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Chillin' like a Villain Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

Early on a Monday and we've got some schedules. Not all of the ones that we can expect though, so the time to speculate over what's to come this week will be saved for later. It does seem like Vei intends to start doing schedules going forward so that's nice to see, and most surprisingly of all is a schedule from none other than Hime Hajime. It's only got 2 streams on it but that's a lot better than the zero we've been rolling with for a while now. Especially given the hilarity in her last stream being a Q&A that lasted 8 minutes and was never followed up on. While we don't have either of the pink schedules yet we do know that Nyan's planning on debuting a new outfit today! It's her Halloween-themed one so if you've seen it already then you know what to expect. And if you haven't well it'll be a few hours until you find out so it's not a huge deal.

That's about all to bring up right now. Hopefully by the time of the next thread the pink duo will have schedules so a proper post about what to look forward to can be handled. As a sidenote, the monkey did a huge subathon stream that lasted for about 2 full days and Mouse was actually around for a pretty big portion of it on his channel. So if you want some Mouse action and don't want to wait for tomorrow then check out that VOD at the appropriate timestamp. Other than that, Mondays are usually off to a pretty slow start so do what you can to keep the thread comfy by ignoring bait, and being excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan - https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>10436561

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Zentreya is trash

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I don't know why this artist seems to have chosen to also make this a foot pic for some reason. Or maybe it's giantess given how small that hammer in her hands is. Whatever the fuck reason it's weird but I like her construction hat

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Oh right before I forget. Here's the timestamp for Connor's stream when Mouse joins. Don't know how long she's on for don't have time to watch it myself now but thanks to the anon in the last thread who provided it. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1159802063?t=18h32m27s

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Why do you tremble at her cock size yet still continue your childish impudence? Embrace the dragon cock like a normal person.

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The overall pic is a reference to her Valheim streams where her model has a hard hat for some reason and the hammer is obvious. As for the feet, well, obviously their fetish is well understood.

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Christ, Froot needs to lay off the beans on toast...

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Our highlight vs /niji/

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Another take on a creepier eldritch Nyan. Anyway, schedule time:

Lumi - Playing Alien: Isolation. Lumi doesn't seem the type to get scared easily. Right now she's running away from the milky boys, which I'm assuming means the androids since they have white blood. https://www.twitch.tv/lumituber
Bunny - Still playing Bayonetta. Haven't beaten this game since about the time it came out so I have no idea how close to the end but I'll reiterate that the finale of Bayo 1 is fucking cool and everyone should see it. https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif

Later today:

Vei - Death Stranding! Considering she's got it set for the whole week it's safe to say she's enjoying herself and the hilarity in watching Sam stumble over rocks doesn't get old.
Mel - Streaming on CB. No details on the schedule. Simple as.
Nyan - New outfit debut! It's been leaked here a half-dozen times but if you missed all the previous times then oh well you'll get to see it tonight as we all see it in motion for the first time. Maybe there's some special animations or something none of us are privy to yet.
Hime - Wait. Is that right?

Yeah that's right. Hime's got a new outfit reveal tonight! Doesn't seem like a whole lot else is planned but she tweeted a pic of what looks a lot like her current outfit but with a heart-shaped boob window and in black instead.

I normally only cover people who put out schedules in these posts and while Haruka doesn't have anything today it's her mother's birthday so that's cute. Mouse is off Mondays, wouldn't expect to see Zen today, Silver's typically off Mondays as well. And in a bout of ultimate irony Froot has taken it upon herself to find where Hime went and vanished without a trace. Hopefully we'll see her soon.

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Stellar showing

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Isn't Nyan also going to try and finish ffx today? Or did she decide to do it tomorrow?

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Pink Cat Schedule

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On Friday she said she might do it tomorrow because the new outfit might have something planned. And right before I hit post someone posted her schedule so yeah she wanted to read creepy stuff today >>10481555

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I can see Nyan cancelling wed or thu when she realizes she's got DnD on fri

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Mousey Schedule!

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vei live btw

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Probably Wednesday. She is collabing with the other Valheim girls (based on Mousey's schedule) but doesn't necessarily have to stream to do it.

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I mean she has Friday open which is when DND is. And not-streaming is always easier than streaming.

>> No.10481918

more monke on CHEWSDAI

>> No.10481927

She never streamed D&D to begin with, but always seems to like having 3 days off a week, so we'll see.

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veibae claims to be shedding the lining of her uterus, but i am skeptical

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We NEED tracker anon. Is Vei on a permanent period? Is she deceiving us?

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And it is the punishment must compliment Connor stream so...

"Compliment Dummy"

She's already off to a great start!

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lol Paypal is bending over backwards to avoid negative backlash after she called them out because she has a big platform

>> No.10482118

No, she just masturbates so much that her vagina is starting to fall out.

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it used to be around the 13th, last month it was delayed to the 19th, and now the 26th, she said before that she has problems with her period getting delayed and it being worse when it is delayed

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Anon, you do know that doesn't actually happen right?

>> No.10482187

Anon, you do know what a joke is, right?

>> No.10482192

Ask pmg

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Her ass will fall out if she uses that giant buttplug she was talking about

>> No.10482439

Looks like mouse leaked that wednesday is valheim

>> No.10482518

vei also said that snuffy might join but she didn't put it on the schedule because she didn't wanna pressure her

>> No.10482531

I refuse to believe the situation. There is no way ANYONES ass could handle a butt plug that is a meter in circumference.

>> No.10482539

It was a secret?

>> No.10482603

Anon, you do know that there are enough morons on this website that post stuff like that unironically that it is VERY hard sometimes to know if someone is joking, right?

>> No.10482655

Vei RPing in seven different silly voices while she games: “I want my microchip! I want my microchip.”
Short pause.
“What’s a microchip?”
Literally ROTFL. Haven’t laughed this hard in several days. Something about her timing and her exaggerated ditziness.

>> No.10482662

It's been out there since Vei published her schedule this morning

>> No.10482693

Taking all answers. What is on Vei's keyboard that scared her so fucking bad?

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Brother! Help! There is a bug on keyboard!!

>> No.10482714

Last time it was a mosquito that she wanted her brother to kill

>> No.10482752

It was a stinkbug

>> No.10482757

>sleep on stream
>have more viewers than vei

>> No.10482760

theres been a spider between that and now too

>> No.10482796

If Mouse got her juice, why is she still being pumped full of the heavy shit? I thought she only got the brain melters if she went without plasma too long?

>> No.10482800

She needs to let her indentured exterminator get on mic and share his brows sometime

>> No.10482827

I think the loopy meds are a daily or near daily thing despite plasma status

>> No.10482843

She's always on that shit except on stream, from what I can tell

>> No.10482866

His brows? What the fuck-a? His views is what I mean to type.

>> No.10482877

Wasn't a mosquito. She said it was a 'daddy long leg version of a mosquito' aka a Crane Fly.

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>> No.10482931

iirc, she has to take some form of meds every 4-6 hours.

>> No.10482935

I'd kill the bug, tie her up and rail her ass.

>> No.10482972

Always assume someone is joking. If you take everything you read here seriously you're an idiot.

>> No.10483006

Being Vei's brother is suffering. His Royal Highness Prince Reagent of Insectrepellentina really needs to hire more royal guards for his sister-Princess.

>> No.10483037

You realize that simultaneously means that we must assume that people posting on here are not, in fact, total dumbasses right? It's a paradogs!

>> No.10483058

Do not fug the bug

>> No.10483068

Quick poll. Would you kill a bug for your sister if she wasn’t pretty and supporting your whole family financially?

>> No.10483104

Dumb argument. Just google Poe’s Law and move on.

>> No.10483165

zen got kicked off the team

>> No.10483193

Hey man, when your only other choices for bugs are Juniper and Sanagi Yuzu, you take what you can get.

