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>Next stream:


>Who is Nadeshiko?
Youkai loli PNGtuber. Master of zatsudan skills and imouto experience. Really loves idols to the point of wanting to become one herself. Doing her best.

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Thumbnails are getting real good

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Not to tribalfag, but it's been pretty eye opening seeing how Nade and Kiki's first few threads after debut went. I guess the anon that said Nade is like an aspiring idol and Kiki is like a friend isn't exactly wrong, Nade's always given me strong Nenechi vibes. Hope she isn't down by her lack of hardcore gachikois.

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Drawfriends doko? Nade doesnt get much fanart

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There's so much to love here, but I love that her blanket became her body the most

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The yawn, rollover and clock smash transition is pure kino.

I hope the animation mode doesn't get shelved because of the amount of the participants.

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I think it would work best if the participants are limited to 11 so it's Nade + 10 viewers. The participants will have to use the same names they use on YouTube and then when the round is over those 10 viewers will leave and the next ten will join.
This would also make it so you always have spectators AND participants, instead of only having participants who can't really type in chat or follow what Nade is doing since they are busy with their own drawings.

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I also thought of the same solution. The downside is managing it and checking names, tracking who already participated and such. I wish we could try this method at least once though, see how it flows.

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Her orders, not mine.

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Stream is one hour earlier than normal times, be careful not to miss the start.

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TLDR, good job sliding into her dms tho groomerchama.

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Seems like she got sick and tired of the rrats. Sasuga rratslayerchama

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This better be a photoshop edit, why are you going out of your way to dump this board garbage into her private inbox.

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Holy shit. That was cringe. What the fuck anon?

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The thread garbage is generated in here without ANY consideration on how Nadeshiko feels, so shut the fuck up retard. Those are her feelings about the Kiki/Kiki drama that some of you have been pushing around, specially with the leech boogeyman.
You nigger should calm down, they're friends despite not talking 24/7, and you have to accept it as a fact.

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ESL trash don't ever DM Nade over your imagined drama ever again

learn to ignore bait and move on

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please kill yourself

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Take a fucking clue you groomer nigger. Her saying "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???" is a good indication how she "feels" about things she doesnt know. You just went out of your way to tell her "Hey did you know that theres alot of shit floating around, here taste some of it lol, kek"

Jezas, tie a rope.

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Stop seething, doesn't matter how hard you want to believe Nadeshiko hates Kiki (or vice versa), it's not happening, they're in good terms and there's NOTHING you can do about it.
Screenshots approved by Nadeshiko herself to make her 'loyal badgers' shut the fuck is should be the last nail in the coffin but you tards still want to believe.

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why are pyonfags so obnoxious? few anons saying "who" to Kiki posting in Nade thread is not malicious in the slightest

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kill yourself jesus, she doesn't need to know about this shit, no one even seriously cares about her relationship with kiki except you dramaniggers
>caring so much about kiki being hated you needed to take time out of nade's day to deny the allegations
fuck off

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>Start imaginary drama
>"Haha i owned you loyal fans :)"
Kys please drawgroomer chama.

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Nobody cared but you and some other fucktard. End yourself retard.

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go back to your containment thread pyon groomerfag

leave Nadechama alone and don't bother her ever again

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This is incredibly cringe anon. Imagine being harrassed by some faggot for 40+ minutes about pretend drama a majority of people, you included, don't give a shit about.

/vt/ was a fucking mistake.

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If you think it's imaginary drama, go back to the past three or four threads and see how much people SEETHE about Kiki's presence in the thread and in streams, who are you trying to fool?
Nadeshiko herself is TIRED of you mongoloids throwing shit at Kiki who has done nothing wrong (and whatever thing she's done, like caring about Nade) has been blown out of proportion
As you read on the screenshot collection you'll see that she'lls talk about what problems have YOU nadefags have brought to this small community.

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Shizo away!

>> No.10042434

this was kino
can someone post more?

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She didn't attack badgers, stfu. She just said she doesn't like rratposting that isn't fun. Neck rope now.

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I hope she blocks all DMs now so I and her shouldn't have to witness cringe like this ever again

>> No.10042485

Meds. Now.

>> No.10042541

Nade if you read this thread, please block your DMs and never respond to any schizo from here ever again.
Thank you.

>> No.10042590

her dms are closed now

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Based yokaichama.

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>creeping nade out so much she never accepts DMs again
schizo absolutely BTFO

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This is fucking cringe man. Any mention of kiki in these threads are forced, we literally don't care.
Now that you've outted yourself, get your pedo argentinian self out of nades streams.

>> No.10042840

Literally made a big deal of basically nothing, it's just your every day 4chan shitpost, those DMs are nauseating
>Her orders
After constantly asking her that you post it in here

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Kill yourself you absolute faggot

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Hope she also blocked that subhuman

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This is so manipulative. Textbook "don't trust those guys over there" taking advantage of her lack of time to make up exaggerated bs so she thinks a screencap needs to be posted. I hope she knows better and block that faggot.

