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*lives rent free in the heads of holobronies and makes them seethe daily*

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>his whole company is contained onto one thread on /vt/

This is the absolute state of Vhoejo and Nijishits.

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Hollow-Lifers are so blinded by their persecution complex against the biggest country in the world, all they have is a childish playground-style brand war against the rest of the v-tubing industry.

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Hololive lives rent free in you

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it is quite amusing

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Guess how I know you weren't here in 2011.

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I was on /vt/ since 2007 newfag

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Anya isn't holo

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Choco dick sucking ASMR when?

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I was on /vt/ back when it was a geocities group

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Look carefully on the internet, it's there

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Ha ha.
I'm talking about the website. Hint: the keyword is in the OP.

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Holobronies seethe and hate on their own talent
They don't have time to seethe and hate on other companies

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It's funny to me since I have no issues with niji or vshoujo, I wouldn't be a regular of their streams but they don't seem particularly bad.
I'm convinced 90% of the vshoujo and niji hate is mostly people hating the fans and people doing it for fun

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oh the irony

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Same, i hate Holofan, some of them is piece of shit who like to spoil the convenience of fans from other agency vtubers

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Please provide one good reason as to why this board shouldn't have the flamewar rules that are applied to the video game boards and others.

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Because Hollow-Lifers will call any friction against Cover a flamewar and ruin discussion for the entire board.

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They call me...

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All I'm seeing from this image is China realized they dodged a bullet and got a bulletproof vest to be safe.

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One employs literal whores and the other is McVtuber so no I don't think I'll be seething today.

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I don't hate Niji or Vshojo
I hate these thread asking WhY Do HoLoBrOnIeS HaTe Us?!?!?!?

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>282736361822 bait threads everyday
>Attacked by everyone, Indieshitters, contrarians, roasties le twatter, rejects, shunned by all of 4chan, a mere mention of Holo enrages them that not even a drug could replicate
>2-6 bait threads
>2-3 bait threads

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>One employs literal whores and the other is McVtuber
You're delusional if you think both aren't true of Hollow Life.

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proof that hololive """global""" doesn't actually watch jp holos >>10467990

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Alsorule by choco-sensei
leech from everyone

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Nijiniggers and Nijilivers are two different things anon...

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You're trying to ally yourself with vshoujo? Nijiniggers just can't get any lower.

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Nijinigger is still a strong and funny moniker but ironically the average Holofag behaves like a straight up nigger if you follow the history of what happened to /jp/ until getting shipped to the /vt/ projects. You even have persistent posters pulling the "we dindu nuffin" card about being bullied or whatever.

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/vt/ was specifically made to be a containment for holonigger redditor eops

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I think all these vtubers are fine (I really don't like Veibae's voice but whatever)
However Holofans get on my nerves so badly with their ignorance, not just here but everywhere they can be found. It is so easy to use Google or Yandex but they refuse.

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What are even talking about

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Holobrony is the most accurate moniker. Holobronies behave exactly like bronies and get justifiably treated in the same way by the rest of the site and also on 5ch and futaba. And a lot of them are also straight up ex-bronies.

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To bad there no YouTube channel for that, could be nice watching a dumpster fire you talking about

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People don't seem to realize that the original problem stemmed from allegations of JP Niji fans doing actual damage to Hololive, notably NND and 5ch antis doing shit like enabling the Holocaust and harassing Aloe, among other things. Even though western Nijifans and Nijis themselves have nothing to do with it some idiots still are hostile to them anyway, whilst others just want to stir the pot simply because they can.
Regardless, >>10467865 should be enforced because people won't stop being idiots and trabilist shit bordering on consolewar faggotry is cancerous as fuck.

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*vshojo whatever it is

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Except for the fact that in every site where both fanbases shared space, you can see obvious niji fans who always fan the flames whenever a yab happens by reposting NRKM videos.

