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Pope gura VI is back to bless all the sinners in this thread!

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I hate all of you

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I watched a 2-view purely because she plays into my fetish. The worst part is she woyld probably have a decent following if it wasn't for the fact that 'youtube' (re: her) deletes every single VoD on her channel and she constantly switches models.

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Mori is hotter than gura

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I think Mori is genuinely conventionally attractive.

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I'm so fucking tired of people who know nothing about Nijisanji spreading lies about it dude.
Twitterfags regurgitate the shit that people say here and people take it as fact.
People still fucking believe Meiro dindu nuffin and that Sasaki bullied Luna out of Nijisanji.
It's always the Hololive fans who HATE when rumors are spread about their talents that spread this shit too. They act smug and say "there's so much you don't know about how bad Nijisanji really is" and they always just mean bullshit they read on fucking 4chan.
There's so much you can actually criticize Nijisanji management for, like hiring Meiro and Raito and their autism surrounding music permissions, but NO people have to resort to telling straight up lies about them.
It makes me want to shoot up a school and I'm 20.

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>I have saved clips of my oshi laughing at my witty donos
haha other people do that right I’m normal right haha

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I have been fapping to chuubas everyday for the last 3 or so months

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I pretend that my oshi is my girlfriend

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Anon she's horny and lonely if you go to japan you can make your dreams come true

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My OCD tendencies have gotten so bad that I cannot watch gura without feeling resentment and frustration. I like gura, but I cannot enjoy her when I am slowly killing myself over little things

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I hate KFP for forcing twitter to take vt takes down.
I don't have time to search for fun schizo posts myself geez

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I want to be a doujin protagonist who can use saimin and living a harem life with all holomem, yes, all of them, even Kiara

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I keep reminding myself that every chuuba out there treats this as a job, so I don't get emotionally attached to them.

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my autism makes me think that she’s already married with a toddler. she puts off that wholesome young mom vibe to me.

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I'm in Gosling hell, I am easily captivated by every female streamer I find enjoyable,
the more I indulge the deeper the hole I dig for myself.

'Abandon all hope all ye who simp'

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I farted, sharted, and cummed.

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>Twitterfags regurgitate the shit that people say here and people take it as fact.
Twitterfags are retarded, can't be helped.

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I stopped watching chuubas for like half a year and got hooked again after getting clickbaited by Kronii's fat tits

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After starting to fap exclusively to Shion, I find it a bit harder to watch her streams, aside from the fact that I'm EOP.

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sometimes when I get bored I samefag and schizopost multiple times in threads because I feel empty inside.

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I'm thinking if I should end myself

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I used to laugh at the goslings & the memes. Fast forward to now and it's getting less and less funny as things start to get worse and I begin to gosling for my oshi as well

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I been thinking this the last few days too anon : ^)

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That's all she's got going for her. You'll be relinquished of your burden soon.

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However, I think I'd have a lot of regrets, which is why I'll postpone it for now

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i got high last night and masturbated to some jav. one of the jav girls i was masturbating to looks exactly like kson and set me off

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Those aren't even confessions, those are just facts.

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I couldn't watch Kson before because looks like a younger version of my mom, but now that she dyed her hair pink her streams have gotten alot more palatable.

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I was shitting on this new NijiEN wave but noticed I get way more (You)s and win more threads by defending them.

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I don't jerk to my oshi but I've ditched her streams to jerk off before.

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is your mom single? lol

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I have been watching another chuuba that isn't my oshi more and more and even watch large parts of the non-oshi's live stream if their schedules conflict.

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I cannot still listen to Ina's English. I cannot always understand what she says.

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These other companies are so lucky I don't start my own vtuber agency because I'll mog all these ENVtuber startups to fucking oblivion.

This delusion is getting so powerful in my head that I'm really starting to consider taking out taking a loan and getting started.

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2 of my favorite vtubers are guys (male) using female avatars

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I force myself to watch other girls in vshojo but really I'm just there for the cat

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I have been stalking my oshi since her early Twitch days
In fact I stalked her into MMO hell, into gacha hell and now into VTuber hell

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Do it and document the process. It'd most likely crash and burn but at least we'd get some interesting content out of it, and if it's successful you'll be rich

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i'm black watching vtubers

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Do it anon, they need some decent competition

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I'm completely dependent on my oshi to be happy and she's been on & off of hiatuses for most of the year. Her streams are the only things that break up how fucking monotonous life has been since all the Covid bullshit began. I moved to a new city right before it all started so I have no friends here and don't even know what the fuck I'm supposed to talk to real people about at this point because there isn't anything in real life that appeals to me.

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I'm on nofap and at least once a month (happened last night) I jizz in my pants while dreaming about Shishiro Botan

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I cannot watch chuubas that have big mouths (i.e. Kiara and Polka).
Not only do I find it unsettling but it also reminds me of söyjacks.

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your mom must be hot

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Same. Maybe it's because I'm ESL but she seems to have a potato in her mouth.