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mans posted himself in the act of grooming, living up to the name I guess.

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Hang yourself and also stop shilling Nade and Kiki in /yah/ while you are at it.

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I am going to hunt your ass down, you schizo faggot. Never shit up /yah/ ever again.

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this is so sad bbadger play Hurt by Johnny Cash

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It's probably the drawnigger.


>> No.10043960

100%, there is not a single doubt

>> No.10044014

it is a known fact that it is drawgroomer
He's even asked nade to check her dms during a stream as well

I hope he gets filtered from now on for not being able to act like a functional human being

>> No.10044024

Of course, exact same writing style, mentioned DMs being ignored, in the 3 fanbases, used to push both sides to get in DMs, attentionwhore, it's not even a question.

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bbadgers what kind of streams would you want Nade to consider today? keep in mind she still doesn't have a new PC

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There a way to check the threads these things were posted in?

>> No.10044176

Japanese mythology or history. She mentioned it back during the first threads, but I'd love to hear her do story readings. She could even pretend she was around for them as a youkai, watching these events unfold herself, like some spirit imparting the knowledge, or something of that sort.

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A little disappointed we didn't get another thread going last night, stream had ended but it still felt a little premature after all the good drawings that were yearning to be posted.
It's kinda slow isn't it? Maybe some whales could commission art, but then again this is still not her final form so art that gets made now would be outdated in about a month or two. Feel free to see if the local drawthread has anyone willing.

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Sorry for the off topic but I hope Nadeshiko knows that guy is casually asking for underage nudes in discord https://102716.xyz/context?channel=trash&created_at=1631842384083 (was about athena bambina past pictures)

>> No.10044231

>she's an autist who got her underage nudes leaked a few times
>"Jesas, now I wanna see"
I'm sure glad my favorite vtuber nadeshiko entertains casual talks with such people.

>> No.10044267

Expected nothing less, sasuga grooma.

>> No.10044341

Nade please, you're very sweet but you don't need to tolerate literally anything...

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I want more chill drawing streams during which she goes on random tangents

>> No.10044478

I have a feeling that the DMs might be fake.

>> No.10044599

starting now

>> No.10044614

I wish but no

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>> No.10044641

What makes you so certain?

>> No.10044656

Fucking hell. I remember writing out a fucking essay of a response to him the first or second time people brought up issues with him, explaining what I thought was the general consensus of problems people had with him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, just assuming he was a bit socially retarded, and things seemed to stop as there wasn't much more brought up about it.
Turns out he's exactly I what I expected. I'll have to look through those twitter dms again. There was one or two moments I raised an eyebrow, for example when he said "another chubba friend". Despite being called out for it, he still seems to insist on trying to be "friends" with Vtubers. And with this new revelation, makes things pretty concerning.
Shame that he's practically single handily caused various groups to see Nade as the groomerTuber.

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File: 73 KB, 598x377, nade DMs off.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why did she just turn off DMs then?

>> No.10044723

4chan stop trying to groom underage girls challenge IMPOSSSIBLE

>> No.10044749

I can't confirm that unfortunately cuz I've DMed her before.

>> No.10044952

They're not, baby. not even I expected them, wanted to screenshot a specific line and got hit with a "screenshot all"
Unlike you, I want to befriend them cause they' persons, If you're going to "concern" about shit like that you'd better start callng that envy.
Cause I told her to.,

>> No.10044976

I thought everyone knew that. I mean, he openly shares his Twitter, and that's filled with "sexy loli" pics that alternate between 2D and photographs of actual scantily-clad Asian children.

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Here, literally bragging about it.
Just hope people know the kind of person trying their best to shit up every community.
I'll focus on nade stream now.

>> No.10044988

Nice larp.

>> No.10045028

Some dads are badgers too you know, they WANT to know what' will go on in the next hour or so

>> No.10045058

he might be phoneposting

>> No.10045211

Remember the first few nadechama threads where it was pretty clear that we agreed to not dm or attempt to groom nadechama? Miss those days, discord ruins everything as usual.

>> No.10045299

Drawgroomer has unfortunately been DMing her since basically the beginning, and kept doing even after being called out. Nothing to do with discord.

>> No.10045353

Get a desktop PC Nade, a laptop with the same specs will cost like 2x as much.

>> No.10045398

It's twitter.

>> No.10045402

Shadowverse on steam supports mac

>> No.10045478

lol as if she wasn’t having beta orbiters/groomers since the beginning

>> No.10045579

Fucking kekbook, cant do anything right.

>> No.10045580

Just joined, did she say what the PC specs will be, has she decided yet?

