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When was the last time you made your oshi guffaw on stream? You're not an emote spammer or worse yet a lurker, are you Anon?

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Id much rather be a lurker or an emote spammer than to be a shitty EOP who tries to flood the fucking chat with his shitty English trying to catch the attention of my oshi

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These girls are my entertainment, nothing more.
I don't need their validation since I get enough validation from real people in real life.

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I emote spam because I have nothing worthwhile to contribute and even if I did it would get buried immediately under a torrent of sheesh based poggers

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Extremely based.

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I did with a superchat. Also, who the hell uses guffaw now?

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During her Goodfellas watch along, I did miss the minecraft stream today though.

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Never. I just spam "www" over and over every second of every stream

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I respond to what Gura says in a responsive way and format the comment to continue the conversation but she always picks out the stupid meme or bully replies... Dammit Gura turn your filters off.

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I don't understand how people in Gura's chat expect her to catch anything.

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Lol. True.

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Bobon read out my message and it got a big laugh by him and chat.
I made Kaida's chat fill with kusas and japanese of TRUE and other stuff for around a minute from a supa.
Later that same week anothe supa caused Kaida to go UOOOOOOOHHH really loudly, to the surprise of everyone, and essentially derail the end of the stream for a bit. This was the best one. Won't forget it.

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I made her go "heh" once. I also made her audibly smile.

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I only tried to make my oshi guffaw at mengen and that's it. I prefer to spam an emote or lurk otherwise
Well, both my oshi and I are ESL and despite we shared the same mother language, she just prefer to talking in english so fuck off

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I'm not a very funny person so I usually contribute by talking about suggested courses of action (what game to play next, who to invite for collabs, how to get a presentation to look better) when requested and comment on things that may be improved.
The last one especially is something they value a shitton. Learning how to mix compliments and suggestions is a very handy skill to train.

One example: If something sounds amateur but you liked it, say something to the effect of "You're learning a lot in very little time recently". That both makes them feel good (and the phrasing appeals to both men and women) while implying that it is the improvement process you value as much or more as the final product.
Their brains will still make the happy chemical while at the same time making it harder for them to later reject the compliment or, worse, trying to not do better.

A major aspect of Japanese idol culture that got lost in translation is a desire to push your preferred group or person to exceed all others in achievement.
With carefully spun compliments and suggestions this can be done with minimal effort on your part, and the best thing?
It's free.
Not all popular content is good and not all unseen content is bad, but starting from the same basis good content has something of an advantage to be seen by more people down the line.

That, to me, is what this hobby is about. To grow with the person and, in your small, minuscule way, helping that evolution along.

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I made some fanart that she uses for every single stream. Feels good man.

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I give my oshi paragraph long game spoilers in English even though she doesn't speak it at all

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I've made her kettle more times than I can remember

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OP doesn't get enough attention. what a loser.

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Almost every stream. My oshi goes out of her way to read my SCs, and even likes most of my comments on her YT vids. She also reads my twitter. Feels p good.

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2views and schizo hallucinations dont count anon

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>watching male vtubers
Are you perhaps a homo or something?

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Never, I just put streams as background noise while I play vidya and read these threads. I sometimes pause the vidya if something big starts happening.

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Her most recent stream.

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I've made her laugh and giggle multiple times since her debut and she typically reads at least one of my chat messages each stream
feels good man

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Not my oshi, but a vtuber took my idea for a fan tag after her previous one got rejected by the CEO for being generic. I don't think she'll remember that detail if brought up but it's fine.

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Why would I? She gets supas for making people laugh. I wouldn't get any for making her laugh. Quid pro quo, OP.

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I drew Rushia with big tits in that drawing game once and she laughed

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I just want to make my oshi happy and have sex with/marry her

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>He doesn't want to manhandle Mashiro

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Wait, Miku is pro coup?
That's not very ELITE, because it failed.

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I have my real name attached to my YouTube account so I just lurk and enjoy.

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Not during a stream, but my exoshi did directly reply to something I said in a fancord. Goes to show how far not being a emote spamming faggot takes you

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i triggered artia multiple times during her glory days on twitch with shitty copypastas edited to be relevant to her stream (and well timed marbles)
tialove, tia did nothing wrong

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I communicate with my oshi exclusively via red superchats. If I see somebody type out a heartfelt message in an orange, or lesser super chat I immediately drop a blank red superchat to assert dominance.

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My oshi would never be so crude as to guffaw. Alas, I have never got a refined laugh from her. I have made another chuuba snort and mute there mic with some well punned yab.

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I made Korone, Coco and Towa laugh at my reddit memes on shitpost reviews. I also got Roboco to laugh and say “nice Japanese” because I said “pien time” when she kept losing in apex.
I will now go back

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