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Happy 18 fucking years, you dumb niggers. I've been here all 17 of it.

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12 years for me.

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what the FUCK am I doing with my life?

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13 here

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Alas, I was part of the great tourist influx of summer 2006. it was shit then, and it's shit now. still caturday being hijacked by walruses looking for bukkits was fun at the time.

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guys first time, came from reddit. where all the reddit golds and upvotes?

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5 years now....

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And I've spent 14 years of it fighting Rei vs Asuka wars on /a/
What the fuck am I doing with my life

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15 fucking years, feels like it was just yesterday I was console warring on /v/ between getting banned for bait

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6 here originally came for gbf

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Came here in 2014 for homo threads on /a/.
Haven't left since. however /y/ and /cm/ have turned to total fucking shit within the last 4 years

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How the fuck can it be shit, it barley gets 30 posts a day

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I've been here for 2 :D

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Influx of zoomers and ESL and infighting over the ages of characters.

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13 years and I've never hated this site more until this board was made.

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Based anya poster. Happy birthday faggots

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i got into 4chan because of /vt/ and i fucking hate it here, this site is 18 years too old

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Been here 10 years. All I can really say is it's been bitter-sweet. I pray one day we can go back to fun posting.

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Came here in high school, don't remember exactly when though. Got bored. Left. Came back 10 years later looking for vtuber discussion that wasn't just a hugbox. I got what I wanted and I only have myself to blame.

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You first.

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13 years and I hate this site and nothing of what I used to like remains. But there's nowhere else to go, small imageboards just don't fill the void the same.

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Feels like at a certain point, there was a change throughout the entire site. No one wants to have fun and positivity is shit on. You have to be jaded and bitter and contrary all the time. I know this board is newfag central but it's so different. When people call /vt/ a negative shithole I just can't agree.

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this place is still better than seeing the catalog flooded with frogs wojaks and other shit

i hate going to /sp/ and seeing frogs. brings me down. 4chan itself is a dying place that still refuses to die. it's living on with vultures everywhere

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Been here on and off since like 2006 god I miss those days.
This board and /hgg2d/ are the only places I still browse, everything else has gone to shit and feels like it's mocking the oldfags with how it just keeps getting worse and straying further from the original spirit of this site. Hell you can't even post loli anymore because muh advertisers.

It was 2013 when everything went to complete shit. I'm sure it's been repeated thousands of times why though so it's not worth getting into.

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This website can now legally fuck.

Have sex, anon.

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Sometimes /vt/ feels refreshing. People actually want to discuss the thing the board was made for. Several people.

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Been here for 2 months

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i hate how everyone who comes here now suddenly has this massive hate for loli or anything slightly erotic. mainly its the wojak fags but they bitch so much about "DID YOU KNOW THEY'RE A CHILD U PEDO?" and yet theres boards like /tv/ that probably ate up cuties or whatever. disgusting filth

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thanks Anyaposter, you always make me smile.
Been here since before the GNAA burnt down .org the first time, and will continue to be here

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>I've been here all 17 of it.
I took a 5 year break in the 10's, but fuck... the first time I found this place... I don't want to do the math. December 2ᵒᵒ5.

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7 years here. Doesn't feel like that much time at all...

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Was here 10 years ago as an edgie minor. Came back last year during Coco and Chama's Taiwan yab

Don't really know what you fools count as being here, but I was gone for a solid 6 years.
>You're here forever

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4 months

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I hate this place and every single one of you faggots

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You still have time to escape, newfagchama.
>t. 10 years

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And you're stuck here, with us.

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5 years
/pol/, /a/, /v/ and now /vt/

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4chan went public in 2005 and "literally who" and his inner circle and mods were building it since 2003

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Close the tab
Put 4chan on your hosts file

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No one escapes from the eternal draw of dynamic conversation with free reign of negativity. This place wouldn't exist if it didn't give people a way to stay sane.

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At some point the majority of newfags stopped coming for /a/ or /b/ and were coming for /v/ or /pol/ instead.
Moot sold out when he realized 4chan was no longer a site for cultivating otaku/anime culture and just yet another normalfag shithole for arguing about culture wars.
Lolis aren't welcome as it scares away those newfags who probably make up 80% of the site traffic and 99% of the advertising dollars as they're too tech illiterate to use adblock.

