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HIRyS, it's IRyS!

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Oh I never noticed, did she mess up the PDT on the ASMR stream? Shouldn't it be 7:30PM PDT (10/5)?

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Yeah that's a mistake.

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how gay is for me to want a manicure stream...

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Pedicure stream with feet cam

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I hear Calliope likes getting her nails done too. Maybe they can do each other on stream.

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What is this expression supposed to mean?

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Guess I'm skipping dinner and bath today

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>pekora senpai rabbit hole

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Why is IRyS so horny?

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nearing baby fever age

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I WILL make her a mother and I WILL take full responsibility

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I must impregnate this horny Nephilim, that's my mission!
I only know one thing, I want to impregnate IRyS. I need to. It's not a wish or a dream, it's like a hunge or a thirst of Melon Soda.

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As a streamer she's doing fine, but as company backed vsinger with the hype of Hololive behind her she's a flop. No one wants her for the singing at all.

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>No one wants her for the singing at all.

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Fuck off wrong thread. Ur the nigg who has been lurking global and making thread bashing her r u?

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IRyS lives rent free in this guys head

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I need more collabs with Reine

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How many ships have there been already?
Ollie, Ina, Reine, Bae..
I have a lot of love rivals do I

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Btw u guys push threads so fast. I went to bed after her karaoke and woke up seeing 1 new thread closed already

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Was doing roommate rep and found out she has a boyfriend bros. It'sme!

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she streamed Missing children and released a new sched

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Not sure why. She’s one of the nicest chuubas there is. And she isn’t even popular enough to draw contrarian antis.

>> No.10833939

Well still more believable than that one rrat saying that both she and Kronii are lesbians.
Dude im gay myself and i dont buy it

>> No.10833969

This is after the stream last night in which she drew in fans from other talents so maybe just feeling threatened

>> No.10833997

Yup, it's 100% a deranged akua viewer.

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Irys is based and beautiful.

>> No.10834052

I'll shit on this failure any chance I get. Nice ""VSinger"" you got there. With no songs breaking 1m

>> No.10834056

People love to hate things mate

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Cracked me up when she put up her MC bgm when she was terrified
This nephilim is so incredibly cute.

>> No.10834188

*cums on you*

>> No.10834210

See u said that and he popped up right below u so that must be right

>> No.10834282

The problem: Someone else has to write music for her.

>> No.10834466

Stop replying to ur own post. Im low on Hope right now get lost dedbeat cunt. Go and self fuck on ur own flop thread somewhere else ok

>> No.10834497

wonder when she'll break the 112m peak

>> No.10834570

Anw, would u like to hear more about our lord and savior Ms.Succubus?
Last Asmr test run she cut off our ears, wonder whats in store this time

>> No.10834599

Reminder to not reply to baits! They're really pushing it hard here lately. There's also tons of anti-IRyS in other Holo threads lately.

>> No.10836524

Tons of posts by literally one guy. There arent really any antis out there its one guy with a mental illness.

>> No.10836660

Yeah it's one guy about going schizo on their own post and they're also spewing shit about IRyS on Niji threads. Someone is even spewing shit on IRyS as well on Luna General.

>> No.10836836

Wha the fuck does IRyS have to do with Luna lmao

>> No.10837222

I guess they belong to the same company, other than that I don't see any overlap

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Kronii is a lesbo

>> No.10837725

She's going to feed us, change our diaper, and tuck us into bed

>> No.10837889

Choco thread is down the alley, buddy.

>> No.10839034

I doubt Kronii is a lesbo. Probably bi, though.

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I predict she'll sing September from Earth, Wind and Fire in the unarchived stream. Is it October? Absolutely, but that won't stop her!

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>tfw no duet with TMSK of September

>> No.10844380

Bold prediction.

>> No.10845421

Can't wait for the members karaoke

>> No.10845474

I legit cant wait for this game

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Haha, what the fuck is this shit? This is great. I guess memes in one way to promote it, good job. Too bad I still don't remember the title, couldn't they name it something simple like "FF1 remake"?

>> No.10846684

[irys fart news update] Irys did not fart during karaoke. that clip going around is the sound of her equipment moving. also it sounds nothing like a fart. our angel-demon hafu princess is too seiso to fart on stream

>> No.10846780

we know
but it's fun to imagine

>> No.10846784

sorry, but i have to defend my oshi’s honor from these false allegations.

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>runs up to him so close as if to hug him
Cute scared nephylim! She's so girly.

>> No.10846826

Kill is on ASMR. I find it ideal to be murdered by my oshi.

>> No.10846976

She'll wash our hair and then pull it out.

>> No.10847083

IryS really is super girly.

>> No.10847363

Holy kek ringofags want it to be real

>> No.10847495

Of course it wasn't brap. What is next? Implying that she goes to toilet? She is too perfect for that.
Anyone who disagrees I will fight. Just send me your address

>> No.10849367

Ideally, I would like her to not brap on stream but still have bodily functions so I can gooseling-post about drinking her piss. Is that too much to ask?

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Now die.

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I'm jealous of a low budget policeman NPC...

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Lucky bastard...

