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Take a break with Pochi-sensei! For real this time!

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Pochi love!

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Sensei is live now

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>sensei forgot how to do her Japanese intro

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>beer in the middle of the day and in Monday
I know it's alcohol free beer, but it's a bad habit.

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Pochi's streams are always relaxing to watch.

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She has the best broken english.

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>tfw don't understand Japanese enough to understand when she messes up Japanese as well

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Wow Pochi has been doing her reps.

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She's slowly becoming an EN vtuber

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im glad pochi is drawing my wife

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i love pochi!!

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its getting better

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beautiful accent

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Shino Laila suddenly appeared and Pochi asked when to play Apex together. Should've know those two knew each other when I got a simultaneous notification.

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pochi sensei singing bloody stream is cute

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This character she's drawing looks awfully wild and silly...

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pochi needs some antialiasing

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So, who is she drawing?

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An apex translator

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Fuck you, fuck all of you and fuck your break, I'm gonna turn pochi into a REAL mama right in front of you and I dare any of you virgins to do a damn thing about it.

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Sorry, she's already my wife. That "job" was me giving her another child.

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Does she still draw porn?

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what does the pochi beer taste like

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I want to fuck Pochi and her daughter at the same time. I want Pochi to use me to teach her daughter how to please a man. I want my dick between Reine’s breasts as she and her mom practice performing oral on me. I want Pochi to kiss feed her daughter semen and teach her to swallow. I want Pochi to ride my dick like a horse and I want her daughter’s vagina on my mouth. I want to cum inside Pochi as I eat out Reine. I want Pochi to part her daughter's legs and show me her vagina. I want Reine to scream for her mom as I pound her. I want to fill her with just as much cum as I filled her mother. I want enjoy Pavolian-style oyakodon.

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Such a shame Reine is a turbodyke

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Wouldn't that be more enjoyable when Pochi helped break her in and taught her the true pleasure of a woman.

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There is no Pochi porn tho

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Are you sure about that?

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Yes, I'm sure about that. SPECIFICALLY for her charcter.

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Not her, also he's talking about her avatar

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There is the full version of >>10081752 , and I recall someone making a Pochi lewd that I forgot to save.
Notice how the mole is in the same place?

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Stream end!

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drunkard pochi..

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With the stream's end, I can now sleep.

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Relaxing with Pochi!

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I hope she gets back to streaming more soon. I've really been missing her streams.

Unrelated, why did she give her avatar heart eyes and never really use them?

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new doujin at comiket?

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She won't be going, for her and her friends' health sake

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She will likely release it on DMM or FANZA

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Probably just likes heart eyes

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Pochi threads never live very long since she doesn't stream very often

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I hope Pochi doesn't stop making porn...

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Me too

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>Pochi will get old and stop dying in your lifetime

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She got vaccinated, it'll be fine

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I just realized I wrote "stop dying" instead of "stop drawing" or "die" in my original post

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>ywn reassure spooky Pochi that you still love her

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cutest self-insert MC

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He's not a self insert but I'd love to insert myself into him if you know what I mean.

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>implying Yuu isn't supposed to represent (You)
>implying Chiyo isn't supposed to represent Pochi-sensei
>implying VTubing isn't Pochi pretending she's speaking to her very own Yuu-kun.

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>ywn tell Pochi you love everything about her

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Pochi lust

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Sensei is awake

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Why is Pochi an alcohol-free-beer-drinking lightweight? I need a wife that can throw back on at least 60 proofers.

>> No.10120224

It was the last day of her short holiday before getting back to work.

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All the more reason to drink.

>> No.10120453

She's also pretty small and has a bunch of health issues, so there's that

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Lenri's dropping a new cover in a week!

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Help sensei choose

>> No.10122640

The sundress obviously.

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>she chooses APEX gacha regardless
Fucking railroading

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I just hope it's not ES

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>it's APEX
>it's always APEX
I'm gonna lose it.

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Pochi draws femdom, of course she gets off on hurting you

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But Pochi's femdom is the doting, worshipping kind where the woman does anything she can to please the man.

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By god somebody make her a real mother, don't worry bros I'll take one for the team

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Keep the thread alive while I sleep, please!

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Two minutes!

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Pochi just got two golds (Pathfinder skin, Revenant kill animation).

>> No.10128385

I didn't know you could get gold dupe skins.

>> No.10128528

Her laugh when playing APEX is so frantic compared with the asthmatic laugh in other kind of streams.

>> No.10129280

Cute Pochi cries.

>> No.10129316

>"Why Apex?!"

