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It's gonna be 4am and this crazy bitch is streaming at retard hours with 20,000 viewers. How the fuck does she do it?

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>it's 4am here in my cave, so it must be the same everywhere else!

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It's literally 10am in the civilized world.

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>the americas are the entire world

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>EN streamer

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stfu amerifat

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you got anything else (that isn't porn) to watch at 4 am?

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It unironically is

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I can't tell if this is bait or you're really this retarded so here's a (you)

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Cunny is universal

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Correct. EN streamer, not US streamer.
It's HoloEN, not HoloUS or HoloMEX or HoloAMERICUH

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No ones gives a shit about your banana raft countries. America is number 1 for a reason and that includes having HOLOLIVE EN all your chubbas talk about wanting to vacation to america

EN is also in ENglish for a reason you smelly third world savages.

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>people only know English in America

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That's what you think faggot.

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That is one way of admitting defeat I suppose

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Name ONE JP holotuber who speaks fluent english. coco doesn't coujt because was born in America

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Isnt gura a burger

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The nerve.

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Nigger I'm not talking about car companies here

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He said fluent

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azki, choco, haachama, and maybe korone

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Even's Coco's English is starting to suck since she speaks most exclusively Japanese.

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Why JP?
Are Japan and America the only countries in the world?

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Like that - hoocha!

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i don't watch gura

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Do Americans really?

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Korone recently streamed for 8 hours from midnight and she gets less than 300k views

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actraiser permissions when

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Quick Gura! Show Youtube viewership statistics! It's the best repellent in the world!

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turner classic movies

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Haachama if she was actually serious when streaming

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Korone doomposting is starting to get annoying

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oh no my knees

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Anon, world is globe and it has time zones. What the fuck is wrong with you... are you american?

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Here we go. You used the word. Now go back.

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>girl plays building block video game in the middle of the night
>streams the biggest buff game in existence beamed out to her 3.4 million subscribers
No way. S-sugoi how does she does it?! Truly an amazing feat.

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The power of shark cunny

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Well her CCV is totally fucked and that is pretty well known. She got barely less than she usually gets at normal hours and everyone who isn't retarded know it's because YouTube numbers are just fucked for a lot of people for lots of random reasons.
CCV counting is pointless because not even YouTube does it correctly.

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The only ones that matter honestly.

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Because that Ender Lilies game looked so boring I couldn't watch.

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wow I didn't know all english speakers lived in the same time zone, anon

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>amerimutts not knowing how to use their own language

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Hey look Amerimutt schizo is here.

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be entertaining, shocking truth

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>Their own language

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China loves her. There's a Chinese (male) vtuber who got a shota model based off his dolphin character just so he could pretend to be closer to her. He streams livecounts of her subs sometimes too

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The only ones that matter to be erased from the world

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This is the first time I have liked anything involving China for as long a I can remember. Based chumbug

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There's literally an Austrian, a Korean, and 2 Aussies. How fucking retarded are you honestly

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And then the rest of the world would immediately lose 75% of their GDP.

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Based. Now everyone could drop everything and go back into a simple lifestyle to release themselves from materialistic delusion

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>another third world cope thread
reminder the whole world belongs to america, and your pure nipponese oishi is a huge westaboo that speaks broken english she learn from disney movies and pop music

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it belongs to china

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>How the fuck does she do it?

>What does clay taste like? ...I actually used to have a really strong urge to eat clay used in school, I don't know what kind of clay it was. But it was gray and you had to use water so it stayed moist, and then you'd put it in the kiln afterwards. But the smell was very pecu- peculiar. Peculiar, and nowadays it's what the kids would say 'mm good soup' uh, but back then, I dunno I definitely wanted to eat it though

>Yeah moist clay, because it would get this kind of milky texture, right, kinda like it's- it's like ice cream when, if you mix milk with your ice cream a little bit, and your ice cream is still solid for the most part, but it has that like milky film around it. That's what the clay would turn into. It was... I mean I wanted to eat it, I didn't, I stopped, 'cuz obviously you can't eat it.

>Another thing I also had the urge to eat- why is this music so loud? Another thing I had an urge to eat was um... paper maiche, like when you dip the newspaper in the glue it smells really good, maybe that's the scent of glue. I think I would've been a glue eater, um, if I hadn't have been- I wasn't one. But I definitely would've been a glue eater. Did you guys eat glue?

>None of you ate glue? Oh some of you eat glue, I see I see

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>Say dumb shit similar to this
>Get socially isolated and treated like a retard
>Be a cute girl and say dumb shit
>Be adored
I hate being alive

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If it makes you feel better, Gura probably wasn't exactly top of the social ladder before becoming a vtuber.

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Join the 51% anon

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don't give up anon

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need I say more?

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>we're all gonna make it
i hope so

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good one anon, kek'd

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>American, prease andastand

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I thought it was 41%?

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English is a Germanic language.

>> No.10477981

a very LATIN'D germanic language

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It increased, anon. Soon it will be 99%

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Yikes incel bigot

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That number comes into play after a 49%er tries to become a 51%er and fails

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>used to be lonely and broke
>Now has money but has to pretend she likes her genmates and the leech kiara

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She already got them.

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t. deadbeat

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I wish my oshi would sing more Disney. It was only once in a paid concert, I need more.

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Shes keeps rising, new single release soon, meanwhile Gura is hitting her ceiling, cope more chumshit.

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surprised she got away with that, even most indies are afraid to so much as name the mouse

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suck my fat cock faggot

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good for her, I just wish deadbeats weren't so pathetic

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Suisei did a six hour Tetris challenge stream last year that retain over 10k and an 8 hours Tales stream a few weeks ago that retains 8k. Both in retard hours.
>Gura has higher viewership!
I know I'm just shilling Suisei here

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>I thought it was 41%?
That's the percentage of Kiara's subscribers that have become totally inactive on YouTube

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4 AM is dog fucker hours FR

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Yeah, all those EU Holofags that are watching Kiara, right?

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She is looking at the block menacingly.

>> No.10481411

Those are just bots subs from the very beginnings.

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Hey, guess what?
English is another stupid language with stupid grammatical rules.

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imagine the view from the other side.

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