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I am gonna murder Funahashi

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fuck the police

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Pixel IRyS

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If I was a Vtuber I'd do an unarchived guerilla stream (maybe an announcement an hour in advance) where I sing it on September 21st. Maybe at exactly Midnight when the date changes in my timezone.

>> No.10852792

Amelia did exactly that.

>> No.10852813

Well yeah Ame is super based so that doesn't surprise me.

>> No.10853613

Did Ame ever improve her singing or is she still Noel tier?

>> No.10853832

She's improved a little.

>> No.10854000

Improved a little but she almost never tries to sing seriously so it's hard to say.

>> No.10854103

Is Ame or Kiara worse singer in Myth?

I don't know how the Council are as singers. I know Kronii ain't great.

>> No.10854290

Ame by a long shot. Kiara is not great, but she's definitely pretty good when she tries.
Council is SOVL to the max, Sana can't sing, Fauna can't sing, Kronii sounds alright on SOME songs, Mumei is eh, Bae is actually good when she's practiced and serious.

>> No.10854802

I think Kronii would be a good singer with training.

Maybe I'm just waifu fagging though since her voice makes my pp the big pp.

>> No.10854894

Yeah, she has a really nice voice.

>> No.10854932

Kiara is nerfed by the insistence on character voice.

Mumei has decent potential if she gets over her nerves. Bae has potential to be the best singer in HoloEN if she gets actual lessons.

>> No.10855046

>Bae has potential to be the best singer in HoloEN if she gets actual lessons.
I can't see her ever being better than IRyS. I find her voice too squeaky.

Yeah she does. Probably my favourite Council member. Wish she'd fucking stream though.

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>> No.10856228

Stream Heart Sparks.

>> No.10857685

Chances of Irys and Mori singing this for the off collab?

>song is 9 years old and they are all over 22 now
Man I'm old...

>> No.10857748

>maybe they can do each other on stream


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Hey IRyStochads, I wrote another futanarIRyS fic for you.

I think the “drink a special soda and IRyS begins to hunt you down” prompt is a good one I may use again.
Tags: futa x male, yandere, reverse rape, IRyS and Kronii, piss drinking, leash play
t. sekkusu
p.s. IRyS a cute

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IRyS melons have been used! Our girl contribution was good!

>> No.10860974

It's funny how they're both dual wielding them.

>> No.10862347

How many futanarIRyS fics are there, jesus christ

>> No.10862396

Damn hot shit, thanks!

>> No.10862633

Am I the weird outcast for preferring cute vanilla to all this futanari/NTR/ryona/ugly_bastard/tentacles/etc shit?

>> No.10862837

No, I prefer that too.

>> No.10863063

No anon, vanilla is still the majority, worry not. Even in the Kronii threads I normally post in futafags are just a loud minority and make up about 6% of the total fics.
Think there’s only a couple, I’ve posted two so far. I generally only write futa but there’s lots of vanilla/femdom IRyS fics out there other anons have written
(don’t let me derail, pls, not trying to, I geninuely like your oshi and her dedicated fans who stuck with her despite the initial hostility some had to her model)

>> No.10863822

Huh. No frame up yet for unarchived karaoke right? Checking since youtube is dumb with notifications for members

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>> No.10864021

No, not yet.
I'm counting on you fellow irystocrats for this one. Have a doctor appointment at the same time, very unfortunately.

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>> No.10867678

enjoy the unarchived karaoke, ill be waiting for the archive

>> No.10868115

Ah yes, my non-existent sleep schedule.

>> No.10868291

At least it's not an MC stream

>> No.10871334

Any other non-futa domestic violence type ones?

>> No.10871367

Frame is up.

>> No.10871488

There’s this one by vampanon but I think he already shared it here https://rentry.co/2575h

>> No.10871767


>> No.10871777

> 2 more hours
I guess I have to sneak a peek while working. Shame that it was not earlier

>> No.10871881

I think it's going to be a pretty casual stream but I'm sure there'll be opportunities to gosling.

>> No.10872040

While you're waiting, there's still some Callirap to catch.

>> No.10872757

12 AM for me god it's good I love her
I have to wake up early tomorrow too

>> No.10872859

I will only watch her rap karaoke if she's ever going to sing any Limp Bizkit songs.

>> No.10872945

my dead grandma rap better than her

>> No.10874016

Yeah well too bad IRyS is laying down some beats with her.

>> No.10874120

The milky stream was so kino, I can't wait for these two to go. And with how much of an enabler Mori is, IRyS might even drink!

>> No.10874267
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I'm still not recovered from that one stream where she sang "Love story", "Can't help falling in love" and that Cascada song. I need more of this even if it hurts.

>> No.10874332

>decide to sleep early after work
>wake up to less than 2 hours before member stream
Thanks for rewarding my laziness Irys

>> No.10874407

>and that Cascada song
Yeah when she said "want you in my life guys... I do" it hit hard.

>> No.10875103

I'll never deserve the love of someone as pure and beautiful as IRyS...

>> No.10875253


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anyone know how to fix this? Catbox was working fine yesterday and now edge is blocking it for no reason.