>> No.10045596

Binding of Isaac
Idol Manager
Muse Dash
Stardew Valley

All of them run natively on mac and are toaster friendly

>> No.10045637

It seems like it's the steam mac client's fault this time.
It's really dumb though, because the linux client doesn't have this problem.

>> No.10045645

Not yet, just having pien over the fact that getting pc is harder than buying garbage macbook laptop.

>> No.10045654

Assuming she's blind on it, Undertale would be a really good choice. And with Deltarune Chapter 2 just coming out, it would be a lot of content.

>> No.10045740

>Japanese mythology
>Comfy drawings
Nade's already done that "story of the badgers" video, so what if she tried going the kamishibai route? Draw a few simple slides to go along with the tale.

(would post in the chat but I don't have a Youtube account)

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I want to see Nade being idol manager so bad

>> No.10045928

Did she get any suggestions or should i find the jp pre-built sites for something similar to the 1660 3600 setup we discussed? I feel like its dragging out too long. Any chances of a self-build? It doesn't look likely to me.

>> No.10045991

I wouldn't count on it, Pip

>> No.10045993

I saw some pushback against Duolingo. I understand that it's not always considered the best for learning, but to viewers not like it as content? Is it boring?

>> No.10045997

Did you mean live drawing? Because she seemed to get "powerpoint" out of your idea.

>> No.10046002

I think we should first ask her what her budget is going to be and try to find the best PC possible

>> No.10046027

Finding JP pre-built site is probably best for her. She isnt really that interested on building one herself.
Also she's still waiting for the paypal money to buy one.

>> No.10046033

Powerpoint was what I was thinking, yes. Ever watch Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions?

>> No.10046064

>paypal money
She said she was gonna deal with it on monday, right?

>> No.10046114

I just hope that she doesn't get ripped off by the pre-builds.

>> No.10046118

Whats this quiz talk, those quizzes better not be the kind that ask for access to your twitter account..

>> No.10046122

>She said she was gonna deal with it on monday, right?
If she did i must have missed it completely, lets hope for the best.

>> No.10046148

She just needs to tell us the specs before she buys it.

>> No.10046163

I managed to find a really good prebuilt from a local shop, but ive heard alot of horror stories related to them. She just has to do her homework on them.
Or ask bad/g/ers here

>> No.10046233

Oh god did an actual Russian clipper get in

>> No.10046237

Yeah, knowing the budget would be good, dont want to interject and ask when shes talking about something else, so maybe via a dm question.


I found some before, the prices seemed decent, but of course you get shafted on motherboard and stuff like that. Still better than offering her no advice and she gets some 10300k with a 1030 because nadebro said so.

>> No.10046430

>50k subs

>> No.10046658

She should give us the budget in yen because her local market isn't necessarily 1 to 1 comparable to the USA.

>> No.10046748

Design a PC for Nade!

>> No.10047018

>Games to play
Has anyone brought up the Lemmings suggestion from an earlier thread? ("Pretend the lemmings are badgers")

>> No.10047057

She already looked at it. It doesn't really matter though because there's no modern PC port.

>> No.10047104

I'm kinda bummed that she's limiting her game choices so much. There's a lot of games I think she'd love them.

>> No.10047129

Give her time, she'll open up eventually when she's actually able to play them

>> No.10047140

Its probably easier to sell those games to her once she can actually run them tbqh.

>> No.10047187

Also i dont think she should say "im not gonna play those new games", you never know how you'll feel in 4 months when you have the whole vtuber setup up and running with an audience eager to see you experience things.

>> No.10047329

Gib me ideas for a 2-3 frame animated BRB nade screen

>> No.10047376

Someone trying to ENTER while Nade holds the door shut.

>> No.10047427

Nade adjusting one of her 4 pairs of sunglasses

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>UOOOOOH'd so hard the family started banging

>> No.10047678

That was hilarious, Nobeta is way too dangerous.

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File: 3.97 MB, 2540x7000, v games cute little girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nade needs to see this.

>> No.10047807

>Not Cunnycore.jpg
Im dissapointed.

>> No.10047816

100% orange juice is a board game that badgers can play too.

>> No.10047841

obsessed creep

>> No.10047969


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Nadechama cooking

that's a good idea, "technical issues" kind of deal
also relateablegayk0

>> No.10048053

Drawgroomer moment

>> No.10048110

Fuck off drawgroomer, no one has problem with the bunny. Leave the girls alone, if they wnat to collab eventually they will. Just fuck off.

>> No.10048174

he won't leave, i saw captures where he brags or shows dm's with bunny and others

>> No.10048203

I hope Nade just blocks/mutes/bans/whatevers him.

>> No.10048258

>no one has problem with the bunny
Except some rabid scizos.
I'm just waiting for the moment when she mentioned the things in the DMs, but I guess it's going to be closer to the end of the stream

>> No.10048337

I hope she doesnt mention it. Whats the point. Everyone got their emotions out, its done.

