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>Waiting for bea

>Who is Beatani?



>Streamlabs, because superchats are for low IQ dads who like giving Youtube 30% of the cut:

>Last Thread

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I will murder Beatani !

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I will kiss Beatani !

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i love this fucking bear

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I fucking this bear!

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I will lick Beatani !

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How exactly did she learn about him today?

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I love fucking this bear!

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>I'm on the list

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Bea's YT subscribers and Twitter follows have exploded recently. Divegrass and the Reddit shilling are working magic. Almost 100 subscribers in a day.

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check the leaked bear paws spreadsheet >>9587316

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me too

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>last one alphabetically
>three letters

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>Discord is not the last platform Beatani will extend to
What did he mean by this?

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At first I wondered why I'm not on the list, then I realized this is the weak dads list.

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the facebook arc is upon us

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what's this business trip?

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>my name isn't there
one fucking job

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It's a list of dads who didn't stay strong on ignoring Bea day.

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the dad who did this wasn't paying much attention

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Picking weeds, but in a really distant corner of XP hill. Takes a while to get there and back.

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unironically pomf

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Yes please

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the best thing is the chat is calm and the new greys are being assimilated

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>that last one
Do you like to see me in pain?

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bimonthly balon orgy

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>R18 remote kid/risuna draw streams

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Don't worry, you're invited.

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I don't even need to count I know I'm in regardless.

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>I'm not

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if the irl meeting ever happened who would be invited would be almost everyone on the last tier list

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the duality of man

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I'm glad at least one vtuber recognizes me. I've really made it in the world.

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Fucking ruthless man, you could not even know it was going on if you've been working during the day... only 2min up and bea didn't see it... yet still forever in the list.

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Sorry frogchama. I forgive you.

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Now that part 2 of the prophecy is out, let's make sure we follow it.

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Yes AR recognizes you!!!

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Imagine, we get Koopa Prophecy pt. 2 and hopefully dads sing clover club in the space of a week. basado

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Beatani's fishy cunn

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she better bathe before servicing her boss

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Bea, please tell me how you smell like right now.

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she smells like mikan and cunt

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mikan and salty milk

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Great, I love mikan.

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Hey, at least there's no DMs rrat. Put it in the W column

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>didn't reply on twitter
>twitter replies

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>made risuna announce her bath
She really likes the thought of dads lusting over her smell huh?

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What if her plane crashes? Japan is shaped like a thin shit why would anyone use airplanes instead of shinkansen? Is she going overseas? Will she find an oversea guy who will take advantage of her and steal her virginity? Just how high up is she at her company to get to travel to other countries?

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I'm concerning... please Bea be safe please

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It's somewhere far from Tokyo, so keep an eye on what flights are going to Hokkaido and Okinawa and have dads with sensitive noses find any 155 cm stinky women getting off of the planes.

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Her boss sold her body to the Chinese mafia in exchange of a better business deal. She's on her way to Shenzhen as we speak.

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This is the only time I've ever wanted to be Chinese.

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Has anyone found Bea's ASMR Bilibili channel yet?

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I told her I found it and she deleted it.

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bea, if i take a bath at the same time, is it like we are taking a bath together?

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I found her fantia where she does schlicking ASMR

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Imagine waking up tomorrow and hearing about a plane crash in Japan on the news... and then the next stream never comes...

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fuck you

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finally free...

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This literally already happened. In the end Bea was just late to the stream and wasn't in that plane crash.

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Bea's going to get home from her trip and stream 7 hours later. Maybe she doesn't hate us, even if she has to cuck us to keep food on the table.

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It's going well.

>preliminary cutting, normalizing and eq
>fine timing adjustment (~80% done)
>pitch correction (~40% done) (don't worry, I'm not going overboard, only tuning especially bad notes)
>making that ungodly "lalala" intro bearable
> --- you are here ---
>rest of fine timing and pitch correction
>bringing different singers to the front for different parts (this is what makes /sings/ projects come alive and fun to listen to, and something that, for some reason, not many of them do)
>final normalizing/eq pass
>easter eggs (if there's time)
>my own vocals (if there's time)

So yeah, I'm optimistic about the deadline on the 8th. Even if not, I'm working by the "progressive jpeg method", meaning the project is at all times ready for immediate release however rough it may be.
I'm also planning to send Bea the complete reaper project with all the sources, in case she decides to do something with it on her side.

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That was a train stabbing

>> No.10872501

uoh, sex, etc

>> No.10872549

thanks for the update!

>> No.10872583

thanks for the update. ganbare, anon

>> No.10872625

oh yeaaaahh

>> No.10872652

sorry for the pain
t. anon 11

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>bringing different singers to the front for different parts (this is what makes /sings/ projects come alive and fun to listen to, and something that, for some reason, not many of them do)
I fucking hate nu-/a/ sings because they stopped doing this, strips away all the SOUL

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Right? Either you do a professional production, or you go ahead and have fun with it, if you do neither it's just dull.

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Yes, jebus is a faggot

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I've already lost so many people, it would destroy me

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At least she's a polar bear instead of a person.

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>bea never gets to hear /yah/ sings clover club

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Did bea ever eat in the bathroom back in school?

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I heard that beatani likes big dick!

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I sang it to her on our Discord call so she at least got 1/12th.

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I skipped lunch to jerk off in the bathroom a few times.

>> No.10873144

Do you like my big dick?

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Imagine the guilt that prod anon would have.

>> No.10873161

no she was a normie

>> No.10873177

love it

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In my home country, this is XP hill, menhera polar bear
1. steal stuff everything
2. lying to risuna
3. spit to face when talking, mouth smell bad
4. don't have money, dasai cloths and dirty skirt, old shoes
5. raping? shy risuna girl because shy risuna girl say menhera polar bear no thanks, very ugly and fat
6. very smell of korokke eating by bear
7. very smell of body, no bath long time, sometime 10 days?
menhera polar bear=monkey same

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There was a vocaroo of this

>> No.10873293

She ate off the bathroom floor!

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>take a look at the d*scord each time producer dad posts an update
>they never notice, discuss or acknowledge it
further proof that the d*scord crowd has no sovl

>> No.10873335

Thank you

>> No.10873355

We can just discuss it here.

