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Akai Haato/Haachama
Previous thread: >>10895779
Unmedicated Haaton babu thread
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC1CfXB_kRs3C-zaeTG3oGyg)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/akaihaato
Red Heart: https://youtu.be/A9HY4DsRTCg
Infinity: https://youtu.be/9mj2QJE-UOI
Previous stream: https://youtu.be/H5nmrQYng0g
Previous Members only stream: https://youtu.be/Pd6HKYuk20o

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for what purpose

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...I mean she did just stream today so I guess this is fine. But please newfriend haatons, do not rile him up.

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To make everyone depressed when she streams 1 more time over the next 3 weeks, but it's a collab on someone else's channel.

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Oh boy, time for another dose of depression from this thread alone.
Now a question, is this kayfabe? Or do we Hate the clock girl now?

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This pretty old now. It's just some kayfabe shit. I mean theres small doses of reality considering theres probably a healthy dose of hololive who are intimidated by her for various reasons. A real fat rrat is her and gura.

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Reminder that I love Haachama today too!

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I honestly do know it's a joke but it's actually so bizzare to me if there are people who are genuinely afraid of that cute little retarded cinnamon roll.
I know gura said that she was scared of her but I never took it seriously, and there's a rrat about it? Wow.

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I'm pretty sure it was a falseflagniggers just like how when Shion's cat died I falseflagged to be disappointed in my own oshi for keeping her Cate in cages and pledge to unmember my non-existent membership or that one time where I said that Artia did not do anything wrong and she didn't deserve to graduate

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Who are you imposter?

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So will she be streaming MK tomorrow? Or has she not spoken about that?

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Not, only spooken

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>Now a question, is this kayfabe? Or do we Hate the clock girl now?
Even if it isn't, why would it give you a reason to hate Kronii? I'm sorry but are you autistic?

Something that I didn't see anyone mention is that Kronii's reaction at that moment (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0l6Cxc6KV0) was most likely intended to be a follow-up to these Twitter exchanges Haachama had with her a while back:


I find it hard to believe that Gura is actually scared of her considering that she sang Red Heart at least once and spoke good of Chammers before. I think she's playing into the "Haachama is an eldritch horror beyond comprehension" kayfabe more than anything else 2bh.

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>Now a question, is this kayfabe? Or do we Hate the clock girl now?
Even if it isn't, why would it give you a reason to hate Kronii? I'm sorry but are you autistic?

Something that I didn't see anyone mention is that Kronii's reaction at that moment (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0l6Cxc6KV0) was most likely intended to be a follow-up to these Twitter exchanges Haachama had with her a while back:


And also because even the council members know Haachama is canonically strongest idol when it comes to power level in lore and is stronger than all of them (combined)

I find it hard to believe that Gura is actually scared of her considering that she sang Red Heart at least once and spoke good of Chammers before. I think she's playing into the "Haachama is an eldritch horror" kayfabe more than anything else 2bh.

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1:00:42 to 1:01:33
She sang Red Heart before the schizo arc. It might be just keyfabe, but there might be a tad bit of fear.

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>ywn be physically abused and milked by Haachama
it simply isn't fair bros

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Don't worry I have already been mentally abused by her being gone and back so sudden

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The queen of fucking hearts, I kneel

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Gura then said that she was afraid of Haachama and literally immediately added that it was a joke and Haachama-senpai was very cute.

And a couple of days ago on her stream, when her chat mentioned Haachama, Gura called her Haato-senpai and it sounded pretty cute.

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That's what I was talking about, which is why I'm surprised there's a rrat about it... Gura was obviously joking and she followed by literally saying that she was kidding.

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It's because there was a clip that cut before Gura saying it was just a joke. So, clipfags thought Gura is really scared of Haachama

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It turns out that Haachama posted her video on reddit, and rrats wrote that she forgot about it

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Go back or kill yourself

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Why won't you share your umbrella you heartless monsters?

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Bitch, not only did you just show up, were under the bus stop overhang.