>> No.10876096

Click the "lock" in the address bar and look at the cert. Something is sus.

>> No.10876110

it works fine from my end

>> No.10876128

expired https certificate, according to error. catbox admin has to fix it on their side. You used to be able to download the certificate and add it to windows cert storage to prevent the error but I think that doesn't work anymore.

>> No.10876152

The date and time on your computer might be wrong.

>> No.10876356

Kinda unrelated but it is a little glowy that the page went down for hours and there's nothing on the status page history about it.

>> No.10876934

Since I'm obsessed with the song since the last karaoke I'll point out that AZKi has a pretty good version of Yuki no Hana too.
Would be a good one for a future collab.

>> No.10877351

Vsinger collab... 3 months from now...

>> No.10877554

I remember when AZKi was super excited retweeting all of IRyS' covers. It was very cute.

>> No.10877778

Using edge is the problem I see.

>> No.10877818

It is a well known fact that superior IrystoChads use Firefox.

>> No.10877845

I'm so pumped for this members karaoke!!! You fags better get your memberships if you don't have them already.

>> No.10877977
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>Was about to go to bed
>Almost forgot about the karaoke tonight
>I'll catch the VOD in the morning
>It's unarchived
Damn it

>> No.10877998

I'm in the chat but still shadowbonked, such is the wrath of Susan.

>> No.10878169

It's time, lads

>> No.10878487


>> No.10878528

She's gonna cover herself up with the setlist lol

>> No.10878542

she is positively hiding, no joke

>> No.10878625

>censoring sex

>> No.10878726

IRyS is cuter than usual today...

>> No.10878769

She's talking to me isn't she? I shouldn't be procrastinating at 5am in the morning.

>> No.10878818

I'll sandwich you Irys

>> No.10878887
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>> No.10878922

tv size KEK

>> No.10878954

>TV siz

>> No.10878986

I'm being cucked by TVs...

>> No.10878989
File: 215 KB, 768x1024, gosling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's too early for this

>> No.10879003

OMG this is one of the most beautiful performances she has ever done.

>> No.10879034

A few more longer song titles and it will happen

>> No.10879037

Aiiiiiieer i cant gosling properly the songs are too short

>> No.10879063

The way they suddenly cut off is jarring but also hilarious

>> No.10879120

my banana sorry bros

>> No.10879141

I wrote this

>> No.10879146

Damnit, she's too cute.

>> No.10879157

Yoisho counter blown the fuck out

>> No.10879180

Who the hell uses those anymore

>> No.10879191

Her sister. Pay attention!

>> No.10879192
File: 773 KB, 1440x1080, 15 seconds in MS paint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10879200

Oh wow shes singing give u hell??

>> No.10879215


>> No.10879284

fuck that backing track

>> No.10879295

UWAAAAAAAAA I wanna hear IRyS sing "I wanna" after hearing Gives you hell. All American Rejects-only karaoke when?

>> No.10879314

If its punk, I want FOB more..

>> No.10879327

That sounded better acapella...

>> No.10879351

only half of irys hates me LETS GOOOOOO

>> No.10879370

I membered where is the masturbation stream bros...

>> No.10879376

the sister's ipod strikes again

>> No.10879398


>> No.10879409

It's in T3 bro

>> No.10879410

bro you killed the stream, now it's karaoke

>> No.10879447

There's the FOB you wanted

>> No.10879475

>pop punk karaoke
I'll allow it

>> No.10879480

I know, she loves me, ur all invited to our wedding

>> No.10879489

I would do unspeakable, horrific things to go back in time and have an IRyS GF in High School.

>> No.10879534


>> No.10879537


>> No.10879539

Usually those kinds of ritual only need the sacrifice of a virgin, look around my dude

>> No.10879541

wdym we're all jacking off right now

>> No.10879548


>> No.10879571


>> No.10879590

Perhaps you should go back.

>> No.10879627


>> No.10879634

Go back to Russia, anon, no sharing.
*my dork

>> No.10879643


>> No.10879650
File: 50 KB, 500x375, 1632186238677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She LOVES the King of Pop

>> No.10879698

Alright lads which of you can:
-Do the moon walk
-Solve a rubik's cube

I was able to do both but not sure if I'd be able to now

>> No.10879733

>Solve a rubik's cube
i disassemble it and then assemble in with the right colors kek

>> No.10879749



>> No.10879763

tv sizes lets gooooooo

>> No.10879765

We don't do that here in Russia anymore anon

>> No.10879778

Irys... phrasing...

>> No.10879806

>I can be like MEGA

>> No.10879822

>lowers FOB volume
>keeps this on blast
there's no system to this, just chaos

>> No.10879838

Blue sounds like it'd be the angel side but going by her wings, it's the purple side isn't it?

>> No.10879861

There is no angel side. She has horns on both sides, after all.

>> No.10879863

:( :)?? I dont know anymore baby

>> No.10879865

Well, I'm shadowbanned. Might as well spew my love for IRyS on Petra's stream.

>> No.10879876

The left side of your brain controls motor functions on your right side, it's not uncommon for these things to be crossed over.

