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Twappi's chat

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Bob from Tekken

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fuck you, but nice double dubs

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i swear miku is the top1 biggest slut in jp

>> No.5270097

I only play eroge

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Ollie plays the fool but is actually very smart

>> No.5270103

Anytime I see these posts I just imagine either some furfag with a huge nose and buck teeth dwelling in his basement or some 14 year old folding his arms to look cool while saying whatever it is

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Lilith, Sakura, May, Athena, Cerebella
Fukua is actually my second favorite Skullgirl.

>> No.5270109

Red Arcueid (MeltyBlood)
Ken (Smash Ultimate)
Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear XXAC)
Hwoarang (All Tekkens he's in)

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Shulk in smash

>> No.5270116

Dragunov in Tekken, Ibuki in SF and Giovanna in Strive

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They are shitposters, you don't classify those as any fanbase.

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It's the zoomer juice. Her brain is overclocked.

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>Mori (with preptime)* > Anya > Reine >= Risu > HoloEN+Ollie > Moona > Mori
tying Yuul and Tiara's stories together by background mentions and a common appearance from Vic was actually smooth and smart as fuck, and she actually admitted to having to improv a decent bit in both Ina and Kiara's situations

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>Fukua is actually my second favorite Skullgirl.
Holy based.

>> No.5270128

Mori isnt that smart r-right?

>> No.5270131

Moona is not unintelligent, she’s just hyperfocused and autistic.

>> No.5270132

Mor is truly the Batman of Hololive.

>> No.5270137

meds huhaha

>> No.5270138

I'm going to think thoughts about Ninomae Ina'nis.

>> No.5270141

Does that shit really matter when despite all the music I've heard from the JP side of things the only two JPs that I like as much as Gura are Okayu and Suisei? Though I haven't paid any attention to Azki so maybe I should do that.
And I know how redundant this post really is because at the end of the day this is all subjective.

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cloud in smash but its been months since i last played because switch died

>> No.5270153

It sure is losing, with the ongoing westernization of it

>> No.5270156

Who's the next on the TTRPG? Gula?

>> No.5270159

I like to think that Mori just falls into success. She doesnt need to tryhard

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Sorry 5%beat, but with my shitposts meant towards (you) fags, I can't be bothered to spare much more effort than necessary. Surely, you're used to this from Mori?

>> No.5270164

that's fair, Mori is a slow thinker but it doesn't mean she's stupid
although i guess fast thinking is at least a big part of what is considered "smart"

>> No.5270165

Well, don’t.

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Ina>Kiara>Gura>Ame, Mori

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considering most of that shit was clearly outlined by her in streams ('I'm hanging with JP senpai behind scenes to get more comfortable with talking nip', 'I planned out an entire schedule of collabs with girls'), it's just more of a reason to tell people to watch streams and fuck off, or at least stop using fucking DYRBI for everything

the only collabs that were spontaneous/not planned in advance were Cocollabs because Mori knew her time was running out and wanted to hang with her as much as possible since she FUCKING LOVES THAT BITCH

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He's still doing le 5% discord meme, just leave

>> No.5270188

Does she even know what kind of character she's going to make?

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>Does that shit really matter when despite all the music I've heard from the JP side of things the only two JPs that I like
yes, if you lurk more you may appreciate the other holos further. but i wont discuss roommate shit here

>at the end of the day this is all subjective
musical talent is not subjective. but i get what you are saying that you enjoy what you want and doesn't care much any form of elitism. also as per the original topic they are arguing that Gura is the "best" singer hence the replies

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kek, tryhard

>> No.5270195

power level ranking is not so different from numberfagging. everyone measures it based on different criteria so there's no true "best"
hence bait

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I automatically play whoever is the closest to a Shoto in any give fighting game.

>> No.5270203

How about I post her T3 lyric dive from February? Be nicer, don't lump me with those discordfags :>

>> No.5270209

Disgusting feathery wings typed this

>> No.5270212

>7k subscribers to go
Predict how long it will take

>> No.5270213

I love you Ina!

>> No.5270215

I love you Gura!

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>Kanata singing A Cruel Angel Thesis
feels like something you could build a rrat on

>> No.5270223

emotefagging started from the niggerball thread on /sp/, just to let you know

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