>> No.10873374

imagine if this namefag is bea and she gets banned for extremely low quality posts

>> No.10873406

they literally talk about other chuubas and hornypost while bea is streaming

>> No.10873428

the discord's weird because trash is a worthless dumpster for coomers and people that want to talk about hololive instead of bear paws but vtuber discussion isn't really meant to be done on zatsu so talking about bea isn't really done much

>> No.10873452

>thread project is discussed on the thread not in discord
who'd've thunk

>> No.10873460

homocoomers I may add

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This is the correct way to use the Discord.

>> No.10873632

They made sure to post and discuss their dark/purity test results though. Makes you think.

>> No.10873635

bea explicitly said discord is for minecraft and lonely dads.

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yeah mine

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I hate that bear doesn't let me give her tongue baths more often. It's such a waste to let that wonderful flavor be washed away into the drain.

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>Yakuza stream
Yea nah fuck you and your complaints

>> No.10874498

>bea's "gaming" streams are about the game

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This is the correct way to use discord. Why would I want notifications for anything except bear sightings?

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I don't get the hate for Yakuza streams. Yakuza is no CHKN but it's not a bad game.

>> No.10874598

Seriously neck yourself

>> No.10874606

It's hard to describe, but it's not fun watching them. I'd rather do something else while occasionally talking about random stuff in the server rather than forcing myself to watch something I dislike.

>> No.10874617

Whenever Bea has something important to say I get a notification in my DMs.

>> No.10874674

No offense to the dads in the server but it's incredibly boring in there.

>> No.10874739

Yakuza streams are 80% kino derails, but if you value looking at garden variety lewd art more, then continue doing so, but surely you can discuss it in another discord server.

>> No.10874753

Not a single angry reply, I guess it really was just one seething autist in the last thread.

>> No.10874801

I'd say it's not for everyone and that's fine but it honestly does kinda boggle my mind how people always say "the game's boring" or "I don't want to focus on the story" when the yakuza streams are notorious for constant derails about whatever part of japanese culture comes up that stream and even when she's playing the game proper it's still derailing into doing sidestories instead.

>> No.10874827

>he's not getting texted whenever she wants to share something

>> No.10874850

He's making progress, so why would I seethe?

>> No.10874859

>he doesn't have access to the live feed of the motion activated hidden camera in bea's apartment

>> No.10874863

It's why I decided to play it. I wanted to see some JP culture. I never finished it but I'm glad. That way I get to watch Bea finish it.

>> No.10874871

I can't have her seeing my green bubbles, OK?

>> No.10874890

>you can discuss it in another discord server.
Yes but we chose to do so in /yah/'s server, unless there's some other server where dads congregate that isn't the tier 10 Bea server.

>> No.10874915

I kneel stalker chama...

>> No.10874973

no problem, it's not your day job
wait, how do you know you're 11?

>> No.10874974

I'm pretty sure it's just that one groomer and that one shitposter that do nothing but shit up the discord all day complaining about being called out right now

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Most of the people on discord /trash/ aren't dads in the first place so it's useless to complain about them. I'd be happy if they didn't come to her stream. They are lame.

>> No.10875344

goodnight dads! im giving all of you nadenade now for being so good.

>> No.10875421

Hokkaido Shinkansen and mini Shinkansen are a joke. If you're going anywhere not served by real shinkansen or going north of aomori/south of Hiroshima it'll be faster to take a plane. High speed rail isn't the panacea that commies think.

>> No.10875563

Cheaper too.

>> No.10875566

don't nadenade me faggot, that's something only Chihiro is allowed to do.

>> No.10875670

I constantly go through waves of being obsessed with the bear to absolutely hating her so much I want to pull my hair out. Can anybody relate.

>> No.10875715

it's called love

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Yes, I was this fucking close to pulling the trigger on her a few weeks ago, and now she's pulled me back in. I HATE IT

>> No.10876758

Masturbate. No consequences.
You freak. Can never be quenched. Your fantasies can never be quenched can they. Tense. Tense.
What were you wearing. The consequences of your actions. Consequences. No consequences. No consequences consequences. yet yet consequences

>> No.10876843 [DELETED] 

Basically happened in Europe with Ryanair. Only savage hindus take trains now. Probably happen in Japan with Peach et al. Glad I got to ride the shinkansen in its heyday.

>> No.10877080 [DELETED] 

I was disembarking the hikari in Osaka and there was a Japanese couple carrying a baby in front of me. The baby was sleeping with his head on his parent’s shoulder, woke up, saw a giant blue eyed pale skinned shinigami standing behind him, and his eyes went wide and he got an “Oh shit! What is THAT?” look on his face. He stared in terror until we got off the train.

>> No.10877152

Fuwatani...I don't get why she gets all the hate on /yah/. 熊谷ちさとちゃんねる is just written to make her out as the bad girl, when really she's no worse than any of the 'protagonists' and a better person than most of them.

What are the main complaints? She raped Beatani and tried to hand everything over to Chihiro?

Okay, let's get this straight. She never fucking raped Beatani. She never did it. She never did it. She never did it. She never did it. She fucked Bea.

Let me ask you this. WHO IN /YAH/ DIDN'T FUCK BEA? You can't even name one fucking person who didn’t plug her tight vag! She is the kind of bitch who will act like she doesn't want it when she really does. She'll say Dad-chama~! while having multiple orgasms. Risuna-chan knew this, she's a fucking man’s lady. She knows what filthy whores like Beatani want.

>> No.10877168

Bea is retarded. Most other vtuber discords I've joined have separate channels for discussing their own content vs discussing other vtubers. And also not have an nsfw channel as the main talk channel.

>> No.10877280

The secret ingredient in Coke isn't known even to its creator. Supposedly the guy who invented Coke made a deal with a demon-posessed guy--the demon puts in a final ingredient, one that will be in all Cokes ever made until the End Times, and the guy's product will outlast his own life. They're making so many new kinds of Coke because the secret ingredient, whatever it is, isn't showing up anymore. They're trying to mask the taste. Please warn Bea.

>> No.10877317

I saw Beatani at a grocery store on XP Hill yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything.
She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing her hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen cans of special water in her hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Ma'am, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the cans and started scanning it multiple times, Beatani stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After the girl scanned each can and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

>> No.10877322

Are those discords better?

>> No.10877434

did she remove all the divegrass streams?

>> No.10877447

Plush paws typed this post

>> No.10877475

Hope she comes back with a tanned model after her trip to Okinawa.

