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Face it: if everything you know about your favorite vtuber passed through Chang or Pedro Lopez's translations, then you don't really know them. That's no way to live.

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Because if we learn Japanese then you autists would have no other topics for threads.

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i can't memorize hiragana.....

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is that rosa

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I'm getting old to dedicate myself to learn new languages in depth and don't have any friends to practice it. Besides, haven't got much time.

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I instantly forget any character that has more than three strokes

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>learning a language that only 127 million or so people speak
>takes years to learn
Yeah, I'll keep being a peasant. I've literally never met a Japanese person who wasn't from the Japanese FDA.

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Kek, extremely based post, pretentious elite faggots like OP and the rest of the degenerates on /jp/ should go fuck themselves

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>pedro lopez
no it's all done by Joko Kromodiharjo, free of charge

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I’m working on it anon, just give me a little bit more time

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Not sure why there’s so much animosity towards people just trying to learn a new language. You should try it some time, it’s fun.

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ITT: will get dementia in their 50's

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Not Based and massivelly shilled GTFO of this board.

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There's animosity due to the constant whining about "Muh EOPs in the chat" by fuckless pricks like you.

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Calm down, anon, all I said was that learning a new language is fun

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>not just exercising and eating right

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>exercise and healthy eating
If it's a choice between this and language learning, I'll start studying Icelandic tomorrow.

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You are right, but being an asshole about it is fun.

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Learning a new language is fine but OP here is clearly a faggot and he deserves all the animosity he can get

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>he doesn't buy his oshi's merch and wear it to the gym

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I don't watch JP because i only speak the white man's language. I dont wanna support clipnogs either. So yeah, HoloEN only for me.
If JP wants my clicks then they should sub their streams.

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I'm ESL, learning a new language is nothing special. Just takes shitloads of time to be proficient. Although it'd be cool to learn Japanese, it's a relatively niche language that wouldn't be very useful unless you'd wanna do business there.

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Back to your containment board poketard

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because if u all learned japanese i wouldn't be able to make translations. thank you lazy anons for giving me some hobby income during covid times

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jokes on you
i'm an ESL

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i'm ESL too man, Japanese is my third rodeo
and learning kanji through Japanese is in your best interest considering the incoming Chinese domination (whether we like it or not)

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>m-muh EOPs
Go cry about it in jp

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Lots of projection and assumptions here... embarrassing, really.

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you do realise 90% of kanji have different meaning than their chink origin right anon?

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Because I actually have a learning disability and take too long to pick up skills. Even simple day to day skills.

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you sure are trying to stretch what i'm saying, anon
obviously they aren't identical languages, but actually hammering those characters into your brain will make it much easier to attach meanings to them the second time around

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Keep practicing and keep reading. You're already surrounded by kanas, if you can spell jp, you're oshis's name, etc. You're already pretty decent.
Lastly don't push too much. It's not like you'll be able to read afterward as there are still the 2k+ kanjis.

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Why is no one asking OP the important question?
pic related SOURCE?

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Nigga I meditate, and not that pussy "focus on your breath for five minutes" shit either.

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You're right. I'm going to learn Chinese so I can watch my beloved Hecatia.

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Because english is the greatest language in the world im not learning fucking moonrunes to watch vtubers the language will be useless after im done with all this weeb shit

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Working on it. I can read ひらがな and カタカナ no sweat now. I had to cut back on 日本語 lessons because I'm finishing military training but I'm starting back up in earnest soon.

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I'm too old to learn Japanese at this point. I'm 37 and I'm reaching the point where I don't care if the world burns or not or if I don't wake up the next day.

Also, I'm not sure if those learn Japanese games I keep seeing actually work or not.

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My favorite vtubers speak English

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You shouldn't be having trouble with kana. Its just like learning another alphabet, its simple.

At least get up to Kanji before experiencing difficulty.

Kanji is a bitch though, but its all about exposure and memorization, and through that, if its just about watching vtubers,

you won't even necessarily need to even know the exact spelling to know what is being referred to.

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Sounds ironic, but vtubers arent interesting enough to learn an entire language for.
I like vtubers because it's mindless fun. Clips are good enough.
Not to mention that many Vtubers are like Twitch streamers with and IRL component. I watch carlsagan42 on YouTube. While I like Carl, I don't like his content enough to watch 3 hours of backtracking in SMM2 troll levels. The clips allow for condensed overview of the entire stream.
Vtubers? It would seem like the same scenario. Watching anime girls screw around in the game until the good parts is boring. Would much rather have the highlights of the thing.

The only streams worth watching front to back are ASMR. Even then, I'm usually doing something like sleeping or work.

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>he can't memorize an alphabet where several characters are extremely similar to English

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If I was thirsty for nip girls, and lived near a lot of them, I would learn it. Botan is cute, but not learning another language cute

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now i'm curious, how old are you ancientfag?

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20, I think I just like Botan because I have mommy complex. If you meant how long I've been one 4chan, 2013

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Why the fuck would I learn a whole new language just to watch a youtuber? That's retarded.

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more worthy than whatever you do all day. i respect the man who learns bulgarian just to read one author and the weeb who learns japanese just to masturbate to one anime girl.

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I'm not saying you can't do that but I don't see the point considering I'm probably gonna get bored of vtubers in a few months anyway.

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>the many VNs that will never be translated
>the many JP only games that will never have an english patch
>that old manga that you like that will never have a complete translation

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>don't care
>don't care
>don't care
Sorry I'm not autistic enough.

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This anon gets it.