>> No.10483279

Ya we know. I’m sure Vshojo will get around to updating their roster on their website and twitch account any minute.

>> No.10483295

she left on her own

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>> No.10483317

Nothing's confirmed yet, we don't know the situation and should stop speculating and baiting about it.

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I wouldn't kill the bug (I feel bad for them), but I would carefully and expeditiously trap them in a cup and escort them outside where they can continue their arthropodic life in peace. Pic related.

>> No.10483341

The plasma gives her body the ability to fight off everyday things and just work. It doesn't fix the organ failure.

>> No.10483345

you realy going to start this shit again? evething we know so far confirms shes a she

>> No.10483352

No. Not my big tiddy dragon dick. Why have I been forsaken?

>> No.10483393

I've known zentreya for years, they used to frequent vrchat daily. before the tts they used their mic and are 100% male.

>> No.10483401

why you gotta bite, man?

>> No.10483402

I wouldn't kill a bugbro for any thot

>> No.10483416

Her recent sad posting and vagueposting certainly seem very girly

>> No.10483417

>dude trust me

>> No.10483443

As a black man, I think we should take his word for it.

>> No.10483449

dang we're really speedrunning the threadly zen argument today

>> No.10483459


>> No.10483465 [DELETED] 

it's called being a tranny
yes. their current design is based off their old vrchat avatar that was just a recolor of a bowsette model that was originally an edit of TDA's miku. They used to frequent sexclubs like Beneficial and Club Mika before orbiting melody.

>> No.10483474

Fast forward 6 months
>"Zen killed himself."
>"he left on his own."

>> No.10483480

I mean... his girlfriend's a she.

>> No.10483486

Zentreya is a black male.

>> No.10483514 [DELETED] 

imagine simping for a nigger

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heres he is before the bowsette model in 2017

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come back to us zen, we miss you at beneficial

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>> No.10483614

looks female to me

>> No.10483628

I like Zen. Zen funny and nice.

>> No.10483683

The only GOOD bug is a DEAD bug!

>> No.10483702

Twit longer incoming from all vshojos?

>> No.10483717

That is going to require these dumbass faggots to ignore the goddamn bait. Which they apparently do not want to do and instead want to fag up the place with drama bullshit.

>> No.10483786

wouldn't be surprised if he did something embarrassing and is about to get #MeToo'd by all the actual females

>> No.10483812

Same, I hope she's alright. Zentreya streams were among the most reliable forms of entertainment I had during covid with her frequent streams and long hours.

>> No.10483853

that is so sad

>> No.10483874

Finally. when zen leaves vshojo, we will finally get rid of all the gecko posters

>> No.10483933

the lamest thing I've ever seen

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At last

>> No.10483956

Considering how Jeremy's stuff was handled? Doubt it.

>> No.10483958

Did Zen's past antis find this thread or something?
Don't you VRChat pedos have to groom some children or something*

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File: 94 KB, 669x697, Cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 102 KB, 1280x720, geckzen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.10 MB, 901x876, territory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10483988

better savor your last moments. I'm gonna give the jannies BJs so you can fuck off

>> No.10484000

i know zen will go back to grooming kids after this

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>> No.10484038

This is dumb. Zen will continue and will always be Vshojo+ even if she leaves Vshojo, which there is no reason to believe she is definitely doing.

>> No.10484063

Not if zen gets kicked out of VShojo

>> No.10484082

Zen will be #MeToo and forced into Arcadums return campaign.

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File: 1.18 MB, 3000x3000, E-ltk53VcAMeSus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't mean to interrupt the stupid bullshit you guys are talking about, but Bunny just said this argumentative shit about Bao on her stream

>> No.10484163

jesus christ

>> No.10484169

whos worse, snuffy viewers or zen viewers?

>> No.10484198

Bait tastes the same as I remember... but where are those who share the memory?

>> No.10484221


>> No.10484222

Unfollowed on twitch, blocked her from dm'ing me more nudes on twitter

>> No.10484228

Speaking of Bao, apparently one of her mods was leaking personal information about her

>> No.10484241

It's people who have deeper mental issues that want to target transgender individuals. Zen is a low hanging fruit to them because there's a female avatar and Text to Speech, so they go into harassment mode making sure to use he/him and all the other quick responses.

>> No.10484269

God damn people. The last few days have had the same fags come in here and drop Zen bait. Just learn to fucking ignore them already.

>> No.10484305

>Chaaaaaaat, my game is laggingggg! What du fuck-uh!
Long live Her Royal Raisin

>> No.10484312

yo zen why did you leave vshojo?

>> No.10484349
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Cat is hungry for Vei

>> No.10484352
File: 178 KB, 1920x1017, 1625619354048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Usernaaaaame~, thank you! Thank you thank you!~"

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File: 753 KB, 547x645, 1632167162541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.10484377

sex sex sex

>> No.10484395


>> No.10484400

I've started integrating "fuck-uh!" into my speech and I feel no remorse

>> No.10484409

>Bringing up IRL details/topics related to Nyanners (or any other streamer who asks for privacy) is completely unacceptable

I got banned from Nyan's discord for simply *mentioning* an old cam-era VOD that was recommended to me from YouTube. I get that it's a touchy subject but sheesh, it's just an old video.

>> No.10484429

video name? wanna watch it

>> No.10484442

Just log into YouTube

>> No.10484443

b ruh

>> No.10484470

zen and arcadum will be the best predator duo

>> No.10484475

but if you must see it, it's "Nya**ers Just Chatting Stream with Facecam"

>> No.10484485

He's just waiting for enough people to get cancelled so he can form a new DnD circle.

>> No.10484498

>You will not say NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER
>Said it
>Get banned

>> No.10484505

Was this in a public channel? If so, that's on you. Shit like that is better handled by privately DMing a mod or something.

>> No.10484518

... So why are people posting about Zen leaving?

>> No.10484522


i would think they would be a little interested in someone uploading the old vods on yt.

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>> No.10484538

How is Zen a predator because she doesn't want to be in VShojo anymore? Meds please

>> No.10484547


Have you not heard the news?

>> No.10484549

School just got out on East coat NA

>> No.10484552

because Zen is having a monthly breakdown and people are using it as an opportunity to kick her while she's down

>> No.10484566

Probably shitters that got banned from Zen's chat or some VRChat poeple jealous of Zen blowing pu in popularity. Why else do you think they bring up "Zen's past" so much?

>> No.10484574

removed vshojo from twitter name

>> No.10484576

Zen is attention whoring that's all, looks like its working in here

>> No.10484584

>doesn't want to
This implies it was her choice, and not due to the fallout of 'what [she] just learned'.

>> No.10484585
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>> No.10484619

I see some people are new to Zen's monthly breakdowns.

>> No.10484621

Alright, thanks for the replies. Hopefully this isn't just a temporary thing and they leave for good. Prayge or something.

>> No.10484634


>> No.10484665
File: 3 KB, 208x89, nope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyways I'll go back to watching Vei lol

>> No.10484677
File: 747 KB, 779x728, Screenshot from 2021-08-05 14-24-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vei gonna break her brother's kneecaps for daring to watch Netflix while she's streaming

>> No.10484685

Hope Haruka is getting her mom something nice and taking her out to lunch with that Hotwheels money.

>> No.10484719

Never knew Hotwheels was in the market for a cute caribou streamer

>> No.10484727


>> No.10484742

And just like that, /vsj+/ proved iself to be more toxic than /pmg/ ever was

>> No.10484748
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>> No.10484761

expected from coomers

>> No.10484789

It was never different, only less popular.

>> No.10484793

As if pmg likes zen either.