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I unironically fapped with a ring fit stream

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I stalked my oshi in a fit of concernfagging, when she went on a short break after crying on stream. I found her personal Twitter that hardly anyone else knew about. I feel bad months later for invading her privacy like that, but I just wanted to make sure she was okay. The Twitter is gone now.

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>bless all the sinners
Guess my rrats will be extra blessed this time

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I faped to hachama kfc asmr stream, so probably you are ok

>> No.11020914

I like my oshi too much. This isn't a confession I wish more people were like me I want to hear why people love their oshi, like a serious gachi post.

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I'm almost entirely inactive due to the plethora of bait threads.

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Pick a general and stick to it fag

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On this note; I think that Mori becoming increasingly horny over the last two months has been a very good thing.

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I've wanted to post this image for months but this board warmed up to Vshojo.

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Wet dreams don't count anon. Stay strong.

>> No.11022698

She’s Canadian, don’t worry aboot it.

>> No.11022723

>this board warmed up to Vshojo
Since when?

>> No.11022747

You still don't get why people don't like vshojo I see.

>> No.11022822

Because sex is just bad, okay!?

>> No.11022854

I wish I never did my reps.

>> No.11022999

I only watch like, two or three vtubers. And they're all hololives. I get the feeling I should "branch out" and watch other ones but I can't watch a billion different vtubers all damn day.

>> No.11023267

Not really a sin imo, you're gonna run out of time eventually and unless you somehow make watching Vtubers your job it'll kill you to watch more than 4 with any consistency

>> No.11023441

I doxed my oshi on Kiwifarms.

>> No.11023517

Sorry, that's not a potato
It's my cock

>> No.11023658

I had not paid attention to vchuubas in years and up until 2 months ago had assumed that Gura was a character from some gacha

>> No.11023704

A couple of months ago I found a side account a chuuba's roommate made (which contains solid proof of it being them) before becoming a chuuba that, after confirming with most past life sites I could find, I'm pretty sure it has not been found yet, and if it has been then that person must have had the decency to keep it to themselves. The chuuba does have a roommate account that is followed by obvious fans with oshi marks and shit on their usernames and documented on those sites, but that side account does not have a single one with very little followers. I check on it every single day like an autist to make sure things are still the same.

>> No.11026869

I'm excited to farm NijiEN 3 rrats

>> No.11027051

Same wth Emma's Ring Fit where she kept moaning.

>> No.11027168

How bad etiquette is it to tell strangers someones Vtuber identity? I see people I know doing this and was wondering wtf was up

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You think that's a sin? RFA was made to be fapped to. I got turned on by hearing a near panic attack on stream. May God forgive me.

>> No.11032202

This is a test anon. confess what you wanted to do and may pope gura absolve you from your sins.

>> No.11037839

I hate gura

>> No.11038968

I like more than one Vtuber, also I am critical of even the ones I like. I even complain about the things I don't like about my oshi.

>> No.11038978

Vtubers who are pro artists i.e Ina or Sana aren't fun to draw fanart for. Odds are you're not going to make something half as good as what they can whip up themselves in a few hours if they wanted. It's like gifting a millionaire money $100 for their birthday.

>> No.11040729

Big booby steps-on-you woman with sultry voice is hotter than cute flat girl with the voice of a child??? I don't understand...

>> No.11040798

Strong-arm your autism for just a second and at least have a look

>> No.11040886

please give code

>> No.11040971

>i wanted to make the situation worse
kill yourself

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When I post OC and it doesn't take off I really want to reply to it myself 20 times even though that defeats the whole point.

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I was like, "wait, she looks familiar" when I first saw kson.

>> No.11041222

>vshojo are sluts making dick jokes
>i can't wait for my oshi's next ASMR
imagine being the type of person who thinks this unironically

>> No.11041257

Are you me?

>> No.11041348

Fapping is healthy. Just don't overdo it.

>> No.11041406

I don't have to imagine.

>> No.11041580

after Selen's first apex stream i spent 2 hours looking for porn of her because i thought if i masturbated to her i would absorb her skills and get better at apex

>> No.11041727

I'm a holofag, I agree that retards just spread shit because they like the drama and don't want to even double check.
I hope niji does well strictly because there are some decent talents under them.
It will get better hopefully. Past couple of days people have just been calling out bait for shitflinging

>> No.11043680

I'm three of my Oshi's top 10 donators. I know for a fact that another 3 are also all 1 guy. I suspect that the remaining four are only 2 people. She gets adorably flustered if you drop more than $50 per stream, but then turns off donations.

>> No.11043764

Is she a good entertainer? Did she earn it?

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I tell miofa that their oshi isn't sexy so they'll post more pictures of her to prove me wrong, so I can then save and masturbate to the pictures.

>> No.11044533

I pretend to be a gay guy but I'm a (mostly) straight woman

>> No.11044819

>the cat with no tits mogs the curvy cow milkers in the group
I feel you anon

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but why

>> No.11045028

that's called being a fujoshit

>> No.11045061

200 iq honestly

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>> No.11045114

I doxxed a doxxnigger.
I became what I hated but I avenged my Oshi.

