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This thread is for the mourning of the Hololive EN server's imminent destruction of natural beauty.
When the portal between EN and JP servers opens, the terrain will be decimated into a pristine flat, soulless wasteland just like the JP server.
Appreciate what you have while you have it.
Soon it will be no more.

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>implying JP will be on the server for more than 3 days
>implying EN even cares about the server anyway

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It draws nearer by the second, it will not be stopped

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I'm hoping for this, best case scenario is that the JPs don't give a shit and leave the EN server alone.

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>January 2022
>It has been over 2 months since the swift and brutal JP invasion
>The overworld has become a living hell
>HoloEN have fled underground after the onslaught
>Kronii's bunker complex has grown beyond comprehension, nobody knows the true extent of the tunnels
>Strained for resources EN eeks out a meagre existence with what few items they brought during the exodus
>Above, an army of redstone machines scour the surface for every possible resource
>Countless villagers shuffle around the sprawling slave city toiling for the JP corporations
>Outside of the industrial megapolis and sea of machinery is a vast flat expanse, seemingly endless
>Nothing can live there
>EN never dares to venture to the surface
>Both branches create portals to the nether, a natural frontier due to its untameable lava oceans
>It is in this no man's land the rival girls happen upon each other most, resulting in vicious fighting
>In a game of cat and mouse EN always attempts to destroy their portals after an excursion to prevent JP infiltrators
>They do not always succeed, however the maze of traps is usually enough to ward off hunters
>In the dark warrens of the bunkeronii stir dark rumours of a contraption so powerful it would annihilate every block of the overworld down to bedrock
>They call it the World Eater
>The rumours are true
>Time is running out

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>The portal... it should have never been completed

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we have environmental niggas here?

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>2 new posts
Statistically, Fauna and flare must have some fans, right?

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yeah, but i only care about the enviroment in minecraft.

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only for minecraft aesthetic

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Good, ENtrannies should know their place

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But Russhia, no matter how flat you make the map, it will still be more Boin boin tha

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Any more pictures of the SOULLESS JP server

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It's not their fault, bug mentality forces them to keep everything orderly and soulless.

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Just crack open any JP Hololive's Minecraft stream. Half of the stream is just navigating the spawn sprawl of farms and abandoned homes while gathering materials to build another project.

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Why would they flatten everything?

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Nature will always yield to the progress of man.

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Japanese autismisms.

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Have you SEEN the JP minecraft server?

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That was basically the very first thing that was done to the main area when they started the new HoloJP server, and its kinda just been a thing they've done for any new build ever since.

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>Pekora started playing on the server
>first thing she does is start flattening everything around her house

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easier to build on flat terrain

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it has begun

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Japs have no sense of city building and prefer to create rat nests and kowloons

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What of the sea?
JP never destroyed the sea.
Gura and Ina have built underwater empires there...i would hope...

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It will be drained and filled, it will ALL be flat.

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The indog server is our last hope...

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>Innocent geography?

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At least Sora doesn't mind not flattening the land.
>02:27:16 (Moro) [EN] Sora: I don't mind if the ground is not level. For example, if the blocks here are a different color in one place, I don't care.

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Not gonna lie I'd love a full on Rainworld style Minecraft mod where EVERYTHING in an industrial hellscape.

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Well, of cause she won’t mind, she’s JP. Its in their blood.

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Your world will yield to me.

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Area around PPP can be flattened a bit

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>whereva I go murst fratten

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It would be fun to see them do some sort of skyblock challenge except completely underground and see how far they can get never surfacing again

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based urbanistchad

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Because just like chest, flat is the best.

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You're confusing jap and chink cities. Japanese cities have a lot of good mixed use planning just like Europe

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>tfw nobody will ever install a solar apocalyse mod on the server making the overworld a barren desert

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I assume all the construction companies will want to have some kind of monument in the EN sever even if they never visit just to have one. So it will be a bit longer than 3 days.

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God its so flat...

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no way are JP going to start playing on the EN server with 200+ ping. they'll build some houses and then fuck off back to JP for the most part.

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Contrary to popular belief, the whole JP server isn't really totally flattened as you can see on the elevations around the town proper.