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good bait but you need to add something a little more self-important and assured to convince newfags hard enough to not check for themself

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I found 4chan in 2011 now I spend all my time watching vtubers and trading shitcoins

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It's too late for me

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Nice try. I found this site after it was mentioned in idlechan.net after lurking there for a year. That was 2004, when I was 14.

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4chan is now legally fuckable.

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>an iichan refugee
lol, those were dark times. hanging out in January 04 dotorg was great though, what a different fucking world

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lolis were stamped out early on new friend. why do you think l came and went

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7 years and I still can't fucking leave. Every time I try, I find myself back here eventually.

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5 years for me. For the better or worse.

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you know r/thedonald has their own website now right? You don't need to pretend like you belong here anymore

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I'm not a mutt, i used /pol/ to laugh at their circus elections and minorities

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i hate that i kinda came here during 2016 and was really interested in sun/moon at the time. i just somehow stumbled into /pol/ and all my weeb shit grew from there. now i despise /pol/ shit and enjoy this life i created...

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0 haha newfag here

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Based daggerbro. Congrats?

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Nobody will know if you just talk about vidya/anime/vtubers

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7 years ago back in primary school baby

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I just avoid IRL boards like /co/ and /v/ entirely in this website and stick with the safe weeb stuff. Less mental stress in the long run.

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>Started here on 2009
>Get thrown to godforsaken place with shitty internet for 5 years
>come back again due to vtubers
It's been 12 years already. I feel old

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I feel bad for people like you, it's like wandering into a post-apocalyptic ghost town full of the remnants of interesting shit you missed out on.

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Next year I'll have been on 4chan for half my life.
I've been here since it opened

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congrats I guess

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Man, i sure loved to have been here 18 years eh fellas? it sure would suck if i just got here a year or so ago just when this board was created, man it sure sucks to be a newfag right fellow channers?

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Man that image really puts things in perspective, I'm kinda surprised that 4chan outlived all the spinoffs with how bad the userbase has gotten over the years.
You'd think some of the oldfags that are fed up with things would've migrated somewhere else but all the spinoff boards I've seen are even more newfag-infested.

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>10 fucking years
I'm such a fucking faggot.

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Imagine saying this like it's something to be proud of

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This is quite accurate

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>that feel when we've now been on 4chan longer than moot has.
Feels weird man. Fuck you, moot.

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Oh, we fucking leave alright. I've migrated to a spinoff I think 5 times? but as you say, the oldfag:scum ratios are even worse, so we come back here to a different board. I went /b, /a, /tg /a /k /tg /qst /tg /vt. Also, pretty sure that images timeline is a bit wrong. I was summer 2006, and I'm pretty sure I got called newfag pretty quickly, as I was part of the cancer then

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4Chan is literally as old as i am and on the exact same year, fuck

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2008 newfag here.

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No it doesn't. Made by a literal newfag.
"oldfag", "newfag" never referred to a time, it was always a mentality of the person.
Newfags were basically people that came to this site for anything BUT anime.

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And those of us who came here in 2021? What are we?

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in more broad terms, newfags are people who didnt lurk and it's fucking obvious from their posting styles and content

not that image is accurate, but discord I guess

>> No.10680168

on this board, probably a youtube clitlicker.

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10+ years, multiple bans, multiple baits taken. Time flies. Tried to get out tons of times, but you can’t just leave I guess.

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2014 killed this site

>> No.10680252

By the way the best way to sniff out a newfag is if they only use 5 words and start shit with “cope” or “seethe”. Those faggots are the worst btw

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there were 3 waves of this shit
-1st wave: /v/ rage
-2nd wave: ironic shitposting
3rd wave (current): infinite banter (cope,seethe, dilate, ohnonono, etc)

It is a sign of normiefication since people are more interested in one upping each other with no arguments (a normalfag /soc/ thing) than actually talking about the board interests

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I'm at 17 years (time, not age!), I ALMOST left this place after having just stayed on /jp/ and [s4s] for several years. I have crafted many memes in the meme factory. But even these 2 boards went to shit, filled with people trying too hard, filled with no-fun-allowed crowd.
I finally left like, around 2017-18.
When vtubers started gaining more traction, and one day in 2019 I decided to just come back to /jp/ to see gaki threads, I just happened to spot the vtuber thread and stuck around again. FUCK, LET ME GO. I almost missed it as well. I nearly closed the tab, but I just HAD TO LOOK DOWN and spot the thread.