>> No.10484798

Oh it was falseflaggers from /pmg/ all along

>> No.10484826

you wish

>> No.10484828

You think Vei would be happy to know you doomposting Zen?

>> No.10484848

Shouldn't have left that message. you just made it obvious

>> No.10484849

you finally realized?

>> No.10484868

I mean, the first thing Vei did with the baby was shake it... but beyond that, I agree with pink cat wide

>> No.10484907

No, I left it as a reminder that you are no better than them.

>> No.10484912

Even "Its not us, its posters from other board!" cope is the same >>10484798

>> No.10484939

Here is something cute to take your mind off the insanity in this thread: Nina Saotome sang a cover of Nyanners's Seiso during her karaoke stream a couple days ago

>> No.10484961

Can you stop promoting yourself in threads you don't belong in?

>> No.10484968

lovely voice

>> No.10484969

I will sub to your chuuba

>> No.10484970

Literally who?
But cute model and voice.

>> No.10484982

NTA but it's literally Nyan's song...

>> No.10485025

Kind of hostile to someone who’s just trying to move past the zen trolling. Sheeeeeesh

>> No.10485031

Stop fucking replying to shit bait.

>> No.10485038

I don't care if it's nyan's song. It's a nobody who doesn't belong here

>> No.10485060

probably means shes the victim, not the predator. has gunrun and motendo done shady shit in the past?

>> No.10485070

YOU don’t belong here. Now go to your room and think about the way you talk to nice people online.

>> No.10485072

Ironically, I think Zen could have been sustainably successful with whatever his real voice is and the same models. Never would have gotten into vshojo and was too early for EN male vtubers, but he’s a good streamer and seems like a cool person that genuinely loves streaming and interacting with viewers. This TTS shit was always gonna blow up eventually, if not now, later. Regardless I hope whoever runs that account lands on their feet and is able to continue despite the lie that surprises no one.

>> No.10485081

She's got a nearly perfect views to subscriber ratio. It's probably just a matter of time until she gets bigger.

>> No.10485115
File: 755 KB, 694x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has surprisingly good deep singing voice. Though singing needs work.
Soul but not my taste.

>> No.10485118

i-i-i'm s-sorry daddy i-it wownt happen again UmU please go easy on me when you spank me :(

>> No.10485136 [DELETED] 
File: 338 KB, 2864x1908, 1631742276855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So who is gonna spam the zen discord about the twitter name thing? Gecko-niggers will you finally be useful?

>> No.10485137

MowtenDoo made this. Pretty shady

>> No.10485164

No one is. You would just be banned and everyone would ignore you. Unlike some places

>> No.10485183

Someone actually did bring it up. Everyone quickly agreed that speculating was bad and they dropped it until they hear from Zen. Simple as.

>> No.10485197

Boy, don’t apologize to me, apologize to Nina whatever her name is

>> No.10485208

They are businessmen. Of course they have.
But I doubt anything out of ordinary bad.

>> No.10485214

when even Zen viewers are smarter than vsj+ kek

>> No.10485300
File: 551 KB, 646x505, 1627579735053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/vsj+/ is not a bright place.
But we are worried more than discord to be honest, thats why we keep bringing it up.

>> No.10485308

I actually heard a different twitch vTuber singing Seiso this past weekend. It is someone who FeFe(?) raided after I fell asleep and woke to someone singing Seiso very badly but in a cute way.

>> No.10485312

I just like releasing rrats.

>> No.10485341

>we are worried
>we keep bringing it up

Leave me outta this shit

>> No.10485345

Someone post the vei vocaroo so I can finally save the link

>> No.10485376

I worry about Zen too. She seems like a nice person. I don’t care for the self pitying Twitter stuff but hope she feels better

>> No.10485386

something ive learned is that most of their discords dont give a shit about them, they're just there to farm clout.

>> No.10485441

Confession: I samefagged most of the Zen thing. I was also the Anon who said /pmg/ was falseflagging when it was me all along. I also made the arcadum and zen picture

>> No.10485474
File: 1.60 MB, 1190x853, 1621531164634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok. we but that fag >>10485341 are worried.

>> No.10485483

>there to farm clout.
I think it’s something even more primitive than that. just to disengage and spam emotes and then act like the 80s sitcom that yelled the guy’s name whenever he entered the bar. Good morning Reeveski [zen mod]!!!! Spam 100 emotes hi hello hi

>> No.10485488

Well do something useful you piece of shit and post the Arcadum head file you used so I can use gimp and make other shitposts

>> No.10485500

based and chaospilled

>> No.10485506
File: 257 KB, 830x881, FAQOX_SVQAcMFfL.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's giving up her spot to Kson Onair.

>> No.10485530

Confession doesn’t help. Don’t be sorry, be quiet

>> No.10485582

I just want to protect the reputation of our threads

>> No.10485659
File: 92 KB, 337x259, arcadumLOVE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10485709

Know it’s a joke but There aren’t finite “spots”. Just build a whole other wing on the Vshojo house and invite pizza thot to come over. She would be great but I have no idea what she would want to leave YouTube nor why Vshojo would want its steamers not on twitch.

>> No.10485710

Im sure the waifus that lurk know that its just 1 or 2 bad apples and not all of us.

>> No.10485733
File: 200 KB, 704x528, 1625264424796.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're still gay though

>> No.10485750

Its annoyingly easy to speculate with the sparse details we have. I'm really holding myself back from posting dumb speculation.

>> No.10485767

I hate that he looks exactly like my DnD DM IRL, who AS FAR AS I KNOW, is a super nice guy who wouldn’t do creepy stuff to large numbers of women. AS FAR AS I KNOW.

>> No.10485862

DMs only really come in one shape unless they're a girl_dm

>> No.10485865

Lol Brett doesn't look that different from Arcadum.
It's like there's a DM default of heavyset white guy with longer hair and a thick beard

>> No.10485905
File: 1.40 MB, 1227x678, 1623968376387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it, we are on /vt/ for Satan's sake.
Give me (your) newest and original rrats on Zentreya situation. Cmon, get it off your chest.
"Zen is a guy" does not count.

>> No.10485934

Still think it'll be a hilarious middle finger to bring Tiff in, though, she normally does WEIRD hours, like early morning US weird. Plus the weather fixation could be dialled back.

Kinda think she could exploit the early stream time with a morning show style format tho.

>> No.10485939

zen tried to get nudes from the other girls

>> No.10485978

Zen is still listed on the Vshojo website

>> No.10485979

Shit, I lost a bunch of weight and regularly shave. No wonder I can never work up the nerve to GM for people.

>> No.10485986

it's been nearly a month since then, here's hoping people will be civil here if he does comeback streaming.

>> No.10485998


>> No.10486016

If this is real I will cum BUCKETS dude

>> No.10486020

Zen found out that Nyan was sexually harassing Froot

>> No.10486024
File: 61 KB, 900x665, 1631411047633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New place she moved to got buttfucked by that hurricane

>> No.10486042

I think it was just something personal that happened not related to VShojo.

>> No.10486065

Zen is trying really hard for collabs because he's getting scared of his community

>> No.10486073

Not because of them. I have a sense of pride that our threads are one of the least of autistic.

>> No.10486091

This is a nice coping tactic, scapegoating yourself to make it seem like there aren't as many Zen antis in /vsj+/ as there actually are. You're not me, retard.

>> No.10486100

She’s mentally ill and either refuses to see a doctor or refuses to take her meds. I mean that in the literal sense of taking your meds, not in the 4chan way. She feels depressed and like no one likes her (a delusion which /vt/ is happy to perpetuate) and feels compelled to spew about it publicly.
Her taking the Vshojo labels down is just her way of stomping her foot and saying you guys aren’t making me feel included so I guess you don’t want me around. It’s pretty toxic but if she has a real illness it’s not her fault.
She’s not literally leaving Vshojo. Ever.
That’s my theory.