>> No.10879877


>> No.10879881

AIIIIIEEE damn these TV size songs the abrupt cut is so jarring

>> No.10879884

of course she likes eromanga, man I wish I was her brother

>> No.10879896

I-irys is into incest...
what if she does stuff with sisirys...???

>> No.10879910

The way she treated the incest in 12 Minutes makes me think that she's not really into it, or perhaps it's only in the context of anime, somehow...

>> No.10879928

I want to see Tsundere IRyS

>> No.10879937


>> No.10879942

>Kirino is too bitchy for her

>> No.10879944

I want Tsun with no Dere

>> No.10879962

It's because it was an older sister not a younger one.

>> No.10879976

That's her default state

>> No.10879983

Louise! Louise! Louise! Louiseeeeeeaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

Ahhhhh… aa… a, aahhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Louise Louise Louiseeeeuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Ah Kunkakunka(sniff-sniff)! Kunkakunka(sniff-sniff)! SuuHaa(Breath in and out)! SuuHaa(Breath in and out)! Good smell…Kunkun(sniff-sniff)

>> No.10879990


>> No.10879998

i have seen all that anime, my childhood holy shit
rip zero no tsukaima author...

>> No.10879999


>> No.10880006

All the kugimiya tsundere girls...
Irys, your age is showing...

>> No.10880017

A-tan and Hinagiku
Good taste Irys

>> No.10880038

>likes harem
she is a degenerated....
just like me

>> No.10880050

Someone not shadowbanned please ask her about 5-toubun...

>> No.10880064

Because the harem protag lacks our cultured taste Irys

>> No.10880111


>> No.10880135


>> No.10880140

Finally i have a reason to dislike Irys, I hate her ships

>> No.10880155

Yotsuba is basically everyone's 2nd/3rd most favorite quint IRyS...

>> No.10880195

>messes with the volume when its fine
>doesnt touch it when its too loud

>> No.10880203
File: 53 KB, 426x640, gosling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm her treasure....

>> No.10880292

Moves like jagger today?

>> No.10880325

Time to catch a grenade and get Isekai'd boys.

>> No.10880327

I'm IRyS' tank!

>> No.10880340


>> No.10880358


>> No.10880366

holy shit i wanna slap her
but like a gently slap...

>> No.10880368

I might cum.
Shape of You would be good too.

>> No.10880378

Good news, she already sang that

>> No.10880380


>> No.10880413

>They're mostly typing ntr

>> No.10880426

Haachama did it better.

>> No.10880431


>> No.10880433

damnit i got my gooseling jpegs ready, still havent felt the Gosling this stream...

>> No.10880435


>> No.10880500


>> No.10880507

Irys is so damn cute.

>> No.10880509

IRyS your mic...you got way quieter

>> No.10880512

I Require your Soda_

>> No.10880523

sound is weird

>> No.10880537

Okay now I can barely hear her

>> No.10880538


>> No.10880544

No gosling for today nice

>> No.10880547

god i hate this song

>> No.10880551


>> No.10880554

She got too quiet when she went to get water, need people not shadowbanned to actually let her know

>> No.10880560

>turned herself down again

>> No.10880565
File: 207 KB, 1024x678, irystocrat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surely this one

>> No.10880567
File: 115 KB, 428x424, 1615569137453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10880570

Gosh i dont like Taylor Swift but it seems every girl like her

>> No.10880592

Why is her music disliked? Just asking out of curiosity.

>> No.10880593

Ok she kinda fixed it, just getting weird how she went from obsessing about volume to not checking it all in the span of one stream

>> No.10880611

I belong with IRyS

>> No.10880620

Its just so, so generic

>> No.10880635

I belong with IRyS...

>> No.10880638

they go on way too long for me, i always doze off listening to Swift

>> No.10880643

Today is the day I'll fuck with normalization on the audio files, it's too much

>> No.10880660

No, I do

>> No.10880668

belonging to IRyS!

>> No.10880671

I belong to IRyS

>> No.10880672
File: 1.05 MB, 498x498, 56764355432.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We belong to her guys...

>> No.10880679

IRyS please test your mic...

>> No.10880680
File: 410 KB, 2500x1394, HANDsome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't been feeling the setlist, I guess that last one was fine.

>> No.10880710

IRyS you don't need a nebulizer...

>> No.10880721
File: 670 KB, 1080x1301, Shes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that Taylor Swift was a /here/ girl

>> No.10880732

Irys update: she wants to use a fucking nebulizer to do singing warm ups

>> No.10880734

Fuck this shadowban shit can't be fixed soon enough. I feel like people want to tell her about the volume and stuff but none of its getting through

>> No.10880754

CPAP machines are not fun
t. know somebody who needs one

>> No.10880762

Chat is fast. She saw it though.

>> No.10880769

>she keeps reading my comments

>> No.10880793


>> No.10880852

Wtf I literally just left for a min, what happened??

>> No.10880867

Highlight of the night right there.

>> No.10880884


>> No.10880892
File: 34 KB, 567x492, SOVL [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fn0q6hm.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10880937


>> No.10880940

Yea, I can't even send the free member sticker, this is actually tilting.

>> No.10880945

IRyS had too much soda, she's coasting on sugar high...

