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/vt/ humor thread. I desperately need to laugh.

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Is there one for anyone from council?

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>I desperately need to laugh.
Why are you asking for /vt/ humor then?

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These are both from /jp/...

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was there a meltdown when gura said she didn't like feet? I know there was a meltdown when haachama said that but this is my first time hearing of gura's

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Everything funny is from the /jp/ era.

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/vt/ can only be funny by accident and this thread proves it. Quite bizarre.

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holy fuck is this real

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Remember when you post, Anon. Moona is lurking.

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Here is a /jp/ one

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Uhhh, eto, eto...
Moona, I think you're cute.

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I have this though it's also from /jp/

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someone post that schizo who said his voices started to sound like Luna.

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Oh fuck, So this is what my ex is doing

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/jp/ produced the only good 4chan content related to hololive
this board is just a sad attempt to recreate the genuine humor and crazy as shit people from before /vt/ by people who missed the boat

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I hate these threads but I'll post here even though I know you're going to post these on reddit/twitter/facebook

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/vt/ takes got suspended after getting report-bombed by KFP lol

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>when /vt/ tries to get /fit/

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Truth. Summer/autumn 2020 was the golden age of hololive shitposting

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never forget the Mio cum tribute

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Gura did this on purpose because she fucking hates /jp/ and /vt/

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Got a classic for you

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kek. Context for those who don't know, this dude posted this and then a bit later it was announced that one of the VOMS members we being graduated.

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Definetly. I miss that time.

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Based KFP

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Holy shit that one killed me

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Agreed. Spring and summer 2020 on /jp/ were phenomenal, genuine fun.
The only other comparably fun memories I have are from watching franxx with /a/ in 2018, the memes and reactions were so good.
Despite having more threads and posters this board is fucking boring and hasn't really created anything noteworthy.
Nobody even watches JP vtubers anymore, it's all about the EN and ID branches now.
I never imagined turning into an oldfag feels so fucking lonely.

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>hasn't really created anything noteworthy.
holofightz is pretty kino

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This, also there is /nasfaqg/ which is also pretty kino

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take off your rose-tinted glasses

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Was funny for about 5 minutes before I got bored and closed the stream. Watching the same animations looped again and again with shitty models wearing wigs is just not my idea of fun.
The twitch chat is abysmal, it's the same 2 or 3 comments copypasted.
Divegrass from /jp/ was boring filler during dead hours and even that was more fun than fightz imo.
I'm a cryptofag and yet that general is so fucking boring, there are 0 stakes involved, if I want to have fun with crypto /biz/ is 10x better.
Go in their general right now and try to find something funny. There's nothing, it's utterly empty. Maybe one or two people showing imported 3D models and that's it.
Even nu-global is better.

A big reason for this is the fact that all that stuff was in one single thread in /hlg/ times, now it's all scattered, spread out and dead.
Finally, where are the actual discussions about streams ? It's all ragebait, coombait and timeloops because newfags keep asking the same fucking questions and can't be bothered to check archives.
Feels like reddit with the never ending revolving doors of newfags coming in and out and I see more and more people talking about western politics, anitubers and unrelated shit.
Even KF retarded boomers are better for actual news about vtubers. What the fuck happened to this board.
Anyway, I've written enough text about this shit, have fun if you can but for me it's too late all the oldfags are gone.

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most the shit I have from /vt/ is highly contextual.

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though I will admit this artist has been pure gold with each new strip

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>Finally, where are the actual discussions about streams ?
in their respective vtuber generals, no one is going to make a thread for a regular stream unless its some kind of a big collab or happening
>Feels like reddit
true and there isn't much that we can do about it, either stick to the generals or go back to the /jp/ but that isn't any better

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>even the Vtuber thread on KF is better
Maybe Jewsh banning thirstposting was a good idea afterall

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does anyone have the one about occult anal bleeding

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>What the fuck happened to this board
/vt/ was mistake in the first place that should have never happened. People said it was gonna turn into drama board and look at how right they were. Nothing would be lost if this board was deleted and we went back to /jp/. Only one 2hus would be seething.

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It had to be done to keep the purity of 2hus on /jp/

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The only good thread from this shithole was the ancient tapestry one.

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link some of those quality /jp/ threads, then.

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Damn this is so true.

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It was both the golden and dark age

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idk if anyone remembers, but a few months ago there was a spammer spewing shit everywhere and the mods banned him, but it turned out he was the OP for the (currently very active) Hololive Global general. it was confusing and chaotic until everyone figured out what was going on. in one of the global threads after an anon replied to an explanation of what had happened with "oh, so he was a load-bearing retard". anyone have screenshots from that incident?

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same thing

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Reminds me of that screenshot of two guys arguing just to find out that neither of them were the original posters having the argument.

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kek, got an archive for that?

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I don't have /vt/ humor, but I can share some /pol/ humor.
Source: https://youtu.be/EV8UK1J-p9Q?t=69

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Go back

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I'm still hopeful that will actually happen. some day.

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My fucking sides

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Why the fuck did I read that as Lamy death, I need to sleep

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Man, old school Haatons were something else.

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I read this perfectly in her voice... I came here to laugh but now I'm just depressed.

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Someone got the Korone silicon feet some anon ordered, but was mad because they came with the wrong sock color?

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They don't exist. Just like the Kizuna-Ai clips that were from the "Golden Age" which never get posted

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how fucking new are you holy shit, I'm going to spoonfeed you because you actually pissed me off, there were only 3 threads on /jp/ : /hlg/ /hlgg/ and /niji/
now kill yourself

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So what >>10346087 said

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>words words words

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>I can't read

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If i wanted to read i'd grab a book

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does anyone have the screencap of the star trek holodeck simulation of botan and aki?

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To this day this never fails to make me laugh.

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then grab one, maybe you'll stop being a whiny little bitch

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Not him, read it and it's shit.

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Is that fucking crocodile Gena?

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> genocides the mushroom kingdom

this got me, my humor is a weak bitch

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Luna is actually my sleep paralysis demon

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