>> No.10048365

>mentioning literally nothing blown out of proportions
please no, there was nothing more than the usual 4chan experience where 1 shitposter samefag for a few minutes, literally empty air

>> No.10048381

God I wish that was me.

>> No.10048407

Just the typical modus operandi of making up drama (probably posted the "anti" posts himself, explains why no one else remember something that bad happening) and then playing the good side in DM to slowly separate your target from the other side of the community. Many such cases, it's textbook.

>> No.10048433
File: 4 KB, 338x45, 1651565156.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully Nade ignores him.

>> No.10048441

I've lost a nice indie to that shit, at some point she just trusted the few people who got close first and fed her lies and it was too late before I realized it. Feels bad.

>> No.10048486

The first step is to get the indie to close their DM so only you and the first fans can now talk to her, typically.

>> No.10048545

>I've lost a nice indie to that shit
Who was she? I'm curious. Also, this niggerfaggot might an indie-killer.

>> No.10048577

Might be better to just block him on everything. Shit stirrers never change their ways.

>> No.10048620


>> No.10048710

This nigger is not R*n level of unhinged fortunately, at least not yet.

>> No.10048742

Ah fuck, I recognize her...

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File: 120 KB, 1199x848, 1602265522078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 565 KB, 2000x1404, 1619738862954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

didnt mean to reply

>> No.10048829

UOOOOOH mage child erotic T u T

>> No.10048911

>Studying ASMR stream.

>> No.10049112

Believe what you want to believe, but you know she wasn't well received here, so don't come playing saying, fucking mongoloids.
Maybe you should develop some grey matter and search how many times she's even called a "leech" and a "whore" for some reason, instead of pretending that everything's cool between the girls (according to this exact thread)
YOU are the ones grooming Nadeshiko with vt lingo and 4chan culture, and you're too afraid to admit it, so instead you try to blame it on anything else.
Illiterate niggers don't know what actual gaslighting or grooming is, just buzzwords for you. Admit your mistakes as I have admitted mine.

>> No.10049167

How good are his drawings? Asking because I'd be extremely upset if his art is good but wasted his talent for being a gigantic niggerfaggot.

>> No.10049288

You will never admit it and will always say it's not groomng
okay groomer go and keep sharing your direct messages with vtubers while bragging and acting like you are getting close to them
Get a fucking clue, how many communities despise you at this point.
It doesn't matter what anyone tells you because you always deflect it, so if you won't stop pestering the vtubers in private at least stop pstering us with your shit.

>> No.10049302

Imagine thinking you're right and that you're justified to accuse everyone but you for whatever retarded reason in this shithole of all places.

>> No.10049307
File: 970 KB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10049338

Amateurish at best.

>> No.10049352

Some game ideas:

Dunno if the horror elements are too much in these

>> No.10049369

Just go to /trash/ if you want to "befriend" small indie vtubers with your art there are plenty of them on that board, you would fit right in.

>> No.10049419

Is he ban evading? I think he is.

>> No.10049458

You're very imaginative, keep your crab mentality and make me the big bad wolf of your fantasies, I hope you manage to write an interesting take about it.

>> No.10049468

If his complaining in Beatani's discord is true, then yes.

>> No.10049490

You are conflating "nade fanbase" with a few schizos that hate everything, stop trying to stir drama where there isn't. Again, leave the girls alone, if they ever want to collab or interact more, they will. Stop trying to be every /here/ girl's manager.

>> No.10049509

He's so delusional holy crap man.

>> No.10049530

Ignore the faggot, guys. Focus on cute Nade making Nade noises.

>> No.10049558

How do they tolerate him? How does Beatani tolerate him at all with her reputation of having a short fuse for cringe?

>> No.10049637

From what I gathered, him and some others shat up her zatsudan channel so much that she made a new one and renamed the old one to trash and just left them there.

>> No.10049669

She blocked him.

>> No.10049710

I think at this point giving him attention and calling him mentally ill just empowers him to act even more mentally ill, just to prove the lengths he can go. Its a sickness and theres no way to fix it other than him finding some other victim.

Louis Rossman, a tech guy recently made a video how a shizo like that with a dozen restraining orders traveled 1000 miles to a meetup to get to his GF, because he constantly commented under her videos that she was sending him personally signals through her videos. These people live inside their own realities and think they are entitled to other peoples lives.

>> No.10049758

Holy armchair, stop consuming and taking it as truth

>> No.10049787

True, he is off his meds. Nade has been ignoring him the whole stream, so lets hope he muted him already.

>> No.10049809

She needs to block him if she wants to close dms with him

>> No.10049835

Thats the best thing to do, ignore him until he loses interest and moves to prey on someone else again.

>> No.10050072

Maybe if she does the Onee-san voice it will fix it.

>> No.10050094
File: 23 KB, 183x163, 1606478983253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Distressed Nadechama is so cute! CUTE!

>> No.10050120

Is she really an unironic lolicon?