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She likes being wet. That horny little slut.

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I don't think Nikocado is Haachama but they have a similar crazy energy. Also Nikocado has an onlyfans.

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Nobody cares about ENwhores. EOPs fuck off.

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Was just keeping up with company reps senpai.

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Is Haachama going to have her 2nd vaccination today?

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Great question. I wanna be a dixk and say chammers forgot like usual, but shes got a loving mom and sister

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Haachama chama

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Reminder that I love Haachama today too!

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Reminder that Haachama loves me today too!

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ASMR onegai...

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Sorry to burst your bubble anon, but she probably won't do an asmr for a long long time

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I found you, faker!

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I still have 0 idea what the fuck that stream yesterday was.

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Reminder that you all loves me today too!

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You think haachama herself knows? For me at least, it was so apparent that she was winging it it's crazy, not because of thr quality or anything but because she retired a stream and almost immediately started a new one.
I don't know if it's because as people said before she saw how many people were disappointed that there won't be a stream or because something happened with her console and she wanted to deliver something regardless, but it really showed that she was doing it as she goes and it still ended up being a pretty wonderful stream

>> No.10993801

her best attempt at doing a stream while avoiding saying a single word to us

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So we ARE getting the Watame treatment. It feels hurt

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Haachad? Chadchama?

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This might be a really really late realization... But hasn't it been an awfully long time since haachama introduced herself as the world strongest idol?
Or am I just bugging?

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Imposter btfo

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Why does she like feet so much?
Did she admit that she has a foot fetish or something?

>> No.10996219

If that steaming pile of shit was the best she could come up with after a week of no streams, she's going to be fucking off for another month at least because she's completely fucking disinterested in streaming at this point.

>> No.10996226

My rrat is she stopped streaming because after fucking her boyfriend because she felt guilty for keeping it from haatons

>> No.10996292

Yeah, I noticed that too. Last time she said that was actually the sudden privated Karaoke stream recently. But before that, it was the english slang stream from a month ago

>> No.10996417

I tried to tell her what you guys dont know cant hurt, but she does take the idol thing serious at times.

>> No.10996475

>She felt guilty
Not possible

>> No.10996683

Haachama cares enough to talk about them, and this is a thread for her, not you.

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Last POV deleted and tweet about stream deleted too

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Oi, bakamee

>> No.10997192

t. N5

>> No.10997196

She doesn't like feet. She occasionally leans into the meme because she thinks it is funny, At first, she hated feet jokes.

>> No.10997233

She has done void streams before. This one might be a case of creative bankruptcy. Or maybe she god mad at something and just wanted to faceroll a stream while singing songs about being mad and escaping reality.

>> No.10997314

She has admitted that she has trouble making comebacks after streaming for a while. I don't think she has cited guilt. She just ignores what happened during her breaks. I don't expect her to explain much about her personal matters but as a result of the silence you see people spinning narrative and psychoanalyzing her constantly.

>> No.10997367

Mad EOP is mad.

>> No.10997514

English is important to Haachama. She repeatedly declared that she wants to improve her English. She knows enough to collab with EN girls but she wants to do better. It's also part of her "worldwide" persona. Near the end of last year, when she went heavy with English content, she said she wanted to be part of both JP and EN. We know in reality she cancels or drops her English practice streams like any other content. It doesn't change the fact that those years of half-hearted language still weight heavily on her mind.

>> No.10997572

She will never be EN.

>> No.10997619

You can tell from her Twitter followers' replies and YouTube comments that her fans are all now uncondionally supportive and lobotomized.

>> No.10997672

She doesn't need to be EN to stream in English and collab with her EN friends.

>> No.10997725

she'll forever be a hot mess in all things until she learns some discipline
though that's part of her charm

>> No.10997738

None of them are her friends. Don't kid yourself. EN is just a prop to be used like the irrelevant sideshows they are.

>> No.10997791

At this point, Haachama probably needs professional guidance like a life coach or something.

>> No.10997839

This was somewhat expected.