>> No.11045383

so hey are you single or what...?

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I don't even really enjoy vtubers, I just watch them to try filling up time in my life because I have nothing that actually brings me happiness

>> No.11048825

I always shit on vshojo. But I find them beautiful except zen of course.

>> No.11049025

I have membership to three chuubas but I actually don't watch them anymore.

>> No.11051332

I want to do what Takeshi did.

>> No.11052583

>They care about chuubas
Bad etiquette.

>Some normalfag asking you about vtubers
It’s fine.

>> No.11054228

>don't want to double check
You got an advantage. Why not use it?

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Stay strong Anons. Your oshi loves you.

>> No.11055243

For some reason, whenever I self harm i've been thinking of Mori. And that makes it hotter.

>> No.11058568

I think Kronii is trying way to hard to be Mori 2.0 and it grates on me so much.

>> No.11058678

it is, unless youre a pedo

>> No.11058716

you will be rewarded for staying alive. maybe not today or tomorrow but you will
you being alive everyday is already a
accomplishment, so keep at it

>> No.11059142

were retarded too so its just other retards fining good company.

>> No.11059974

You should just end yourself my man

>> No.11060025

Meant for >>11006398

>> No.11062467

Did it work?

>> No.11062786

Doubt it did, something like that would only end in disappointment knowing that Selen cannot save them.

>> No.11063031

This is the only place where I find comfort and peace

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not a vt sin but i opened up 4 porn windows and fapped to them, am i too far gone? i just get incredibly horny to the point where i can't focus on conversations anymore if i don't nut once a day
i tremble to think what i might do to a woman if she catches me on a 3 day nofap

>> No.11068212

I am a gosling for a different chuuba to my oshi

>> No.11069349

I...Is it gay to like Tomari Mari?

>> No.11071428

>I am a gosling
That's a sin itself

>> No.11072206

I kinda took a break from Holo chuubas, especially since most of them are only doing Minecrap, been only following Pipkin Pippa lately

She's really cute

>> No.11072743

I used to watch Mori during her Omori streams, but I know I'm KFP and I feel about awful about it

>> No.11072882

When I self harm I think about my oshi then I regret doing it

>> No.11073079

I used my oshi's streams as a repeated excuse to skip my summer term work and now I'll probably graduate uni late

>> No.11073323

I've jerked off to a femboy takodachi on here.

>> No.11073550

Why the fuck would I be confessing it retard

>> No.11073672

I always feel sad whenever people bragging about their oshi dancing, singing, having popular fan content because my oshi have none of those, she can’t dance as well, can’t sing as well, don’t have any popular vid and actually seem to be ignored by Cover themselves
I watch her, she is my oshi, I like her but sometime watching other Holos showing off their special talents I just keep asking myself “Why do I like my oshi? She doesn’t have anything special to show”. At the same time I also understand that these flaws are why I love my oshi so I just kinda ignore everything above. It’s a conflicting feeling

>> No.11074216

who's your oshi? we might be in the same boat

>> No.11074620

>ASMR that involves talking has to be as sexual as dick jokes

Terminal coomerbrain detected

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Sometimes I forget I've subscribed to a random 2view and I don't really want to see them in my feed but I feel bad unsubbing from them. I'm afraid their like monitoring their sub count like a hawk and would feel bad if they see number go down.

>> No.11077925


>> No.11078144

No. But you have exquisite taste.

>> No.11079145

Anon you can’t just say this and not provide an archive

>> No.11079205

Yeah, I definitely check my numbers frequently.
How small are those numbers?

>> No.11081073

>only 4
I've had to close down over 250 tabs a couple of times

>> No.11086222

I see no point in confessing.

>> No.11086329

That in and of itself is a confession.

>> No.11091450

i fapped to a jav actress lookalike of Kson while i was high the other day

>> No.11091685

I thought Mumei Is Lex Luther posting was cringe until today

>> No.11100989


>> No.11103158

What happened today?

>> No.11108862

i dont have the code it was insta deleted off of the website i used luckily i backed it up it's the girl on the left btw

>> No.11110741

SSRB is pretty strong

>> No.11110867

I want to become a vtuber as a contrived plot to get closer to my indie oshi.
And I'm self-aware enough to realize that I'm a schizo.

>> No.11111130

have you tried not watching streamers?

>> No.11111736

You can do it! Run as fast as you can! Scream as loud as you can!

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File: 1.02 MB, 4096x3188, 291bb7e0a83c6726eceb115099bfcfef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no idea how and why I am so hard for Tokino Sora and Azki
I really don't, they're tame in comparison to the others but I am so hard for them
Some, analyze this

>> No.11112708

its the very fact that they are tame in comparison that makes you want to ravish them. You want to be the one to sully them, to take away their innocence

>> No.11113640

This, but Towa's roommate and it's not helping the fact that my mom sounds like her when she's angry.