>> No.10877567

they are members only

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hello dads???????? you all need to commit oshihen NOW

>> No.10879786
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Orange woman out by a hair's breadth.

>> No.10879828

I'm worrying about Christmas already... what if there's no stream or tweets...

>> No.10880096

fuck you nigger

>> No.10880144

>Sorry dadchama... I have an important business meeting and I won't be able to do the xmas stream... maybe not even the new year one... sorry... matane...

>> No.10880205

>october normally: Christmass commertials
>october in /yah/: Christmass doomposting

>> No.10880307

I don't think she has any plans for the Christmas stream yet but she wants to do something fun for you dads. Take your doomposting and shove it up your ass.

>> No.10880566

For Christmas, all the dads will hide naked in big beautiful present boxes with bows only covering their bigdickchamas

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chihiro coming to save the thread

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>> No.10881985

on my cock

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File: 42 KB, 584x232, 2021-10-05-003903_584x232_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 42 KB, 585x229, 2021-10-05-003946_585x229_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10883202

at least we got rid of that bitch. I don't think we can beat this indog. Even though her threads are dead she doesn't have a hatebonner debuff like the orange whore.

>> No.10883947

Thoughts on moving all the lore to another site and simplifying the wiki?
A literal partial copy of what we have in the wiki, just to show what it could look like. The formatting could be way better of course, and if I didn't have work in less than 5 hours I'd try to split everything into a handful of pages.
Having all the lore off-site should also let us break containment all we need, maybe.
The wiki with many of the more detailed chunks removed.
This way new dads can come in and read a typical Virtual YouTuber Wiki summary, and jump into the Lore site if they want to know more.

>> No.10884000

Also, if the anon that kept posting "WA I HAVE A QUESTION I HAVE A QUESTION" actually had a question, I'm sorry, I just assumed you were Beatani dumping her intrusive thoughts on the thread before trying to fall asleep. You can tell me what your question is and I'll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

>> No.10884015

>moving all the lore to another site
No need, just create a wiki subpage instead.

>> No.10884066

No. Create a complex site that only reveals new lore as you solve beatani related puzzles

>> No.10884084

probably a good idea as i
the wiki is very overwhelming as it is for new people

>> No.10884141

We can do that too, since the repo idea makes it harder to contribute if you're not used to dealing with repos. Although I wish I didn't have to think about what the VT wiki owners think about hosting all the weird shit in their wiki.
If you promised me a stable salary for a year or two I'd think about it.

>> No.10884310

I've been agreeing with that idea for a while but felt like just removing a bunch of information from the wiki would rock the boat too much. Cleaning up the wiki without losing all the information that's been written down is a good start.
There's been other contributors to the wiki but I've been its de-facto editor or whatever you want to call it. I can do a lamer post about my thoughts on the wiki, its intentions and role as a whole, but I want to see if I can fix the glaring issues first.

>> No.10884334

You don’t need make another page. Anyway the people who join this community must be more or less schizo/autism/menhera. I ask for a wiki update to show our power. Good job WA.

>> No.10884652

Question anon here. Did you check the another /here/chuuba Nade? She is Japanese ESL and definitely seiso. I think you would like her.

>> No.10884913

Forgot about this question. I will check Nade eventually, and by that I mean checking clips and catching a couple of streams if possible. I'm definitely curious but I already used up my "become hardcore fan of X" card on Bea this year, if that makes sense.

>> No.10885578

I've said it since the start. This shouldn't be about one man's pride. Make the wiki for everyone and have the sub wiki or whatever the fuck it is for this menhera stuff.

>> No.10886760
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Stupid Risuna why don't you invite Bea to join you?

>> No.10887095

bea stop selfposting

>> No.10887184


>> No.10887248

no but she might collab with an ojisan at a bar if you're picking up what i'm putting down

>> No.10887288

Bea will be ejaculated inside tonight

>> No.10887299

tsundere dads...
have fun, bea!

>> No.10887379
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>I wrote a really cringe heartfelt message on my phone and was about to submit and then my battery died. I left the comfiness of my bed to summarize it again:

>I had the sense since back even when Beatani was just a nameless anon that she was genuinely lonely. Even back then people treated her like shit calling her a nigger and such, but there were a few proto-dads that rooted for her even back then. I'm so proud to see that she followed through with herself and started making friends

>I think she's still in the hardest phase of the struggle right now as she established herself and gets a feel for this whole vtubing thing. She's going to get more haters now than ever, and the criticism is going to hurt even more now that she's no longer just a nameless nobody like the rest of us.

>But I hope she also notices all the new dads that she's making everyday, and I hope it helps her to feel less lonely.

>Grats on your 5000 milestone Beatani!

>> No.10887393

This pasta doesn't really work with her.

>> No.10887419
File: 97 KB, 1150x1150, 1625251573601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there is only one pasta that matters

>> No.10887599

she's collabing with me rn

>> No.10888599

It's funny how it's possible to tell exactly who voted yes

>> No.10888743

Tbh, I don't mind if she did a video with the lowpoly japanese vtuber or Hiroyuki, but any other bothers me.

>> No.10888985
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the REAL only colab i want to see is with nyatani

>> No.10889052
File: 1.92 MB, 1003x1416, 1630599044505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't mind if she collab with established male streamer
But I don't like most western streamers
If it was a JP stream, maybe we can have LiveTL
I really want her to collab with Debiru

>> No.10889113

I hate collabs no matter who participates

>> No.10889136

Is it even a male? It doesn't even sound like a human. Interesting voice.

>> No.10889171

That's retarded. I avoid bringing up anything bea-related on discord, since that can be just talked here. Are your literally asking for talk relevant to this thread to just be done there? That's the opposite of what one would want.

>> No.10889173

beatani raping debiru with her 36cm long futa cock...

>> No.10889179
File: 19 KB, 736x99, 1612938031708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10889194

A collab with Daisuke would be great

>> No.10889214

previous screenshot that mentioned how many takes

>> No.10889216

i watched this guy when he was linked here last time. top kek

>> No.10889479


>> No.10889536

Why would you not want to answer Bea having a question tho, any reason?

>> No.10889629

I hate her.

>> No.10889725

I'm not only fine with a male collab but I actively want it to happen solely to drive the kind of fags that whine about that shit out of here

>> No.10889731

Personally, I found the wiki to be a great resource for reps when I came here. Keep it up, WA!