>> No.10997939

I know Taiwan and Australia broke her but Haachama has real potential to explode into suprememe popularity if she could just settle into some definitive growth plan using schedule, content, and promos and stick with it for at least a year. Haachama Sunday, Cooking, Fanart Reviews, all great stuff. I feel like if she had an assistant or someone that could help her plan, stay motivated, consistent, and where to take the direction of her craziness she could dominate the vtuber scene. Should be management doing that but honestly don't expect anything from them at this point, I just hate seeing her potential get wasted like this and the world not recognizing her greatness

>> No.10997984

Okay, either the anons in this thread are right, or she decided to Spooktober.
I think we'll know the answer soon.

>> No.10998001

Her manager should be part of that but they are supposedly kept at arms length by Haachama. I'm also not too sure if she is keen on relying on others so much. I srill think you are right.

>> No.10998082

She might actually do lore again if she no better idea...

>> No.10998101

She'd rather live a normal life. Streaming was just an outlet for her to speak Japanese after all. Now it has no purpose for her.

>> No.10998320

Perhaps I'm giving it too much credit, but in her first tweet in October, she used the old greeting:


>> No.10998349

Yes you're overthinking it.

>> No.10998359

yeah, australia was a blessing for us viewers
wish she'd at least use streams for practicing the skills she wants to practice, but not sure it'd be the same without the insane drive she used to have

>> No.10998573


>> No.10998832

Lately it seems like streaming to achieve a goal is not enough. She dropped guitar.

>> No.10998856

You will always be inferior.

>> No.10998900

Here my rrats
I think saying she didn't learn English in Australia is a lie. To make it easier to say how bad her English is and everyone accepts it.
I think she's a lot more vulnerable than she tries to be, and her joking status as the strongest idol only puts pressure on her. Especially when everyone in the audience calls her that, as if they're expecting something different from her, raising expectations.
Especially after she returned to Japan and started comparing herself to others, she sees her peers getting collaborations with famous companies or music albums coming out.
Of course she could lose motivation or confidence, start saying she doesn't know English, doesn't sing well, etc.

You can object and say that she doesn't take this job seriously, but I doubt it.
When you spend whole years on something, no matter what reason you started, you'll start taking it seriously anyway, comparing yourself to others and wishing you had more success.

>> No.10998931

You clear don't watch her.

>> No.10999264


>> No.10999421

This is a bit worrisome and not because the guitar but her lack of motivation, Coco encouragement lasted too little, if someone like her can't motivate Chammers enough time to return doing streamings is a matter of time she will either make 1 stream per 6 months or graduate for not making it worse for her and us

>> No.10999733

Inferiority bites doesn't it.

>> No.10999759

Take a meds

>> No.10999857

Learn an English

>> No.10999891

You will never bee an Japanese

>> No.10999953

Who Engrishu is

>> No.11000053

What was the first game Haato eveer streamed?

>> No.11000064

stop feeding antichama you retards

>> No.11000108

I like Chammers just like she is. At least she's not matuli.

>> No.11000136

can't rely on bursts of motivation when she's an autist who can only care about and go full retard into one thing at a time, and it's definitely not streaming at the moment
getting more and more disillusioned ever since she returned to japan and lost her spark

nice of the spergs to speedrun the thread for us, hope there isn't a next one until she shows herself again

>> No.11000147

I wish chammers would be spiggin more engrish

>> No.11000303

Go back to wherever you came from newfag

>> No.11000314

The EOP trailer trash can't stop at this point.

>> No.11000590

I don't know why the fuck you people think she's demotivated or disillusioned or whatever the fuck you fucks keep pretending it is. You do not know her. Stop pretending you do and fuck off.

>> No.11000624

that part was about myself, I should've specified better

>> No.11000639

Agree, I don't know why OP decided to make another thread if it was obvious that it would be a shit

>> No.11000692

It's obviously because he wants to fish more Haachama trivia out of antichama.

>> No.11000737

So >we all agree, ride this thread out then no /hw/ till another stream. Its for the best.