>> No.11113703

It's 1:00 AM where I live and I've been drinking heavily for the past 3 hours. Iv3 come to the conclusion that vtubers are basically just an extension of cam girls for a new generation. I knew a girl at community college was a xam girl in her free time. She would go for old men who were widows or divorced. She filled the void in their life bit it was hallow. She pittied them but didn't actually care for them. The same goes for vtubers. I dont gaib anything from watching, i dont even enjoy it too much. Its just some i do regularly at this point. I feel like others are the same. Vtubers would not survive as a busniss without lonely people donating stupid amounts of money. The difference is that the vtuver will never recognize the donator outside of a simple thank you. It would be fucked up if it wasn't so pathetic.

>> No.11113923

Is your mom single?

>> No.11113964

HOLY SHIT, I just nutted and now, I'm all ready for a second round. Thanks, anon.

>> No.11114167

Congrats on your hot moms

>> No.11114257

Just watch vtubers like you watch TV. TV wouldn't exist without lonely people getting invested in the shows.

>> No.11114613
File: 34 KB, 512x512, C5C7F6DF-5150-4934-A3F6-F52D368EF769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im a menhera schizo lolicon femcel who instead of getting turned on by their oshi, gets turned on by the idea of BEING their oshi. kill me

>> No.11114638

You should take matters into your own hands and kill yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

>> No.11114653

I use vtubers as a way to cope with my loneliness. I pretend that they're my girlfriend. If they interact with males I get upset and little disappointed.

>> No.11114731

how small are you?

>> No.11115083

I think male vtubers are better especially Kaida.

>> No.11115198

I think about my oshi whenever I jerk off.

>> No.11116320

My oshi is the only thing keeping me tethered to this world and I resent her deeply for it. She should just admit she has a boyfriend, I know she has one. I need to lose the attachment so I can stop being a gosling and take that final step...

>> No.11116367

How is that a sin, it's like saying you prefer A over B or red over blue

>> No.11116387

Who's your oshi?

>> No.11116417
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Vtubers made me respect women more and admit they can be pretty funny. Yes, even westerners.

>> No.11116423

None of your business. She's small and as such is /here/ so I don't want it somehow getting back to her.

>> No.11116478

That happened to me for Japanese women, but the inverse happened for western ones.

>> No.11116493
File: 38 KB, 256x224, 3BF111A9-066B-4118-9D6E-80ADE020B7C4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m an unofficial /asp/fag who planned on leeching off Arcadum with fan music to kickstart my online presence and eventually become a vtuber once I already had a following, but he got cancelled just as my leeching was getting started
Probably for the best, don’t wanna be attached to his name forever, plus it’ll be better to make (most of) the climb on my own merits

>> No.11117234

find someone else to leech off of then, maybe try hololive, I heard they are accepting music contributions for their TTRPG

>> No.11120392


>> No.11121088

I like to masturbate to an Anon's ERP stories but I'm afraid to ask for more because the poster in question went on a two month deep schizo binge where it was revealed they were no less than four different people across two other threads, sometimes posting good and nice things and other times starting fights. Every time they show up people start yelling at them as soon as they can identify its them and it's really a mood Miller

>> No.11121193


>> No.11124050

that i think Haachama should graduate from hololive. its obvious that she can't do streaming and school at the same time and instead of dropping out of school which is the correct choice and making bank streaming and staring a music career she decided to stay in school to get a worthless degree and to become a miserable wagie like the rest of japan

>> No.11127076


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File: 10 KB, 225x225, solaire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do as the lord bids me

>> No.11127991

Don’t let pekoanons antics keep you from jacking off to such a literary masterpiece

>> No.11128792

If I could get them alone to suck my dick in peace I would. That stuff is so fucking hot it hurts. I just wish the people who claim to hate them so much would shut the fuck up and stop being hypocritical

>> No.11129590

It's Pekora

>> No.11129689

I am not that sexually attracted to my oshi's design
She's technically sexy but it doesn't do much for me, I get off to her co-workers fan arts instead

>> No.11130346

Although I fap to all Holomems, what I find attractive about Sora and Azki (and Suisei) is that they are the closest to "true idols" Hololive has, and seeing them getting tainted/expressing lust that would be hidden normally, is an extremely hot concept to me. Especially, this Sora pic is my favourite https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4279964

>> No.11133846


>> No.11133848

You need help anon-chama, try turning off your PC and phone for a day and do something outside...

>> No.11133914

I used to watch TV shows with my family growing up lol it's not the same kind of interaction with a vtuber

>> No.11133990


>> No.11134516
File: 600 KB, 1140x1140, gosling_howbad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ame member post made me concern like you wouldn't believe, i didn't know i was this emotionally invested until yesterday, i guess i reached the gosling point of no return

>> No.11134623

actually Marine

>> No.11135863


stop watching chuubas for a while and go to therapy

>> No.11136010

I get drunk and argue with anyone and everyone.

>> No.11136077

I spread the truth of Nina to the numbers thread, and now there is one space less that is safe from doomposting.