>> No.10050192

Depends on your definition of lolicon, but the answer is probably yes.

>> No.10050201 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 626x256, 1631239158994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes and she is perfect

>> No.10050244
File: 95 KB, 1644x621, _20210912_224456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10050289

Gonna anti-recommend Omega Quintet from this list. It was not good at all when I played it, even factoring in the idol element it just ain't worth the play.

>> No.10050367

Rate the stream

>> No.10050396

she is underage and is being groomed so i guess

>> No.10050406


>> No.10050421

All of these are games in my backlog or wishlist, so I can't make the claim if they are actually good or not.

>> No.10050455

too cute for this world/10

>> No.10050498
File: 45 KB, 718x402, 1631982838349.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10050500

It was nice throwing ideas at Nade, especially the games section as she was introduced to a lot of games she didn't know about, the reaction to Nobeta being particularly funny. I think she was running out of steam near the end though, but didn't want to leave us, which is cute but sometimes you just have to hang up the phone.

>> No.10050502

I figured it was just games with cute and funny and/or idols, not really a recommendation list. Just throwing my opinion out on it.

>> No.10050578
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Pretty quality conversations and got some good stuff in with the pc and stuff like that, to move things forward somewhat. I was engaged the whole time. And losing her voice was super cute.

>> No.10050586


>> No.10050682
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The staffs are so fucking based UOOOOH T o T

>> No.10050740
File: 120 KB, 800x800, 1630098959099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10050782
File: 316 KB, 474x729, 1620677074710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I understand her reaction..

>> No.10050797

I love that this is official art from the creator, camel toe and all. It's so incredibly based that it removed any bad feeling I had for buying an unfinished early access game.

>> No.10050876

They are not even trying to go through the plausible deniability route kek

>> No.10050930
File: 25 KB, 112x112, 1625263318031.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10050951

It was nothing out of the ordinary, ever single here tuber got that kind of message and it's just everyday 4chan stuff that just one person can do, most people barely noticed it since you mentally filter that kind of trolls. It wasn't worth giving more attention at all.

>> No.10050953

Hey Nade!

>> No.10050956

Go to sleep Nade

>> No.10050989

We don't, many have him blocked and try to ignore any message. Ask anyone in private, they'll tell you. Bea doesn't even read trash where he posts all day. So yeah. A pain everywhere.

>> No.10051022


>> No.10051029

I hate giving attention to that kind of person. On the other hand, ignoring it is risking Nade actually believing that bullshit and 1month from now it's too late. So yeah, I hate it.

>> No.10051036

Too based for Steam, because we're never getting that outfit from that platform

>> No.10051287

Yes she does. She just posted there today.

>> No.10051449
File: 180 KB, 515x513, Screenshot2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found something that Nade might be able to use to make her avatar more dynamic. At the very least, she can set up hotkeys to switch between her expressions. (The Mac version might require extra setup. There are instructions in the FAQ).

>> No.10051625

Would not surprise me if this didnt work on mac, such a piece of shit.

>> No.10051672

She's known about that program since before she had her png.

>> No.10051843

Nice magnifying glass

>> No.10052000

Serious qn. Do any of you actually see her as GFE when she does do GFE related shit, or is her personality like a repellent to these feelings?
>Verification not required

>> No.10052038

Go figure. I should have expected nothing less from her, in fact.

>> No.10052081

How likely is it that Nade managed to get kirero to do her new model?

>> No.10052102

mans costs 4 figures. no way.

>> No.10052170

She did say his prices were achievable for her before though.

>> No.10052571

onee-san nade asmr.. this is going to be dangerous

>> No.10053081
File: 266 KB, 971x975, +gJxR2uiTfwHthQbF8r4tYAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she is my daughter-imouto-oshi-wife
simple as

>> No.10054979

What even is GFE? I just like watching Nade do her best and enjoy seeing her try all sorts of things. I guess doing something like an onee-san ASMR could be seen as somewhat precocious and thus cute, the times she's done the real stuff like the kisses can come out of nowhere and honestly it's a good feeling. Her personality is not a repellent at all and in some cases/moods it can even support it.

>> No.10055896

Is Nade really as happy as she seems, or is it fake?

>> No.10055926

if shes "faking" it then shes the best at faking it I've seen.

>> No.10056097

I hope it's not fake and wish it for everyone. For me a reason I only check her out casually is because I just can't trust that amount of positivism and just cannot shake the feeling of it being fake no matter what.

>> No.10056252

is she still a PNGtuber?

>> No.10056256

I think that level of positivity is just pure happiness. We've seen her get angry, worried, contemplative, but never truly sad before.

>> No.10057020

She's one of those types that while bad things can happen, you can't let it affect you too badly. There's little point to getting resentful and letting negativity become constant in your life as it'll turn you into such a person too, and who wants to hang around someone negative like that? Focus on the good that happens, let out the negativity in a healthy manner, and do your best to make sure the people in your life enjoy their time with you, from family to the store clerk.
For now, give her a month or two and her final form will be unveiled.