>> No.10486104

i once heard that she smells.

>> No.10486111

She found out that the next movie she's appearing in is going to take weeks on location to film.

>> No.10486112

Some shit came up and Zen got fucking wasted to try and take her mind off it. While wasted she behaved in a self-destructive manner and made the decision to retire from streaming (as she brings up every so often when wasted) and tried seeing what her name looked like with all references to being a streamer removed from it. She doesn't remember doing it and real life reasons have kept her offline so she's unaware of the speculation that was caused by it.

That's my rrat as a longtime zen watcher

>> No.10486117

What's up with Froot? Why has she disappeared? Any info what's up with her?

>> No.10486123

Turns out Zen's mother had a secret second family and their half-sister is Bunny_Gif

>> No.10486124

It's obvious that whatever happened (If anything) wasn't planned. Otherwise they wouldn't have made merch

>> No.10486134

Little known fact: literally every DM looks like that because they're all incomplete clones of Dave Arneson.

>> No.10486160

To many beans making her unable to stop her anal trumpet long enough to stream.

>> No.10486183

Unfathomably based

>> No.10486190
File: 31 KB, 500x397, Dave Arneson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10486232

entirely plausible
although that still leaves the question of what 'ruined the rest of her year'

>> No.10486265

She's next together with Hime Hajime. That's why they started doing auditions, to fill the spots

>> No.10486278

Glad I got LASIK so I don't have to wear the glasses I bought that make me look like a 1970's nerd/serial killer

>> No.10486303

>ruined the rest of her year

>> No.10486323

she needs a boyfriend to cheat on

jokes aside (or is it?) her drawing bug came on and she's focusing in art again.

>> No.10486376

I hope froot and hime showed vshojo to not try and play idolmaker and only take well established vtubers from now on

>> No.10486378

Why doesn't she stream while drawing? A lot of VTubers do that

>> No.10486395

>I mean that in the literal sense of taking your meds, not in the 4chan way.
buddy you're gonna want to sit down for this one

>> No.10486403

>Her taking the Vshojo labels down is just her way of stomping her foot and saying you guys aren’t making me feel included
If that's true that would be the scummiest thing she could do. On par with telling a chuuba you'll kill yourself if she doesn't reply to your DMs

>> No.10486408

Nobody knows, but my assumption that I'd be willing to bet is correct is that it's at the center of all of it. A lot of people will do random shit when in an altered state of mind just to see what it looks like, and Zen didn't necessarily remove VShojo it was all references to being a streamer (credits for who made the models and stuff included.) The name change and text that was written in the bio's place also feels like something someone who's completely wasted out of their tits would write.

>> No.10486415

Most boring and therefore most likely rrat.

>> No.10486463

Froot was a very successful hire until she stopped working. The better lesson is to require full time streaming, but that would also mean more management.

>> No.10486486
File: 703 KB, 1434x1284, 1632693860684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Occam's rrat

>> No.10486500

The city Zen lives in was fine as far as I'm aware, they haven't mentioned moving since they last had their city in their bio

>> No.10486505

Heave case of Apexium.
It will go away in a couple months or a year, when trend changes.

>> No.10486507

Based, I hope she gets into vshojo

>> No.10486549

have you seen her latest drawings? i think it falls of the gray area

>> No.10486554
File: 165 KB, 448x448, 1631118000218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the /vt/ league's schedule? I woke up excited for it but I don't see a thread

>> No.10486561

No, the difference is Discord can be moderated and here everybody is free to fling shit and bite on it. We're fucking retarded because we can't ignore the goddamn bait.

>> No.10486564

It's all but confirmed if we're being honest. Whatever shit happened was enough for Zen to even cut short supportive messages about it on Saturday's stream because she didn't want to think about it at all.

Zen's been talking about moving for awhile. This is the rrat I initially arrived at when something bad that ruined the year was brought up and I still think it's correct. It's related to the planned move that may not b happening anymore.

>> No.10486625

how, she streamed 30h a month when she started, then quickly fell to <20h a month, and only had 1 month of decent numbers where she got over 40h in

>> No.10486627

Arcadum almost definitely lurks here. I think on Sunday he was that anon who said that the death stranding guy looks like Arcadum if he lost weight. LITERALLY COMPARING HIMSELF TO ONE OF THE BIGGEST MALE SEX OBJECTS ON TELEVISION NORMAN REEDUS. We see you, Jeremy, and no you don’t look like him.

>> No.10486630

We face /become/ on Saturday early afternoon CST.
We're group C though, so if you wanna watch other matches, the whole thing starts earlier but I don't know when

>> No.10486655

the schedule got lonely and horny

>> No.10486657 [SPOILER] 
File: 439 KB, 2048x1656, 1632707573802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hololive hired him to be the next VA for Kiryu Coco. Expect his big return at Beyond the Stage this year.

>> No.10486666


>> No.10486671

Next match is oct 2-3

>> No.10486674

the more i think about your rrat, the more sense it makes. She also said that she's not gonna be able to take breaks, which if the house you just bought got fucked up by a hurricane, then that would really hurt your wallet.

>> No.10486678
File: 80 KB, 841x1024, snuffypat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Snibby's going to the doctors tomorrow, I hope it goes well for her
maybe she should go on vacation to relax, whatever she needs to improve her well being

>> No.10486730

nice try but Hololive is all female

>> No.10486735

If this was the case they'd just do a fundraiser and that'd be it. People have done that for VRChat faggots before.

>> No.10486737

goddammit what happened now? fur suit infection? collar leather was shit quality?

>> No.10486749

I hope she finds the time to get a vshojo application in considering the deadline is Thursday

>> No.10486773

Yeah I agree but when you have an illness you do scummy things. Even if you just have a physical illness you do and say things that you wouldn’t otherwise do, out of pain and frustration and self pity.
Zen doesn’t seem like a scummy person thus my rrat of the mental illness.

>> No.10486821

>make up rrat
>confirmation bias everywhere
Stop this.

>> No.10486853

Don't worry, Vei and Nyan helpfully filled the applications out for both her and Haruka

>> No.10486884

just more of the same stuff that's been affecting her for the past few weeks

>> No.10486900

You can't disclose most of the commissions

>> No.10486911
File: 849 KB, 1220x1080, 1628200175619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thread starts with foot and fart faggorty
>Continues on with nearly only Zen rrating
Have we had a worse thread?
The only shining light is the genuine concern of snuffyfag >>10486678

>> No.10486939


>> No.10486945

You know, we haven't heard from Senzawa in a long time. Maybe she'll join Vshojo?

>> No.10486972

>Mouse is at least 35
>Zen is a guy
>Froot cheats on her boyfriend
>Hime is Sydsnap
What am I missing?

>> No.10486993

Back strain. Her new tits are too big.

>> No.10487002

Hadn't considered the hurricane angle but I initially had assumed that it was about not being able to move after all. I've never been fortunate enough to be in a situation where I can buy a house but Zen had already been talking about moving preparations being worked on. This is all rrats of course but something truly fucking devastating could have been if the move was already in progress, some shit happened to the house (like a hurricane) and a shitload of belongings went with it.

Again, rrats. But I'm just speculating on something that would be huge enough to absolutely fuck up someone's year, would be related to shit we already know about, and isn't based in absurdities that can't be verified.

>> No.10487004

I'll take Zen rrating over foot and fart fags.

>> No.10487040
File: 45 KB, 980x253, Discord_uAEMIUdQaQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10487047 [DELETED] 

You forgot the one about Mouse having a child

>> No.10487097

>Mouse is at least 35
>Connor is downbad for milfs

Should i be worried?

>> No.10487117

I want to live in the world where Hololive forgot to put a non-compete clause into their contracts so this actually happens.

