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Truly great vtubers

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i only recognize gura and pomu

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all of them are shit compared to the DOOG, why should i care?

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hold on let me check the math
turns out you are right

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Spicy Cantonese is /vt/'s flavor of the day. All other chubas are shit right now.

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Ill slurp that canton rrat

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I'm proud of you for recognizing Pomu. Now do your reps

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straight up sex voice

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its funny because they're all whores

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that's hot

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You just had to put Pink Cat there huh? You had a great list of chuubas but decided it won't bait enough (yous) unless you put the most controversial vtuber on /vt/ next to ones most agree are pretty good

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i recognize but would argue against her being in a collage of great vtubers, she is mediocre at best for a corpo

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3x3 thread, make one and post it. The last 3x3 thread was pretty fun.


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>No idea who that is

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I am being completely earnest when I say Nyanners is one of the best vtubers thus far.

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>2 colors of Nyan
>Literal whos

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oops, all ames!

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she even collab'd with Jerma

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You sound like someone with severe BPD.

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Based taste

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no anon, that’s me

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As a unityfag sub'd to everyone in the 3 main EN groups and many outside them I have no problem saying Nyanners is genuinely one of the best around. It'd be cool if people could get over ancient shit and just try watching her but I won't hold my breath.

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An anon in the mussel thread pointed out that making an extreme impression lasts. If you go out of your way to make a massively negative impression on people, the bets you'll ever be is forgiven.

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this shark is a fucking dyke and i love it

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Yes I'm sure something that happened years and years before 99% of the people on this board were even old enough to browse 4chan was an extreme impression. Defiantly not just herd mentality.

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why not

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Your tastes are so basic, an NFPA 704 of it would put a 4 in the blue square.

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What's wrong with these three?

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God I fucking love Tanya

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this but unironically

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Corners are /here/ and thus there is a lot wrong with them. IDK about the other one.

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Great at ending up as a disappointment.
I don't watch any of them anymore. Most them just try to use gimmicks to get subs.

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Yes, I don't sleep.

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there are so many of these bitches they are like fucking pokemon there's no way you people are watching 9 at a time

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As if you needed any more proof that part of /a/ migrated here.

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Anime website nerd

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I still have this one I made months ago, my opinions haven't changed much but I do like some new indies, NijiENs and the Council members.
Also I guess ratings aren't a thing anymore...

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Other than the main one. I dabble with the other 8. It works since they don't stream at the same time and I always have someone I can put on.

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Replying to the MEGABASED ones

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Based Alice enjoyer

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cute and based

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>not including god-chama

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my man

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all of them are fucking garbage except pomu

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Not so sure about Ange and Mori but this one is the closest to being correct

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Ange is a good girl don't be a clipfag. It's her birthday today as well.

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Pomu doesn't shit on other chuubas

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DANGEROUS levels of based

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I've watched all of them, from a few streams to months of those

Sure, I watched her before Pomu thanks to Mocca, she's good.
Good at her style, not for me, happy for the anons who found that kind of vtuber they've waited for a while
I remember very solid first months, good power level, but I stopped watching so I've no idea if she's good now, seems to have the issue of collabing really too much which isn't very good from a viewer point of view.
>idol hopeful
She's so irrelevant his thread almost feels like yet another thin veiled shilling possibly from herself, she showed her garbage personality wih her last stream just before fucking off from /auds/ and create drama to try to sta relevant, complete garbage
Ok streamer I suppose, not my humour. Her voice isn't bad but understandably many people here don't really want to hear about her.
The girl who saved the day from Artemis horrible debut
For someone pretty new she was really impressive, with an energy no one could match and a 18h debut. One of the western indies actually good at keeping some kind of character on top and playing it off.
One of the highest superchat/viewership ratio around. She had troubles networking and loss steam by staying alone until she found Nina and the gang later on.
Once in a lifetime phenomenon, came from the widespread imageboard culture of Japan and tried her luck on what's assumed as the closest equivalent in the west. Learned pretty fast both english and local jokes. Very blunt and will disregard your opinion to only trust her own. Can both draw, rig, make music and other stuff, and actively push fans to create. However often very busy.
she's cute
Very unique artist with who made her own universe around stome retro 80 feel mixed with Lain vibes. Very talented at making vroid based 3D models. Pretty out there but interesting to check.

A pretty good mix aside from terumi and arguably nyanners

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You're being dishonest if you pretend most people would gree for terumi, not only because barely anyone even know who that is bu also because she's a garbage track record here, being a local celeb tripfag in auds doesn't really weight much.

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You don't have to like her but not even recognizing koopa's design really out you as a post-vt migration newfag

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They're nothing alike tho, did you intend to circle pippa instead of idolhopeful/Terumi maybe?
Even Beatani and Koopa come from completely different background and culture and have an opposed attitude toward collabs. Koopa also has little creative ability which is beatani strongest's point...
Terumi/idolhopeful is just "there", irrelevant even by wvt standards, constantly try to shill herself with her own posts . And was already a faggot in /auds/;

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Based Nina enjoyers

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yea EZ

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Kinda based?

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Except for Bea, this is megabased.

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>pink cat
nice bait

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I still dont know how to rate these things

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I don't hate her I just don't think she's that great, she changed too much.

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holy based

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>he only watch 9 at a time

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They're all shit compared to Korone so I don't care faggot

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bottom left wishes she were

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That actually scared me wtf

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Terumi is actually the only one I didn't know so I just assumed she was fine

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How's high school? Do you still snicker when someone says "sex"?

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I bet you don't even laugh at fart jokes.

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At least she doesn't stream minecraft.

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This is pretty good taste. Good job, OP.

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ewwww Nyanners

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same but with gura

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I can't fit them all into a 3x3...

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Dog is dogshit.

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all are pretty garbo OP. Here is the best vtuber

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Give me the diagnosis

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Did I do it right?

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I miss dad...

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Based and redpilled

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How right wing are you?

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Not enough as I should be.

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Nine is a bit too much for me. I mostly keep up with these four the most.

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i hope your family dies in a house fire faggot

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Holy fucking newfag batman...

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How many shitpost bait threads do you create per week?

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Rate. I probably should add more desu.

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The recliner...

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>Aoi Yuuna Meru Purin Mio
based zatsu enjoyer

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