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I get what you're saying and the names for the labels are wrong but the dates are kinda accurate. I definitely noticed different kinds of newfags during those periods.
>2006 and earlier were all gigaweebs that are probably still hikkiNEETs to this day while lamenting how much the internet has changed and how they wish they could go back to those good old days.
>2007-2009 were /v/irgins who just came to actually talk about video games or underage /b/tards looking for jailbait pictures. Most of them did learn to lurk and assimilated properly into oldfags over time.
>2010-2012 were /adv/, /r9k/, etc tourists who thought 4chan was a dating site and just used it to make friends, pretty much going entirely against the purpose of anonymity. Most of them are now discordfags or became incels and moved to reddit.
>2013 onwards are gamergate tourists and /pol/tards who just came here because they were ostracized from every other social media platform. They're still fucking faggots and never bothered to lurk because they don't respect this site's history, to them it's just another place to argue about politics. They have no interest in anime or video games or anything but attaching themselves to a pet ideology.

Now this is in very broad terms and there's obviously outliers, but it's definitely obvious that every new generation of newfags is worse than the last. 2007 was the only generation that actually assimilated properly after lurking.

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I have been banned/warned on /vt/ more than I have on this entire site. Usually for responding to a shitposter/roommate poster. However two of my bans were bullshit, one was for roommate posting when I just posted a Melissa clip talking about her gender (one of her most popular EN clips), one was for off topic posting but it was a fucking Kerin screenshot. I WAS replying to bait with it but still, should have been for low quality not off topic.

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I still still remember my years on /jp/ with nostalgia

>> No.10680464

But 2007 was arguably the beginning of the end. It was flooded by outsiders on levels not seen since the Reddit invasion.
Chanology faggotry was the worst. In fact, Anonymous was the worst. This site was majority names and trips for years before that kind of faggotry took over thanks to that hyperweeb fuck Menchi. If Snacks never got kicked out thanks to moots childish little tantrum, the site probably wouldn't have went to shit because he'd be able to talk sense in to the dumb prick. God I hope Menchi offed himself. Same with Mohey Pori. Both of them utterly destroyed western imageboard culture.

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...does anyone remember when shitting dick nipples was first a thing? I think that was my first contact with this place.

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Newfag (previously underage B&S) here, it’s been like 8-9 months since I discovered the site thanks to /cow/ and searching for Kiara rrats of all things and I wouldn’t have looked back after a certain point if not for @vt__txt reminding me this place exists

I think I only became a regular after April, although it helped that back in February when I was lurking (yes) that site, Reddit was circlejerking over their hate of Mushoku Tensei and things like Reddit Meme Review and r/goodanimemes didn’t convince me to keep browsing it. No, I’m not apologizing

I’ve tried to escape from this site before, but the alternatives are Twitter which is mostly cancer for almost any discussion and MAL which doesn’t give me too much interest and I would only use it for anime. Funny enough, I’ve been lurking on Twitter for almost a year and I only created an account recently, just in case

As for /vt/, I think the most shocking moments, or better said shitstorms, were everything related to the Connor arc and Yubigate, the Hololive x VShojo collabs and Coco’s graduation. Nowadays, I stay in my oshi’s general whenever she’s streaming, browse the catalog mostly ignoring bait, and sometimes visit (and jerk off) to threads like HFZ and UOH

You know? While this board can give migraines due to things like tribalism and dramafagging, it certainly helped me to learn a bit more about vtubing, in the past and the present. I’m still a Holofag, but if I stayed in any other site, I don’t think I would know who is Kaguya Luna, Kuzuha or Pippa. I certainly gained a new perspective of a few things

Oh, I also visit some of the other boards. /a/ is not that bad and I keep going for the MHA threads; /v/ is of questionable quality but I still like visiting it and it’s not totally useless; I only go to /b/ for the loli threads; /pol/ is mental; /qa/ is probably the worst board I visited; I didn’t know /po/ was a thing but I’m glad for its existence. I don’t really care for the rest of the site desu

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too long didn't read
also welcome

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>14 years
I bounced between /a/, /hlg/ until the great schizo takeover, now I'm stuck here at least until Korone stops streaming I guess.

