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It was fun/Why did I do this???

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>phonefag using named pics for posts.
>angery as fuck
Weird how you criticize my spelling and punctuation when you're just as bad as me. On the point though, yea, I'm a bit miffed that this thread has unironic discordshills defending the the link in OP. Shitposter or not, you are the one who's cancer here.

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Then that's just their own emotions flaring up and them sperging out about it. However, whenever they're done crying about drawing, they better listen to the experts and the science behind it and stop calling lolicons pedos. I don't care about first glances. After the first glance they should stop being retards and actually think and apply logic into their worldviews. I'd also like when I explain it to them, they can stop dropping retarded loaded questions and all their cope appeals. Again, I don't care if they find it weird. Just don't think you can label me as something else and get away with it.

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