>> No.11000806

Or make yourselves more useful and find out which vtuber that debuted recently has her friend's voice.

>> No.11001009

Haachama cancelling her stream at the last second is just more vindication for Matsuri and proves yet again how much of a lying irresponsible cunt she is. She has zero trustworthiness and can never be relied on to follow through with her commitments. It's probably why she never gets any sponsorships or official TV and radio appearances despite fucking everyone else getting them.

>> No.11001406

You can consider this the ramblings of a schizo's shower thoughts... But since this thing about losing motivation is pretty much real, and the fact that she streamed very consistently back when she was in Australia because she wanted to connect to Japan more when she couldn't do it irl... It just feels to me like she just streamed for herself rather than anything/anyone else.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think she should only be streaming for us as her fans since she's not a circus monkey who's sole reason is to entertain but this kind of things is a two way street, the same way we interact with her, provide more content for her through various user submission streams, she also has to give back by showcasing said submissions and interacting with us as her fans in general.
But now it just seems to me that as her fans, we were nothing more than some sort of emotional support for her.
And you might say that other members do the same, but in my opinion this is way one sided.
For example, polka relies a lot on her members because she has no one else to rely on for her emotions, and in the same way her fans reciprocate.
Rushia is another example who provides the "ultimate" GFE experience and they provide back with their money.
Hell even mori's fans who are pretty much used as nothing but paypigs get rewarded more consistently.
We first started watching her as the young girl who studying abroad all by herself with no one there to help her or even take care of her and all those things were said by her in the chicken's talk show as well as her real talk stream, and that's why a lot of haatons think of her as a daughter!
And so we started to support her more and more and more until we truly fell for her charms and it became US (or at least a huge portion of us) who are relient on her as our "medicine" and once she didn't need us to her emotional support anymore she just started having more and more breaks, and it got to this point, I would understand that she's busy with her real life and college life but since this is more of a "lost motivation" rather than being busy situation I'm led to believe that she cares so little about it, she'd throw that bone of a stream like she did yesterday and then leaves for God knows how long.
I don't mean to be a numberfag but this is just another point to my whole ramble, her ccv went down a bit after her most recent break and I refuse to believe that all of those who left were tourists, she barely breaks 10k viewers on most of her streams nowadays and I feel like that's because the haatons who have accepted this and have now left to keep the hurt to a minimum.
A lot of her content is regarded as legendary, her name is pretty much on all the tongues of those who know about Vtubers, her status on the internet is that of fubuki and coco if not even more which is why I always thought when the inevitable day comes and she graduates, her graduation stream will also be regarded as legendary as coco's but not I just think that she's trying to side back into obscurity so that she can graduate without having to worry about the amount of people who'll be sad, kind of like the opposite of what coco did.

This pretty much turned into a blog post because I just have so many things in my head to think about, I think I forgot to mention some points as well but these are my two cents, now I'm gonna go and take my meds

>> No.11001896

>I'm gonna go and take my meds
Yeah, you need it clearly, she lacks motivation, but is not as bad as you think it is, she loves Haatons and stated it multiple times and the situation is the opposite to the one you think it is, she needs now more support than she needed before, if you are a member you will know how almost all her latests mengens were us giving her some pats like it happened in her 3rd anniversary.

>> No.11001986

>she loves Haatons
It's sad that you believe any of this

>> No.11002110

Haachama has always streamed for her own entertainment. She doesn't need the money and she isn't an artist who needs validation from viewers. I don't think she needs the emotional support from her viewers either. She is back in Japan now and has people close to her who can actually fill that role.

>> No.11002227

Every time I hop into a Haachama general it’s always full of depressed schizos. Is this what happens when your oshi doesn’t give a fuck about you? Can’t relate.

>> No.11002343

Thanks for stopping by

>> No.11002369

We're always 100 or 0! Just like Haachama!