>> No.11138487

Evil mastermind

>> No.11138784

I feel the same way bro, Rushia is more my type physically but I can't help but enjoy Marine's company more.

>> No.11139277
File: 2.08 MB, 1500x2050, 1616594956754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't really a confession I guess but watching vtubers has made me realize I have a thing for ESLs.

>> No.11140223
File: 26 KB, 462x320, 1451855589913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are we the kind of people who'd get married to a woman but then go have sex with other women behind her back? I hate having these thoughts

>> No.11140285

There's a difference between feeling desire and acting on it, Anon. We're always going to grapple with it. It's part of our nature.

>> No.11140353

Is what I would say around my peers

>> No.11143904

I disliked my oshi's stream because she streamed over a collaegue's 3D debut.

>> No.11144592

Basically Fallout 76 in its current state

>> No.11145730
File: 53 KB, 331x307, 1630960132860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can stop thinking about fucking the zombie, cuddling the zombie, caressing the zombie, emotionally supporting the zombie
she's not even my oshi
that raspy voice is driving me nuts
I want her to whisper dirty things in my ear

>> No.11147621

Theme song for you, fag https://youtu.be/hJQM_YuDbJs

>> No.11147864

Post her.

>> No.11147926

I'm glad I'm a 774 chad.

>> No.11148957

My parents keep on talking about my birthday, but I'm planning on committing suicide in minecraft before it

>> No.11149112

Hardcore Minecraft? It doesn't count otherwise

>> No.11149255

This is the first time I've visited /vt/ in over a month after finding a jewish oshi.

>> No.11149430

Only hardcore minecraft counts. I've been unemployed for a while and I'm losing hope in finding a job in my field

>> No.11155030

A lot of vtubers have side jobs or consider vtubing as a side.

>> No.11156488 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 576x576, 42170557-7383-49CF-A42C-71AA81F8F0EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While they're not my thing, I used to respect VShojo but now I hate them, mostly because of Froot being the only one I liked and then she became a drama whore
Also, I get somewhat mad whenever I see the term “Holobrony” being thrown around, because I almost exclusively watch Hololive but I like the Nijibros and it’s difficult to find non-tribalists outside of their generals
Femanon… You're making me hard

>> No.11159074

>Patches the thief
>Actively engaging in drama
She will never change huh

>> No.11165062


>> No.11167045

I'm seething because the name Nina now refers to the niji fox and it's just going to kill the other Nina's discoverability

>> No.11170515


>> No.11171533
File: 995 KB, 1296x1182, 1609980587524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ive made a few edited pictures of chuuba like pic related and ive been living off a nice feeling that i get to see it being used by people. i even sometimes see it posted outside of vt.

>> No.11171600

yes but we're right and they're wrong

>> No.11175576

Here's something to help with that.

>> No.11175939


>> No.11176296

I unironically think I would've been a better Vtuber than most of the Vtubers I watch if I had been born a girl.
I sometimes find myself watching their streams and thinking of what I would've said instead in that situation, what joke I would've made, etc.

Also I really want to fuck most of them

>> No.11176646

I'm here not because of shitposting and schizo threads; I'm here because I'm just too lazy to make any social media account where I can post my mediocre opinions.

>> No.11179697

Femanon love....?

>> No.11179802

Kind of the same desu

>> No.11180080

>schizo lolicon femcel
stop larping and do your reps faggot.

>> No.11183097

I got into vtubers because my friend was always posting and talking about them. Just wanted to have something else to talk about and share with him.

Started off just watching clips and maybe a stream or two a week.

Now I'm playing different vods when I drive, watching small indies and paying memberships to 7 different vtubers.
I also simp regularly.Haven't done a red SC yet but the time will be here soon at this rate.

>> No.11184057
File: 490 KB, 1000x1000, 1608941977890.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate that ever since they linked the Jp and EN servers, every collab is nothing but "chu chu tee tee pee pee poo poo". As if there's no other way to acknowledge the other than "come on, I'll shove my fist up your cunt and you will love it while we place blocks on top of each other. I think they're pushing the yuribait a bit too far. If this antipathy I feel is a sin, then bless me Gura, for I have sinned.

>> No.11184652

That's kind of relatable though. It feels disingenuous and strange. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that vtubing has several other disingenuous facets, but a big part of it is not letting people linger on them; keeping them behind curtains and the like. They're having fun, sure, but sometimes is just feels like they're all trying to cash in on as much yurilover money as they can and creating forced dynamics for the sake of the business, which is always incredibly obvious.

>> No.11188772


>> No.11194971

Just do it, faggots.

>> No.11196002

I unironically believe the fox niji is gonna be their final yab

>> No.11197098

I think the term 'anti' is the gayest thing in this fucking earth

>> No.11198737

>menhera schizo lolicon femcel

>> No.11199032

niji tried their zerg rush model. didn't expect to pick a zergling mutated beyond belief.

>> No.11199954

I can't handle Sana's accent. It's a huge turnoff for me.
Not only can I not understand wtf she's saying half the time, but her Japanese is horrible (in terms of skill level and pronunciation).
Plus her model's ugly.