>> No.10889793

the only male colab i want is with HIROYUKI
Mediocrity is never a standard to settle for

>> No.10889794

I had a dream where Bea's vtuber app wasn't on and somehow we could see like 5 minutes of her streaming as her roomate. Everyone was calm about it and told her, but she was pretty.

>> No.10889809

I do all the time in the stream chat. Sometimes she asks mendokusai questions.

>> No.10889860

I think I'd fall in love for real if I saw her roommate.

>> No.10889873

bea told us one of her nightmares was just that

>> No.10889876

>Only cucks allowed!

>> No.10889885

haha I don't think you want to know just how many people would get driven out. Hiromoot is like the only person I would stand

>> No.10889904

I don't even know why it's a topic, bea is already incredibly strict in term of collab and partners, while imo the collab being male or english/japanese is irrelevant and changes nothing, it's not gonna happen anyway, if it did you'd see them interact for months before it's even considered, so all current talk related to that is just pointless.

>> No.10889945

what do you think bea roommate will be like? personally i imagine her as the average japanese girl only dressed as she says as a grandma

>> No.10889966

Its useless and unusable for its main purpose, would work better as some kind of chronology page somewhere else, but not much to do for someone personal project who probably care more about his page than the vtuber herself.

>> No.10890022

bea stop trying to gather information

>> No.10890069

very cute but she did get lasik irl and only wears frames for the megane coomers

>> No.10890071

What do you mean? What do you consider the main purpose?

>> No.10890196
File: 156 KB, 720x1200, eb4653bf58103a10bcb7c9f4ea062f68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10890197

Cute dasai girl

>> No.10890217

pretty cute, I hope I never see her though, I would fall for her too hard

>> No.10890246

Those wikis are mostly used by people who look up a vtuber name to get a quick summary of them, their general info and links, big career changing events if there were. Maybe a few anecdotes.
In the current state it's just a giant wall of text that works better as some memoir

>> No.10890275

pretty much this except replace bear ears/hair with that one drawing

>> No.10890308

Cute. I want to hold her tight and save her from wage slavery.

>> No.10890325

implying you havent already done so

>> No.10890412

you're talking about the egg ?

>> No.10890413

>"Who's this vtuber"
>checks wiki for a quick rundown
>"oh, ok"
>"Who's this vtuber"
>checks wiki and sees their entire goddamn life story on display
>"I'm not fucking reading that"

Bea isn't chris-chan she doesn't need a whole goddamn wiki dedicated to her every footstep man

>> No.10890459

>Bea isn't chris-chan she doesn't need a whole goddamn wiki dedicated to her every footstep man
She does but maybe not the main one.

>> No.10890467

Obviously average or worse. She prefer animals because they can't judge her appearance and only got weirdos like that trap to be into her.

>> No.10890503

Maybe a compromise then and have xphill.com visibly displayed at the top for a quick summary. I'm personally disappointed that more information isn't written on other vtubers on that wiki, but according to you, I'm in a minority, even amongst /yah/.

>> No.10890511

Don't forget the yandere girl who sent used sanitary pad photos.

>> No.10890647

for me it is funnier that people don't know what they are getting into, it makes me laugh when I see ojisan style messages with emojis and praises

>> No.10890678

But I would fall way harder. Its one thing when you only have a voice and hands, but when you have their face things get really bad. There's one vtuber that I wish i had never encountered, because when I saw her face I fell for her hard and became depressed. I still think about her all the time. It really sucks

>> No.10890721

The wiki is useful for content creation. I don't care if some holofag who accidentally stumbles upon it doesn't read it.

>> No.10890757

Who knows? I don't really think about it much.
People I've met online and then finally meet/see one day never look anything like my guesses.

>> No.10890831

Bea post Chihiro lips. I don't care which ones.

>> No.10890881

that's why i want the irl meeting happen, it would be fun to guess who is who

>> No.10890962

Beatani original music doko

>> No.10891015

But I want more holofags to watch Beatani

>> No.10891024

It's the opposite for me. I'm in love with Beatani, not with her roommate. It's also why I don't want her to ever change her appearance; I'd no longer be able to love her.

>> No.10891083
File: 503 KB, 816x1072, 1629206619056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gross. At least go for Nijiniggers

>> No.10891106

Bea's lips...

>> No.10891282

She's is a plain and unremarkable Japanese lady. BUT THAT CHANGES NOTHING BECAUSE HER FEET ARE ALL I CARE ABOUT. I WILL FLIP HER UPSIDE DOWN AND CHAIN HER TO MY TORSO SO I CAN ALWAYS BE CLOSE TO HER SUCCULENT SOLES. But yeah no worries most women in Japan look pretty similar so just fill in the blanks.

>> No.10891314

but which sister has the most kissable lips?

>> No.10891395

that's usually how I am. But with Beatani and the other case, even if their personality is somewhat of an act, just seeing their face and knowing they're the one responsible for that vtuber, would fuck me up mentally

>> No.10891483

If Beatani is reading this thread, she must be looking at us the same way she looks at animals in a zoo.

>> No.10891517
File: 61 KB, 499x321, 1624219682881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10891585

Obviously Chihiro

>> No.10891684

At least she likes zoo animals. She hates us.

>> No.10891931

Slowly applying lib balm across her plush lips with your finger... haa... haa...

>> No.10891978

We wouldn't have trouble guessing Bea obviously, but it would be fun to guess dads based on accent and appearance. I hope it happens some day.
That's the best way to read these threads anyway

>> No.10892085

Dads draw yourself as Risuna.

>> No.10892202

>bea subs still inclining

>> No.10892288

Risuna is just me anyway, only wearing jeans instead of a skirt

>> No.10892336

The queen of VT

>> No.10892687

140 subs in 2 days. That's not happened in a long time.

>> No.10892779

I want Risuna to wear my genes.

>> No.10893039

But /wvt/ told me that you HAVE to stream on twitch otherwise you will be an eternal 2view

>> No.10893161
File: 31 KB, 545x188, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros, we missed Risuna's debut...

>> No.10893181


>> No.10893183

You didn't get the DM with the link?

>> No.10893386

I already saw the superior Risuna debut so no need to waste my time on this bitch.

