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Fun Fact:
Did you know the feeling of embarrassment and the feeling of pleasure are extremely closely linked?
Think about it; when you feel embarrassment at something secret being known to the world, at times, you may also consider how exciting it would be to bring that secret closer to your normal life. The thrill of that idea, bringing the shame or exposure closer to the light of day, is the same reason you have phenomena like public sex fetishes, or "flashers," or people who wear collars in public.
When you consider that phenomenon, and understand how it works in the real world, it should make sense that such an idea would exist in the digital world as well. People will send in public displays of things that are considered private matters, especially sad matters, in order to expose themselves to attention, pity, and even shame. Some may especially want that shame. To that kind of person, being looked at with such a combination of pity and derision would combine to give a near-orgasmic sensation.
There is no viable way to stop them. To give them pity is to invite more egregious and bold attempts for a similar "high." To give them shame results in the same thing. To punish them provokes only their arousal, and serves as a motivator to do it again, and more. Doubly so if they can cleanly separate it from their real life. You can try and ignore them, but before they go away it's likely that they will escalate in order to attempt to gain a response. It's a hellish task to truly discourage them, and the answer will be different for every person when it comes to dealing with them. Their "weak points" are unique.

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cute christmas cake that I absolutely must breed

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>Caring about what game the girls are playing
>Not caring if the girls are having fun

How very sad!

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>IRyS: I'm so smart like that. Even if I don't think I understand a puzzle, deep down, I already know the answer, I just haven't realized it yet
I love my smart wife

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This is incredible, my oshi loves glasses

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I love IRyS more than you probably!

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IRyS isn't cute
She's hot

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She sounds like a Disney princess, I don't know how else to describe it. Go watch Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid again.

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>Open Bae's stream
>Vote Minecraft
>Dislike for algorithm
>Close Bae's stream
>Open IRyS' stream
Love me future wife

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I'm a Libra IRyStocrat, and according to my Horoscope for today:
>Unusual dreams, visions, and audio phenomena may come to you today. You might think you're hearing voices. Before jumping to conclusions, rule out any logical conditions. You're not crazy. This probably indicates a growing psychic awareness. You should write down what you see, hear, or learn during this time. It could be valuable.
This is how I'll become the last IRyStocrat

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>Gura: Child
>Mumei: Adult
>IRyS: Hag
>Mori: Death
Call it: "The Sphinx's Riddle"

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My oshi almost certainly went to an anime club in the late 2000s/early 2010s and I love it

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IRyS the ball dodger

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>Everlasting Crown
I fucking love this girl

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This is a beautiful image

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So far the rule has been that GR15 overrules literally everything else so yes, it would essentially be a Culling of every single shitposter that couldn't help but post about it

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>gold shoes fashionable
god she is so girly

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welcome to idolfaggotry
enjoy your stay and mood changes that depends in some random woman acting like an anime girl

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Watchrys thisrys. Niggerys.

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