>> No.10880948

It feels good to be acknowledged.
I feel like if she notices me often enough I'll become a regular in her mind and she'll care about me (as much as she can care about a viewer)

>> No.10880960


>> No.10880969


>> No.10880973

Sometimes she's doing it on purpose but here I think she wasn't trying.

>> No.10880977

IRyS that's not it...

>> No.10880991

>I could be your girlfriend

>> No.10880994

as long as you're not one those CFAA SEANiggers

>> No.10881002


>> No.10881008

i love her....

>> No.10881009 [DELETED] 

Patreon roomate stream..

>> No.10881011
File: 78 KB, 331x307, 576523484657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember Vtubers are like celebs, we can only watch them from afar.

>> No.10881023

IRyS wants to cuck my GF...

>> No.10881044
File: 71 KB, 852x552, 1627941256884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10881057


>> No.10881066

Bratty IRyS trying to steal you away from your girlfriend.....

>> No.10881075


>> No.10881089

h-harem ending maybe...

>> No.10881112

she fucked up KEK
it doesnt make any sense now

>> No.10881128

According to /u/schizos every chick is a lesbian even the ones who talk about dicks in a manner that only someone who was interested in cocks would do. It's a weird reminder that dedicated fetishists are completely detached from basic humanity.

>> No.10881134

just stop

>> No.10881143


>> No.10881158

Yandere song?

>> No.10881252
File: 125 KB, 976x700, geese2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10881258

This is the true highlight

>> No.10881334

What is IRyS trying to tell us...?

>> No.10881348

Ok I love Irys again, Kotonoha best girl

>> No.10881396


>> No.10881401

-Very generic
-fell into literally the same "wholesome singer tries to become edgy and ruins her fan appeal" pothole all these dumb broads fall into (no one wants a whore)
-wasn't even good at being edgy because she's simply too whitebread and attempting to break out of it simply left her with nothing
-similar to Katy Perry she did NOT take turning 30 very well and seems to have become confused why her fans are focusing on starting families because all the people who used to be teens listening to her are now old enough they generally have to pay taxes
-music is, again, generic and her best songs exist only in the "remember the late 2000s" zone
-will be less relevant in 20 years than much older female artists she tried to emulate like Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick who simply did edgy better
-music is, again, painfully generic

>> No.10881429

wtf is this ancient rrat kek

>> No.10881430

Do you think IRyS was cheated on?

>> No.10881459

fuck off

>> No.10881462

If she was cheated on, wtf that guy/gal must be dumb

>> No.10881469

I don't think so, you can taste the bitterness from a girl cheated on

>> No.10881483

I thought I'd recognize this, as a Vocaloid addict, but I don't.
I guess I need to do my old school Vocaloid reps, I'm too much of a Mikufag.

>> No.10881484

More likely cucked

>> No.10881491

It really is just that: An ancient rrat.

>> No.10881500

Heres another projection from one's own insecurity
Fuck off

>> No.10881538

IRyS loves me and needs me!

>> No.10881559

wow you seem bitter anon

>> No.10881589

No im just so so tired of baits, have been seeing them everywhere since the karaoke night

>> No.10881590

Weird, considering others have covered it.

>> No.10881597


>> No.10881622

Ignore the baits anon. They're just an attention whore that only wants (You)s.

>> No.10881637

fuck its loud

>> No.10881639

[email protected] LOVE

>> No.10881651

I wonder if she's trying to tell us something with all these love songs?

>> No.10881653


>> No.10881691

You must be new here

>> No.10881710

>Anzu no Uta
She just wants to sleep and be a NEET

>> No.10881746


>> No.10881751
File: 757 KB, 4378x6000, you work - you lose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a great song.

>> No.10881769
File: 1.58 MB, 2560x1440, 2021-10-05_00.06.18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10881770
File: 75 KB, 882x960, 1607951176469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is singing directly to me

>> No.10881774

baka not everything is bait anon, really just my opinion that Irys seems too happy/sweet, probably not someone cheated on

>> No.10881782


>> No.10881795

I thought she already have a tablet...

>> No.10881796

It makes sense why IRyS is the way she is. She debuted by herself with no gen mates. She instead treats us like her gen mates!!!!

>> No.10881800

irys nails ngggggggnmgsngns

>> No.10881857

how can she be so normie and so weeb at the same time????

>> No.10881885

She is a functional human being unlike us.

>> No.10881942

IRyS doesn't wanna leave...

>> No.10881948
File: 3.79 MB, 1946x1095, 2021-10-05_00.13.04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no town yet, but the art gallery grows

>> No.10881959

>"last song"
>half an hour later we're still talking and singing

>> No.10881967

I love this girl

>> No.10881992

IRyS loves me too much to say goodbye

>> No.10881997

disney songs make short circuit in my brain
because i had always listen them in spanish

>> No.10882000

She's making me feel like a disney princess...

>> No.10882019

Astel duet when?

>> No.10882045


>> No.10882047

Astel don't look

>> No.10882051
File: 26 KB, 540x395, geesaeea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i thought i'd make it today without Gosling....

>> No.10882063

>is coming in my face....

