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A couple weeks ago I tried searching for that kind of bridge on google images and tried scanning over Tokyo with google maps, but couldn't find anything I didn't spend forever trying that though. I also tried doing reverse image searches with crops of that image, but didn't find anything.

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Ojisan will definitely save her

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sasuga autistchama

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dude it's a fake bridge.

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She lives in Fukuoka

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Wait why is everyone's name grey on my YouTube? Do I need to become a member first?

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Are you on the app?

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I doubt it's anywhere near Tokyo. See attached pic, but I forgot where this was, maybe Nagano-ken or Saitama. It's just mountains. So you will need to look for the countryside to find such a bridge, I think.

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The final yab already happened a long time ago. We just love her so much that it didn't matter. Still, someone will probably dig it up in the future. When the time comes, just remember: the final yab is a schizo hoax.

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You need to subscribe.

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>dude it's a fake bridge.
How do you know?

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>She's here

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haa.. haa.. i'm coming beatani..
please wait patiently..


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I can tell from the pixels and having seen a lot of bridges in my time

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Oh I'll save your BearBear... I'll save you real good...

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Correction, this is in Shizuoka, I can't believe I travelled that far back then, wtf.

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I have. Maybe it's qn Android thing.

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ipgrabber arc

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That looks more plausible, maybe its there

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Bea...if you are that desperate for a friend I can mail you my girlfriend's Line ID

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fuck fuck fuck, I had a good Idea. What if someone asked the nippers over at /int/ where they think that photo might possibly be. Even if it is just a prefectural guess

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I'm close. I can feel it.

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you all do realize this shit you're doing is like the one rule jannies actually enforce on /vt/ and you're playing with fire even shitposting about it right
>but beatani thinks it's funny
she won't be laughing when /yah/'s nuked from orbit and she can't find a thread tomorrow

>> No.3290113

yeah I'm starting to concernfag for /yah/ at this point

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May as well post mine.

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Fuck no...

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she's here so she'd understand. What would really be heck though is /yah/ getting hecked and it being the catalyst to make the Discord public.

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Nobody will care if no one here reports this. Like none of the dads are disgusting traitors right???

>> No.3290237

well then protect us janny-san

>> No.3290271

joudan dayo...

>> No.3290287

some dads just want to see /yah/ burn...

>> No.3290288

BD Card anon here. I will start going through /yah/ archives to make sure that every image provided is in the final card. But I will literally just grep for "300x300".
If you did NOT provide a message that was exactly 300x300, and you don't see it in the last sneak peek trying to minimize those at the moment so you'll have to do your archive reps too, then please repost your message. I know destoroyah-san's drawing and the Edward Norton line art are not 300x300, but those are already in the card.

>> No.3290308

Just so no one is confused, I doubt she took that pic in Tokyo considering the mountains in the background. The two pics I posted so far are located in Shizuoka and contain mountain backgrounds. Her photo could be anywhere that has mountains in the background.
Eh, but I highly doubt she's from where she took the photos. She's from the city.

>> No.3290390

yeah we get it you're not from tokyo

>> No.3290429

Where's the protein?

>> No.3290580

That looks like some kinda homemade oatmeal. If true then the protein is already in there.

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Those were vacation pics from tour bus. You can experience the same on the cheap if travel restrictions were to ever be ever lifted. I recommend it, it's fun.

>> No.3290661

Boiled eggs with it, they were blended into shreds when I fluffed the oatmeal.

While true, I always want some meat in there.

>> No.3290696

I'll come to Tokyo if you come to Brazil.

>> No.3290765

Im not him but don't make threats like that...

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Nah, I want to visit Serbia.

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I hope Beatani doesn't feel obliged to keep being リア充たに on Twitter. I don't feel bummed out about the handwriting thing anymore.

>> No.3291060

hmmm seems like a trick

>> No.3291072

I am on Android, the app doesn't color names but you can see a member icon next to the names.

>> No.3291126

Did beatani ever end up using that space thing?

>> No.3291134

I'd eat that.

>> No.3291209

Making A Serbian Film with your daughter!

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