>> No.11002569

This is what she says, so if you are discrediting someone is her, not me, you are free to believe her or not

>> No.11002592

What is everyone's favorite English karaoke that chammers has done? For me, it's maroon 5

>> No.11002622

An entertainer shows love through performance. She doesn’t give a shit anymore. She should graduate and take us and her out of our misery.

>> No.11002727

If you still believe anything she says you're an idiot.

>> No.11003195

I'm in that phase of not being that old to see what things changed on her
>IMBA do your reps
Half of her vods are deleted or doesn't have a proper translation so I can't know almost anything from that
>If you still believe anything
This is something I tend to do by default, I don't conceive that people lies that much until proven that I was wrong, so is just more my way to be than being an idiot or not, I try to know but all info about her is an absolute chaos and everyone is telling different versions of their own opinion so idk who is telling the truth

>> No.11003796

If i had so many schizos in my viewers i probably don't stream too

>> No.11003860

I understand haachama.

>> No.11003943
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There was an earthquake, I hope Haachama managed to hide under the bed

>> No.11004144

> There was an earthquake in Japan.
Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.

>> No.11004189

And if had disgusting ESLs like you in my fanbase I’d kill myself.

>> No.11004558

Earthquakes don't do shit to Japan.

>> No.11004595

We all wish you would.

>> No.11004613

You'd be doing everybody a favor.

>> No.11004738

Those poor africans...

>> No.11005322


>> No.11006169

>doesn't stream
>lies about streaming
>puts zero effort when streaming
>fucks off afterwards
>has EOPhaggot armchair psychologists psychoanalyzing her when everything they know comes from seanigger clips
Worst girl attracts the most retarded fans.

>> No.11006903

Commit sodoku

>> No.11007411
File: 109 KB, 412x316, haachama in indonesia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey don't force her to take another vacation

>> No.11007516

>seething EOP chimps out

>> No.11007912

The root of the problem is that I'm fucking retarded and had the mistaken hope that she'd be a bit more active, even if just on twitter.

>> No.11008087

You must know by now that when she is not streaming she doesn't even look at her twitter or anything, even the roommate acc is abandoned
But I'm pretty sure she is using another one (her personal maybe), no one escapes entirely from internet

>> No.11009652

I have no problem believing she disconnects entirely from Twitter. There's a private account but it's only got three followers so if she's using that it's basically a diary and to keep track of the few dozen accounts she follows from it.

>> No.11010370

first time im hearing about this account

>> No.11011067

I don't know that it's hers. It's protected and the bio says something about not wanting to be searchable. It could just be a coincidence or a fan account. There's also a few other accounts that also have nearly identical names that I don't think are hers. The one I'm talking about just seems slightly more likely to belong to her than the others to me for some reason I can't articulate.

>> No.11012953 [DELETED] 

Haachama said herself that she does not want to bring negativity into her streams. During her recent real talk she pointed out how she would break into tears on-stream last year. Haatons are still Haachama's volunteer emotional support squad, especially during member streams. Unfortunately, streaming now seems to be one of the things that causes her stress when she fails to deliver. And she has trouble making comebacks if she dies go into a hiatus. So yes, it does feel one-sided except for perhaps the biggest gachikoi.

>> No.11014874
File: 364 KB, 1536x2048, FBGLJ79UYAcedFx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11015335

How is Flare is Charity? Someone like Fubuki would be better.

Kanata can also be Diligence imo.

Also I think Lamy isn't quite the person for Kindness but I can't think of who else is better suited for it.

>> No.11016338

Kanata is charity because of the amount of leech she is

>> No.11016506

ADHDChaama is Patience??

>> No.11016680

Maybe chammers is just a big hunter x hunter fan

>> No.11016845

Children with ADHD or any other disorder are not sent to study abroad alone.
And the fact that her parents allowed her not only to study, but also to do vtubing during this time. It shows how much they trust her.
So stop making up psychological disorders for her.

>> No.11017016

Haachama is much much smarter than she makes herself out to be, I don't want to call her a manipulator, but she has some of those flavors to a certain Degree

>> No.11017963

You have to be kidding me. You say this when there exists the piece of work that is Papachama.