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I always thought oldfag should be waha instead of boatlights (to be honest)

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fello /gbf/ bro. thank god i quit after battle 2.0

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6 years...first came to /b/ for the ylyl threads for some fucking reason. Thats all I browsed for 4 months.
Then started visiting /a/ and /v/, making /a/ my main board for a couple of years while
peeking into /v/ every once in a while for the /v/ sings threads and annual vidya game award.
Then 2019 came, miko gets trending worldwide for saying nigga and I stayed in /jp/ for /hlg/ where I developed an overwhelming urge to piss in a comet's ass.
Remembering how mad /jp/ was because of the hololive spam was pretty funneh

>> No.10681612

Can't believe I used to browse /b/ of all things

>> No.10681740

7 years, where did the time go?

>> No.10681810

>4chan is legal

>> No.10682014

what a disgusting post

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Isn't that where it all starts for most people here? I can say at least say that for myself back in 2011 where you can learn a lot by lurking to get a general feeling of board culture and how to post here.

>> No.10682207

Slutty McSlut vtuber when?

>> No.10682259

I just born yesterday.

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Feels good being a new fag, 5 months old, i wouldn't want to be an old fag, experiencing something i love, devolving into a shithole as time passes by, and something that i hate.

>> No.10683208

>Cow poster
>Blog posting
All lines up well

>> No.10683764

>4chan can now legally post on 4chan

>> No.10683793

Only 10 years and I fuck off for long periods of time.

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I've been here since 2017
but I lurked for a year before making my first post

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The right thing

>> No.10684205

gay ass game

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>> No.10684268

A detriment to the site

>> No.10684308

And go where? where else on the entire Internet can you have a conversation without some spiteful faggot trying to turn it into their personal cause to ruin your life because you said some innocuous shit? Reddit is too busy giving themselves pointless badges and I'm pretty sure spending time on Twitter is giving people brain damage.

The only other place I could think of is maybe kiwifarms but they're orientated towards gang stalking schizos so it's a rather niche community to begin with.

>> No.10684438

I thin the board that suffers the most from this is /v/. It's an absolute cesspool now and nigh unbrowseable. It didn't help in the slightest how they spliced it into 4 new boards last year either. Everyone treats "fun" as a buzzword, and there is only value in seeing new games crash and burn rather than celebrate that they're good games. There are exceptions too, but this is the baseline.

>> No.10684606

2010 here

>> No.10684636

>Everyone treats "fun" as a buzzword
You know how long that's been the case, no?
I think you just grew out of the constant nitpicking, which is often just for the sake of it.

>> No.10684685

/v/ is honestly the worst board on the site now. Even /pol/ is on topic most of the time, /v/ isn't.

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Wow i was five years old when 4chan started then.

>> No.10685882

>4chan is not underage b& anymore
Time sure flies

>> No.10685942

Ever since Tortanic, every single new thing must be a failure, and this mentality infected the entire site.

>> No.10686112

The first time I heard about this website was in 2008 or 2009, but I would only occasionally visit /a/, /b/ or /v/ like once every 3 months or so, and only lurked. I didn't want to come here too often because it was too addictive. The next thing I know is Fubuki singing Scatman, effectively guiding me to /jp/ and sealing my fate of coming to this site every day since then. I just can't leave, I'm having way too much fun.

>> No.10687031

I have wasted 17 years of my life.

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10 years. I came here because I've heard about /b/ in some guys youtube video. Lurked /b/ for a while until I stumbled upon ks/b/, downloaded Katawa Shoujo and started spending most of my time in there. Eventually I started watching anime, playing more vns and started mostly lurking /a/ and /jp/. Became too busy IRL around 2017 so I left, came back on 2020 after getting into vtubers around Hololive's gen4 debut

>> No.10687347

Being on this site for over half your life feels weird.
Till the bitter end. The bitter fucking end.

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8 years here, watching Kill la Kill with /a/ was one hell of a ride and despite being too underage to recognize it's greatness it truly was the last good anime Trigger did. After the abomination that was Promare at least I'm glad I got to enjoy it with my daughterwife.

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post 'em

>> No.10689745

I was here a bit before /v/ but I still claim 2006.

>> No.10690631

When did katawa shojo cone out? I w lurked here a few months before that

>> No.10690703

Once /b/ went from random humor to all porn all the time is when we went to shit

>> No.10691345


2008 here
This site has become a hugbox full of tumblr rejects offended at everything. All the old mods have been replaced eith trannys and tranny enablers.
Hiroshima will sell this place as soon as possible or whenever chairman pelosi forces him to doxx all posters.