>> No.10129833

Someone please stop my wife from indulging her gambling addiction, shes already a dirt poor artist

>> No.10129906

It's my first time watching pochi play apex (even though I avoid apex streams and rather play it myself)

How is her gameplay? is she decent enough? and is Valkyrie her main character?

>> No.10132384

She plays on controller and relies on pre-firing
(she's not great)
She does seem to mostly play Valkyrie recently

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Why it's been weeks since the last time I saw one Pochi thread?
PS: Sorry I would make one myself but I got hit by the Jew ban, and I refuse to pay that premium 4chan shit

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She doesn't stream often

>> No.10138460

>sensei hearting comments again
How sweet of her

>> No.10139305

Why is she gambling in video games with her simp money instead of drawing manga?

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Bros, I am falling for all kinds of hags, I don't wanna look at hags other than Pochi, but my lust for hags is painful. Help.

>> No.10140382

Was Pochi trying to get something specific from the Apex gacha?

>> No.10141224

It's one of her few days off.
She does tell people not to donate to her and save their money.

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She finished drawing this month's ANM manga already. She also did one drawing rep stream so she's taking a break

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>ywn have someone like Chiyo

>> No.10146221

I envy chiyo

>> No.10148609

Reenacting chapter 7 with Pochi!

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Well, I wasn't planning on it, but for you, sure!

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Damn it, if I wasn't so backed up on stories waiting to be finished I'd give this a shot even though I don't watch either of them. Your passion has inspired me, anon.

>> No.10153844

>still haven't written that Kronii story I was supposed to
Why is college so busy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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It's kind of strange to me that Pochi is pretty well liked, but still doesn't receive a lot of attention

>> No.10161788

I prefer her having a smaller cult following in the west, niche fanbases are a lot more enjoyable to be a part of.

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So did Pochi finally release her self-biography doujin with the sickly onee-san?

>> No.10173110

Not yet, no. She's putting a bit of her feelings into Yuu's mom, though.

>> No.10176209

Chiyo is so fucking erotic

>> No.10176559

>Your passion has inspired me, anon
Just like how watching sensei inspired me to write/draw again. If college wasn't too busy, I'd have finished that Crossick getting dicked story but doing my assignment and working through beginner drawing lessons took all my time of the week

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There's this aversion that some people has towards hentai/ecchi artists where they think that they are some kind of ultra degenerates, if you dont' care about that prejudice you can see that they are mortals like the rest of us. And in the case of Pochi, also in need of a hug.

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A lot of them are just degenerates with no redeeming features that's why
Pochi is as degenerate as she is a hopeless romantic, that's the difference

>> No.10177705

Honestly, the hopeless romanticism is one reason why I like her writing a lot.

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>A lot of them are just degenerates with no redeeming features that's why
Maybe in Western land. Nakano Sora, for example, is some semi-pro body builder, enough to compete in the regional and super into motorcycles.
Pyon-Kti is married with her former manga teacher, apparently.
Ribyuhki is a lead guitarist in a metal band as well.
People also forgot that a bunch of renowned mangaka/artists are pervert. Leiji Matsumoto started out drawing smut with his typical character and Tezuka got a bunch of furry picture.

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>there is probably official Maetel smut out there

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I honestly feel like a lot of her regular manga chapters are more sexually charged because of the romance elements than her literal doujins at this point

I was thinking of a couple of female western porn artist who are vtubers actually, yeah
It's just such a contrast to Pochi who somehow manages to pull off being a degenerate yet wholesome, Pochi gives off a "Cheat on me and I will kill both of you" vibe though

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I think it's because it's not at the forefront of her personality, at least from what she shows. Though it's clear that she does enjoy the sexual jokes and such, a lot of her streams are just her casually enjoying things and talking like you would to relax.
That said, reading the manga to see how much they love each other really makes the H-manga chapters even better. There's just something about genuinely romantic love that can make one blush.

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Thank you for this anon!

Gosh, this image has a resemblance to her? freaking awesome and beautiful as usual pochi-sensei...

>> No.10185326

We know that she's sickly and has low blood pressure, which is how she described that one character. The mole is also in the same place as her VTuber avatar, and the post made a joke comparing it to Okaasan Online.
"Do You Love Your Big Sis with Low Blood Pressure and Pale Skin?"

>> No.10185513

one of my favs, I love her streams so much

>> No.10185877

>alcoholic sensei

>> No.10186207

Non-alcoholic sensei!

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>> No.10188637

I just found literally the best /ss/ is ever gonna get
imagine if pochi did something like this
[nemuke? (Nise)] Irenai Kyoudai

>> No.10189058

this is the worst kind of /ss/

>> No.10189271

I wonder how much money i have to throw at pochi for her to draw pregnant art of herself.