>> No.10893641

You should go back

>> No.10894281

it would be kino to have a complete stream of bea using the risuna model while she imitates us for 3 hours

>> No.10894677

Risunas debut was pretty kino. What type of content do you want to see her make in the future? I wasn't expecting her singing to be so good.

>> No.10894694

>Nanchara kanchara
It's Vshojo but she can't say it due to a non-disclosure agreement.

>> No.10894745

When was that said

>> No.10894756

It would be nice to see her play Omori. Good English with no derails, reading her viewers comments, not begging for money. Exactly what a chuuba should be.

>> No.10894837

Agreed, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Hopefully she can learn from the mistakes of other chuubas. She kinda sounds like a fat African man though.

>> No.10894855

I like it when she says nanchara kanchara i want a nanchara kanchara ASMR

>> No.10894873

Listener-chan is so cute and shy, I want to know more about her.

>> No.10894926


>> No.10894941

She is a girl for me, I want her to be my wife.

>> No.10894993

I'll have to look it up later but on the stream where she explained what Japanese menhera is.

>> No.10895036

If she does this I will debut as Chihiro and steal all the dads from her, I already have a model almost fully rigged

>> No.10895097

Wipe the smirk off that bitch bear's face onegai

>> No.10895124

If you stream as Chihiro, you would be the second dad I would watch. The first is a bit slimy but nice.

>> No.10895138

He plans to collab with the bear in the end

>> No.10895619

What would a beatani video game be like? I'm picturing something like yume niki

>> No.10895668

QWOP type game with the goal of washing her face without wetting her clothes.

>> No.10895803

made in rpgmaker where you are trying to escape from xp hill, sometimes risuna appear to try to help you, in the middle of the game the scenery changes you appear in a dirty room and you can only use a computer

>> No.10895848

Vtuber simulator. You'll balance time, income, stream quality, advertisement, managing your fan base. In the end you get to meet for a offpako and have a mass suicide with all your fans.

>> No.10895850

It would be like a troll flash edits of the ZONE games.
Instead of action you would get nigger screamer with laughing bea

>> No.10895910

This was in my recommendations. I think it means war soon (in Minecraft).

>> No.10895924



>> No.10895957

Something like Scars of Summer, Time Loop NTR or Furry Ear Girls Never Betray.
No I will not elaborate.

>> No.10895973

>she doesn't need a whole goddamn wiki dedicated to her every footstep

>> No.10895975

Keeping things on brand, maybe a desktop pet or a daughter raising sim

>> No.10895991

>This was in my recommendations.
Sorry, it's because I watched it.

>> No.10896068

I'm kind of surprised with how dedicated dads are, nobody's made one of those old anime desktop buddies yet. But then I guess they fell out of style like 15 years ago.

>> No.10896090

you mean like the widget type things that would walk around your desktop and do little cute animated actions? that would actually be quite nice...

>> No.10896100
File: 135 KB, 600x545, 326f3e726e3ba8a641573c0c35936c12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does Bea hate being Japanese? As a third worlder I'd love to be live in Japan instead of my murderous shithole, it has nothing to do with being a weeaboo. And even if I was a first worlder, Japan is better than 80% of other first world countries.

>> No.10896174

I'd gladly let it burn through my GPU mining crypto so I can have a cute desktop bear.

>> No.10896187

She's exaggerating and the grass is always greener on the other side

>> No.10896243

because you are only looking at the good things

>> No.10896279

The grass is very green on XP hill and I long to touch it.

>> No.10896310

She has never been outside of Japan, doesn't know how good she has it.

>> No.10896312

More like 100%

>> No.10896344

She grew up in Africa with her Chinese father.

>> No.10896396

No lol. If I had to live in another less amazing, less free country it would be somewhere in Europe.

>> No.10896539
File: 119 KB, 485x488, 92.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most if not all scandinavian countries are better, but other than that yeah japan mogs most of europe and america. Bea should be grateful she was born there.

>> No.10896607

>92% less likely to be murdered

>> No.10896701

Bea's grass...

>> No.10896746

Burgers... Well, at least you have money.

>> No.10896788

The Japanese murder themselves to not trouble others. Very considerate.

>> No.10896822

Cut out a few *ahem* population groups and the numbers look a lot better

>> No.10896856
File: 314 KB, 656x1810, Bea gets her wish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10896872

you still have a lot of junkies and homeless

>> No.10896964

Boy do I HATE niggers.

>> No.10897071
File: 103 KB, 833x1466, 3E070478-87EC-48C4-96E5-22C945D2DDC4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10897119
File: 227 KB, 383x337, 08921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Predict Bea's next twitter follows. My picks:


>> No.10897221

Not an excuse.

>> No.10897266


>> No.10897302

>simplifying the wiki
Just nuke the article and make a new one.

>> No.10897440

Stop giving her ideas. Pain.

>> No.10897542

>she unlisted the VOD
smart move

>> No.10897627

It's not like she won't show her boobs to anyone who DMs her. She's shutting the barn door after the horse is already gone.

>> No.10897638

she's got a good head on her shoulders, it's better to take a minor setback early rather that let that yab fester and ruin her career going forward.

>> No.10897670
File: 468 KB, 520x459, 1492461028096.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just write a new article from scratch in a sandbox or something, and when it's ready just nuke the fandom article and paste it on top of it.
The current fandom article is genuinely detrimental to bea, it's a schizo wall of text that nobody is going to read, newcomers first of all.

>> No.10897742

I think in a discussion from a few months ago someone said this was "one man's passion project" too and I'm not really that emotionally attached to it. Right now I'm willing to clean it up out of a sense of responsibility.
I said above that they can ask if they actually have a question. If she had a question she would've asked by now.
Early on I said it was one giant autism flex and I kinda regret not stating that it was one of many efforts we were undertaking at the beginning to increase Bea's footprint on the internet. It was in the same spirit as the fan art and commissions at the beginning.
You pointed out well what every other page on that wiki does. At some point I added information like the terminology with the explicit purpose of making it easier to keep up with all the inside memes, but this is only useful to someone already watching Beatani.
>I'm personally disappointed that more information isn't written on other vtubers on that wiki, but according to you, I'm in a minority, even amongst /yah/.
I feel the same, since I have no problem skimming through other pages myself and just picking up what I need. However, the Fandom Wiki does not handle long articles well, since the web editor and the page itself kind of struggles to load with all the current Wikisource and embedded media. I have no problem with making it conform to the expectation set by the other pages, although I'm still deliberating on whether we move the extra info to sub-pages or move it somewhere else.
It's not necessary to go that far, probably. Just condensing the info that's already there and moving the excess stuff somewhere else should be enough.
This my current mindset.
Speaking of unlisted debuts, I just noticed that the first JP zatsu is also no longer listed. I wonder what that's about.
It's not shimeji, but there are artists that work on custom PC cursors based on characters. There's one person in Twitter but I don't remember their username.