>> No.11018039

You're going to have to give some specific examples. Most of the time it looks like she is ramming square pegs into round holes until she gets bored.

>> No.11018884

>said she is a moody woman and needs her alone time
>has stated that she is feeling down, going as far as to say that her heart is a void
> emoposted with void streams. Cried on-stream several times.
>suddenly loses interest in her activities and goals, dropping anything and everything even though she once enjoyed them
>repeatedly states that she has trouble sleeping on schedule and has mentioned experiencing sleep paralysis
>was notorious for being "thin-skinned" and blocking any Twitter criticism
>constantly criticizes her own singing and other skills compared to her coworkers
>suddenly withdraws and goes radio silent. She not only avoids her fans but has also stopped communicating with her coworkers during hiatus.
> can't make decisions and commit when making streams. Frames get rescheduled and canceled canceled.
>much more

Forget labels. Forget psychoanalysis. Just observe her and listen to her own words. She has baggage.

>> No.11019036

Please, let this thread to die anon, we al know she won't be sincere with Haatons and will keep saying ''strongest idol'' when this is pure cope by her, at this point we just have to wait for her to either returning or graduating, we can't do anymore

>> No.11019234

All your points are a bit too broad and they seem more malicious than they really are but that doesn't mean there's no truth to them, on the contrary I think they're pretty valid but that they carry more malicious intent than they need to.
That's why I agree with >>11019036
I'm probably gonna hide this thread now to let it die, and let's hole no one makes a new /hw/ thread you retards.

>> No.11019358

>no one makes a new /hw/ thread you retards.
Why? Where can I show my appreciation for her?

>> No.11019382

Do it in global

>> No.11019492

At this point any appreciation for Chammers will be replied with rrats and trolling, isn't worth unless you want to be trolled by antichamas, the best we can do is wait for her to stabilize her life schedule in one or another way

>> No.11019500

Haatons try to stay positive but the cracks show. This happens every time she goes on a short break. Maybe some folks need to get off the rollercoaster for their own sake.

>> No.11019511

Right because what those threads really need are more.haatons arguing with each other

>> No.11019562

Well this thread certainly wouldn't be any different so just unleash the cancer.

>> No.11019623

It's just Antichama baiting. This place isn't Haachama's hugbox, either. She makes plenty of mistakes and annoys her fans. Stick to Twitter or Reddit for forced positivity.

>> No.11019814

>plenty of mistakes
We know, but that's why I said to just letting it to die, because with this situation antichamas has a very easy way to create some drama between Haatons, even in another threads anons are talking about her and I don't want this board to give her the kson treat without any reason to do because all she did is disappearing from time to time

>> No.11020374
File: 367 KB, 3837x2925, IMG_20211008_000841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me try to change the subject.

Is there anything you'd like to change about Haachama's programs? For the better.

I think meme reviews should be shortened to 40 minutes and pre-recorded. Then it could not only show the memes better, but also edit the video for greater effect.

Haachama cooking should probably start making real exotic food.

About Haachama Sunday she said herself and I agree with her opinion.

Honestly I'd like to see horror streams, but not games or schizo, but something like urban legends that will tell or other ghost stories. That kind of format would still go along with ASMR.

But these are just my thoughts, I would like to hear what you think.

>> No.11021249
File: 894 KB, 3024x4032, EnnLfELW8AIzgkS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine, geez.
>Meme Review
Prerecorded would probably be too much work with the editing. Why do you feel it needs to be changed?
>Haachama cooking
I would like to see exotic dishes but first I would like know what her objective is with Haachama cooking. At one point she said she wanted to do it weekly to get better at cooking. Now she seems uninspired and can't think of anything to cook. She still didn't make the rice omelette for her sister, She just needs to draw something cute or funny on it to have a gimmick, if she feels she needs it.
>Haachama Sunday
I think it should happen twice a month at most. Sometimes she gives Haatons no time at all to make something. If she wants music or videos, those require more time. Perhaps it could rotate with the Reddit Review.
I think she needs to have a serious talk with her fans about what she thinks the problem is with ASMR? How does she want her fans to react to her jokes about how hot her ear massage is? To be honest, I at first felt plenty awkward on my own without looking at YouTube chat. I doubt she would start moderating her chat, so she has to change her ASMR style or make it more clear that she is being "campy." There are plenty of noise props and roleplay she could explore. I'm a but surprised she has not done something like IRyS' recent ASMR or Calli's cursed ASMR.