Overall she's really the least attractive council to me.
Which is sad, considering the potential she has with her PL, I was really looking forward to her being my favorite.

>> No.11200061
File: 2 KB, 119x125, F8E0B66E-EFCC-449E-9813-FE3460E0CCB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss her guys

>> No.11200318

I only like watching menharas and 2views.

>> No.11200320

>board warmed up to vshitshow
Lol, it's because we have too many immigrants

>> No.11201125

I'm sorry but I can't get invested in Miko's stuff at all. Her voice gets on my nerves.

>> No.11202922

Why though?

>> No.11204669

Mental problems fetish.

>> No.11205213

You'd love me.
Except I'm a 0view so you'll never find me.

>> No.11205594
File: 49 KB, 750x408, 1633899702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't tease me like that. Give me a hint and I'll look for you.

>> No.11208310

Please menhera-chan...

>> No.11208478 [DELETED] 

>Meiro dindu nuffin
Meiro being a spiteful menhera doesn't absolve Roa in any way. They're both trash and shouldn't be in nijisanji.

>> No.11208719

Gura isn't hot, weirdo. Gura is cute.

>> No.11209087 [DELETED] 

Superchat her about this!

>> No.11210504

Take your fucking meds.

>> No.11210626

I used to be obsessed with her PL's art, tuned into one of her Twitch streams, and didn't really like it. It's so weird that she's in Hololive. And she doesn't talk about the stuff she'd always talk about on Twitter. It's too strange to me, to follow someone for years and hear all this stuff about her life and her interests and favorite anime boys and girls then turn on her stream and she's blabbering about Zodiacs

>> No.11212424

I genuinely cannot stand women. This isn't the ironic misogyny that permeates in modern meme culture. I really do hate being around women. I had a normal childhood, loving parents, comfortably middle-class upbringing, no trauma other than the usual broken bones that come with being a kid and playing outside/doing sports. I don't know how I came to be like this but every single time a woman speaks or even performs tasks in a workplace setting, it pisses me off. All I can think about when women speak to me is "God please shut the fuck up, I don't care." I go out of my way to look unapproachable because I don't want to have to deal with friendly small talk with women. I begrudgingly tolerate interacting with women in professional settings, because functioning in society would be a pain in the ass otherwise, but the main reason I got into construction is because the field is dominated by men. I'm big into bondage because women being bound and gagged makes the whole sex scenario way more appealing.

I unironically tune in to vtuber streams to try and get better at tolerating women. I've been watching for over a year now and it's getting better. I used to tune out after 5-10 minutes because it was too much, but now I can watch for up to an hour. The fact that I can work on this in the comfort of my own apartment is genuinely really nice. This might read like a shitpost but I am being sincere.

>> No.11212546

I'm friends with my oshi

>> No.11212780


>> No.11215600

let’s run away, you and me, anonchama…

>> No.11217910

and funny

>> No.11218546

Same, bro.
I adore vidya, love making people laugh, can sing, play instruments, can draw, and I speak multiple languages.
But I'm a guy and I will never be a vtuber.

(Don't get me wrong, I'm not really lamenting or hate my life or anything, but I do larp about it in my head a little more than I'm willing to admit..)
Man, confessing can feel pretty good sometimes huh

>> No.11218701

Just be a male vtuber and apply for Nijisanji EN

>> No.11223576

I reply to bait threads and then close and hide them.

>> No.11224509
File: 740 KB, 1176x1231, popegooramosaic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made this for you father

>> No.11227522

I just check threads and watch timestamps

>> No.11227789

I keep thinking of killing myself but I don't want to hurt my family. I guess I'll keep living while suffering.

>> No.11228648

You should live with me instead. I will give you food, a bed, a roof and if you pay 50$ the hour, I can pretend be your family.

>> No.11230795


>> No.11232839

...what fetish?

>> No.11232867

Why did Luna leave? I'm genuinely curious

>> No.11232914

Holy shit that is REALLY similar at certain angles.

>> No.11233009

Seeing how Selen plays really well and is able to forcefully laugh a ton to get her viewers to laugh/think her streams are funny has kinda convinced me that pure, extreme talent exists in this world. Getting to pred twice without practicing even a bit is fucking crazy

>> No.11233084

>lose track of time while edging
>watch my oshi's new original song premiere with a buttplug in my ass

>> No.11233110

Transformation/gender bender fetish???

>> No.11233159

Can you link the shit you're talking about? I wanna see it as well

>> No.11233250

Good luck anon.

>> No.11233318

Why? Do you ever get turned on by the gay flirting on this board? Or is it just for fun?