>> No.10487136

It’s a guy with one of those mythic “voice changers” sorry! The oki doki boomer tik tok craze of 2020? That was always a guy!

>> No.10487185

Is it that bad though?
We had worse.

>> No.10487193

>Expecting a good thread when the second post is from an anti

>> No.10487207
File: 1.02 MB, 3072x4096, FASd0BKUcAQKswG[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have someothing cute anyway.
inb4 OP gets mad at me because they wanted to use it in the next thread.

>> No.10487229

didnt that have receipts

>> No.10487239

You dumb shit she already streams.

She's Pomu Rainpuff now.

t. I'm Pomu

>> No.10487266

>raspy smoker voice Snoof
Oh boy.

>> No.10487270

Well yeah, it’s not like we are conducting a Quinnipiac University poll, I was just offering a harebrained theory as to why one of the streamers I like is acting so cringe on Twitter.

>> No.10487278

Don't be stupid. We say her full body during her "I'm Back" music video.

>> No.10487292

I know he tried attentionwhoring in this threads before the drama it's not even a rrat but I see no reason why he would stay here it's not like he's a fan.

>> No.10487342

Yocci needs to do some pushups.

>> No.10487348

Yes but don’t grant him that power by naming him, he’s already jerking off with glee

>> No.10487358

Depends on how the non-compete agreement is written. If kson is anything to go by, she should be fine streaming, and VShojo isn't really the same thing as Hololive.

>> No.10487370

We've had way worse my dude. We've had Arcadum apologists

>> No.10487390

Being physically weak makes getting dommed by Silver even more exciting. If you know for a fact you can't stop it, you're truly being dominated.

>> No.10487403

I love Vei but Death Stranding is extremely boring to watch.

>> No.10487410

This dumbass doesn't know Senzawa is Zen

>> No.10487413

They made sure to be rid of me by banning me from Twitch chat and her subreddit. That’s what I deserve for talking about someone on their own discord, I suppose.

>> No.10487423

Forsen to join Vshojo as the first male member

>> No.10487452

I like her voice and model. Hope she makes it.

>> No.10487454

I don't get mad I only get disappointed. And only when it's an OP image.

>> No.10487464
File: 300 KB, 673x680, 1625819260749.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10487477

at least the apologists were out numbered by the people wanting to shit on him.
Besides, the whole Arcadum drama arc in this thread at least was less targeted at the girls and more targeted at Arcadum/the other people involved

>> No.10487483
File: 42 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's joining Cyberdisa.

Whatever happened to Cyberdisa?

>> No.10487502

why do you care what shes playing? shes still her in stream

>> No.10487508

For what purpose.

>> No.10487530

i cant belive that snuffy is ripping off Nemu.

>> No.10487538

The only + you use is Snuffy anyway, bruh

>> No.10487572

>both have 3 syllables
>similar name structure
>tried being cute blue girl for a time, goes for edgy red girl so comparisons can't be made easily
>both active before the big vtuber boom
holy shit guys i think he may be onto something

>> No.10487583

Thread's hit the post limit. Someone make the next thread a Himeedition? Least we can do since she is finally coming back.

>> No.10487585

Forsen has been in Hololive for a year now, anon

>> No.10487587
File: 96 KB, 604x746, itsover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of rrats, here's a dead one. Old rrat was that because Vyugen was only following VShojo they were owned by them.

>> No.10487592

...because I have a phobia of little babies

>> No.10487596
File: 795 KB, 640x905, nmb7cpt455q51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10487630

Melody’s camgirl past (not really shocking or a big secret, though)

>> No.10487638

Yes because the proper course of action is what this anon said >>10484505

>> No.10487645

She’s gonna sing a song every time subs? Love that trash panda but she cannot carry a tube

>> No.10487657

Same, but for whenever OP forgets the subject line for /vsj+/

>> No.10487660
File: 437 KB, 1419x2048, 1632747752417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10487663

Whole board is BABIES

>> No.10487664

>she is finally coming back
I'll believe it when I see it

>> No.10487677

is she living in an apartment? it could be carbon monoxide poisoning

also going to one doctor for a medical checkup then immediately to a shrink is bad, my mom had headaches for months and was in and out of hospital we let her see at least 5 different doctors until one finally found it was case 2 diabetes.

point is don't just listen to one doctor.

>> No.10487775

Mousey is 1 year older than Nyanners

Yes there's archived tweets

>> No.10487791

She went to hospital, and i think they'd be pretty thorough testing, after all, gotta milk those patients.

>> No.10487833

there were like 10 good posts in this entire thread
jesus christ

>> No.10487843

I don't remember, but I don't think $3 is enough for a Lil Kaisers peekza

>> No.10487845

She's a bit of a chunker so she'll definitely overpower by sheer weight

>> No.10487846

were busy with the zen drama and missed bao is getting shit on on twitter now

>> No.10487847

Allow me to put on my gallant Feminist fedora and say that’s one reason it sucks to be a woman—doctors don’t listen to shit you say and regularly dismiss you as crazy.
And they’re just playing the odds. Lotsa women are indeed crazy esp. the mind that go for the doctor. But when you really have something that could be diagnosed by someone who actually cares, it sucks.
Thank you for your time, m’lady.

>> No.10487849

>Mousey is 1 year older than Nyanners

>> No.10487861

is she from burgerland? i kind get why she can only afford seeing one doctor

>> No.10487919


>> No.10487924

Please give them (you)s to stimulate good post's growth while starving the baits

>> No.10487944

No she's from Ohio

>> No.10487953

Wasn't snuffy scared she might have diabetes for a while? It should have shown up in bloods tho.

>> No.10487984

Provide evidence or you might aswell be chatting out of your asshole

>> No.10488011

It said she deleted a tweet.
Please tell me what it was

>> No.10488033

>Mouse is at least 35
She's not older than Mel, and Mel is little over 30. I'm 33, and the generational experiences Mel shares around suggest she's my age or few years bellow. Mousey otoh misses many references but she has some boomer ones, which is explained perfectly well by having an older brother and parents. I think so because my parents had me when they were over 40 and 46, my brothers are ~15 years older than me and I was kinda similar to her in that way. I bet she's around Nyan's age.

>> No.10488046

No way man, you can't ask me to fucking scour a million hours of VODs. Just assume i'm lying, i won't take it personal

>> No.10488070

If anyone has the beetus it’s Vei. One do the first and most annoying signs of uncontrolled diabetes is having to pee every 2 secs.

>> No.10488087

She tried to cancel one of her mods for accidentally leaking some info about her

>> No.10488095

autism bad

>> No.10488143

Was Zen kicked out or did she leave? Unclear of the circumstances

>> No.10488151

it really depends on the doctor, it's like asking a coder on what's wrong with your Java code when that coder only worked on C# his whole career

>> No.10488161

Context I acquired from reading her other tweets as well as tweets directed at her: She called out one of her own mods for disclosing private information about her in a voice call. The guy has apparently done this in the past and people assumed he got better but well maybe he hadn't. There is no proof because it was in a call not in text or something and she called him out publicly because he's supposedly a mod for multiple channels and she wanted it to be known that he's not to be trusted. For this some people are giving her shit but I think she was in the right myself.

Anyway while reading all that, Bao feet. https://twitter.com/baovtuber/status/1442367922215788546 Check the date so we're all clear this isn't doxx she just posted this within the last 24 hours.

>> No.10488165

She makes tens of thousands of dollars a month, do you really think she's too poor to see a doctor?

>> No.10488175

I mean is she a massive autist or something? If it was nudes I don't think anyone cares.

>> No.10488183

This could've all been avoided if she'd let me drive her and her friends back from Second Sky

>> No.10488213

what did he leak?

