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Ina prohibited EN to play ARK.
She want them to grind FFIV with her.
Her husband, omega already dealing with SE

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When are we gonna play ARK? uh... It'd be kinda fun if we could wait until... everyone could all play together. I dunno I feel bad playing stuff now without- cause council has the collab ban so I kinda feel bad planning group things without- them. Y'know? Like we're all EN so- I kn- I know some things- I dunno how to say it. I dunno I kinda want to wait. Cause it might be fun if we could all get together and do it. I mean I'll ask- Maybe I should ask first. See who would be willing.

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Phase-Connect will play ARK before Gura.

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Sorry but Gura supports us chinese people.
She will not play ARK made by locust emperor.
You notice why she was late on locust emperor's kickout? because she doesnt want to be there.

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ARK solo sucks ass and the JP Branch said they'd make a new server and never did either.

The only person who Actually liked ARK was Coco who pushed it on people harder than Ollie pushes PLAY APEX!!

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why do they have a collab ban?

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If you want ARK just watch Kson.

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Based Gura. Ark is one of the most boring games to watch.

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There's no ARK server anymore, Coco was the owner.

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The same reason every holo Gen has a collab ban. It gives them a month to create their own persona without just being a leech / accessory to another member.
It ended Sep. 22

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Basically this

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I hope she never plays that shitty game

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ARK sucks, what was she supposed to say during the highest supper chat and vtyber streams of all time? Say no?

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Aside from the usual answer. There's also a cynical answer here as the collab ban give management a really easy way to kill off new talent just in case they become a 'problem' in the month they're given without having them be canonized like Coco.
Instead they can get removed and decanonized without much fuss... It wouldn't work nowadays but back then I'm sure management wrote the collab ban rule as a 'just in case' for new talent.

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Or ARK, whatever.

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lmao, owned

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Who cares about that shitty game? I'd rather not sit through Gura playing Ark

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>whatever you say, coco!

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Eh? I'm ok with her breaking that promise or delaying it for 100 years or so. ARK isn't fun. Worse than apex. Worse then genshin.

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Coco fucking blows. It's a shame the zhangs didn't target Chammers instead, at least she'd go down as an icon who was "forced out too soon" rather than someone everyone proclaims to love despite having no real love for her content

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This? The game looks like garbage and equally plays like garbage. I never understood the obsession the JP branch had with it, there are countless better survival games out there.
Unless it was because of the dumb slut, which would make sense. A garbage game enjoyed by a garbage idol. Glad she's gone.

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Literally it was Coco badgering them until they played it and continuing to pressure them until they got into it. She even admitted to pressuring her genmates to play ARK even with the first discord communications (Believe that was brought up during the Graduation or a stream or two before that)
Remember Minecraft was a unpopular for a bit in the community (presumably burnout) so doing Minecraft with Dinosaurs was the next best thing!

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I don't like to play ARK or Minecraft, but I enjoy watching chuubas play them at least sometimes because of the interactions the games facilitate.

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Coco also promised to graduate... Pretty sure she hasn't.

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I love ark but to be honest Gura would probably drop it really early since is a very punishing game, when you die to wild Dinos they’re unforgiving, Gura would probably stick to taming little creatures cause omgg kyut, then attempt to tame a wild carnivore then die and give up just to go back to Minecraft

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She also said she would build Atlantis yet here we are.

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ARK fucking sucks so happy Gura decided to dunk on that shitty dragon.

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Let's be honest ARK is designed and balanced around having large groups of people and most of us saw the state where they did all the grinding already and had the endgame fun things to do.

Too bad it's utter ass to start and grind grind grind to get somewhere.
Minecraft's a fast in and out.
ARK ain't

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>The only person who Actually liked ARK was Coco
i think you misspelled Choco

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There's quite a bit of false information in this thread for some reason, most of Hololive was genuinely obsessed for a period with some of them playing hundreds of hours off stream.

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Even Nijis started playing ARK again. Hololive has no unity.

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ARK fucking sucks. You have to be retarded or Japanese to play it.

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Coco put her on the spot insanely hard. And ark is shit.

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>Same retarded threads every day
>People still somehow post in them

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Aki made it anon....

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But she never said WHEN she would play ARK.
Haha gottem

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Well why haven't they been using it half as much as the Minecraft server then?

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Gura doesn't have to like ark or play it more than once. But it is a bad look to not dedicate an ark stream to the disgraced en daisenpai. Gawr Gura has no honor, and that's terrible.

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>"Why are you guys crying?"

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Because no one want to fucking play it! It's really that simple.

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She can always save it for the 1 year anniversary of Coco graduation if anything.

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>things that don't happen
Take your leads.

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we don't talk about ethots here

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Are you guys mentally retarded? Nobody asked you to actually discuss about ark, I only need you people to say something bad about coco, that's it, I already made an example here >>10411172

/vt/ is a mistake

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ARK fucking sucks.

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Kson has forgotten all about it and you should too. Gura is doing you a favor by not streaming that garbage ass game.

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>Promise Coco to play Ark
>Ask Jenma if you can play Ark
>Jenma tells Omegay is gonna ask for the permissions right after Irys' debut as he's busy producing the MV
>Gura checks Kson to see what she's doing with all the creative freedom she got now that she's out of Hololive, after all if creative freedom is that much needed she could maybe not renew contract and become a free indie
>Sees "Creative freedom" all this time was "act like a low tier Vshojo member"
>Enters Discord
>"Omegay, don't bother with the Ark permissions, we're never playing that shit"

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Gura never gave a fuck about Hololive, she just wanted an official job where she could be an anime girl instead of being known as the drunk anime girl who does meme songs for no money.

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ARK fags btfo,d

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Stop pretending to hate Ark

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I know that! So why is this an issue!

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Your meds remain untaken anon, what’s the deal?

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Show proof he is wrong

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Gura please keep the promise, please

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This. Yesterday Pomu mentioned that she’s in the Nijisanji Ark discord and will probably stream it sometime

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Show proof that he’s right. He’s the one making the claim, not me. Even the most absurd imaginable narrative can’t be disproven per se. Can you disprove the fact that Pego raped Migo?

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Just because it hasn't happened outside of Aloe doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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