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If there is a thread up after this one I can answer any questions, but I'm going to sleep now.

VtM up first. It's "the mystical ability to manipulate your physical form", although it doesn't do much of that
>Eyes of the Beast •
Your eyes glow red and you can see in the dark
>Feral Claws ••
You grow some claws and do aggravated damage, they also let you climb
>Earth Meld •••
You can sink into the earth and meld with it to sleep, hide, etc, and maintain some vague awareness of the area above you
>Shape of the Beast ••••
You can turn into an animal, either a wolf or a bat. Wolf is pretty good at fighting, the bat can fly, both have enhanced senses. If the GM allows it, they might also do other animals.
>Mist Form •••••
Immune to damage that isn't from the sun/fire/magic. Do general mist stuff, like floating around and being spooky. Can't feed

VtR2e now. It's flavoured as letting the Beast slip out to twist your form to match it
>Unmarked Grave •
This works like Earth Meld, except you can drink blood spilled on the ground and you can spend Vitae to meld with harder materials than earth and stone
>Predatory Aspect ••
This is where Protean starts to shine. You choose three "aspects" (I've attached the list to save space), ideally representing a type predator/scavenger, and then when you use this power you can manifest any and all of your aspects to become more bestial. You can change them by spending Vitae and resting in Unmarked Grave
>Beast’s Skin •••
Like Shape of the Beast except much heavier on the theme. You get a number of forms equal to your Protean, and before you can assume a beasts form you must hunt it, drink it to death, then spend time absorbing it's flesh in Unmarked Grave
>Unnatural Aspect ••••
Ditto for •• but a single monstrous aspect you can spend more Vitae to manifest with ••
>Primeval Miasma •••••
Like Mist Form but way cooler because you can feed while mist. Open wounds can have their blood evaporated out of, or you can force yourself into their lungs. It also counts as Unmarked Grave for swapping aspects

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