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>implying I don't know some conversational/passing phrases which is enough to pick out the meme-worthy responses

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>download duolingo
>learn enough to pick out context in about a month
Well, you could just learn a language to improve yourself.

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You already suck at your own language, so don't bother learning another one.

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I'm actually worried learning the language completely would ruin it for me. As it stands, I can imagine them saying something clever. It'd be a shame if I learned Japanese just to figure out they're all super cringey.
>I mean, yeah, they're anime girls, but still...

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Sure, learning the basics makes sense.
I'm ESL :)

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let him miss out lel

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no wonders

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The ridiculous cartoon voices some of them are putting on become glaringly obvious once you're fluent and some of the romance of the foreignness fades as well, that's true.
Vtubers shouldn't be your only motivation imo. Fundamentally they're just stream girls. There's a lot more to Japanese than just chuubas, but if your only interest in the language really is just anime stream girls then you probably don't have enough fuel to make it to the end.

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Rosa is so hot vbros...

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I tried but I simply do not have enough motivation to continue. I want to learn but I just cant be bothered.

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Blame ADHD. I literally couldn't memorize Japanese if I tried. And I did try. Not on only one occasion either.

If I knew Japanese, there'd be another translator to help all the EOPs out.

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Can't imagine being this retarded, lmao. Japanese is one of the easiest to pick up.

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Am I an EOP if I learned German instead of Japanese?

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so the only ones you can't remember are た、な and ほ?

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Now blow his mind and add the little circle to change the sound.

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Do this a couple times every day for a week. See if you still can't memorize kana.
>too old
No you are not. If you had old age dementia then yeah, but someone your age is just as sharp or even sharper than someone like me, in my 20s.
>Also, I'm not sure if those learn Japanese games I keep seeing actually work or not.
They don't. From firsthand experience, I know that learning the basics, then tackling native material you want to read asap is the most efficient and fastest way to learn. You are going to be doing a lot of searching, but only because learning a language is just that of a monumental effort. As long as you keep at it day in and day out, you'll feel comfortable with japanese no matter what you do.
That, plus Anki.
Fair enough, this thread is for people who are fans of japanese vtubers.
> Watching anime girls screw around in the game until the good parts is boring. Would much rather have the highlights of the thing.
Not everything is clipped in English, unless it's a popular hololive member. I'm a clip watcher myself, but most clips I watch are jp clips of relatively obscure vtubers.
Your worries are sadly not unfounded. I pretty much stopped watching chuubas with made up voices once I started to parse them. I used to watch Suisei but now her voice is grating on my ears.
Well put.

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I can generally pick up on what Sora is talking about just by focusing on what she is saying, and using context clues. I'm currently working through Duolingo and would like to learn more, largely out of respect for her enthusiasm with learning English.

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Stop posting in /vt/ Rosa, now go suck old producer cocks at Pokéstar Studios.

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You also forgot ふ.

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I know five languages on at least basic conversational level and Japanese isn't one of them. Do I really have to get a sixth?

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do this: https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/learn-hiragana/

Then do tofugu katakana.

Look into ANKI, its a spaced repetition program (flashcards) to learn a TON of material easily.

Do RTK, learning just the kanji's english meaning (assigning a english word to basically get you on the level of a chinese person learning japanese, as kanji originated from China). You only need to learn about 1000 kanji and 250 radicals.

Do a basic vocab deck.

Then go onto sentence mining.

Make sure to actively immerse (aim for 2 hours a day of consuming raw japanese) and passively immerse whenever you can.

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>if everything you know about your favorite vtuber passed through Chang or Pedro Lopez's translations, then you don't really know them.
good thing my favorite vtuber is also an EOP then

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You will never get your oshi
But Japan will need akilled labor immigrants in the future and they'll only take people who can communicate with Japanese

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Oh, you're right. Guess there's really no hope for him to ever learn Hiragana.

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I'm an ESL.

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that's like getting stuck learning the alphabet

>> No.1018766

That IS getting stuck learning an alphabet.

>> No.1018798

achkxussually its a syllabary

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i am btfo
i will never recover

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I cannot being an EOP if I'm already an ESL (and no, I'm not a SEA nigger)

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Yes you can if your other language is nigh useless on the global stage
Also eigo reps my man

>> No.1021553

>(and no, I'm not a SEA nigger)
How to spot a SEA in one easy step!

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Absolutely fucking based, wouldn't be surprised if this is the same OP creating a new thread after getting absolutely BTFO on his old one. You will never be Japanese.

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>it's a relatively niche language that wouldn't be very useful unless you'd wanna do business there
Let's face it - you've consumed JP media 10 years ago, you'll consume JP media 10 years from now. Might as well do it.

>> No.1021746

I'm ESL.

>> No.1021840

>You will never be Japanese.
I think this one's off the mark if you're trying to taunt people. The male fantasy is not to be a jap lol. It's to be a charisma man and fuck all the jap women. Certain kinds of degenerate weeaboo women want to literally be japanese but they don't post here.

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I can understand enough I can enjoy game stream but anything higher level or more abstract is lost on me.
Since they usually talk about what happen on screen it's easier to understand than a monologue about school life or something

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This is why I can never find motivation to start learning jap. Because I can already SOMEWHAT understand it by ear.

>> No.1021940

ABSOLUTE CHAD POST, stuttering JSL virgins coping with "p-projection!". You faggots will never be Japanese. The girls would rather learn EN instead of dealing with a nobody who never aka's

>> No.1021954

aka is $8 in my country so a low bar too

>> No.1022072

Implying Japanese is a useful language on the world stage you fucking retard.

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