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>Bipolar disorder
>Split personality
>Being Korean
What attracts the physically unwell to vtubing?

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who is the deaf one?

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What attracts the mentally unwell to this site?

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PPT has Meniere's and will go deaf in at least one ear at some point

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There's nothing wrong with being Korean you stupid fuck.

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I was okay with this until the last one. Can't be associated with gook enjoyers.

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Kimchi stained hands typed this post

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>nothing wrong

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Tell me more

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There's also nothing wrong with being deaf

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KPOP is shit.

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>What attracts the physically unwell to Hololive?
fixed for you

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What else they gonna do? Ironmouse can't even leave her bed.

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Streamers are all fucked. If they're lucky it's a physical issue like Kanata or Ironmouse. If they're unlucky than it's something mental, which is most everyone else.

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Pretty sure Ironmouse doesn't fall under the category of "lucky".

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>What attracts the physically unwell to a career requiring you to sit in front of a PC and pretend to be an anime girl
It sounds easy on paper

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I believe that's why Ayame disappears sometimes, she gets really bad IBS. My brother had the same thing and had to be homeschooled for it

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Don't forget
>hole in heart

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Why does it matter? Everyone has some sort of personal issue. If anything, it's nice that they're "real" people.

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t. Korean

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>Being Korean

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anon...see a doctor, you might be Korean....

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Why do SEAnegros hate koreans? are they jealous or something? serious question here

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everyone in Asia hates gooks, from Chinese, Japanese to Indos. they are negroes of Asia.

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Everyone in Asia hates everyone else in Asia because of competition over the same limited resources and land. Same reason Europeans had like 4 different wars that spanned the entire continent in like 300 years.

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you're right, she is a spic, so thats pretty unlucky

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Already deaf in 1 ear

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But koreans are the focus of all the hate, in EU most countries hate France, but not to that extent, you can't say a good thing about Korea without SEAs going for your neck like rabbid dogs

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I may be a weeb but the korean one is my favorite

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Because Koreans are the Jews of Asia. They've been bullied by every major power and sandwiched between a bunch of larger countries and cultures that built a deep resentment towards them as justification for that bullying.

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asian countries all hate each other
Korea's just the safest to hate out loud since they have fewer schizos who will doxx you for saying mean things online

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I wouldn't be surprised if at least one was secret Zainichi or something

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They get bullied the most because they also get the most butthurt about it, case in point: you

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gooks are as political and ethnocentric as chinks. it doesnt attract anyone

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Isn't Korea the Poland of Asia? They've been conquered by Japan, Mongolia, China and probably Russia like 500 times.

Are they mutts or something?

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All things considered, not really. If you mean actual war, invasions and conquering and not just border conflicts.
The most recent was 1905 by Japan.
Before that was 1592 by Japan.
Before that was 1231 by Mongolia.
Beyond that the world was just barbarians in the first place. China and Japan as we know it today were not really concepts.

War between nations in East Asia were actually surprisingly not that common. if anything most wars were civil wars (warlords fighting over each other, etc.)

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They were tributary to China. Lap dogs, but not really conquered.

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Who has IBS I need to know who to watch

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IS being a Menhera an insult in japan?

Mio told in a SENPAITACHI stream that towa was one...

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all Asians hate other Asians

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But in both cases it somewhat reduces your singing ability.

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She'll die early. That makes her one of the lucky ones. The rest of them will still have to live in this godforsaken world.

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holy shit srs? That fuckin sucks

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I don't know about gooks, but frogs are hated because they're self-important dickwads who are assholes to everyone else.

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Noel has it too

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