>> No.10882071


>> No.10882073

Asian blood

>> No.10882112

Man I wish

>> No.10882142

That's impossible, IRyS would have to not stream.

>> No.10882186

Wasn't feeling it for the majority of the karaoke but A Whole New World did me in. Hope she does more Disney on future unarchived karaokes

>> No.10882195

I Gosling even then because i'd miss her :)

>> No.10882288

Hey she knows about scp, thats pretty weeb

>> No.10882312

think about all the great conversation that will be LOST forever

>> No.10882333

just enjoy...and forget the technical details
let your mind flow like a river...
being happy is more important...

>> No.10882343
File: 38 KB, 400x400, vqpAlKfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Irys... You're cute in my eyes

>> No.10882403

>dead space not available in japan

>> No.10882440 [DELETED] 

Another version of her A Whole New World while waiting for the archive: https://files.catbox.moe/zmcsns.ogg

>> No.10882442

IRyS the wings please

>> No.10882447

too graphic maybe

>> No.10882485

>limb severance
Never in a million years, kek

>> No.10882492

i thought she was talking about her having no gen D:

>> No.10882493

Thanks anon i missed that part

>> No.10882510

It's not the one from this stream.

>> No.10882531

>It's another one of those "I can't open it" series
I NEED to be her boyfriend.

>> No.10882533


>> No.10882549

Its fine i still enjoy it

>> No.10882577

Stop being dramatic, that attracts more attention

>> No.10882612

You know what would attract even less attention? Not posting it.

>> No.10882638

There aren't a lot of JP chads replying...

>> No.10882682

>might drop Little Nightmares for MC

>> No.10882687
File: 1.07 MB, 3589x2166, 1630370086732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

irys rn

>> No.10882690

But it happened already, just let it past. People come in and out of this thread all the time. Im not in that part and now u beat it into me and i kinda wanna try a bit.

>> No.10882795

>try to suggest Yume Nikki

>> No.10882811


>> No.10882820


>> No.10882821

women like a lot of fuck up shit it always amazes me kek

>> No.10882869


>> No.10882890

zawa zawa

>> No.10882902

i can hear this woman talk for hours and that makes me kinda mad

>> No.10882926

She likes the ending to Gantz? The fuck? I thought it was universally reviled.

>> No.10882947

it was "ok" for anime/manga standars
but the standars are so low that is hated anyway kek

>> No.10882950

i wonder if Irys will be on to guide the JP holos going in the EN server later

>> No.10882977


>> No.10882979

>tenkuu shinpan
the manga was nice with a fucking lot of echii


>> No.10883014

We like crime shows and horror stuff even tho they can scare us shitless

>> No.10883026

>chainsaw man mentioned
>woof spam in the chat
>"Makima is so hot"
I feel sick...

>> No.10883072

members only chainsaw man LETS GOOOOO kek

>> No.10883074

It cant be helped, it was cancelled

>> No.10883075

Irys seems to love to chat!

>> No.10883094

Shadowbanned and rangebanned.. sadge

>> No.10883097

wait until the anime comes out...

>> No.10883101

like dead by deadlight a loooot of woman love that game

>> No.10883106

Date nights with IRyS!

>> No.10883109


>> No.10883116

I like to think that because shes a very social person in general but dont get enough social interaction irl so shes lonely

>> No.10883127

Date with IRyS...

>> No.10883138

She loves getting intimate and personal with members

>> No.10883160

Yes, I love it a lot also lol, watched so many streams of it. Happy Irys gave it a try

>> No.10883196

>consistently reads people that @ her in chat
She should know better.

>> No.10883233

At this speed she's just reading everything probably.

>> No.10883238

I have to go to bed now. Fellow IRyStocrats, I trust you guys to keep an archive of this so I can watch the rest later

>> No.10883251

Give her time to get a hold of wrangling the chat.
>t. Never sends a message

>> No.10883266

I wouldnt mind her watching those "oh so bad its good" Scary Movies.
That would give her a good laugh

>> No.10883287

IRyS please. Ghibli sucks and Miyazaki is a bitter hack.

>> No.10883379

>kung fury
i want to see irys react to hitler kek
but i dont think is gonna happen

>> No.10883391
File: 646 KB, 687x494, Gosling baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spontaneous singing

>> No.10883415

Don't worry IRyS I can provide the male voice for you

>> No.10883428

I hate being poor. I hope this stream gets saved somewhere.

>> No.10883449

Just got home from work. Did she finished singing?

>> No.10883459

It's $5 you cheapskate!

>> No.10883461


>> No.10883474

$5/mo... just 5 every 30...

>> No.10883481

yeah an hour ago. she's just doing zatsudan now.

>> No.10883484
File: 10 KB, 826x28, lostforever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's lost forever anon

>> No.10883486

She honestly sounds so much better without the reverb

>> No.10883487

irys want to be my gf

>> No.10883493

Yeah, about 30 minutes ago. She's rambling about anime and music now.

>> No.10883503


I'm REALLY fucking poor, anons

Canada isn't a fun place to live.

>> No.10883520

Lies. I see Canadians making $200 CAD super chats all the time. You're hiding money I know it.