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nah it's kino

>> No.10189750

Considering that non-alcoholic beers have a veeery low alcohol grade, she's setting a foot in the alcoholism realm, mostly in the behavior than by being drunk.

>> No.10190671

just admit that you're gay already

>> No.10193240

Chiyo is an idealized version of herself (Taller, more elegant and bigger breasts)
The pale sickly onee-san is more of a representation of how she is (sickly and weak)

>> No.10193668

Sex with maid Chiyo

>> No.10195033

Hopefully the cousin plot is just fiction.

>> No.10195110

Yuu being a little mature for his age really helps to make the manga way more enjoyable. It's refreshing that he genuinely loves Chiyo and isn't afraid to show it, compared to other romance protags who turn into a blushing mess when a girl so much as looks at them.

>> No.10195747

Yuu still blushes a lot, but he's quite sure in how much he cares about his sister. The thought of being romantic with her is just something that would make any young man nervous, and he's mostly over it in the H-manga.

>> No.10198343

Kissing sensei?

>> No.10199027

On the tummy, yes

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Knowing about Pochi's heart problems makes this line feel a bit sad.

>> No.10200358

I know how we can cure Pochi's weak constitution! We just need to send her over 9000 shotas. All ready to donate their seed to her.

>> No.10200591

Pochi seems like a one shota person.

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Yuu-kun is best boy.

>> No.10200883

The one that survives is the one she keeps.

>> No.10201729

You have a stream in ten minutes, Ina.

>> No.10201767

Glad someone caught on to it

>> No.10203508

he seems so innocent and cute you almost forget about all the times his demon pedo gf has tentacle molested him

>> No.10203602

I wonder what kind of man he will grow up to be?

>> No.10203811


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The bullying continues.

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>> No.10221359

How to get a Pochi wife if I'm not an /ss/able child?

>> No.10224768

You don't

>> No.10229309

but I must

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>> No.10240105

Good night

>> No.10242701

Pochi love!

>> No.10243008

Sex with sensei

>> No.10244149

With impregnation!

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Yuu-kun tummy

>> No.10247953

you-kun and pochiyo

>> No.10249474

I would happily give up my life if it meant pochi got to be free of whatever ailments she has and gets to live a longer happier life

>> No.10251583
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Less than a week to the next ANM chapter

>> No.10254191

I can't wait

>> No.10254695

Apex doujin by Pochi?

>> No.10255006

What would it entail?

>> No.10256006

26 pages of Pochi trying to connect to the servers

>> No.10256119

Fuck off with that NTR shit

>> No.10258754


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>> No.10263088


>> No.10266069

Bumping for Pochi-sensei.

>> No.10266366

Thanks, anon

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So what lovecraft stories has Pochi referenced or been inspired from so far?

>> No.10269408

Off the top of my head
>Probably Rats in the Wall
>Referenced that one well known picture of Nyarlathotep

>> No.10275924

I love Chiyo-nee

>> No.10278900

t. Yuu

>> No.10279507

Wait a minute, that outfit...

>> No.10286725
File: 324 KB, 1114x1420, CA07BFEF-7B91-430E-A306-92338198AA9B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10287090

Ohh.. I didn't knew this, thank you also for sharing it to me/us anon

>> No.10287297

i am going to make pochi a mother

>> No.10288012

>27日23時~ #Vtuberのママ座談会

>> No.10289192


>> No.10289312

I hope it's nothing bad

>> No.10289330

Standard check up, I believe. She just likes letting us know.

>> No.10289662

Newfag here, whats with Pochi-sensei's health btw? I do hope she take care of her health...

>> No.10289684

Weak heart, but she keeps herself healthy. She often keeps us updated on her health, even if it often leads to her to menheraing a lot.

>> No.10289722

Weak heart, stupidly listened to people telling her to get the vax despite the various side effects which effect the heart

>> No.10289828

I assume she talked to her doctor about it, and she seems to be doing well so far.
Surely she doesn't take the advice of random people online, right?

>> No.10289900
File: 24 KB, 610x656, 200006600_164167455742982_4966850619664084942_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ohh, I see... but thank you for the heads up anons!

>> No.10289928

Now you can share in our suffering

>> No.10289967


>> No.10290204
File: 2.46 MB, 476x513, 1619470703418.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to make Sensei a happy mother

>> No.10290257

at this rate sensei is just going to kidnap a shota and him her own personal yuu-kun

>> No.10290686
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>> No.10292688

Night, everyone

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