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Which Holo is best at being an idol?

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Probably Kiara. She used to be a famous one

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Tokino sora.

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Puts in the practice,learns her shit, and gives every live performance 110%

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Subaru looks like she'd be a great fuck.

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The ones who don't simply use it as an excuse for not interacting with males.

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t. Connor

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And idk, whoever is really trying.

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You posted her

She's Hololive's greatest success

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She's a mouth-breathing retard.

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Aqua became the greatest idol through the power of believing and her fans unwavering support and your oshi will never have that

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All of them who decided to take part in Bloom

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She's a great virtual idol
I feel like if she ever met a fan in real life she'd shrivel up like a dry sponge

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Why are you so defensive? Aqua is a mouth-breathing retard. That's all I said. I never said she wasn't super cute, or deserving of her success. "Greatest idol" might be a bit of a stretch, though.
Not really, but Sui has the better voice. Aqua is the better dancer though, although that isn't much of an accomplishment.

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>Why are you so defensive?
I hate suisei and i want to break her knees

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I don't. Either Suisei or Aqua. Anyways, meds.

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Go back >>>/jp/

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Probably Matsuri or Subaru, they really deliver the complete package on stage. Extremely high energy, good dancing, good singing, they're very strong.
Nene is also obviously great at this, but so far she's been nerfed by her musical taste, imo. Hopefully they get her to perform Make Up True at 3rd Fes, that's the best original she has, by far.
Aqua, Suisei, Flare, Sora, Roboco, Aki and Towa are also great choices.
I want to say Marine qualifies as well, but since she's my oshi I'm obviously biased.

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sora and suisei

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posting best girl

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Why are you here? Go the fuck back to /jp/, schizo. You'll only bait newfags here, nobody cares about your delusions.

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Aqua, Subaru, Matsuri, Nene and Kiara

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I don't really know... Who the fuck would really want to restrain themselves and be a "idol"
That's not someone I'd watch really because that's not entertaining.
But if I had to guess other than sora, I'd say nene maybe?

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Gura since she has the most subs and Hololive is an idol company.

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>Which Holo is best at being an idol?
>Tokino sora
>Channel not even get 1 mil sub yet
Are you sure anon?

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You're deluded

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But i'm right

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best idol is the strongest one

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She's the only one who takes the idol kayfabe seriously numberfag. There is a reason everyone avoids doing their usual dirty jokes in her presence and looks up to her. Someone like Nene obviously has idol experience and does good idol concerts but doesn't really care about acting like one most of the time which is perfectly fine.

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Fuck idols. Idols are for incels.

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>Irrelevance and hitting 1 mil subs are the means of becoming an idol

You deserved being on the lowest of the low, and you'll never be important to anything or anyone, unlike Sora who actually did shit in her life.

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Best at being washed up

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tits too large

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My vidya centric oshi doesn't market herself as an idol that much but she's VERY good at dancing whereas some of the other self-proclaimed idol holos can't dance worth shit. Unfortunately though, she's not a good singer at all.

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idol image not numbers anon

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As irrelevant as Sora is shes the most idol-y chuuba. She wears an idol outfit, she’s got plain brown hair, she has that idol personality.

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>Molests her coworkers
>Drinks piss
>Can't sing for shit
>Is a whore
>Doesn't hide her lust for others

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Aqua, Sora and Matsuri.

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fucking whore

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Matuli is a whore

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suisei will never have that because she doesn't need it, she's talented and successful on her own.

but I like aqua as well, don't try and make a rift between people.

well you can do whatever you want I don't give a shit

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Stay mad

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Weirdly enough, you're the one that brought up numbers

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still not numbers though

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Aqua, Sora and Suisei. They’re idols through and through. Some members have some aspects but fail at others, those three are impeccable.

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So....an idol?
Werent you guys supposed to be idol purists that believe all the memes like idols dont use restrooms? You do realize that also involves the fact that real idols get passed around old men all the time

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Has nothing to do with her being washed up

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>4th anniversary
>beyond the stage 2
>can still dance and sing even when shes just streaming or doing her own thing
>2 idol albums, 1 ep, and a new album upcoming
>only a few holos really care for her but everyone still looks at her "idol image"

i honestly dont know where shes washed up in her idol image anon

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this mouth breathing retard was known as nijikiller and the first one to bring hololive to public attention

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>decent singer
>great dancer
>active on stage
>knows how to position herself with the camera

She would be a top tier holo if it wasn't for her menheraness.

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She was a top Holo.

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Is it too late for her to make a comeback?

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Unironically, yes. She's in a good spot these days, but her days at the top are long gone

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This is the correct answer.
>good singer
>great dancer
>does on-stream autograph signings
>always cheerful
>can collab with everyone (ID, JP, EN)
>has JP, EN, KR, CN and ES fans
>great entertainer

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proof or gtfo faggot

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whores can't be idols

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That's unrelated to her being a Holo idol

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1. She's not a whore.
2. Whores can be idols.

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That would make her a perfect fit for an idol, wouldn't it? Imagine doing that sort of work with a normal functioning brain.

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1. she is a lying whore
2. whores can't be idols

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She's still an idol after that though, and AKB isn't the only idol agency out there. There's no definitive proof that she lied anyway.

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Sub count has shit to do with being idol-like. By that logic is fucking Gura the best idol lmfao?

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i bet she is smarter than u anon

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being underground sex slave for autistic japs isn't "fame"

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Maybe they meant infamous

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That's a bet you'd lose.

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Why not? She can sing, arguably the best singer in Hololive

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Sora and it isn't even close. She is obviously a great singer but Hololive has a bunch of great singers. What sets Sora apart is the dancing. I'm amazed everytime I see her Idol dance.

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Suisei and no one else is even trying.

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If she collaborated more with the rest of the crew she would've hit 1 mil a long time ago. Both her and AZki seem to have a seiso debuff that keeps them from interacting with everyone else normally.

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Solo Idol

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