>> No.10897764

schizo wiki anon, that you? you posting walls of text again?

>> No.10897775

Because she saw the retarded infutation of many of japanese wanabee around here esp the one from /jp/, and is trying to save them and make them realize everywhere is mostly the same in the end and that they're deluding themselves because they don't actully know Japan but some idealized version if it.

>> No.10897785

>This shouldn't be about one man's pride
There's always the page history if you decide to come back to take a gander at the menhera wall

>> No.10897813

>It's not necessary to go that far, probably.
Yes, it fucking is. That page is genuinely 90% filler.

>> No.10897842

The VOD...

>> No.10897870

what VOD?

>> No.10897895

Busy whole day I see some mention of VOD but I'll chose to ignore and classify that as some dumb larp to make people feel bad

>> No.10897918

The VOD...

>> No.10897952

95% I'd say

>> No.10897954

It's actually because I watched it so it got recommended to both of you

>> No.10897983

ITT: menheras being jealous of WA's knowledge regarding bea, so they want to destroy his work.

>> No.10897997

t. WA

>> No.10898005

>it was one of many efforts we were undertaking at the beginning to increase Bea's footprint
Seeing five screens' worth of stalker ramblings isn't gonna bring new viewers on board, just the opposite

>> No.10898038

Good, strong dads only.

>> No.10898148

Dangerously groomy attitude.

>> No.10898165

>new viewer sees a long wiki page
>new viewer is impressed by the dedication, so he checks bea out

>> No.10898183

>new viewer sees a long wiki page
>new viewer is repulsed by menhera, so he doesn't check bea out

>> No.10898194


>> No.10898203

She should unlist the membear streams next.

>> No.10898305

Menhera wiki for a menhera chuuba.
I don't see the problem.

>> No.10898334

only the strong will last to the end, I think you already know who they are

>> No.10898344

The ones not on the weak list

>> No.10898351

The problem is that the wiki's purpose is to capture new viewers, not stroke one weird anon's ego

>> No.10898372

My two cents is that if you get turned off by a long and detailed wiki page you will also not enjoy watching Bea derail every single stream four hours either and won't stick around. Also I hate change.

>> No.10898450

That's retarded, you could apply that to anything and thus have literally no one "worthy" of Bea's content
Interest is gradual, you don't bring up all your issues and weird shit right when meeting someone the first time

>> No.10898454

>if you get turned off by a long and detailed wiki page you will also not enjoy watching Bea derail
Delusion. These two have absolutely nothing to do with each other one is enjoyable and the other one isn't

>> No.10898480
File: 252 KB, 490x467, !1633398148144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: wiki anon desperately trying to stand for his life's work

>> No.10898496

They are still part of your shitty country

>> No.10898497

When was the last time you read the Wiki page? I've been turned off by it since like day 2

>> No.10898520

It's read by its author and Beatani the one time she made content of it for a stream.

>> No.10898546
File: 142 KB, 1000x225, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally all you need to know about the current page

>> No.10898552

Why would I read the wiki if I'm watching everything live

>> No.10898618

Maybe a week or two ago when I needed some information while working on the magazine

>> No.10898620

the wiki is fine

>> No.10898633


>> No.10898692
File: 1.99 MB, 320x240, 1489382518599.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10898694
File: 14 KB, 746x183, 1624237351745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Magazine Update for At Risk Submissions
>Likely to complete
Comic Anon
Dangerous Anon
>Completion is seeming unlikely but not gone
Egg Anon
Japan Anon
>Where are You? Please contact me immediately
Investigator Anon (He got too close!!!)
Muscle Anon

>> No.10898709

Make a subpage, stop arguing like apes. You're not interested in the subpage, you don't read it, simple as. But both of you won't let your egos accept this easy solution.

>> No.10898718

fine example of autism

>> No.10898752

>arguing like apes
more like one person arguing and the rest trying to make him realize how destructively autistic he is

>> No.10898818

One of these days someone is just going to delete the whole damn wiki

>> No.10898826

When you realize that the anti-wiki people are the same that want Bea to collab with males

>> No.10898837

Well I think most people are totally fine with a subpage, aside from wiki anon.

>> No.10898845

Adding this screencap to the wiki was actually a smart choice. If I were a new viewer, that would catch my attention

>> No.10898856

It's only like 30% longer than Gura's page.

>> No.10898870

I want Bea to collab with males, as much as possible, flirting is fine too, and I love the wiki as it as well. Don't make generalities.

>> No.10898872

just realised that WA stands for wiki anon, not for Washington

>> No.10898883


>> No.10898886
File: 6 KB, 301x242, 1622362422523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Magazine Update for Credits
Please email me and let me know how to credit you in the magazine

>> No.10898892

But Gura is a vapid bitch with 80% less lore, so her viewers and wiki people are actually MORE autistic by like 300%.

>> No.10898922

Anyone who know about vtubers know about Gura in the first place, so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.10898924
File: 3 KB, 137x72, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The difference is that she's long past the point where she needs a wiki

>> No.10898927

Yes, the normalfags

>> No.10898939

I like the wiki it shows an obsessive and unhealthy love I love it

>> No.10898961
File: 12 KB, 37x62, Beatani v3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're interested in making a YN fangame , I'll gladly help and it's crossed my mind, but the nature of it might be an issue for Bea if it gets too personal or misses the mark.

>> No.10898972

Lore should be archived. It's pretty sad how much some of you hate him just for being autistic.

>> No.10898983

I don't hate him.

>> No.10899019

>hate him
how can you misread so hard? People aren't hating, just pointing out how useless and counterproductive the thing is
I like having that kind of write up but just not as wiki, subpage is fine

>> No.10899040

please don't tell me your wet dream is to turn bea into a super idol vtuber, that won't happen it's good you want to get more numbers but you are being equally or more autistic than wiki anon 2

>> No.10899045

Is n**** y***** the wiki anon

>> No.10899056

This sounds like a perfect fit, but I'm not sure I have enough discipline to contribute

>> No.10899064

Literally nobody hates him. Why does it have to be taken personally.