>> No.10883536

Lol this dork

>> No.10883542

jesus you even poorer than a SEAnig

>> No.10883547


>> No.10883551

>I'm not going to do it right now
>does it

>> No.10883573

cute dork

>> No.10883613

Don't know how they manage it, then. I'll probably throw a membership after groceries go down.

It can be rough.

>> No.10883627

H asmr
is not like she doesnt talk with innuendos all the time kek

>> No.10883630

What is dying bulbasaur? I am so lost.

>> No.10883636

>30% start spamming cursed asmr

>> No.10883647


>> No.10883671

I hope you don't want lewd asmr. Irys is too wholesome for that.

>> No.10883679

You fucking goy, stop being a jew and be a member

>> No.10883696

my fucking ears
you dumb succubus

>> No.10883698

Drinking with my cute wife IRyS!

>> No.10883699


>> No.10883709

and is over

i miss her...

>> No.10883713

Fuck off 32%er

>> No.10883729

>I wanted the higher pitch sound
You're using the wrong glasses and the wrong technique, PonRys.

>> No.10883743
File: 11 KB, 259x194, 2geese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TFW No Irys IRL to drink soda with...

>> No.10883745

God she's such a fucking dork I love her

>> No.10883758

And it's gone...

I miss Irys...

>> No.10883780

I missed 2 hours of Karoke due to work
wish i was a neet

>> No.10883793

C'mon some of us are alright. She has a pretty low number of canadian fans compared to the other girls though.

>> No.10883817

I don't post in the chats so I dunno why you think that. I'm not some obnoxious SEAnigger.

>> No.10883820

pretty sure everyone that is part of the 32% is a flip

>> No.10883826
File: 67 KB, 517x650, 1614153227474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10883854


>> No.10883878

Anyone else feels so fucking bad when she said she was jealous of others being cute? Goddamn...

>> No.10883883

most likely since those CFAA fuckers are SEAniggers

>> No.10883886

i thought she was talking about being alone...

>> No.10883890

While I did record the ending I need to sleep so you'll get it when I wake up or if some based anon uploads it

>> No.10883895

'Cause those fags shit on her models every chance they open their damn mouth. Whose self esteem gonna survive that. Im seething

>> No.10883927

How bad r u at geography that u cant comprehend outside fip and indos there r other countries in SEA.

>> No.10883929


>> No.10883932

100% agree with this statement

>> No.10883935

if the burgers did not take that god-forsaken land the 32% might not even exist

>> No.10883956

Very likely to be the case, except I just blanket it as all of SEA.

I actively engage niggers outside of the general on their hostility towards her model.

>> No.10883987
File: 164 KB, 1080x859, IMG_1633424746733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

U turds

>> No.10883988

I voted yes even if I'm at work at that time.
t. flip

>> No.10883991

is there a thread maker around?

>> No.10883997

It took a little while to get used to her model but honestly? I prefer it these days. It's very expressive and she makes it cute.

>> No.10884008

I hope everyone will eventually learn to appreciate her!

>> No.10884013

She keeps making it whiter

>> No.10884016

I don't really know how to feel about that one, it's made me quite sad. Makes sense for her to want to be cute, especially since n-word is an oppai loli and she has a super girly personality, so that is how she sees herself, but she is plenty cute as IRyS, isn't she? I was never filtered by the model so perhaps the ones that were filtered initially can say something about it?

Unrelated, today's archive.

>> No.10884027

I'm conflicted. I'm a bit glad that it filters people but sad at the same time because she deserves more.

>> No.10884036

The other places are kinda irrelevant

>> No.10884043

Her model is actually fucking great, highly detailed and expressive, especially if you view her streams in HD. Only things that could be better are maybe a slimmer face and horns not protruding so far out to the side. Yeah it doesn't really mesh well with other Holos but after watching her it makes their designs look bland.

>> No.10884060


>> No.10884070

the model hate comes from moeblob becoming widespread making everyone draw in the same way

>> No.10884073

Yeah I think she's more pretty than cute, although her smile and fangs are very cute. Whenever I see her side by side like in a mashup video her model just looks way better to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzYM-x8jqrw

>> No.10884086

We r just not loud ok? I saw VNmese and Myanmar throw
Red SC all the time

>> No.10884104

>since n-word is an oppai loli and she has a super girly personality
N-nani? IRyS roomate is an oppai loli?

>> No.10884108

It IS a pretty big filter for a lot of people desu, especially in the current vtubing scene where most indies tries really hard to get cuter model than a lot of corporate vtubers...

>> No.10884131

I think that many are still outright bitter about the loss of the moe, although I personally see the unique approach as refreshing without being extremely out of bounds. If I had one genuine criticism, it’d probably be her ears seem just a tad long but I have no need to be vocal about that.

>> No.10884142

I was 'filtered' the day she posted her twitter jail freedom tweet. I kept convincing myself that there's no way this is her model and pitied her ever since. I still decided to give her debut a go and she's somehow my first chuuba I've ever membered.

>> No.10884146

I think she'd get less hate if the face was a bit thinner/less squat.