>> No.10471719

who are these threads for

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And yet Holofan is the one always wan't to start a flame with shitpost and falseflag, even if some of nijifan don't really care there still some that really hate you guys for playing with fire saying shit about their oshi/chuuba, you guys always pin it down on us when you guys planting hate on us everyday

Don't Blame us when you the one want to make an enemy every fucking day, Ignore my grammar i suck at it

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>post is about Western fans
>brings up JP fans again
Every time.

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And yet it's the holobronies who got kicked out of the respective 5ch and futaba boards where both shared the same space. I wonder who is the real problem.

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>And yet Holofan is the one always want to start a flame with shitpost and falseflag?
fucking proof? hololive get the lion share of schizos thread in this board. And in plebbit you can see the difference when Coco and LuLu graduate in the span of days : Several bait threads about NRKM videos started by niji fans and fucking zero about Lulu by holofans.

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And yet before hololive has even a fraction of fanbase on there, it's you nijiniggers who's fighting with Aifags, so maybe it's you who is the problem?

>> No.10472486

Because Narukami made a video on her and not Lulu so anons posted it. Or are you saying he's a Nijifag now? He is literally being sued by Anycolor now.

>> No.10472531

I hope the irony of this thread isn't lost on you, OP.

>> No.10472580

>comparing a few schizos seething about Niji making live2D and livestreaming popular to getting treated in the same way as bronies
Aifags were just lashing out at people in sheer anger of her becoming irrelevant due to the VA incident. She killed herself and has no one else to blame.

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Keep moving that goalpost, I expect nothing from you guys, its no wonder the old guard and the new of vtubing world hates you guys, even your own livers aren't safe kek.

>> No.10472784

>fucking proof?
Do you reps on last niji upcoming wave 3 discussion, and fuck no, niji have alot more of this shitpost everyday, whether its on sub, view, relevant, or talent, even if Its an holobronies work, they still a
part of Holofan

>> No.10472787

>holomem gets lower ccv than usual
>Niggers instantly go 'reclining'
How'd you know, unless they live rent free

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The ESLs are coming!

>> No.10472890

The Aifags were shitting on 2D vtubers as a whole, anon. Did you just skip over them shitting on Hololive, Animare, Dotlive, etc? Are you some sort of newfag?

>> No.10472950

Like the anon said, keep burning our hatred on you, and we gonna also shit on any shit we found

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Kizuna Ai shows up on Nijisanji streams, Dola is always with oldfag JP indies, Shibuhal is close friends with Kanae, and not to mention all the collabs with other international indies who are mostly new, on the KR ID and EN side. This is a weird post considering how isolated Hololive is when it comes to non Niji collabs.

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I don't think about those two agencies at all. I used to watch Pomu a little bit, but lost interest during the time where she was recovering from getting her titties chopped off and haven't got back to watching her streams yet. Also, it's ALWAYS Nijisanji fans starting shit. Most hololive fans don't really care about the minor leagues, hell, a good portion of them probably don't even know what Nijisanji and Vshojo are.

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kek you guys are just so dramatic, is that supposed to scare me? you niggers easily get into fight with each other to the point of graduating you own livers, you livers truly are more in danger to your rabbit rambling. >>10473054
And lamy is Ai favorites, try harder.

>> No.10473353

Lol, keep doing that, don't be suprise when all this shit backfired

>> No.10473432

But Ai doesn't stream with Lamy. She can be in her chat all she wants but do they even stream together or does she show up live on her stream?

>> No.10473492

Sure Ricardo.

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Plenty of ESLs you won't spot but SEAniggers ruin this board for me.

>> No.10473661

You should be sure, you need that

>> No.10473753

kek holobronies on suicide watch

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>Vshojo, Niji and 774 gets to collab with Kizuna
>hololive doesn't
Holobrony bros?

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>> No.10474457

>Kizuna forced to collab with Vshojo, Niji and 774 for corpo event

>> No.10477065

>Top Vshojo
>Top Nijis
>Kizuna Ai
>Only 106k views
There's nothing to fear here...