>> No.10899099

There is now a thread about the wiki, go there to talk about it you autistic niggers

>> No.10899105

>hate him
Are you retarded? I don't think anyone HATES him, the problem is that the article in its current form is useless and detrimental to Bea's growth

>> No.10899122

Minecraft War to keep or move the wiki content.

>> No.10899140

>detrimental to Bea's growth
It fucking isn't

>> No.10899148


>> No.10899153

we haven't had a good ol' fashioned war for a while honestly

>> No.10899158

Don't really want MORE numbers, just them staying the same as about ~3 months ago.

>> No.10899165

It's not useless or counterproductive though, when people are interested in something, they want to read more about it. The wiki's laid out in sections, so they can skip the arcs if they want.

>> No.10899176

How naive? If I was a new viewer, wanted to look up bea and saw this mess, I would deduce that it's a closed-off autism club and wouldn't give her a second thought.

>> No.10899177

Definitely not, it has saved me a lot of time
>detrimental to Bea's growth
There's no proof of this

>> No.10899207

You cannot seriously believe this. If you can't imagine other people's perspectives, at least listen to those who can.

>> No.10899220

More like want to get a general ideal before directly checking the content, not read their life's history.

>> No.10899244

Guys if we restructure the entire wiki and make a completely new project out of doing so (simultaneously before finishing the ongoing ones) Bea MIGHT get two more viewers next stream. Please consider the possibilities of such endeavor with care.

>> No.10899254

A sub page could not help you the same way?

>> No.10899266

Isn't it? tricking people is not good, they will end up reporting the channel.

>> No.10899324

Long wiki page shows that the community is active. People would rather join an active community than an inactive one.

>> No.10899325

Kinda ironic considering you can't imagine my perspective

>> No.10899434

More like they read /yah/ and or watched a stream and want to catch up on stuff before the next one. A wiki is never someone's first step to a vtuber, they heard about it elsewhere and want to know more while they're on their phone or browsing around.

>> No.10899446

Long wiki page shows that the community is obsessing over itself and you aren't welcome there.

>> No.10899477

>I will continue harming bea's growth to protect my ego

>> No.10899497

The wiki page needs to be trimmed, too long, filled with unnecessary shit and ego stroking under the Community>Terminology>Wiki/Wikianons, most of the shit written there is barely necessary and it's just for schizo WA purposes, her relationship with fans and Chihiro IS important tho, Events subcategory should be under History, and no matter how much you write there under the excuse of
>showing that the community is alive
>the fans care
will compensate for the fact that it won't make people that stumble on that cringefest of a page go watch Beatani.

>> No.10899498

>Explains inside jokes and characters
>Not welcoming

>> No.10899515

Yes, the community is obsessed with itself and nobody else is welcome here.

>> No.10899552

What? Every vtuber I've started watching I first checked their wiki page to get a general idea and get their links.

>> No.10899557

Bea did this in 6 short pictures. It's not that fucking hard. You don't need to write a biography

>> No.10899559
File: 1.83 MB, 275x154, disdain.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit just move the current tism wall to a subpage already and write a new, readable landing page for newcomers to get a bearing. There's literally nothing to argue about

>> No.10899564

No, it's y***** e* s****

>> No.10899584

I don't know if WA knows about the existence of subpages at this point.

>> No.10899590
File: 1.64 MB, 2048x2048, smug bear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did and it's incorrect

>> No.10899614

fuck, I don't have time for myself and you want me to write a fucking bible

>> No.10899639

I lost respect for n***y y****i-san after he removed that "chihiro is better in bed" bit right before the wiki reading stream

>> No.10899671

Yeah, maybe after 40 minutes of reading you'll stumble on it

>> No.10899672

Guess I'll rewatch today's VOD and skip this dumb pointless conversation

>> No.10899681
File: 135 KB, 400x400, 1624213622464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is retarded make your subpage already

>> No.10899692

The purpose of the wiki is decided by whoever writes it.

>> No.10899701

>40 minutes
Are you retard?

>> No.10899720

The biography fulfills a separate purpose, retard

>> No.10899745

I never read a wiki to learn more about a vtuber i just watch the vods

>> No.10899751

Bea go to sleep you have to work tomorrow

>> No.10899797

Then let someone with the "correct" purpose in mind write it

>> No.10899835

She's not been online for the past 3 hours sadly.

>> No.10899864
File: 35 KB, 600x500, !1468263930341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>breaking containment again
please keep your tism in check, /yah/ already gets weird looks from the rest of the board

>> No.10899878

What kind of job does bea do that she needs to take business trips?

>> No.10899896


>> No.10899917

Don't you have a reddit post to make?

>> No.10899919

I made the thread on purpose, I like that people think /yah/ is weird.
I wanted to show a bit of the autism present in these threads.

>> No.10899946

Top 1% of all weed pullers so she gives seminars to up-and-coming gardeners.

>> No.10899950

>roll the insult dice
>"reddit" comes up
you're not even trying

>> No.10899951
File: 862 KB, 800x1130, 1625500600596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10899958

I envy that bear, I wish I had business trips in japan

>> No.10900084

Just think how she's dressed up and wearing makeup to impress her ojisan bosses and clients. I'm sure Bea is a real knockout and when she heads to the izakaya after work some men with deep pockets wouldn't think twice about buying her a drink or ten.

>> No.10900297

It hurts knowing bea is probably getting fucked by a chinese investor right now

>> No.10900303

I imagine when bea has her first sex experience she will think about us
"I'm getting fucked iiandn all my holes and they will never know eheh", that's pretty hot

>> No.10900332

Meant "in"

>> No.10900333

It's a vacation

>> No.10900335

She would tweet about it while it happens

>> No.10900372

I hope she tells us how the sex felt.

>> No.10900423

She's meeting her dickfriends.

>> No.10900460

rrat she already lost her virginity a long time ago, she was just so drunk at the time so she doesn't remember it

>> No.10900521

You'll be able to tell when she's squirming more than usual on her first stream back. She'll be feeling like someone drove a Mack truck up her pussy.