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Good riddance. The EN server needed saving anyway

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Anon, the en server is hosted in Japan

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Someone post the AOT edit

>> No.10729515

Looks like the server needs beautification because it's looking empty between buildings

>> No.10729953

I believe Flare is doing some beautification work near the spawn point (under Haachama vomit at the right side of the map).

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That screenshot is outdated, it's missing pekoland below the gundams, and tthe summer festival by bibi.

>> No.10730452

yeah. that's the only full screenshot of the whole server i can find so far, and that's also a replica server made by a fan

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haachama death coaster is such an eyesore, wtf was she thinking

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VTubers, even ones good at Minecraft, tend to just focus on building impressive structures with no thought put into how the area looks as a whole. The result are these ugly amusement parks.

>> No.10731293

To be fair that's most players in a multiplayer server, unless you're in the kind of server where everyone builds miles away from each other and crossing over into another players territory requires a formal request and two week's notice.

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>Fan made copy
posting this is straight up cope, the land has some hills sure but its FLAT, you don't see a forest or huge mountain in sight near any of the builds, only on bottom right corner and some in top right where they haven't built much, compare it to the EN server and it's as flat as can be and THIS is the kino future that awaits the EN server.

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The server is hosted in japan.

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Have any of the EN members shown off the server from an aerial view like this?

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Ironically, Pekora was the one who did it so far. I think IRyS and Bae did one too, but too lazy to look on the VODs

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From the looks of this, it seems the EN girls were flat builders at the start. Although you can see a shift towards using terrain and fauna towards kfp. En spawn probably looks a lot nicer since most of the members working on it have experience now. So maybe JP won't flatten everything now that they have more experience players.

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First for Watame Shogun

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the area kinda forces them to not be flat builders to flatten beyond the plato in the pic they'd either have to bring down the surounding mountains or create overhangs that would look even nastier than flattening. The jap server on the other hand has build on plains, elevation changes are a lot smoother and smaller on all directions except towards hachama puke build

>> No.10733715

Compared to the EN server, that is flat as fuck

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What are you gonna do about it bitch?

>> No.10734135

The EN server is having a renaissance right now though?

>> No.10734204

Cheer when mori overtakes the rabid rabbit

>> No.10734249

>the AquaMarine not in an ocean

Shame how the ship was built in a small lake/river. Hope UmiSea builds another in the ocean by PPP.

>> No.10734260

Trying to flatten EN server sounds like a giant commitment that none of the JPs would really do because JP server is already big attention hog to begin with and the terrain in EN just isn't suitable for that type of thing.

JP is situated in the plains biome which is already fairly flat to begin with so smoothing and evening out the terrain is already mostly done without it looking like an eye-soar. Meanwhile EN is situated in an extremely hilly and mountainous area that transitions into multiple different biomes in each direction.

>> No.10734270

Haachama doesn't count.
She's possessed

>> No.10734518

>multiple different biomes in each direction
This is why the EN map is better. Looks great with mods too.

>> No.10734706

JP server made the mistake of choosing "large biomes". When Peko tried the diamond-clay trick, she had to fly out 7000+ blocks away to find a swamp.

>> No.10734937

death of EN creativity, we now enter the era of horrid JP eyesores, """traps"", and pixel """""art"""""

>> No.10735029

If only you guys put any effort in saving actual architecture in the real world, not a server that will be shut down at some point in the future and everything lost.

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I will never forgive Kiara for the horrendous pixel monstrosity at HQ

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If I could, I would rather grief real world stuff. But too bad it is illegal... not that it stopped people before.

>> No.10735161

Wrong! You didn't put enough quotation marks around those thing.

>> No.10735184

Agreed, that shit should've been isolated away into a quarantine zone for that sorta shit.

>> No.10735200

there's really no ocean at the main server. would had fit more at TTT, but i ftgot if the ship or the TTT server came first?

