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>> No.3299856

>Nabi is kusogaki

>> No.3299871

I thought they'd have done some self-reflection on the "Come to X" meme but I was sorely wrong

>> No.3299874

Nabi's Japanese is so simple I can actually understand a majority of what she's saying. This is amazing.

>> No.3299879

>My husband is No
Gotta find this No guy and give him a piece of my mind.

>> No.3299882

Nabi a single mother of 5!

>> No.3299890
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NGL, I'm gonna miss the yandere laugh once she gets used to streaming and stops nervous-laughing all the time.

>> No.3299914

We can still get it if she ever does a collab

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I'm sorry for all the times I've made fun of you goslingposters. I don't think I can take it anymore.

>> No.3299934

Alright, teamates, you can have Nabi.

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God damn, artists must have some serious patience to do this every day
It's all just draw one line, erase, draw, erase, draw, erase, draw, move on to next line and repeat
I've gained some newfound respect for drawfags
t. Never watched a drawing stream

>> No.3299968

You still get mosszilla arc in Ame's chat which honestly feels pretty great being a part of it & she can safely herd her viewers to the others without turned into a raid.
But I guess that is a very rare exception.

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>About Ame and Uto, they're not acquaintances so it would be better to not call them family
>I keep saying stuff without thinking, I really don't want to be a bother to them
>It's okay? Thanks for your understanding
>I'm a fan of both, so I end up blurting out stuff on the spot...

>> No.3300052

Yeah it is the best she can do to acknowledge the awkward standoff between them. It does not seem to be an easy subject.

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>Don't call me your family you disgusting gook!

>> No.3300070

It depends I guess. If you watch Ina she is crazy fucking fast.

>> No.3300094

>Mel invited Nabi to Apex

>> No.3300117

She's poor, more daughters SOON

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>> No.3300136

>Maternal instincts activated

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>> No.3300173

turns out she cant play apex cause she is using Mac? i didnt knew that one

>> No.3300186

>Can't play games
>2 times as expensive
>Limited number of programs
Why would anyone buy a Mac?

>> No.3300196

>it's over already
don't go....

>> No.3300209

>she actually didn't draw Ame after all
Looks like we all know who the favorite child is in this family

>> No.3300211
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>> No.3300220

Yeah, the one with a complete artbook.

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>No stream until the 8th

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That was just for the sake of her job. Of course the chuuba with more subs gets picked, because she'll sell more copies. But who you draw in your free time? THAT comes from the heart.

>> No.3300259

God please let Ame be raped to death in a BLM protest!

>> No.3300324

>Of course the chuuba with more subs gets picked
Uto didn't even exist when she finished that artbook retardchama

>> No.3300332

Yes, you usually draw the simplest design in your free time.

>> No.3300502

Some artist like using Apple product so I kinda expected she using macOS and iPad

>> No.3300535
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>> No.3302782

Hope she'll finish it.

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Wow. Nabi really loves Uto. Ame must of been fuming during this stream.

>> No.3302992

She was sleeping.

>> No.3303003

The stream where she defends Ame from the chats?

>> No.3303030

Just another day being 1# Nabigator

>> No.3303126
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For another one?
I didn't say anything about her hating Ame.

>> No.3303171
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>> No.3303285

I mean, she won't be fuming watching her mama spend a good chunk of the stream correcting the chats & calling her an angel.

>> No.3303426
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I'm sure she missed it. She probably closed the stream when she saw Nabi would be drawing Uto.

>> No.3303734

And I'm sure either she is asleep or she read the live translation if she watches it, considering Nabi can't spend a minute without mentioning Ame.

>> No.3303830

>Nabi can't spend a minute without mentioning Ame.
Were we watching the same stream?

>> No.3303857

>Nabi can't spend a minute without mentioning Ame.
Nabi has been fingering herself to Uto for the majority of the drawing stream.

>> No.3304022

Oh just a figure of speech, but she still mentioning Ame across the stream & that alone can keep Ame keep checking the translation in the chat.

>> No.3304095

I'm pretty sure Ame was up taking a liquid shit and she checked the stream because of that on the toilet.

>> No.3304262

Public toilet, Fludd ruined her entire plumbing system & there's a live kaiju in her house.
She watches even her genmates on phones.

>> No.3304380

Imagine stepping into Ame's soft turd in a public park.

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