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>I have crafted many memes in the meme factory
Only a newfag would say this

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I've been here for like 4 months and I originally came here to post my Pekora frog cause I thought people from 4Chan would like it. For some reason there's a lot of controversial opinions surrounding pepes here.

>> No.10691980

Okay newfag.

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you walk in expecting fun and then get blasted for liking anime and somehow you're a tranny

dunno why this site has an infatuation for troons when most probably only post in ERP threads and shit

>> No.10692459

15 years on and off, mostly off since 2015. The hololive global general on /jp/ was unironically a brief return to form of the best years I'd seen on 4chan, and its steady decline punctuated by periods of free-fall is a perfect mirror of what happened to 4chan as a whole.

>> No.10692664

10 years, at this point I don't think I'll ever feel like an oldfag. Just sad. I wasted large parts of my early teen years on /r9k/ even though I was never bullied or had any issues with women or whatever. I am grateful for all the recs I got from /mu/, /lit/ and /a/ and all the stuff I "learned" on /int/ and /his/. Yeah this website is a rotting corpse further decaying with each year that passes, but at least some nice memories were made.

>> No.10692714

I been here since i was 12, back in 2012

I took the right decision when opening this web

>> No.10692858

get out as soon as you can, or just browse /vt/

>> No.10692875

The epic tumbrl wars

Some would say its still going, because americans are addicted to refusing reality, youre not a woman, black people arent angels, and gays are deranged people

>> No.10692907

>You'd think some of the oldfags that are fed up with things would've migrated somewhere
Reality check: while 4chan did indeed steadily get shittier and shittier, it was the only place with anyone fighting the decline. Every other internet community got much shittier, much faster. The social internet is a literal fucking hellscape now compared to what it was, it is unironically a much worse place overall than it used to be.

>> No.10693066

You say this but if you had a time machine you would actually lose your mind over the old internet aswell most probably

>> No.10693072

I came to /a/ around the time of Haruhiism.
Left for years as things got stale.
Vtubers gave me a reason to come back as this place at least hosts unfiltered discussions and I am able to filter shitposts as a habit.
Now I mostly monitor /vsinger/ instead of pointless tribal drama.

>> No.10693205
File: 608 KB, 2040x2040, 1606262167209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been here since somewhere in 2005. I was a sophomore in high school and someone was posting the mudkipz copypasta on 1up.com, which lead me to /b/. I'm now 32 and watching zoomer v-tubers that were small children at the time.

>> No.10693378

don't post again

>> No.10693406

average cumbud

>> No.10694207

Took a look at the site in 2004, thought the layout was shit and went back to message boards. Came back in 2006 and lurked for ages, I think I made a single post in about 4 years. I visit /a/, /v/ and most of its related boards, /tg/, /jp/ and /vt/. I have never been to /b/ and from what I've heard it's all porn now so it's for the best. Was watching vtubers since the beginning, had never really watched streamers before then, it's okay when Japan does it.
I think for many the standard for a good game means a lot of current ones are shit, AAA at least.

>> No.10696575

who dis?

>> No.10696609

Been here 11 years on /v/, /a/

>> No.10699514

That doesn't really make it feel any better though seeing 4chan slowly corrupted by the normienet. The latest wave of newfags don't even share the same values, they're just here for politics. I get so depressed fully knowing this is the last remnant of good internet culture left. When 4chan dies the rest of the oldfag internet will die with it and be forgotten entirely.

>> No.10699587
File: 510 KB, 506x477, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

15 years

>> No.10699604

Been here since 2009, lurked for like 8 months because /a/ intimidated me and I didn't want to look like an idiot. Still consider myself a newfag.

>> No.10699745

The hate I feel for yourselves is only rivaled by the hate I feel for myself.
If it wasn't for the constant influx of cute anime girls I don't know how I would have coped.

Thank you, cute anime girls.
And fuck you whoever turned what was supposed to be anonymous into whatever Anonymous means now.



>> No.10699890
File: 905 KB, 1166x484, file_91.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since this is now a meta thread how the fuck did you guys discover this site in the first place 2013 here because I remember when the first tales from 4chan vid came out and my brother sent me a link

>> No.10699942


i want to get so bad, fuck.

>> No.10699996

2011 here but lurked for a year because /a/ is scary. Now I lurk /v/ and post on /vt/. I still love /a/, but it's tough to post if no new show interests me.