>> No.10488235


>> No.10488241

Tweets don't say and she probably won't say either in case the guy is unhinged and tries to go extra public with it.

>> No.10488251

wait, bao is a girl?

>> No.10488332

I will cop to fucking up and mentioning in the supporter channel. I'm not sure the punishment fits the crime, but that's life

>> No.10488415

It probably isn't anything damaging, but concerning to get leaked like name/address/health related.

>> No.10488438

idk but she is claiming her mod is an autist

>> No.10488445

You can always try to appeal and explain why you did it. No guarantees it'll work but unless your post about it was something like >CLICK HERE TO SEE NYANNERS IRL or something there's at least a chance.

>> No.10488516

I almost feel like it was a trap. Post an old video of me online from a different channel, and then ban anyone who brings it up. Seems like a good way to patch a leaky boat, if you ask me.

>> No.10488632

Oh shit, is Bao going to get cancelled for shitting on an autist?

>> No.10488635

God, some of those replies

'He is autistic, he doesn't know any better'

What a crock of shit, he's a grown man. Being autistic doesn't give him any excuse. Plenty of people with autism would know that leaking someone's info is wrong, doesn't give him a free pass.

>> No.10488641

I didn't post a link or name the video or channel. I simply said YouTube recommended it to me, and I watched it and it was a comfy stream.

She has the right to ban me for it, but it does seem a little severe. I already had a few warnings from months ago so I guess I earned the full ban. It was my fuckup. :(

>> No.10488654

The double-edged sword of needing mods, when people who are mods are always going to be autistic

>> No.10488666

The video is 1 month old from an account with 3 videos. The YouTube algorithm is promoting it.

>> No.10488679

You cheeky fucker, I saw you post it. You weren't banned for it, mods just deleted your message. Are you trying to start shit or something?

It's fucking clear as day you don't post about Nyanner's old cam streams because she doesn't want her face out there but you're here whining, grow up retard.

>> No.10488683

Cyberdisa nuts

>> No.10488705

She has a history of being inconsistent.
Patch groups have dropped her due to her taking too long on commissions or not even starting them at all.
WGW (weapons grade waifus) comes to mind, she was dropped from the visual novel project they were working on.
It's pretty much just an artist thing, if she were just a streamer that's one thing.
But artist that make a career of it, with vtubing on top of that, tend to be very flaky and lose motivation often.

>> No.10488725

Are you the mod Bao disavowed?
Because you sound autistic

>> No.10488737
File: 74 KB, 1030x278, Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 2.09.24 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was banned, actually

>> No.10488750

he seems pretty apologetic, it looks like others are sperging out for him even though he knows he fucked up. she's definitely being a huge bitch about it though

>> No.10488815

fair, next

>> No.10488837

>Your behaviour on this server has been consistently unacceptable
Sound like this was the straw that broke the camels back

>> No.10488869

Some people misspeak. I'm not even autistic and it happens from time to time.

>> No.10488917

Didn't finish reading
>on top of the numerous other times you have been warned for breaking server rules.
Sounds completely justified to me

>> No.10488971

What can I say? I like to chat about things I enjoy. There's a lot of landmines on the field and I can't remember where they are all the time. I blame my ADHD

>> No.10488975

>numerous times
please explain this or kill yourself

>> No.10488998

Just rechecked and ya you're gone. I'll be honest you've been a bit of a retard a few times in there so it was a long time coming, what makes you think it's smart to post about an IRL video? Then you're bitching here trying to get people to shit on the mods, get over yourself.

>> No.10489046
File: 149 KB, 1184x822, Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 2.14.46 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are my crimes

>> No.10489086

I unironically thought that was the Bao mod showing up on 4Chan explaining that Bai was right to ban him. I was confused because both conversations were happening at once.
Anyway, the bao mod is tweeting away right now saying he’s sorry he goofed. Besides being autistic, his spelling and grammar are next-level atrocious. Probably actual E5L not ESL, or a low functioning autist with English as a first language. In either case, that’s not the sort of person you make mod for an English streamer of any importance, no matter how nice he seems.

>> No.10489097

This the shit that guy leaked about Bao apparently

>> No.10489116
File: 71 KB, 459x279, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10489118
File: 369 KB, 1536x2048, E-m3Sg2VcAU_A9X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's done it repeatedly apparently. If people think he's so innocent then why don't they make him mods of their channel. Fucking Indiefags are the worst.

>> No.10489126

I'm not bitching. Maybe moping, I guess. Also, posting as a warning to not be a retard online, even if you think it's just a light-hearted joke

>> No.10489132

KEK why the fuck did you discuss politics and tell someone to kill themselves on her DC server, Anon?

>> No.10489180
File: 130 KB, 1280x720, cropped-lawnmower-man[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't believe Nyan's greatest enemy is delaying the stream again.

>> No.10489182

those were Tenor GIF posts

>> No.10489192

>Please explain how that is considered "harmful"
Ah yes. I remember the debut of EN2 and the shitstorm that happened over that exact same information being applied to one of them lol.

>> No.10489195

You’re making me want to share why I got banned from Vei’s chat but I don’t want to expose my stupidity like you clearly do.

>> No.10489213

>autist doesn't get why not being single as a vtuber is harmful

>> No.10489257

What about the politics tho?

>> No.10489293
File: 78 KB, 908x935, 1539381699645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol he knows
twitch mods are subhumans

>> No.10489298

Please share, I always love seeing why other people got banned. The greatest joy in my life is reading my friends' chatlogs on league.

>> No.10489336
File: 1.41 MB, 1337x751, bao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doubt that was all considering that wasn't a secret.

>> No.10489346

It's a weird situation since it SHOULDN'T be harmful in a "perfect world", and she probably believes that it shouldn't be harmful as well so why would she hide it if she thinks that people should watch her regardless of if she has a boyfriend?

>> No.10489357

Bahahahahahahaha! Autistic, barely literate mod reveals to online friends that Bao has a boyfriend (sorry Bao tummyposters!). Gets reported back to Bao. Bao unmods him and publicly calls him out on Twitter and tells friends to stay away.
She deletes her tweet and now everyone is mad at her for mistreating autistic ex-mod.
This is quite a day, boys.

>> No.10489400

What a heckin ruckus

>> No.10489402

It's gonna be delayed?

>> No.10489421

>I deserve pussy because I was giving her money
Gods, simps are pathetic.

>> No.10489435

I mean, its not the worst thing, though i suppose it depends on what angle you are playing. Though every vtuber relationship seems to be chaotic LDRs.

>> No.10489440

her amazing move also means that instead of the 3 people in the VC knowing about it, now everyone on twitter does

>> No.10489453

I don't remember.

>> No.10489457

A lot of problems would be solved if prostitution was legal in America

>> No.10489459

based autist

>> No.10489540
File: 564 KB, 2048x1667, 1626551521816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10489541


Annnnnnd she broke.

>> No.10489611

Honestly irrationally mad over the icons

>> No.10489613

so no bao stream?

>> No.10489621

Mamavale was a hippy at one point right? She gives off that vibe

>> No.10489630

Yeah but it probably lowers productivity or something
Also christcucks would rage

>> No.10489638

another daily Bao meltdown

>> No.10489673
File: 380 KB, 1366x768, boomer desktop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What for?

>> No.10489685

I fucking hate indie niggers. Some corp needs to save Bao.

>> No.10489700

Most people these days know it from an old Family Guy episode.

>> No.10489744

>why does a middle aged woman know about an old movie from her youth

are you retarded

>> No.10489747

It was downright obscure before that. I'm pretty sure she was thinking of Family Guy

>> No.10489796

She's not breaking she's just quoting Twilight

>> No.10489809

Some people forget that having a mental illness is not an excuse for doing shitty stuff.