>> No.10477142

>falsely states old guard hates Nijisanji
>haha lol Ai-chan can't get numbers!
And you guys have the nerve to wonder why people dislike Hololive fans on this board.

>> No.10477196

keep seething retard, your oishi will never have big numbers

>> No.10477219

>nijiniggers schizopost about hololive several times a day every day on multiple boards
>vshitshow begs for hololive collabs
>haha rent free

>> No.10477383

>>vshitshow begs for hololive collabs

>> No.10477535

>Keep seethe
>Proof literally on this thread
Maybe you the one seethe retard

>> No.10477592

nice try eslchama

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Yes, it's just 'nijiniggers' that hate hololive fans!

>> No.10478009

holy based chumchad i kneel...

>> No.10478074

Why do you follow us then?

>> No.10478075

Kek, Op can learn from that chumbuds to get (you) he wants, this one is filled with butthurt nijiniggers instead.

>> No.10478154

>to get the (You) he wants.

>> No.10478401

Which board is this?

>> No.10478465

/v/: https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/569957383/

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nice photoshop retard

>> No.10479277

If the last 24 hours have proved something is that corpounity is a thing, if anything

>> No.10480001

3 - 3

>> No.10480047

What happened in the last 24 hours? I watched Nijirock then I slept. Is there a Vshoujo and Nijisanji collab?

>> No.10480116

Tribalfags gets the rope, no matter from which side.

>> No.10480131

Whim the Invincible Aryan caused a vtweeter holocaust

>> No.10480164

I don't know what the hell this means

>> No.10480191

Reps, now.

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>> No.10480220

An anti-Hololive thread is still a Hololive thread

>> No.10480247 [DELETED] 

>2-6 bait threads
>2-3 bait threads
And all of them is X vs Holo.

>> No.10480264

She been sporadically hanging out with pink cat as well, most recently this last Friday.

>> No.10480297

Oh this faggot, I hid those threads. Both him and all the replies are retarded, even if I agree that vtubers shouldn't be flaunting selfies as a norm. Just goes to show that western indies are either shit, or /here/chuubas which is better than Twitterfags, but not by that much. The replies even flooded the Nijirock hashtag since it had the word vtuber in it which was annoying.

>> No.10480316


>> No.10480351

Incel had twitter meltdown of the sort that happens regularly here but never with anyone’s name attached. /vt/ predictably rose up and showered him with accolades. Incel or not, I don’t understand why anyone here would go on Twitter for anything other than reading schedules and looking at fan art.

>> No.10480385

kek even some of the replies are wojaktier, dude is just based

>> No.10480396

Sure he fucking spilled his spaghetti everywhere but the point is that indie EN vtubers (aka VRchat vtweeters) are fucking cancer

>> No.10480416

meant for >>10480164

>> No.10480454

ITT: newfags pretending to be women

>> No.10480461

nijisanji is ok. pomu is a good girl and can be entertaining and I watch some JP ones like amyamya which is really fucking cute
I don't like that chink-lover penguin but she's ok she seems inoffensive
Vshojo in the other hand is an insufferable bunch of hypocrital western whores like veibae and nyanners.
fuck them, for real
literal prostitutes

>> No.10480510

Oh You’ll suffer them plenty. Their power increases.

>> No.10480520

I'm a newfag but im not pretending to be a women though since i'm a man, take your meds.

>> No.10480525

Everyone on /vt/ knows that but even if there's an ironic general about him it's still retarded to me.

>> No.10480576

Nice bait thread you got here, but I already branched out from Hololive. NijiEN is already a-okay and now I'm trying to get to know Pippa and Phase Connect better. Vshojo is alright from what I've seen, but I don't like going to Twitch, though the raids are pretty neat.

>> No.10480603

Falseflaggers that don't watch vtubers and probably hate this place just wanna make us argue and fight.