>> No.11233403

I know that feeling anon. I thought it was just entertainment until Coco announced her graduation. When that happened, I had to leave work early because I was too distraught

>> No.11233499

Aside from the vidya stuff, you're where I aspire to be when I hit 40 in 10 years. Drawing, music, singing, and languages.
I feel like I might stand out with those abilities. I also think that 40 will be a bit late for it

>> No.11233672
File: 456 KB, 828x898, 3EB6DC73-1C1D-421B-B9EB-6E3FE80679CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can only beat my dick to a chuuba if I imagine her as a dominant futa girl and I constantly seek futa art, as well as writing fics.
I’m pretty much unable to get off to anything else, the slightest hint like Kronii’s nice clock comment is enough to fuel a vast amount of cringy, horny text walls
I still consider myself straight because it specifically applies to the fantasy of being humiliated/dominated by a woman, hence Nogai

>> No.11233680

>he did the weekly boss before the bp reset

>> No.11233718

I have good dox of my oshi and use that knowledge to spoonfeed tourists in my oshi's general sometimes even though they're all SEAnigs and really don't deserve it. I've become so good at skirting the board rules that I've only been warned once.
In conclusion, I am exchanging what I know for dopamine from strangers and I should really stop.

>> No.11235220

NTA but I do it because actually calling yourself a femanon tends to derail the thread with >ywnbaw and other low qualities replies. The other reason is that I hate everyone here and want to make a worse experience for everyone by larping as an annoying manslut

>> No.11235349

Gura has so many good ass pics out there that I've fapped way more to her than Mori and her huge Moris. It doesn't helps that Mori has an awkward personality so I feel bad lewding her, meanwhile Gura has a teasing personality and I just want to teach her a lesson with my cock.

>> No.11235399

Pomuposting makes me want to shoot up a school and I will take every opportunity to shit on her without having watched a single moment of her content.

>> No.11235718

Holy fuck same anon

>> No.11235834

I am the anon you replied to and I agree with that other anon lol. Plus the idea of fucking my oshi with a penis turns me on immensely. I don't flirt with anons, I just gaypost about boys.

>> No.11236023
File: 303 KB, 574x960, 1170AF75-F238-4ABE-98CD-75280524444B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now I want to write something about a fujo femanon being given a futa cock to fuck her oshi and her oshi’s bf or fans, thanks for the prompt femanon
Also same, although usually I just see some of the CK2 reaction images reposted rather than the edits of the Council in CK2 portraits. That said I’ve seen this one reposted a lot.

>> No.11236071

I don't even care what vtuber guy you write it about just write it with any one of them, I will be stalking the write thread now.

>> No.11236134

People keep blaming deadbeats for my shitposts.

>> No.11236274

it comes from tumblr/twitter so what did you expect?

>> No.11236281

I usually post in the Kronii threads, /wg/ is too chaotic for me
this is the latest fic I’ve written https://rentry.co/mv773 but the rest of them are in https://rentry.co/68g7e
do you want me to write about a male chuuba? I don’t actually watch any of the male ones/spoiler]
To add, I think the more I write the more I’m actually corrupting myself. I now find the idea of being raped and killed by (futa) Kronii, Mumei or Fauna far more arousing than I realistically should

>> No.11236478

You will never be a graduate.

>> No.11237379

It's Mel, isn't it? I'm not kinkshaming you though.

>> No.11237528

>hate everyone here
>post here anyway
Don't lie. Also you're just going to turn anons on, not annoy them. Guys will flirt with and masturbate to other guys on the internet if they're desperate enough.

>> No.11237725

I'm a fujo and a yumejo. My dream is to be sandwiched between my oshis. I will volunteer myself to conceive my gay oshi's children.

>> No.11237808

>get cummed in by oshi
>get to watch oshi get cummed in
Now if only males could get prengant too

>> No.11237863


>> No.11237916

Interesting reply, we should have gay sex

>> No.11237973

I suppose your oshi is Gura? Good taste.

>> No.11238060

Not really one for greentext fic but pursuing writing can be fun so good for you, idk what Clockfags get up to in their general.

>> No.11238364
File: 128 KB, 853x1152, gvl6ng99j1x51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My favourite Holos reflect the qualities I'm attracted to in Women.

Suisei: cool, strong-willed, hard working, strong
Okayu: kind, charismatic, sensitive
Korone: Adorable, but with a low-key onee-san side (unpopular opinion, I know)

I use them to fill up a hole in my heart and I'm attached to them to an unhealthy degree. I'm not actually in love with any of them but they still make my heart beat faster. They're on my mind a lot and I want to cuddle with them and talk to them.

>> No.11238483

You need to be at least 18 to post on this board.

Based. Especially wanting to futa fuck your oshi. Are you *actually* straight if you're a woman who wants to fuck another girl though?

>> No.11238667
File: 220 KB, 1111x1460, 1633945775241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know why I capitalized the word "women". In any case, have a Suisei.

>> No.11238782


>> No.11238827

A little confused anon, I'd futa fuck my oshi if he was male or female, plus I can't say anime girls AREN'T hot, but that's about it.

>> No.11238847

Anime girls are universally attractive.