>> No.10700111
File: 55 KB, 600x730, img20040604180727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2005 or so. I'd seen someone make a passing reference to what I'd later come to know as Nevada-tan and I wanted to learn more.
Some people on the forum I was reading talked about how 'imageboard culture' had adopted her as a mascot, causing me to find out about 2ch and 4chan alike.

>> No.10700170

this is the only site where you can vent without consequence with more and more forums forcing people only to be "positive" it got worse here.

>> No.10700205

2016 tourist here, I won't deny it

>> No.10700248

>I've been here since 2006

>> No.10700340

I was trying to find the source of that dumb "revive Aeris with 99 tissues" shit. Someone pointed me to /v/. Like autumn 04 or roundabout.
I posted a thread and bookmarked it. Came back like a week later because I totally forgot about it, only to find the thread gone.
I never came back to that "shitty forum" until 2005 when YTMND and /gif/ were having a war.
It was only then I realized how stupid I was.

>> No.10700374

>Came here around the first Habbo raids
I fucking hate this place and everyone who has or will ever post here.

See you tomorrow.

>> No.10700388

I think it's because every other linear forum got replaced by reddit and twitter, which are both insufferable.

my first internet home was the ABS forum. Don't remember when I made the jump but I probably ruined 4chan when I did.

>> No.10700396

Come on anon… at least try to be a bit more creative with your bait

>> No.10700473

2014 cancer here. Still can't believe I spent all these years here.

>> No.10700673

Started posting in 2017 after lurking for 4 years or so. I still remember the thread I first posted in was a Bang Dream thread on /a/. Even then I don't post much on this site, I simply enjoy reading the threads here and seeing most people quarrel with each other. This site is truly magical.

>> No.10700718

Used to browse /a/ /mu/ /v/ /fa/ /fit/ and /jp/ regularly since 2010 until GG and Trump caused /pol/ to leak into every board in 2015

Still drop into /jp/ a couple times a month tho

>> No.10700724

I don't have the gif so have the video instead.

>> No.10700743

I discovered it back in 2006 around when I got into watching subbed anime and a fellow weeb online friend sent me a link to an /a/ thread over AIM when we were discussing seasonals. I really loved the atmosphere and spent a year lurking just to read anime discussions before branching out to other boards.

You can't exactly vent without consequences, the consequence is that you're making the place worse by posting badly without lurking. The jannies won't ban you for being a retard but you should still put consideration into your posts to cultivate a community you'd wanna be a part of.

>> No.10700848

Been here since 2006.
I am 38 years old, why the fuck am I still here.

>> No.10700867
File: 399 KB, 512x512, 1615859234046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I created memes and copypastas people used for years, but after a few years no one even remembers them. All those daily posts I did, all those endless hours arguing in defense of various anime girls, all those tripfags I spammed the threads of. None of it seems to matter anymore. I had a good time but was it all worth it? What do I have to show for it all in the end?

>> No.10700900
File: 55 KB, 299x418, 1626568336212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What do I have to show for it all in the end?
happiness from the moment, and memories that will last forever... or until you get dementia.

>> No.10700928

I saved all the shit I used to post in. Sadly that drive died and I lost the majority of 5 years of shit from 2004. Fucking Seagate. Never again.

>> No.10701015

I invented "Kiara has a gun" but no one believes me and they tell me to take my meds. I did take my meds and that's how I know it's true.

I invented the Kiara has a gun rrat.

>> No.10701113
File: 101 KB, 291x419, 1631483854623.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have whatever you made out of it. Years from now none of us will be remembered, so what matters is making the most of today in a way that matters to you.

>> No.10701199

I just think it's funny that, after all this time, I ended up being on the board !Moot created specifically for anime girls in !real life.

>> No.10701381
File: 2.00 MB, 1463x828, 1611607843252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>favorite sports threads have become hellholes where i can't even post
>this board houses the most schizos on the site
>/a/ is an unbrowsable board
>dropped GFL
>Vtubers and random shit is why i still keep coming here
no matter what, this is the lowest 4chan has ever been. 2016 took a number on this site

>> No.10701643

You get your wizard powers at least?

