panties.
then the finger goes on inside and loses her cool, screams to cover it up.
Anya comforts her without a clue of what's actually going on.
she screams it's not okay to her partner trying to make it look lie she is scared/distressed, look how little sense this makes for the context of the game.
little moan.
big moan following an blissful *it's there" kek
look how she keeps holding her breath trying to contain herself.
>1:59:48 [volume warning)
Big scream trying to hide an intense wave.
Mutes herself until
tries to fill the audio with continuous noises.
mutes hersetf again, notice how quick are the intervals between interruptions trying to fool the rest that she is still there, then a big mute until
blissful jiggle
heavy breathing, maybe mute after notices how much time she has being without talking then unmutes herself in a bad moment.
big and long moan, the other two notice that something it's up.
Oliie notices how deep is her fuck upf doubles down on the false ghost appearance that didn't happen.
she admits that she is bullshitting pointing at how her "heartbeat'' fell it, no innuendo here, just herself genuinely losing control on her wording,
Reine notices
, jiggles nervously, Anya it's suspicious,Oliie on Mute.
unmutes, fingering continues, she holds her breath.
Moans, interrupting Anya, says "my sanity is 95" laughs herself with in awareness of the situation.
she says that she does not wanna go, hinting about returning to the house but this could also mean that she is telling her partner that she does not
want to leave the stream.
falseflags about the fact that she is scared to end the stream soon as possible,
Reine commits into cover for her. Oliie continues talking nervously, even tries to simulate that she is interacting with chat.
she starts to sing clearly losing control and maybe enjoying herseff.
Anya loses her cool, not knowing what is happening at this point.
gasp and moan.
immediately after, talking to her partner not caring at all about holding the act, telling him to to stop, then mute.
second time asking to stop, she gained her composure, but clearly it's too late for the other two to not notice, gets really awkward for Reine and Anya,
so they stay silent, this is probably the moment when the fingering actually ended or slowed Ifs pace
Oliie ask to end the stream somewhat done with the whole situation, she even doubles down before the others interject.
she ask the others tor an answer but the others are a little dumbfounded,I don't know Indog so i can’t tell what they are saying
they get on with it trying to end the game as soon as possible, at this point the fingering continues, or gets fast paced again
Oliie comes back to the truck, ends the puzzie and doses the door with no fucks given about the rest, probably in anticipation, then muted and then
, by mistake
with a holding breath, she laughs and moans shortly, continues conversation.
big moan and smooch sound, body tracking suggesting she leaned away to kiss him, after the others take the part of ending the game trying to cover
tor her.
she mutes and the other two are in total silence, without knowing what to do, Reine breaks the silence with a nervous laugh to keep the conversation.
trying to wrap up the stream on this point.
satisfied gasp, with this the wave ends, probably lowering his fingering pace.
another wave incoming
loud gasp, after this probably ended the whote fingering.
damage control diverting the focus on manager, kinda referring to herself.
"there is a lot of salt here* probably referring on how mad Reine got out of all of this.
ends the CoIlab
She gets inside of the closet out of post coital shame and realization maybe, kek

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i love her so much, only real member of hololive

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