>> No.10735237

I forgot if they put a protective layer against lightning strikes

>> No.10735288

pixel art could be good if they bothered to incorporate into their builds or gave it a frame but as it is now , floating and disconnected from the world around it, it's like it was photoshopped into the image

>> No.10735310

well is not like they will cause the minecraft global warming, and they don't care about nature being destroyed if they can build cool things

>> No.10735334

Well, let us wait for Ame's proposed "Sky Temple"

>> No.10736086

There is one HOPE (literally).

The JPs end up appreciating the beauty in ENs builds and emulate them, by making their builds mesh with the environment some.

However, some flattening started already with Calli's (delayed) carnival build.

>> No.10737522

They badly need to tidy up that railway to the main village, it's a disaster almost every time someone traverses it.
Equally add more, way more, minecarts.
It'd be nice if they made an automated dispensing and cactus breaking system for it.

>> No.10737599

EN spawn now looks fucking amazing

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There was supposed to be "Laputa" above the island near Ina's tori gate, but it never happened when Enma banned Haachama from visiting the server. Instead it's now flying above Babel.

>> No.10737926

Will haachama return to enserver?
If she got permission, she would probably fill the sky with yagoo out of spite.

>> No.10737988

A giant 2b2t type Obsidian structure at build limit?

>> No.10737993

She mentioned she wanted to come back at least, along with Watame when the merge happens.

>> No.10738250

Why do you ENfags always freak out over the most inconsequential shit.

>> No.10738818

>minecraft terrain generator
>natural beauty
uh huh. ok

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>> No.10739014

I think it's more minecraft fans complaining about something no one else cares about.

>> No.10739062

>no one else in the EN server now

>> No.10739071

>haachama will filled the sky with lol random pixel arts
>watame will flatten the land to make roo for animal gero houses
>usaken, akukin and shiraken will built their office
>botan will make ramen shop next to engirls house
>aqua will built her another resistance underground base
>pekora will built traps
>miko will 'accidentally' burn kiara house
>flare will burn any tree insight

>> No.10739133

i'm impressed she managed to find pixel art that ugly and then demonstrated a complete lack of taste by building it

>> No.10739185

Didn't she and Gura had an awkward interaction when they were building the pixel arts back then? But yeah, the Walfie arts Haachama built on the portal were much better than the ones at the HQ.

>> No.10739268

>flare will burn any tree insight

>> No.10739362

Around Elves...

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File: 2.21 MB, 821x2345, 1628126740517.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10739781

It's cosplay ship, no need to put it in ocean.

>> No.10741664

>Enma banned Haachama from visiting the server.
has this been confirmed?

>> No.10742185

Haachama said it was a manager that kicked her out. The girls didn't even know she was kicked out so one of them even built a monument with a flower on Haachama Island (The Large Red Heart). No one ever claimed who built it, but it was probably Ame since they are both close.

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File: 2.21 MB, 1329x1280, The flattening.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Totally accurate depiction of this event

>> No.10752505


>> No.10752587

>Haachama said it was a manager that kicked her out.
When she said that? I remember she said she wanted to improve her english before coming back, obviously an excuse but nothing about a manager

>> No.10756080

I've noticed that EN girls prefer to terraform the terrain since they chose to build in hilly biomes. On the JP server they are in a gigantic plain and never had to do that. It's kind of ass backwards, culturally speaking.

>> No.10756167

JP wannabe, pls andastd

>> No.10757387

When's the merge happening, anyway?

>> No.10758717

The hard deadline for building stuff is the 3rd, either tonight or tomorrow. So mid to late next week at the earliest I'd say.

>> No.10759082

wait, the JP server still has water, right? i don't remember, but no one killed the sea there....

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Holo JP server is an ugly utilitarian clusterfuck of an amusement park devoid of any central planning. Their design sense is simply mimicking random locations or items IRL without any focus on function or appearance relative to the scenery around it. They haven't fundamentally branched out. They usually cluster buildings together without rhyme or reason other than pure personal convenience and proximity to resources. It's an unintuitive splattering of attractions and traps most of which aren't in any way self explanatory or complementary to whatever's in the area.

Holo EN server is more of a worker coop with minimal central planning and a moderate focus on the peak aestheticism that is natural architecture. An appreciation for natural beauty over urban sprawl is what makes the (finally being built up) EN server superior. As the branch with artists in every gen, the en server stands as a testament to EN's complementary and cooperative approach to building.