>> No.10701770

>be me
>it's 2007
>browse /b/ as edgy 1X year old
>Get tired of it
>be me
>It's 2008
>Browse /v/ as edgy 1X+1 year old
>Get tired of it
>It's 2008
>Browse /co/ as tired 1X+1 year old
>It's ok but comics radically deteriorate in quality and they weren't great to begin with
>Be me
>It's 2011
>Browse /tg/ because I'm a tired XX year old
>Be angry about elves

There's so many boards I've followed for 6 months or so and just gotten tired of, sometimes I go back to /co/ or /a/ or /tv/ to see how it is for a few days/weeks but it's just a long process of migration.

>> No.10701781

And I got a nice job recently to.

>> No.10701810

I've been here for more than 6 and a half years

>> No.10701865

>That's only 2015

>> No.10702756

my man, my wizard powers is i don't have back aches at this age and a healthy prostate

>> No.10702849

it's the people that was happy seeing your posts an memes anon, do they know you? no.

but cherish the fact that you made a lot of people smile just from your words and picture

>> No.10703329

>2008 was 13 years ago
Damn...I lurked without posting for about 8 years, for some reason I was so afraid of being called a newfag

>> No.10703374
File: 509 KB, 512x512, 1615624386028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>13 years in this shithole

>> No.10703463

Dude I wish I could go back to 2010-2012 /sp/. The amount of hilarious shit going on there in that time period will never be topped on 4chan

>> No.10703829

Same but with /fit/. I was dying of laughter almost every day back then. Shit, even /tv/ was funny.

>> No.10705567
File: 144 KB, 430x462, 1632878545839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw found this place in 2007-2008
You guys are alright compared to some of the lower points of this website's existence, at least there is still a semblance of having a good time

>> No.10705666

I start coming to /v/ to discuss tasofro touhou back then /jp/ didnt exist

>> No.10705975
File: 15 KB, 270x279, 1632901014645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About 10 Years and I had a lot of good laughs.

>> No.10707232
File: 35 KB, 69x275, 1632138842373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I came here around April this year but I did my reps and I lurked enough, I think. Since I'm a neet, I can spend all day on this hellhole but it feels so refreshing and different from other sites.
Maybe the old days were better but there's still something here that can't be found anywhere else on the internet, if you learn to ignore the shit.

>> No.10715311

2009, came here for code geass watchalongs because Animesuki went into the shitter and the only other places to discuss anime back then were overrun with narutards
Well, I so is /a/ now.
God fucking damn it

>> No.10715412
File: 112 KB, 827x827, 1602529628434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/sp/ is a zombie board now. thats what happens when you get frogs/wojaks everywhere and let a mentally ill poster take control

>> No.10715556

It is, I only go back on sundays for NFL gamethreads. Even those are not the same though.

>> No.10715965

>4chan is now older than the people who post on it

>> No.10716155

This is now a CP thread.

>> No.10716750

I know people bitch about Hiroyuki a lot but since moot left things haven't really changed much site-wise. Plus the site is still up and running, so maybe moot really was right when he said that Hiro was the best person for the job.

>> No.10717829

Since 2004 too, I miss the text boards.

>> No.10717840

Do you fags still call /r9k/ posters robots? Or did it really fell into irrelevance once the twitter migration replaced it with incel?

>> No.10718408

>tfw my favorite general is basically a spot for blogposting and calling them out is "wrong"

>> No.10718590
File: 212 KB, 702x480, 1633139587775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

14 years strong.

>> No.10718668


>> No.10718934

The month that skit on newgrounds with nekomoot and snacks came out was when I first came here.

>> No.10719417


>> No.10719419

18 years... yet the maturity level of posters here is about 6 years less

>> No.10722642
File: 21 KB, 232x227, 1629324714266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because being nice is not cool anymore, unless you're shitting on someone then you can't "fit in".

>> No.10722772

needs an update, but extending the reddit to 2021 would still make sense.

>> No.10722825


▲ ▲

>> No.10722829

oh god people who were born when the site was founded are posting here now
summer is neverending, now

>> No.10723599
File: 477 KB, 727x720, 1604936993544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Either 10 or 11 years for me, roughly half my fucking life wasted on a Thai window installation forum.

>> No.10730719


>> No.10730930
File: 158 KB, 463x453, Ogey30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do people seem to vividly remember the exact year they found this place like it's the anniversary of your wedding? Why didn't you just lurk since who knows when, jacking off, only to finally reveal yourself now with a peko edit?

>> No.10730975

>Why do people seem to vividly remember the exact year they found this place like it's the anniversary of your wedding
Well, for some of us autists living here, it might as well be a wedding anniversary

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