>> No.10480614

I have to give him credit for exposing his tiny pp, which none of (you) are willing to do, and creating cascading meltdowns equal to his own

>> No.10480632

>Vshojo is alright
HAHAHAHAHA almost got me there

>> No.10480661

>give him credit
? For what? Cancelling his streams because he's sad his mentions are flooded with goblins?
>none of (you) are willing to do
Starting fights on Twitter isn't something I'm willing to do.

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>It's another my tribe good your tribe bad thread
Imagine killing a thread because of this

>> No.10480692

shut up l*l*poster now get bent

>> No.10480796

Hey fuck off, don't speak ill of the deceased.

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>> No.10480859

I want to fuck l*l* corpse

>> No.10482795

This thread is the perfect of YWNBJ

Btw, I like Nijisanji and VShojo is garbage

Also, Nijitribalists don’t have self awareness

>> No.10483139

Still proving OP's point. Now go to sleep.

>> No.10483296

My boobs got so hard reading this

>> No.10483347

How is that proving OP's points? are you genuinely retarded?

>> No.10483398

I don’t think I’ve thought about vshojo in weeks. As for Niji I see them here about twice a week and then keep scrolling because I don’t watch them.

>> No.10483587

He made you seethe and you couldn't ignore it.

>> No.10483871

I dont watch vtubers though.

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I swear, the english on this board is getting worse by the day, kek.

>> No.10490160

>Holofuckers can’t even have a civil thread together

holobronies are so schizo they need a single thread for every chuuba or else they start seething

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File: 1.12 MB, 908x915, 1631337033544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fucking disgusting VShitjo cuckolds, don't you dare put Nijisanji on the same tier as your shitty western whore company

>> No.10490556

>don't you dare put Nijisanji on the same tier
They are doing better than NijiEN

>> No.10490669

Never seen nijibros have any beef so I'm kind of suspicious

>> No.10490973

The NijiEN thread always has people who defend vshoujo

>> No.10491334


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File: 620 KB, 220x369, 12351234.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine being a tribalfag

>> No.10491587

True. They are clearly below vshojo looking at the numbers.

>> No.10492537

You're not Pomu

>> No.10492700

this thread makes no sense
I'll just paste this

>replies to this
>never replies to this

>> No.10493598

I'm going to win the lottery so I can personally pay Zentreya and Nyanners to GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY. Then we can start rebuilding

>> No.10493649

You don't have enough money loser. Just fuck off to Mexico.

>> No.10493731

>this entire thread exists
>pikamee is mugging a top holo talent in the tourney.

Both fanbases can stay mad VOMS is the second best group.

>> No.10493784

>VOMS is the second best group
who is the first?

>> No.10493807

Hololive jp, duh.

>> No.10494373

Yeah Holonewfags were always cancer

>> No.10494510

I'll buy Amazon and then I'll have enough money to pay every communist/socialist faggot fucktard like Nyanners to move to Sweden. Problem solved.

>> No.10494610

wtf even is nijisanji and vshojo

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>People don't seem to realize that the original problem stemmed from allegations of JP Niji fans doing actual damage to Hololive, notably NND and 5ch antis doing shit like enabling the Holocaust and harassing Aloe
Holobronies are rying to rewrite history again kek.
Typical "we dindu nuffin" nigger behavior and blame it all on nijifan lol

>> No.10495888

Not gonna defend reddit frog and reddit wojack but Hana references twitch memes in her streams like pepega (that pic)

>> No.10496083

It’s correct to.

>> No.10496256

Based Anya-Petra unity!

>> No.10496588

I legit don't care about them enough to praise or hate post them. Like anything there are highlight people and repulsive ones.

>> No.10498133

"I'll but amazon so I can have money"
The absolute state of /vt/ards

>> No.10499045

The only reason for that is because Vshitters are obsessed with Hololive and not with Nijisanji
I despise them and their shitty oshis

>> No.10500475

>They're obsessed
>I despise them
Gotta be pretty obsessed to actually actively despise anything

>> No.10501339

das rite

>> No.10505197

touristchama your quote reps...

>> No.10508325

In /jp/ they all civil tho, they even talk about Ibrahim on their own thread

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