>> No.10057197

Nade is a chill person that lives a pretty stable life, she's young and haven't gone through a lot of hardships that life throws at everyone. So it's a stark contrast to most vtubers and the general vtubing audience, mostly comprised of broken people.
It's a breath of fresh air it you ask me.

>> No.10057540

Imagine Nadeshiko doesn't tell us when she gets her new pc and then suddenly streams an actual intensive game one day.

>> No.10057913

Would be extremely based, but Nade wouldn't be able to keep a secret, no matter how hard she tried

>> No.10062191

Nade lust

>> No.10063004

I can't wait to see Nadechama become a rhombus!!

>> No.10063031

I can't decide whether Nade is mostly cute or mostly funny.

>> No.10063086


>> No.10063485
File: 375 KB, 603x581, E1amND1UUAAM8M6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Enter the usual study stream
>Screen suddenly switches to Nobeta

>> No.10066908

Why do Nade look soft

>> No.10069275

Makes you wonder how a highschooler is the least menhera /here/chuuba.
Still annoys me that drawgroomer targetted a kid for whatever the fuck kind of friendship.

>> No.10073538

Who are some good collab options for her once she does her networking repps?

>> No.10073717 [DELETED] 

>once she does her networking repps?
The ones she did networking reps with

>> No.10073763

>once she does her networking repps?
The ones she did networking reps with

>> No.10075402

I really don't want to give that guy any more audience really, he's hated everywhere he goes, he's hated here, he's hated on /yah/, he's hated on /pyon/, now even other chuubas like Eira are blocking him. We should collectively agree to ignore his existence.

>> No.10076249

She needs a better pc before anything like that, and then as she's stated she'll collab with someone who meshes with her. You can't really determine who you'll mesh with so it's honestly a mystery.

>> No.10077914

The mentions of gachikoi in the last 2/3 streams really makes me think Nade wants some after all, but idk what she can do to get those at this point. Ouch.

>> No.10077962

You’ve made two posts already with this retarded gachikoi invention. You can stop trying now.

>> No.10080241

>nade gets a new pc
>the w10 update bullshit arc begins

>> No.10082838
File: 52 KB, 564x592, 1621477073317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Badgerbros, what if drawgroomer asked Nade to close her DMs just so her could continue feeding her lies without anyone else able to provide a second opinion? It might also make it harder for her to interact with other chuubas. I'm unironically concerning...
At least with DMs open she can plausibly ignore any message requests without letting the other party know she's seen it.

>> No.10083128

I have simillar thoughts running through my head. At least she's not 100% isolated since some ppl have DMd her before they were closed.

>> No.10083621

Kiki seems to be his main target now, since his grooming attempts at Nade probably didn't bear fruit. I'm hopeful Nade and other /here/ chuubas do the same thing seep did, just block him and be done with it.
I don't know if Nade still lurks or not, but just a glance at the threads should be enough for her to be cautious around people like him.

>> No.10084073
File: 2.04 MB, 1935x1645, 4123123132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She probably still lurks the /here/ (pic related) and she seems smart enough to not believe some schizos ramblings. I trust our cute youkai, it will be fine.

>> No.10084680

She drew that for Kiki?

>> No.10084730

It looks like someone mimicking Nade's style.

>> No.10085111

Nade doesng fo backgrounds! FAKE!

joke aside, enough with rrat generating. Whats on their twitter/youtube is officialy their opinion, no need to ponder whats happening inside their heads lest the history repeats itself.

>> No.10088121

I wonder what her study methods are like.

>> No.10088155

If you paid attention last stream Nade ignored ALL his messages, he even sent some really simple questions to bait an reply in vain.
Nade might be naive, but she isnt dumb. Also Nade lurks these threads sometimes and can see whats going on.

>> No.10088329

i mean she has already gotten an audience from here i don’t see the need to selfposting anymore it just makes the threads look like a bunch of horny indians with bad social skills looking for children to groom

>> No.10088538


>> No.10088591


>> No.10091128

Badgers keep the thread alive challenge. Where's the cuteposting for Shuu?

>> No.10091205

For who?

>> No.10091258
File: 312 KB, 2048x1536, 20210920_151125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go back

>> No.10091407

Yeah. But whois shuu?

>> No.10091462

The loaf on the left

>> No.10091577


Oh cute! I dont remember her mentioning ita name.

>> No.10091714

You gotta go way back to one of her first videos, it's all about him

>> No.10091742

Ah. Thanks im planning to go through the whole pre-stream video catalogue.

>> No.10092492


>> No.10092868

NADE you cant say that!

>> No.10093255

Trough dick, unity

>> No.10093441

The chat has actually been pretty comfy today, I'm proud of you all

>> No.10094595

Shes too precious, i cant!