>> No.10884155

roommate's old live2d model irl she was flat as a plank

>> No.10884159

It's the nose and lips imo

>> No.10884172

I thought her model fits her voice. Both are very unique and real, like a real girl and not a high-pitched anime empty headed voice

>> No.10884179

Eh, typical azn I guess. Not everyone can be Noel or Pekora.

I wonder if Kronii is flat IRL

>> No.10884192

when did she say this?

>> No.10884197

I like her having lips. Makes the smiles cuter.

>> No.10884203

she is

>> No.10884206

Said indies also intentionally save up to have the same mama as their more successful counterparts, which, in the case of a number of them, has to be calculated. I’ve gotten to the point where it disgusts me, somehow.

>> No.10884224

99% sure she is.

>> No.10884228

Yeah well they realize the best way to break out is to get coomer bait designs and lean into it. But without a real personality it can only take you so far.

>> No.10884252

Bros I was so giddy in the shower thinking about how Irys read my chat earlier.
I-i-is this how it is to truly Gosling?

>> No.10884269

It’s over, Anonchama... she’s in your mind...

>> No.10884272
File: 574 KB, 621x617, IRySLove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I look at pic related I think she's just perfect and I'd be sad if anything changed. Except her wild long hair. The bangs are fine.

>> No.10884274

Booba seems exceptionally rare among koreans. Flips and Nips seem to be the only azns that get tiddy.

>> No.10884285

it is over, now your wallet is hers sorry

>> No.10884313
File: 311 KB, 450x426, side.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her model looks weird when facing straight, probably because the face looks flat or its too wide, but it has the best side looking face at least in my opinion

>> No.10884370

koreans have pretty advanced plastic surgery though, for those with the means. Yes i dont care about "all natural", embrace SCIENTIFIC IMPROVEMENT

>> No.10884399

Idk where the fuck did you see Myanmar, if you mean the MYR currency that's Malaysian Ringgit, and yes we and SGD bros are pretty civilized

>> No.10884403

fake tits are awful

>> No.10884409

Anyone can recommend a good vpn? i want to do superchat but i dont want my credit card info ripped off

>> No.10884430

VN dont have SC feature anon..

>> No.10884431
File: 75 KB, 800x1158, Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.59.17 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the Indonesia currency?

Pic related are the count of superchats per currency for the last 30 days.

>> No.10884440

none are even worse, imo

>> No.10884478
File: 98 KB, 720x562, god dammit anon why do you have to remind me of this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10884479

Thats why they use vpn dimwitt

>> No.10884503

This pic is already proven to be false anon. The female model even came out saying how it destroyed her life. Give her a break

>> No.10884508

I'm looking at her osu stream with cam right now and she's not flat-flat. Solid B-cup.

>> No.10884510

vtuber is a fucking alien concept to them
I know because I'm one of them

>> No.10884518

why is the flip peso in sign and not abbreviation

>> No.10884538


>> No.10884547

Wonder how big she'll get after a kid or two.

>> No.10884554 [SPOILER] 
File: 10 KB, 341x375, Ethical.Bug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

e-enjoy it...

>> No.10884560

Go to reddit slowpoke, theres still post theres about a guy want to simp harder via vpn. In her Amongus member, there were VNmese playing and donating after too, the "step on me" guy.

>> No.10884578

That's just how youtube sends it in the chat data.

>> No.10884609

Supposed to be IDR for Indonesian Rupiah. Did they get Superchat already? We only got it last month. Pretty surprised myself with how much my compatriots spend.

>> No.10884611

>use reddit

>> No.10884619

She seems short...

>> No.10884622

Indonesian Rupiah/Rp. Idk why there's lack of Rps in there, seeing as MYR is high up there. Maybe most indos use vpns?

>> No.10884633

I don't know if Indonesia has SCs enabled. Never seen one.

>> No.10884651

muh dick

>> No.10884660

Its the f*cking internet. Get lost

>> No.10884697

ogey Neckbeard

>> No.10884702

Superchats aren't enabled in Indonesia. Which is why HoloID's are the only ones using Streamlabs

>> No.10884724

Im female u moron

>> No.10884742

i still remember that time she denied being fat and has no problem wearing a bikini.. guess she wasn't bluffing

>> No.10884754

then she got embarassed it was cute...

>> No.10884771

i still wanna see it...

>> No.10884777

Shes pretty slender, noodle arms and all

>> No.10884780


>> No.10884799
File: 5 KB, 194x259, plebdit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is (You)

>> No.10884812

Just because theres a lack of female in ur life doesnt mean there r none on the internet anon. Stop being in denial

>> No.10884822

Tits or GTFO

>> No.10884842

yeah, based on her ringfit she'll probably die trying to cowgirl, might not even have enough arm strength to hold herself up for doggy. IrySoFrail...

>> No.10884858

just wondering, are you a flip by chance?
namiori perhaps?

>> No.10884875

i like nami she does cute art

>> No.10884879

namiori is a dude, my dude.

>> No.10884907


>> No.10884912

i like nami he does cute art*

>> No.10884924

Next Thread >>10884894

>> No.10884942
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>> No.10884962

Where's the tits?

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