>> No.10489827

Most likely, she has an ankh tattoo. She's old enough to remember the original SNL cast too.

>> No.10489853

I think she deserves to be cancelled for even trying to lie about something so obvious, maybe she should check if she’s autistic as well.

>> No.10489868

Anything we can do on in this thread to be a positive influence on her?

>> No.10489894

Oh, this is why she was so upset. She doesn't want to lose those pay piggies.

>> No.10489905

She freaked out for no reason and now EVERYONE knows so i don't think she deserves a positive influence. It went from a few people in the VC (who didn't care) knowing to everyone who sees the post and spreads it

>> No.10489911

You're going to have to get more specific

>> No.10489912

Which "her"?

>> No.10489918

Maybe not Hippy, I'd say.. 80s bohemian maybe?

>> No.10489960

Tbf, she just went full-time and took a break from school.
I'd be damage controlling too

>> No.10489962

:snooty voice RP: Yes I believe, we senior citizens to that as the Streisand effect, after the popular boomer entertainer Barbara Streisand whose legal team once threatened a man who revealed the address of her palatial Hamptons estate. Her overreaction itself became the subject of celebrity gossip, ironically making even everyone even more aware of her doxx when no one cared before

>> No.10489979


>> No.10489980

>layna getting bullied in minecraft
This is pretty good

>> No.10490002


>> No.10490023

The Zentreya drama was enough in this thread why are we baosperging when she hasnt even collabed with anyone else but the newest graduated vshojo. Being a large indie Vtuber on twitch doesnt make you “vshojo+”

>> No.10490036

Yeah, because that's the only problem vtubers have when it comes out they're dating someone. How fucking new are you? Are you the autistic retard she kicked?

>> No.10490074

Uh oh back to sad whale tweeting I guess. Is she bipolar or something?

>> No.10490110

Why would we care about the whale?
I mean, I dont hate her but she needs professional help since those fits are regular.
She doesnt need hacker-people from obscure forum.

>> No.10490126

Technically she collabed with 6 at once

>> No.10490154

Whale is very mentally ill and thus perfect for VShojo.

>> No.10490192

Yeah, typically it's the only real problem. Losing weirdos who are there for GFE or because you're single. It happens to a lot of female streamers.

>> No.10490215
File: 797 KB, 350x195, 5F1BF6E8-2C41-48B5-A6D8-B899ECB4CB7B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So was she like silver when she was younger

>> No.10490222

That's fair i guess. I just thought we could give her some love in a time of when she's panicking.

>> No.10490278

lol did you just miss the dozens of threads about this exact subject after the EN2 debut? People went really fucking far with full on doxxing and shit after that came out.

>> No.10490286

I think it would be better to take advice from people from 4chan than people from fucking twitter

>> No.10490350

And then never again. Why do you think? The most infamously awful collaboration ever? Never touching those chuubas with a fifty foot pole again.

>> No.10490356

Fuck! I hate when girl_dm is right

>> No.10490376

She deleted everything. Sanest thing she’s done all day. We still saw that you have a boyfriend, Bao. Deleting all your tweets doesn’t change that. We feel so, like, cucked. We really thought we had a shot. Truly.

>> No.10490386
File: 427 KB, 432x494, Vei5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From this thread?

>> No.10490451

That mess was in no way on Bao or anyone that wasn't a red dragon, a moose, or a lich

>> No.10490455
File: 1.73 MB, 2480x3508, 1615070789514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's also not the only one

>> No.10490562


>> No.10490599

i watched a bao stream once or twice does this make me automatically a cuck


>> No.10490616

someone screencapped this surely?

>> No.10490630

She's still friends with Haruka i think

>> No.10490656

yes, you can only jack it to ntr now

>> No.10490658

Haruka and Bao are like Mouse and Mel tier besties.

>> No.10490674

It was just something like i cant take this, im sad

>> No.10490736

>I don't trust anyone leave me alone
Basic crying girl talk that you have to sit through until she calms the fuck down

>> No.10490756
File: 111 KB, 220x220, 1631170283601.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I owned a VTuber corp, I'd ban twitter in the contracts.

>> No.10490771

Man, i dislike indies because they just bring a bunch of drama. They are more like mainstream youtubers than cozy vtubers

>> No.10490777

But Jordan, I cleaned my room...

>> No.10490782

Ludicrously based

>> No.10490833

Sadly, it is required if you want partnership or any business what so ever.

>> No.10490835

You'd ban one of the biggest social media platforms that can help your company incline? Good way to go out of business

>> No.10490870

Girl_DM is the Jordan Peterson of vtubing

>> No.10490897

Impossible. No one can be that retarded

>> No.10490908
File: 33 KB, 588x422, nu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's gone nuclear

>> No.10490933

There’s always Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook or LinkedIn

>> No.10490985

The Streisand Effect, folks

>> No.10491013
File: 1.11 MB, 1125x1816, IMG_2948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot image

>> No.10491029

I always get the early stream schedules on linkedin

>> No.10491085

Congratulations for giving the rest of the board some shit to make a thread with and make it worse

>> No.10491131

She is Canadian after all

>> No.10491138
File: 290 KB, 411x438, 1631116469992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now imagining some cute secretary with a ton of work connections announcing she's going to be VTubing to some clueless normies. It's making me horny.

>> No.10491166

Hire a social media manager rather. Literally every company that is even remotely adjacent to IT/media/Internet shit has one now including the one I wagecuck for

>> No.10491176

Why the fuck do you care what the rest of the board thinks? They're never going to like you

>> No.10491182

Bao already did that

>> No.10491184

Isn't that what Pomu did?

>> No.10491189

good choice, can someone explain why people are shitting on her? to me it seems a good choice to remove someone who leaked things about you, it's still not 100% clear if it was really just some bf bullshit or other things too but the content of the leak isn't the problem, if he leaked personal stuff he can do it again and with more important stuff, to me removing a potetial doxxer/threat to you seems a good choice

>> No.10491198

Unironically why do ppl on /vt/ feel cucked so easily? If you’re already that delusional that you feel your chuuba belongs to you, why not extend the delusion to the idea that you are a gigachad who could easily steal the waifu from the supposed boyfriend if you wanted.
And don’t give me any moralfaggery or bro code stuff. Bao’s boyfriend ain’t your bro. Just caveman that shit and steal her!

>> No.10491269

I don't give a fuck about that I give a fuck about not making it easy for dickheads to make things harder for the people we do like. Like that dickhead who posted that pic of Nyan venting in her Discord several months back just providing a huge amount of fuel for antis to shit on her and add to the harassment.

>> No.10491280

Because dumb saps fell for the "I'm autistic. The big streamer is bullying me" shit

>> No.10491285

so many issues with vtubers would be solved if companies banned them from interacting with fans. theres still the isue of them reading chat, but if its delayed with proper mods they could filter that well as well

>> No.10491290
File: 628 KB, 544x595, nnb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10491306

The world is a terrible place, empty and without hope.

>> No.10491333

Between the desktop, her name dropping him always getting her last minute shit, and art*mis saying he blows her back out on a collab how could we have missed it.

>> No.10491337

Ummm if you looked at the gentleman’s Twitter feed and came away with any other impression than that he’s genuinely autistic…

>> No.10491349

retards that think a vtuber belongs to them are so autistic that can't talk/confront someone even in their delusions

>> No.10491372

>I'm tired of being taken advantage of
IndieEN the kinda niggas to play video games for a living (and sometimes not even that) and talk about how hard it is
Fuck you bitch years ago I spent a summer doing farm work while fasting for Ramadan (not mudslime but the family that was hosting me was so I joined in for the lulz). I almost died

>> No.10491415

Based vodposter

>> No.10491423

Yeah, but she was vague about it

>> No.10491432

No one gonna make a thread for it? Guess I will.