>> No.10900614
File: 230 KB, 505x1278, Trip to Okinawa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10900669


>> No.10900705


>> No.10900722
File: 447 KB, 611x604, 1630335610586.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My fucking sides ahahahah

>> No.10900753

Nunca cambies spic bro

>> No.10900923

isn't this what the green person did?
can anyone fill me in on that?

>> No.10901012

Speaking of Koopa, did she comment anything after Bea talked about the prophecy on the divegrass stream?

>> No.10901038


>> No.10901041

why would she? I don't even she's aware of any of that

>> No.10901043

At least she took a flight so it probably isn't Osaka.

>> No.10901074
File: 237 KB, 440x557, 1630415780732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beatani Lover you are fucking adorable!

>> No.10901318

and so are you

>> No.10901381

Yeah but why though?

>> No.10901402

I'm having a great time lately watching her streams, it seems crazy to think all the drama arcs that we had a couple of months ago

>> No.10901500

Drama makes us stronger. Weak dads already left. All the ones remaining are the strong willed ones

>> No.10901528

Just have to keep the threads interesting so she doesn't need to manufacture a yab.

>> No.10901550

This disgusts me
Dads are too comfortable

>> No.10901582

What should the next fight be about?

>> No.10901588

I been waiting and biding my time to Bring Back the Bush

>> No.10901611
File: 393 KB, 1668x1668, 1633209541686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That moment yesterday when Bea said that she recognized all the names in the chat and was happy about it

>> No.10901650

if beatani's boyfriend is reading this, please make sure she remembers to pee enough. i know it's harder to check when she's out of town but i'm a little concerned she'll be stressed out and forget

>> No.10901673


>> No.10901725

I've been carrying this lazy bear to the toilet every time

>> No.10901770

she said yakuza was special because only her family watched those streams and she recognized all the names in the chat

>> No.10901792

I'm the opposite. Lately, it has seemed like she wants to get even closer to dads, which has made me really anxious. I feel like something like what's written in the second part of the koopa prophecy might actually happen. It's gotten to the point where I'm not even having fun anymore.

>> No.10901810

what? is there a second part?

>> No.10901827

can you really call it the second part if it's not the same poster?

>> No.10901837

Wtf are you doing man? You're supposed to BE the toilet.
Move over, I'll do it instead.

>> No.10901852


>> No.10901867
File: 76 KB, 1279x233, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10901889
File: 279 KB, 576x714, !PbMMyJK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>happened when I wasn't watching

>> No.10902313
File: 483 KB, 803x414, 1623445262952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The final yab waits for no dad.

>> No.10902358

Time to fap thinking of my cute little bear

>> No.10902394

the best compliment you can give a dad is that he raised top tier fap material

>> No.10902399
File: 61 KB, 376x413, 270726EB-FB97-4CAF-B26C-0E0470BFDC91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10902650

You doubted it? The prophecy is truth.

>> No.10902725

When hana said a similar thing, I stopped watching her

>> No.10902731
File: 46 KB, 376x413, 525E2494-A06F-46AA-84BA-6B4ED3A6286B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ṭ̴̨̡̛̭̯͚͇͕̙͔̤̯̗̠͎̫̫͚͉̬̥͓͉͓̥̫͕̓͌͌̐͒̈́͌̒́͛̊̇̈́̂͌͘͘̕̚ͅH̴̝̋̈́̎͒͆̂̀͌͌̈́́̇̀̈́̈́͗͐̇̈́̇̍̚͝͝ͅĘ̸̡̨̨̧̛͖͎̭͎̭̤̞͔̤̠̩̮͕͓̩͕͖̖̝̰͇͚͍̜̤̗̾̏͋͋̊̑̄̆̓̂̚̕̕̚͝ ̶̨̛͕̟̩̭̞̞̦̞̩͆͂̓̽̉̑̂̓͐̌̈́̑̈́̋̐̈́̕̚P̸̧̨̡̺̮̘̤͕͇̜̫̟̹̰̤̭̣̻͖̱͎̳͕̯̙̰͔̮̥͚̼̔̏̿̄̔́̓̾̎̇͛̈́̄͘͘͜ͅR̵͉̮̖̳̝͈̝͚̥̱͍̗̋̎͛̏̒̂̔̒̄̽̇̔̈́̈́̓̾́͋̓̓̌̓̇̊̏̽̓̚̚͝Ơ̷̬̥̰̬̩͙̻̖̰͎͚̭͉̝͉̠̖̳̳͍͊̇̊͒̔́̇̀̊͑̓̈́͘͠H̷̡̢̻̘̻̙͔̞̝̙͓̭̼̦͕̹̹͈͕̱̝͇̫͍̮̫̳̳̥̑̑́̋̓̏̃̽̈́̚͝ͅP̸̧̣͍̞̺͕͓̗̱̍̆̀̌̓̌̄̿͐̆̒̋͒̑̃̉͘̚͠͝͠E̸͎̭̼̭͎͇̭̦̣͔͉̹̱̤͓̹̣̹͓͖̮̗͙̼͋̓͛̐̓͐̂̓̀͌̀̔̊̀̚͝Ċ̸̯͕̠̖̞̣͙̭̦͚̮̻̘́̋́́̌̉̃͋̓̈́̏͐͑̐̀̈́̊̀̔̍̕̚̚͝Y̷̢̧̧̛̰̮̫̙͙̰̤̥͔̤͊͗̏̂͐̔̇̾̿͆̐̓̿͗̉́̉̚̚͜͜ͅ

>> No.10902752

that's called being filitered

>> No.10902778

So you noticed in the 4chan Birthday image that the vtuber concept was teased? Do you think if Beatani was offered the spot as the official 4chan vtuber that she'd accept?

>> No.10902809

she would accept just to talk to hiroyuki?

>> No.10902832

She'd be one step closer to Hiroyuki I could see her doing it if they let her stream part time maybe.

>> No.10902878

Yes on two conditions
1. No responsibilities
2. She gets to talk to Hiroyuki whenever she wants

>> No.10902915

She still doesn't know what she would talk to him about. I guess she can make a Beata2channel thread to get idas, but I still find it funny that she wants to do it just because.

>> No.10902969

Mock interview with .png of hiroyuki would be pretty funny. If he saw it maybe he'd give a real one.

>> No.10903019

I stopped giving a shit about her after THAT tweet

>> No.10903112


>> No.10903500

something something if you criticise ethots you're a hypocrite because vtubers are 2D ethots

>> No.10903555

Is she lying?

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