>> No.10095040

Im doing my part!
By not being able to chat today...

>> No.10095198

Speaking of Nade's twitter friends, it looks like sugarm0chi is back to streaming today.

>> No.10095264

It's interesting, I saw a few posts on other threads about how some people thought Nade was faking her positivity, or simply overly positive a few days ago. Now she's having a bit more of a conversation around the feelings she deals on stream, showing that, I think, she's pretty genuine with everything she shows.

>> No.10095660


>> No.10095679

She just isnt rotten to the core yet, like the rest of us.

>> No.10095686

she needs a hug/10

>> No.10095719

Penis doesnt have bone in it/10

>> No.10095743

The duality of mankind

>> No.10095813

I only caught the last bit, but it was nice. I hope whatever it was that caused those thoughts (I didn't hear if she said what it was or not.) she works through her feelings on it. She seemed good though, just a bit unsure.
Would hug if it would help/10

>> No.10095819


I really wanted to go in to what situation IRL caused her to compare herself to her peers and ended up putting her in this mood.

>> No.10095939

I did too, but the fact she didn't talk about it specifically made me think she didn't want to, so I didn't ask about it. She's a good and smart girl though, I'm sure she'll be ogey.

>> No.10096212

Snek game brings out the deep thoughts it seems. Don't worry Nade, it's fine to have them, it's how you approach them that makes the difference.

>> No.10096429

How long do you think it will be until she gets her recording studio?

>> No.10096642

It sounded like she was trying not to cry at the end of the stream. I'm worried for her.
With everything that's been going on I also have one hell of a rrat about why she's sad, but it's too spicy for thread consumption and might reignite the shitflinging

>> No.10096986

Heres my rrat why
i was a bit too rough with her last night, sorry i forced her to watch SAW.

>> No.10097143

It seems people are willing to talk a lot to Nade IRL, but not many people are willing to listen to her.
I hope having an audience, eager to listen to her talking about whatever may have a positive impact on that.

>> No.10097817

Its probably somewhat therapeutic, probably not as much as a irl person on the same brainwave or who youre comfourtable to be open with, but probably better than nothing. Especially when theres many of us that provide a sort of averaging algorithm on the topics with more than one point of view.

>> No.10097878

Dump your rrat when thread is about to die, for max value.

>> No.10098193

>First ratt is that she was SAD and about to cry
>Then the dirty rrato comes for a second lap to reinforce his first one that theres a reason for it
>Then on the third rrat when everyone are still buzzing with the first too he drops the spicy bombshell to temper all three rrats he made

DONT BELIEVE HIS LIES! Its all part of his plan! It was just another day in the life of nadeshiko, she'll experience many new things the day after next!

>> No.10098314


>> No.10099575

You mean her closet 2.0?

>> No.10100043

The question is whether the internet wire is capable and willing to be wired there. Otherwise she'd need a pc either with a wifi expansion card or built into the motherboard.

>> No.10103084

>Otherwise she'd need a pc either with a wifi expansion card or built into the motherboard.
There are USB wi-fi adaptors out there.

>> No.10103729

New art! Of Nadefriend
It's great, but something's missing. Something flatter.

>> No.10104282

Thats really nice. What do you mean missing though?

Oh that is neat.

>> No.10105122

Sasuga "draw (not groomer) friend", i like your art.

>> No.10109779

Nadefriend lust

>> No.10114438

I want to fuck her

>> No.10114507


>> No.10115377

>thread was dying when I started typing but you fucks bumped it
Ogey time to post the rrat, I spent too long typing to delete this shit
>Nade is /here/ and in /pyon/, checked /pyon/ before her stream in the afternoon (posted >>10084073, that's 100% her art style)
>Kinda slipped into parasocial mode
>Talked a little about not having a naturally likable personality and not being somebody that people can see in a certain way
>She made sure to dispell rrats and tell people not to rrat before she talked about her problems, the last gigarrat involved Kiki so it makes sense that she'd want to prevent the reoccurence
>Specifies that it's sad jealousy, not anger, so nobody blames either of them
>Talks about comparing herself, "where did I go wrong?"
>"It's too late to turn back and make a different choice"
Rrat is that she saw how loved Kiki is in her thread, the high amount of goslinging and "this girl is so precious". Got a bit sad because afaik, there was never that response to any of her streams. She also tried(tries?) to lightly do GFE but even then, most of the posts are about her cunny and most stream comments compliment her on being entertaining like a comedian. Compare to Kiki's thread where it's "I want to protect this cute girl *gosling.png*". You can see which one a girl would appreciate more. Keep in mind this is a highschooler who hasn't had a bf or anyone showed her romantic interest before, and you start to get the point. She wants the kind of response Kiki gets but feels like it's too late to change how people think about her, getting resentful over that. I do also suspect that some posts asking how to get goslings were made by her, kek.