>> No.11025486
File: 144 KB, 1500x1200, BAKAME.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11025611

I'm going off to the army next week for 2 years. What is the chances haachama will be streaming in the period of this week?

>> No.11025688

Be safe haaton and thank you for your service, no matter the country.

>> No.11028975
File: 977 KB, 3840x2160, haato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11031577

Thanks haatonbro I'm just worried my free time isn't alligned with haachama stream and will have to be watching her archived from that date onwards

>> No.11032033

I just hope she hasn't graduated by the time you return

>> No.11032437

You're asking for 8 years of streaming..

>> No.11035915

what do you think put her in such a bad mood? in the morning she was in a great mood.

>> No.11036086

Probably haatons bitching she canceled mario kart. We are our own worst enemies.

>> No.11036258

Haachama if you're somehow reading this, make sure to advertise your EN server minecraft return. Even if it's only a look around with proper promotion you're gonna get views.

>> No.11036552

no she canceled mario kart because of the bad mood, if she was in a good mood i guarantee you she would have streamed. my guesses are 1. a really shit day at school 2. an augment with her family or 3. her sister said upside down mario kart was dumb

>> No.11036617

now i think about it, her last stream has her singing Useewa the loudest. she has a way of sending messages to her fans.

>> No.11038459

To play games like Mario Kart, you have to get a permit. Permission is obtained two to three days before the streaming. Haachama hardly ever plays games, so she either doesn't know about it or has forgotten.
The manager probably asked to cancel the streaming and that upset Chama, then she quickly came up with a replacement.
That's the mystery.

>> No.11038565

Upside down mario kart is dumb and can hurt her. However there was nothing stopping her from streaming a normal karaoke. She took it out on fans if you like yo admit it or not. It could even be as simple as her tummy hurt. Haachama does as haachama wants.

>> No.11038574

With Aki announcing a new outfit for the 11th
That only leave Mel and Haachama for a new outfit.
What are peoples hopes or what kind of theme do you think she'll go for?

>> No.11038732

Hopefully this is what chammers meant by big news. I would like to see short hair and glasses chammers.

>> No.11038962

chammers WILL never get glasses

>> No.11039065

Short hair a lock then? She has added glasses in post so I can deal.

>> No.11039580

Stop, I beg you. I have repressed his burrito size dick.

>> No.11041932

She has her birthday 3d stream too and I'm guessing a new outfit or accessories/hair.

>> No.11047978

Kill yourself R*dditor

>> No.11048766

But it's a twitter meme from JP

>> No.11048870

To know its from reddit mean you're on reddit. Go back

>> No.11049824

You don't know jack shit.

>> No.11049873

EOP views are worthless

>> No.11049948

Only haatards can keep making excuses for their dumb bitch's shit behavior. These are the qualities of a cuckmaster.

>> No.11050917

Did fubuki get one? Or are we not counting her as Gen 1 now?

>> No.11052684

She got the new hair the other day.
Gamers got all new outfits but her too. She only has got the Glasses around that time if I'm remembering correctly, she also got Kurokami at the 3D so I don't know if that counts as the outfit?
Maybe she'll get one but I only said Mel and Haachama because I don't know what the plan for Fubuki is.

>> No.11052945

I do. read

>> No.11053198

So you're a seanigger.

>> No.11054369
File: 297 KB, 1199x848, 1446439069005713412_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11055434

>her sister said upside down mario kart was dumb
That's what her sister said about the blindfold getting over it and it results in the rise of EOPs

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