>> No.10491476 [DELETED] 

Anon, we're on page eight...

>> No.10491484

You don’t need to CONFRONT the man to steal the waifu. I once… dated a married woman whose husband was a scary looking ex marine with anger issues. I didn’t have to MEET the man in order to cuck him.

>> No.10491491

Ah, don't be an ass, at least the drama is relatively contained here.

>> No.10491561

Yes, just wait til’ TT is doing their tour in America

>> No.10491585

I almost coughed up a lung from laughing, anon

>> No.10491633

>as a girl on the internet
is she implying guys don't have a right to defend themselves on the internet?

>> No.10491645

Was very tempted to make a thread about Zen, but ultimately stand alone threads are shit on this board so why bother.

>> No.10491698

I think it was a low-key way to pull the sexism card. Which doesn't make any fucking sense in this situation.

>> No.10491700

Why would you ever think that was a good idea? Unless you just wanted to drive anti posting up.

>> No.10491719

Are we going to pretend girls don't attract more schizos?

>> No.10491733

Naw it's just that guys don't have to worry about having a gf when making a living on the internet

>> No.10491761
File: 739 KB, 2819x4096, E95QoZMUYAA9-UU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leave the name of my big dicked Gecko waifu out of your mouth

>> No.10491776

I obviously didn't think it'd be a good idea or I'd do it. I would like to see thoughts from people outside /vsj/, but it's not worth it.

>> No.10491816

Sykkuno would like to have a word with you.

>> No.10491830

Why are you posting a non-vshojo vtuber here?

>> No.10491889 [DELETED] 

Reported off topic

>> No.10491906

she is obviously a +, she collabed with Haruka recently

>> No.10491909


>> No.10491979
File: 436 KB, 1000x994, 1627410789761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I would like to see thoughts from people outside /vsj/
No, you don't
A lot of this board hates us, and hates us with half a braincell at that

>> No.10491995

And all of those modern minecraft youtubers/streamers whose fans ship them together like fujoshis
You just know if they were found with another girl their entire fanbases would flip their shit

>> No.10492057

Mouse needs to do a redpill awareness stream with him, explaining in detail why women are garbage and deserve less.

>> No.10492062

Yeah but how many fujos attempt to saw off their husbandos hands at handshake events

>> No.10492078

People are claiming that by drawing attention to him publicly she basically sicked her 100k followers on a no name autistic person and gave them a reason to harass/doxx him..

>> No.10492150

Gonna need a news article so I can give up hope on humanity

>> No.10492159




>> No.10492176


>> No.10492231

Vshojo is hated outside this general though with rare exceptions.
Why would you want that, are you arca-dumb?

>> No.10492258

My genki Finnish wolfgirl can't be this autistic!
I should've known...

>> No.10492281

Idolfaggotry, not even once

>> No.10492358

South Korean girls literally throw themselves into traffic in an attempt to be saved by the kpop faggots they stan. They break into their apartments at night. They pay loads of cash to cab drivers to recklessly chase after singers after they leave at the end of concerts. Jonghyun of SHINee kys'd himself in 2017 over this shit

>> No.10492421

Why are we treating what are obviously extremely-fringe cases as if they're everyday things? That's like claiming all of Mel's fans are like Ochadoji.

>> No.10492462

The cab drivers thing is so common that there are specialized drivers

>> No.10492572
File: 238 KB, 602x473, 1625949064910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk who Ochadoji is, but let's not forget about BetrayedMussel

>> No.10492646

Doji's much worse. Like at least Mussel has the excuse of having BPD to excuse his monumental shittiness. Doji would just complain he's not getting enough attention from the waifus given how much he would donate and drove himself into debt over how much he was donating so he had to be banned. Though I thought he was more of a Silver thing and not so much a Mel one

>> No.10492735
File: 277 KB, 601x308, 1609652419017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just realized I didn't save Mel's new schedule so I went to her Twitter to get it and lol I don't know when she got this header but it made me smile.

>> No.10492753

He's hit a few of my smaller indie friends with the attention whoring and mass donos, and I know he spammed money at Abi for a while as well. He'll take attention anywhere he can get it then get upset when people want to focus on their community and not just one person

>> No.10492804
File: 193 KB, 701x1100, 1625947918708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christ, fair enough

>> No.10492807

lol I was about to do the same post

>> No.10492898

You realize that a few extreme fringe cases are very likely to be among a large crowd of followers, and one of them is enough to fuck a celebrity up?

>> No.10492983

This. Lulu from Nijisanji literally graduated because of 1 stalker. That's all it takes to make them uncomfortable.

>> No.10493029

Yeah it sucks but I've known other people with BPD so as shitty as Mussel is I can 100% see shades of the people I know in his actions. I can't speak for everyone of course but a friend of mine says when she gets hit by it she'll basically start hating herself extremely hard. And with that hate comes the decision that you don't deserve to live, but you have friends who would be sad if you actually went through with it? The solution? Be extremely fucking toxic to them in an attempt to get them to hate you as much as you hate yourself so that you can feel justified in taking that step. It's rough to deal with and doesn't excuse his actions because he's clearly got some fucking parasocial tendencies on top of that but like at least it's easy to see why the guy did what he did and he's open about it. Doji's perfectly healthy he's just a grade A dick lmao.

>> No.10493180

sorry for your friends but I hope mussel went through with it after mel hated him

>> No.10493260
File: 352 KB, 1920x1080, 1610269466231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a gimmick minecraft account that is building a house 1 block every day and today's block is using Snuffy as a skin for some reason lol https://twitter.com/mcblockdaily/status/1442619063616905219

He didn't. His suicide note arc was several months ago and he only came back into 4chan's collective memory when he sent a 10k dono to Mel on her birthday.

>> No.10493644

Ha-Ha.. fuck. That line of logic makes a depressing amount of sense in my brain.

>> No.10493762

One of the replies says it was that she had a boyfriend, but who fuckin knows. Anybody who would care about that is dumb as shit anyway lol.

>> No.10493781
File: 1.20 MB, 1041x810, 1631147189272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That line of logic makes a depressing amount of sense in my brain

>> No.10493788

Hot take: none of the huge donos are ever made by people who can actually afford them. It's always people with issues schizospending themselves into debt while having some manic phase.
Whenever I see a huge dono I think to myself "oh no, trouble incoming" like recently with Vei

>> No.10493828

I wonder if the reason Snuffy's health has gone to shit is from the backlash she got when shit talking clippers, seems like her stress started getting worse around that time
but then again I am just pulling rrats out my ass

>> No.10493869

With our girls, yes
The guy who sent an absurd amount to that furry femboy was genuinely a crypto oiler, though

>> No.10494001

Speaking of Snuffy and pulling animals out of your ass...

The human anus can stretch up to 8 inches without tearing, and racoons can fit into gaps only 4 inches wide. I'll let you do the math.

>> No.10494073

I've ran the math multiple times, and 17.8% of raccoons would do this, too

>> No.10494130

The evidence is empirical

>> No.10494133

"Alright boys, prolapse is back on the menu"

>> No.10494149
File: 143 KB, 1200x1095, 1629350038669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where is she where is she where is she

>> No.10494201


>> No.10494209

Probably in her home.

>> No.10494214
File: 574 KB, 1876x1200, 1632170155106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10494225


>> No.10494227

Lawnmower chan at it again

>> No.10494248
File: 65 KB, 361x251, snuffy wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm surprised I haven't seen any Snuffy anal vore yet

>> No.10494348

>moobot giving away what Nyan is reading in chat
All robots must die.

>> No.10494407

Check aryion. I haven't seen it there myself but if it exists it's probably there.

Anyway, new thread.

>> No.10494850

Wait who the fuck is the white hair one

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