Hopefully the JPs will be restricted from building in the EN server, if only because the dust has settled and their way of construction is too pastiche. Chama being banned from the server was also a good thing. The last thing I'd want to watch is even more sprawl. Indos are the exception, as their design sense appears to be split between naturalistic and modern suburban. Both are fine. It's the unsightly chaotic drab of the JP's creatively bankrupt and thematically non-cohesive alleyway urbanism that's responsible for terraforming their server into a glorified parking lot.

>> No.10762122

>Hopefully the JPs will be restricted from building in the EN server
Too late for that, considering Pekora has free reign to destroy everything in close proximity to her house.

>> No.10762333

Holy shit I can't believe I missed this. Kiara is such a fucking trainwreck.

>> No.10762746

This bitch and her gigantic söymouth make my head hurt

>> No.10762771

I thought the harold was just a meme but she actually did it lmao

>> No.10763306
File: 289 KB, 577x528, stuff it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Revoke Usada Construction's building permits.

>> No.10763524

They're still grimy concrete rats nests.

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File: 73 KB, 260x260, 1611980825740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck why is Kiara is allowed to kinkshame Gura like this? She needs to apologise, graduate and kill herself.

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File: 707 KB, 1920x1080, pekoeren2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soon, 80% of EN will become FLAT

>> No.10764564

Hopefully a few JPs arrive in the portal area, which is beautifully done, and reflect on their actions at home. Always prizing scale over substance. It's like this weird alternate dimension where the JPs are Americans and the ENs are focused on harmony.

>> No.10765156

Haachama's building location would've been fine though

>> No.10765290

sounds kino

>> No.10765466

JP designed their world kind of like Tokyo, didn’t they?

>> No.10765538

Pixel art should be banned on the EN server, It's lazy unaesthetic content. That shit Kiara FORCED Gura to build with her is an eye sore.

Popped into Pekora's recent stream on the EN server and the first thing i saw was her flattening her surroundings. Anyone know what she was building ? I dont speak moon runes

>> No.10765960

...that makes sense.

>> No.10766002

It's kinda forgivable on the pantsu express, but wool art monstrosities are in general an eyesore.

>> No.10766260

This is so fucking soulless. They built a fucking amusement park, not a single natural formation in sight.

>> No.10766342

I wish one of them had the balls to burn down Kiara's pixel trash

>> No.10767505

>amusement park
Hey now. Don't insult amusement parks. I think 'boom town' is a better word for the aesthetic.

>> No.10767837
File: 1.19 MB, 1170x579, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a moderate focus on the peak aestheticism that is natural architecture
are you forgetting this cringe?

>> No.10767961

Nice anon

>> No.10768034

Dirt paths, a nice beautiful hill right behind it? A giant Watermelon. Beautiful

Pekora's autistic you must remember this. She probably was insulted in the non-flatness.

>> No.10768341


The fact she thought it was a good idea to build this shit right next to both the museum and the station baffles me. Zero respect for what other people are trying to do.

>> No.10768374

Beautiful. Pleasing to the eyes. I don't see the problem.

>> No.10768435

It's just the exterior, if IRyS wanted she could modify it and probably shrink it by one block on all sides.

>> No.10768449

She just trying to make senpai feel at home. please andastando.

>> No.10770713
File: 371 KB, 945x431, thegreatflatening.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is for you anon

>> No.10770977
File: 31 KB, 576x576, 1601329355200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's not bad at all, especially compared to some of the other random shit that probably wont ever be fixed on the EN server
>Ame's bullshit zigzag minecart railways
>that one fuckin torch off the path to Ame's house
>torch spam
>Gura's half finished things all over HQ
>pressure plates on the outside of buildings to open doors

yea, ill definitely take a melon themed building over all that

>> No.10771820

lmfao what a mess i love them

>> No.10772524

Ok that's legit funny ngl.

>> No.10773399

Thank you. Its beautiful.

>> No.10773708

i love the kinomelon

>> No.10773951

Haachama is Micra EN0

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