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>watch kroniis stream
>mumei enters the server
>sana greets mumei
>mumei doesn't answer
>later sana leaves and says bye to everyone but mumei
>almost exact same scenario later in mumeis stream
>mumei ignores sana until she got called out on it by chat then she replied
They definitely hate each other. Do you think the nickname meimei ticks mumeis autism?

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She's just a birdbrain.

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>gets called out on being a shitposting nigger on the split
>makes a whole thread for his shitty gossip
just kill yourself

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theyre brand-new to streaming. they are mentally spinning a half dozen plates at any given moment.

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You told me to fuck off and I did, don't come following me into my own thread, dumb retard.

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>theyre brand-new to streaming. they are mentally spinning a half dozen plates at any given moment.
They're all experienced streamers who were able to submit evidence of their competence during the application process.

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ohmyguh this is a really big yab in the making

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>You told me to fuck off and I did, don't come following me into my own thread, dumb retard.
>everyone on /vt/ is one person

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vt sisters? vt sisters

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>They didn't greet each other in mc, they definitely hate each other

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Don't care about some dumb minecraft conversation

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Several times on stream you can see people saying something in the chat in-game and Mumei doesn't even notice it. She is legitimately mentally impaired, be patient with her.

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> Oh my gosh you guys, did you see Sana the other day, like she was typing to this other girl Mumei in the block game, and Mumei like totally ignored her, like they must hate each other's guts right? Like totally, don't you agree besties?
That's (You)

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Mumei doesn't like Sana because she calls her Meimei

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You laugh now, but watch this continue. Leave it to the Australian to annoy someone with autism.

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Now this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me
'Cause we need a little controversy
'Cause it feels so empty without me

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What's with holobronies and their petty gossip?

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/vt/ was a mistake

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You Will AlwayS Be A Woman.

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>/vt/ was a mistake
he doesn't know he's inside a containment board

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miko rape pekora

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>Did you hear that Sally and Jenny don't get along?
Are you a fag or a woman?

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can you be both

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unsurprising mumei is a bitch, never trust a vtuber whos only appeal is that they fake a cute uwu voice

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Forgive her Anon, she’s too busy picking berries to acknowledge the external world.

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Why are you coping that it's /vt/ sisters when 99% of vtuber fans are men?
It's just regular holobrony retardation

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Ok tranny

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not sure if this is bait or if you don't understand sarcasm

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Its a meme, not everything is literal

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Maybe outside of here. Everyone knows that /vt/ is 80% women.

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I am calling him a woman to shame him for acting like one. Gossiping is literally retarded and any dude who does it is a fairy or mentally ill.

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This is /vt/, where threads outside generals are just baits and gossips, with the occasional 2view shilling. What did you expect?

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The one thing this board has proven to me is that men gossip just as much as women. They just call it some retarded term like rrat instead of outright saying it's gossip

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You didn't fuck off far enough.

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Fuck off from my thread, retard.

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Kill yourself

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>bullied by /who/ of all splits
Ouch, imagine being kicked out by /his/ nerds

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Watch Kronii and Mumei's We Were Here Together collab and tell me how Mumei isn't an uber bitch.

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Take your meds or just go rope, stupid ass cunt

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Mumey is a fake who tries to act and talk like an early Gura, what else did you expect from her?

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Is this the freshest gossip by the girls of /vt/?

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Are there really that many women faggots on the board that threads like these exist? That’s quite gay.

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Vt has the highest amount of femanons outside of cgl

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Sort of hot, if only slightly.

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Which threads do femanons frequent?

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Anti threads to no surprise

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The gossip threads like this one and wvt to shill themselves

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/asp/, /wvt/ and bait threads

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My rrat is that maymay is /here/ and takes the petty Sana hate far too seriously, leading to it affecting her job performance. Her loyalties should be to Hololive first and foremost, not the petty shitposting of dopamine junkies (myself included).

tldr Maymay needs to drop the passive aggression and foster good relationships with her coworkers, unless Sana actually did something shitty behind the scenes to deserve the cold shoulder.

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My rrat is that you're a fucking retard that should have left this trash thread die instead of bumpind it from page 10

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If you watched it from mumeis side minecraft is a fucked slideshow. No time to pay attention to chat.

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No one likes Sana. Probably because she's black and that's a good thing. Abbos aren't human and putting one in front of a camera is easily Cover's worst decision. It's a matter of time before she starts sniffing gasoline live on stream.

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We're telling you to fuck off and leave 4chan, now. Cry about it.

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Mumei literally just missed the message, Minecraft doesn't have the most clear-cut chat out there.

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Gossip is literary the main reason to come to this board.

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>Do you think the nickname meimei ticks mumeis autism?
No, but it certainly ticks yours.

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/vt/ was made to preserve jp

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nijibrony, all you fucking know is being a drama bitch faggot, go circlejerk your whore 2view chuubas in your containment split

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Honestly I’m starting to think Mumei is a bit of a bitch

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>he missed the femanon thread

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Why are you like this?

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Based owl

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