>> No.10115890


>> No.10117216


>> No.10118205

Fine I'll add more to the rrat. She's upset that some of her former viewers migrated to watching Kiki instead and /pyon/ talked about changing oshi. Her viewer noombers have also been dropping because she has to contend with streaming over Kiki, which worries her. The reception to tonight's tsukimi stream (which she's probably preparing hard for) determines whether she finds her will again or just crashes.
Predictions on where she goes from this point?

>> No.10122584

>”‘one hell of a rrat”
>”too spicy”

You had me worried you actually had something, but it’s just a rrat in its death throes doing its last lap.

>> No.10122969


>> No.10124331
File: 405 KB, 600x350, Nuclear [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fy87qqo.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I do want to marry Nade. If you are correct then the issue is that we hurt her by not wanting to become groomers or scare her away. Aka poor communication and us not being honest to Nade.

I like Nade. I like spending time with Nade. She could have an oppai milf avatar or anything else it doesn't matter to me because I would still watch her because she is fun to be with. If Nade is here I hope she knows the badgers really do love her I think that we just assumed it was obvious and we didn't need to gush about it at all hours of the day... in hindsight that would be our mistake.


>> No.10124549

I don't want to marry Nade or anything like that, but I mostly refrain to show how much I enjoy her content and care about her. I can't shake the feeling that any teenage girl would be weirded out knowing some 30 something year old man works his entirely schedule around her streams.

>> No.10124746

Anon she is already laying out her troubles to us it is far to late.

>> No.10125206

You gachikoi rratniggers deserve death. Youve been shit once by Nade and you will be dealt with again. Mark my words.

>> No.10125287

Since when did she shit on >us? She said it's ok to be a gosling you retard

>> No.10125418

End yourself rraty gos, watch actual streams before commenting cancerous tumour.

>> No.10125696

Welcome to /vt/.

>> No.10126122

I don't even think the poster thinks this is an actual rrat, it's so completely baseless that doesn't even make sense

>> No.10126679

True, it is completely out of her charcter. I wonder if its drawgroomer trying to start shit again by trying to involve kiki again.

>> No.10126843

Doesn't seem like it's him. Nade low-key called him out on today's stream. Since he got a bit exposed in the last couple of days, she probably took a look at his Twitter, which is 99% porn, including porn he made of both Kiki and Bea (thankfully he's more restrained when drawing Nade).
If he is smart (he isn't) he will lay low for a while.

>> No.10129786

She's a teenage girl, y'know. Teenagers and girls aren't known for good emotional control.

>> No.10130427

Half of adults here are emotionally unstable. Fact is Nade showed no unnatural behaviour that would warrant rrat concernfaging. If youre bored and want to bump, just post cute and funny, or write Nade+nadefriend fanfiction.

>> No.10131124

Still gives me chills seeing nade’s first stream when she opened her donations.

>> No.10131145
File: 40 KB, 599x474, 1630177575976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10131405

That was precious, she wasn't expecting it at all.

>> No.10132047

Definitely a moment to be shared around. Probably too long to clip, but being shown her cute model is also good watching. She was completely overwhelmed. She said she expected maybe 100 at most. Big dicked oji-San and all the others who donated made her day. Might throw her another small dono later. She's very cute and I just want to support her.

I might respond more fully to that rrat, but a good few threads back there was talk of what role Nade could fulfill or be a strong contender in, and the questioner got a lot of (you)s, and the main consensus seemed to be imouto. And of course, Kiki has debut buff right now. Anons are seeing her properly for the first time. Nade also has shoestring budget debuff of png and laptop, but that will change soon I think!

>> No.10132362

I hope we dont go numberfag route like holos and nijis. These two indie girls dont deserve this treatment. Anyone doing comparison numbers should be ignored, celebrating ones growth is fine though i think.

>> No.10132682

You're right. That was more towards how all the anons were gosling over kiki than numbers. I meant it in that it's the first time they're seeing her live, so all this experiences are new, while I've gotten used to (and happy with) our insane little sister telling us about her day and the random thoughts she has, while also going off the deep end at times.

>> No.10132837

I wouldn't respond to a rrat that admittedly doesn't even watch all her content to get the answers.

>> No.10133474

Did she make a whole new outfit just for this one stream

>> No.10133563
File: 34 KB, 612x662, 1609647990327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10133709

If she did then she's ultimately more based than I thought. The benefits of being an artist.

>> No.10134156

>Mfw i cant watch this live
>Mfw no face
UOOOH enough to make up for my absence badgers ToT.

>> No.10134240

Incredibly based. Her style is so cute too. Works perfectly. Can't wait to see her in Live2D.

>> No.10135602

Someone make a new thread, quick

>> No.10135698
File: 287 KB, 550x443, 1629106223005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cant, im on mobile and on the toilet!

>> No.10135966


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