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Holy shit, how can she have so many illnesses

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rest in peace Rushia.

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imagine the views Cover will pull in with a RIP Rushia stream

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imagine the nuclear meltdown from the fandeads if she actually died

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Do clip channels really believe promoting their bait on 4ch is a good idea?

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subaru has a pretty serious issue with her heart. she just doesn talk much about it.

this rushia stuff doesnt sound so serious. its Meniere's disease tier

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Heart murmur's aren't even that bad, I have one and it's never caused me a

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is a 50/50 i guess

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>Rushia will personally curse me when she dies
Hah. Already cursed, Rushia! Your powers won't work on me! But please don't die.

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who dies first Rushia or Mouse?

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Sakura Miko

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Mousey's a lot sicker than Rushia, but you can never know when death happens. This day might be our last

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>gets the covid jab
>thinks she's slowly dying

(((They))) have gone too far.

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Rushia is the Kiara of the JPs...this is a nothingburger

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Only the strong Holos will survive.
Pray your oshi will be amongst them.

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Mouse has been improving actually

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But I wanted the battle royale kind of culling, not this.

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Speaking of Miko and her 3 month health break. Imagine if Rushia had to take a multiple month break due to her health. I think her return stream would break the superchat record of Coco's graduation.

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Hey man. FAQ

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>the first thing anon sees once he wakes up

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Wasn't her condition supposed to be congenital?

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Didnt she get it fixed as a child? Tell me more

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She's a necromancer she can just rez herself

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Probably, but we're also taking about people who translate shit where they don't know either the source nor the target language. Also that fuck got banned from posting his shit on the offical reddit because his tl's are shit so..

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I was looking for this joke

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>gets the jab
>confesses to feeling more sick immediately afterwards
>now is afraid she might die
Remember, you're a /pol/tard if you connect the dots.

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but that means she'll be forever pettan and that would drive her even crazier

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>Much more SCs coming soon
Smart girl

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Yes, go back amerishart

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Actually the fact she still look so young despite being the oldest of gen 3 imply she already did that before in the past. That's why she stopped aging, she is just a reanimated corpse now and her body are slowly breaking down

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>Rushia is actually a skelly and now her fleshsuit is breaking down

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just fucking exercise, that's your body telling you to get your ass up and do something physical

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Tell Rushia I'm dying soon, tell her I loved her boobs and vagina. Thank you anon.

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>Rushia is a reanimated corpse
>Exactly like that one Lovecraft novel about a guy who keeps the AC on in his house because he was a slowly rotting corpse
Does Rushia have a pet cat? And if so, what's it named?

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Yeah she does, it's named ニガマン iirc

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Reanimating a corpse is different from resurrecting a life. Necromancy isn't Restoration, anon, despite it's similarities.
t. Mage of Winterhold

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>is in a wheelchair most of the time
>has to schedule streams around plasma infusions because if she goes longer than like 4 hours she will pass out
you know "getting better" isn't actually a quantifiable thing right.

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why don't you winterhold deez nuts

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Go climb a wall of dicks.

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>Life is just a battle between meat and skeleton
>The skeleton usually wins

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you must be 18 to post here buddy

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She's rich. Why doesn't she visit various specialist, and pay someone the make a perfect sleep/diet/medicine/exercise etc regimen for her? An ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure. In this case, she better buys pounds of prevention.

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her quality of life has improved, she's not getting cured
she can spend more time using her full opera voice and has been able to walk around some. that's an improved condition, you fuckin retard

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>she could save others from death, but not herself

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still a million times worse than what rushia is dealing with, which is the comparison made. but please remove my comment from all context like some SJW troon to score some kinda internet points for being "technically correct"

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can a necromancer ressurect themselves?

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yes. rushia is a known menhera and i don't trust her to tell me acurate medical information about herself.

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I hope none of you tards actually fell for that title bait.
Manager would never ever let Rushia talk like that if she was really in danger of dying.
Its bad for business.

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>Don't trust what people tell you about their health after they got VAXED. You should only trust the people doing their autopsy.

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Another victim of covid. Many such cases

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oh nyo

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uooohh mouseys congenitals

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Based lol

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you mean of the vaccine. young and healthy people don't die from kung flu

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>Colo leaves
>Rushia dies

What's next? Pekora joining nijisanji?

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>young and healthy

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damn my nigga anon really be dead

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Anon? Anon! ANOOOONNNN!!

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Festival. Her menhera condition will overcome her at this rate.

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*Kills your Anon*

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Damn, anon managed to type the captcha though

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she doesn talk much about it but its true that she has saved money for it. she said she needs or will need routine checkup at her doctor. i cant remember which stream it is but she definitely said it.

she hasnt a special issue with it now but probably it hasnt been totally fixed.

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Mouse. Though that's what everyone else tells me. I haven't see any major signs that she'll even keel over this year, even though "gonna die soon" is the meme surrounding her.

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Oh it's that guy? Haha wow

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even assuming that evey nation's government agreed to kill off large swathes of their populations with the vaxcine (which they would have no reason for wanting to do). the fact that so few people are getting serious side-effects means that if the vaxcine is a bio weapon, it's a really really bad one.

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Rushia, mouse won't die until she cleaned off all connor dick cheese

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>The last thing he sees

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Hope we can finally see the end of this annoying bitch

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