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> ruined her friendship with Miko and the most lucrative corporate pairing.
> tries to make things right with Pekomoon
> "Pekomoon iszu foreverr peko!"
> Collab with Moona after 9 months
> not even 30k viewers
> proceeds to ghost Moona again
why is she like this? pekomiko was the ultimate pairing, several orders of magnitude above any other pairing

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solo streams are always better, who cares?

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Miko is a hyprocritical whore desperate for big Hikakin dick.
At least Pekora stays true to her no male believe and she mogs Miko every stream in numbers anyway. Keep seething 35piss

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miko raped pegora

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Pekora spent the night at Mikos place, and let Miko tongue her pussy and asshole for hours orgasming and pissing all over Mikos good sheets.
When it was Pekoras turn to reciprocate she barely put in any effort to make Miko cum and absolutely refused to tongue punch Mikos fartbox.
Miko tried to tell Pekora that she didnt feel loved and Pekora said something along the lines of "How could i love a stupid bitch who used to collaborate with men and has no views?".

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Understand me when I say yuribaiting is retarded and /u/ is one of the worst boards on 4chan due to their mental illness.

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Rumors of homosexuality are only heard in the West, maybe because homosexuals are few and far between in Japan.

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After the last pekomoon collab, I'm starting to think she has a strong intuition for when some pairing has run its course.
She would prefer to leave at the highest point, leaving everyone with good memories.

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Yurifags seem more schizo to me than fujofags
Fujos are annoying but yurischizos who hate men are more insane than fujoschizos who hate women

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OP does not watch Pekora or does not understand Japanese. He is talking out of his ass.

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Live in the West. Never met a faggot. Don't believe Hollywood's lies

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I miss the times when Pekora wouldn't collab with anyone so we wouldn't have daily threads about who's raping Pekora now.

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What does this have to do with the thread you little fagtards? Literally rent free

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muh pekomiko was a saga and like all sagas they come to an end. Peko moved on and so should. Kill the rrat and bury it.

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Yuri and BL are genres that became popular because they don't exist in reality.
In the west, there are many homosexuals in dramas and movies for political reasons, but not in reality.

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>Our heteRABBIT isn’t a filthy freak DYKE!!!peko If you want your “yuri fix”, how about you go to HELL PEKO

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I don't give a shit about yuribait but ghosting your friends is not cool. introvert or not

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I'm just happy my oshi doesn't associate with the rabbit whore anymore.

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Its weird yeah but we don't really know the extent of it

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>Miko ghosts everyone she can't leech off anymore
>Pekora ghosts Miko for being a leech
Mikonigger collab beggars should hang theirselves.

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>shy girl with long, purple hair

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>>unabashed heterosexual
incredibly based war criminal

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Hikakin is included in pekoras intro rap you fucking mexican

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Only to later choose the outgoing redheaded childhood friend in the end.

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Watch her playthrough and see which one she chose in the end

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y-you mean miko bros still have the chance?

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PekoMiko is the status quo

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If this really happened, either pekora or miko would have retired from hololive.

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>either pekora or miko would have retired
>he doesn't know marine-shion accident
>he doesn't know matsuri-luna tragedy
>he doesn't know mel-manager incident

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reminder that the most likely candidate for japanese pm supports legalization of gay marriage

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Even marriage between two masculine men?

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How does it not apply to this thread. Are you an actual retard genuine question

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>matsuri-luna tragedy

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no, just women because it's pure

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The guy is exaggerating it since there's really nothing specific to indicate something tragic happen compared to the other incidents. If anything actually, their example is like the opposite for the other cases, since one of the theories is that Matsuri didn't want to go down with Luna resulting in them drifting apart.

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Don't worry OP they will be back for Christmas.

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Pekomiko reconciliation is too storybook. Things like that don't happen IRL.

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Hard disagree, I've never seen a yurifag pull any of the crazy shit fujos will pull in public. Fujoshits are way more common too thanks to shounen anime. The only yurifags who hate men are the purists and believe me, they're even looked down on by other yurifags.

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>unabashed heterosexual that literally couldn't stand even pretending to be gay
Pekora does yuribaiting all the time clipniggers need to rope themselves.

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>Pekora does yuribaiting all the time clipniggers need to rope themselves.
anon... its the people here, who claim to hate clipniggers btw, that believe Pekora doesn't yuribait.

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if you lived in my state you wouldn't be able to say this even if you wanted to

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If both persons are normal functioning human beings then it does happen.

Most often the only thing that stops it from happening is that either both or one of them is too proud to let it go if they never came to an agreement

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I was about to write something similiar. I don't watch Pekora that much and even I know that she yuribaits plenty.

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Pekora is more entertaining and more successful solo anyway, so who cares? Miko's doing well too, there's literally nothing to complain about if you're not sick in the head.

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Nah, it's very rare for people who grew apart once to go back to the way they used to be.

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best pekkers dabbing on yurifags

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solo streams are always better, who cares?

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PekoMikofags are getting uppity
Imagine Suisei and Miko driving in a car. They see the friendless loser blue haired bunny bitch walking back to her mommas house after a trip to th conbini. They notice she has a huge bag of snacks she plans on stuffing her fat lonely face with. They laugh and speed toward her. Pekora notices too late as she is slammed up on the hood then against the windshield, cracking it. MiComet cackle manually as they see Pekora’s cute little booties fly off feet as her mangled legs disappear over the top of the car. MiComet speed off into the night, imagining the hot sweaty sec they’ll be having soon. The Pekunt is dead. No more numberfagging for her.

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why are cumbuds like this?

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