>> No.11238861

Go to /wg/'s archive in the Op and control f pekoanon

>> No.11238872
File: 235 KB, 516x511, 5079B194-26EF-405A-9BE7-B865D405A759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Many things. Lately, writing fics and schizo posting (the latter becomes worse during breaks) the archive already has 700+ fics. It’s calmed down a bit at the moment at least, they’re honestly comfy threads
I love my clock wife!
also lately someone keeps trying to get the writefags to write about fucking each other, my bet is Kronii’s behind it

>> No.11238943

No that's a normal thing. It happens in /wg/ as well. People keep trying to fuck the guy running the archive even when he never responds to it.

>> No.11239093
File: 290 KB, 380x380, 8C863021-2B37-4293-AD65-26A67E2CDAA7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some of the people reading and getting off to all the “Fauna makes herself or another holo grow a cock” fics are femanons
Dare I say, based?

>> No.11239793

This board has essentially become /lgbt/2.0 and I want to kill 95% of you unironically

>> No.11240347

Just admit you're bi or pan then.

>> No.11240476

>I got into construction is because the field is dominated by men. I'm big into bondage
reading this with the way your text was structured gave me a giggle lol

>> No.11240610

both of you lovely and not mentally ill ladies should go check yourselves at a therapist then find a husband

>> No.11240686

holy based

>> No.11240695
File: 141 KB, 326x325, chrome_2021-05-15_22-15-41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idk if you'll see this anon but i was diagnosed with ocd when i was like 9ish, just know that you're not alone man, shit sucks

i'd say keep trying to enjoy gura's streams regardless. as lame as it sounds distraction and not giving in is pretty much the best we can do

>> No.11241600

I hate Japanese. One of them might become a rapist and stalk my oshi through her reflection. The news of them doing that to a 3dpd idol prove my fear too.

>> No.11242520

Today is menhera monday on wvt if anyone is interested

>> No.11242634
File: 1.72 MB, 1800x1240, 1614744706873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My oshi is the only reason I have to learn Japanese. I keep dropping it every time she goes on hiatus and whenever she comes back I spend more time relearning the basics than I do learning anything new because I just can't motivate myself to give a shit otherwise.

>> No.11242772

Cute chammers you posted there.
Relatable, started doing reps in 2019 with decent success because HoloJP, then had my attention snatched by Myth and stopped completely. Suddenly, my EN oshi streams a random 6h micra stream in JP to punish me. It felt personal and I am bitter, but she taught me a valuable lesson.

>> No.11242788

My mother's bloodline ends with me since I have no desire to get married and have kids
At this point I'm just hoping either of my cousins get married and have children while I remain unbothered and become the uncle that just visits every now and then

>> No.11243083

what's so special about your mother's bloodline?
unless there is some other reason you mention that instead of your father's for example

>> No.11243518

I hate the idea of having a jp chat become infested with pajeets and seaniggers whenever there's a collab between two branches, but I love the collabs themselves.

>> No.11243571

Nothing special other than estranged family stuff

>> No.11244313

>I feel like I might stand out with those abilities.
I think you will. Not from the possession of those abilities, but through the experiences of the journey in itself.
Do your best, anon.

>> No.11244740

t. deadbeat

>> No.11244991

I larped as a Chinese who tried to create controversy over the fact that Korone supposedly implied that Virginia and the US are separate entities while being oblivious to the fact that Americans don't care about that shit. Twice. Got lots of (You)s, but also got banned.

>> No.11245039

why Korone?

>> No.11245190

Because she did a stream where she talked about all sorts of countries, showing their flags and trying to speak some of their languages. She showed the US and Florida seperately. I thought "hey, this is exactly the kind of thing a Zhang would get triggered over" and decided to try and emulate their behaviour out of pure boredom.

>> No.11245253

I....I liked you better when you were Senzawa, your holiness.

>> No.11245255
File: 5 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate Moona, i find her a legitimate waste of space on HoloID, i think she's a boring bitch with no redeeming quality carried by her model and pekora
and yet i cant stop cumming literal buckets to her and her ESL voice, i tributed my phone to one of her horror streams and her ring fit stream has become my go-to tool for fapping.
almost a month ago, i decided it had to stop and went on no fap. the first two days were fine, but the third day i had a wet dream where Moona was living in my apartment, she stank of unwashed sweat and her lilac pubes were peeking out of her panties. She used that fucking ESL accent to taunt and mock me, telling me that a SEA girl like her was significantly richer than me
i got increasingly mad until i slapped her, and she slapped me back, this devolved into a literal fistfight and ended with me angrily fucking her while she screamed how pathetic i was for loving her smelly indonesian pussy. I woke up with a fever, sweating from every pore and with a pair of boxers ruined by the ammount of nut they had. I still jerk off to Moona

>> No.11247141

Glad to see you're progressing, keep it up.
fucking kek
>I don't know why I capitalized the word "women"
Let me guess, your native language is German, and you autopilot to capitalising nouns by default.

>> No.11247420

are you okay anon? why moona in specific?

>> No.11247699

i dont know, i cant stop cumming to that broken accent and weird voice

>> No.11249274

Nah. I'm Dutch, and we don't capitalise our nouns.

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