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Previous thread: >> 11303237


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slow the fuck down retards

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beautiful burger eating Muslim wife

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will she invite a guess for the moona boona?

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>Previous thread: >> 11303237
>can't even linked it properly
She deserves something better

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Previous thread: >>11303237

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gomen, I just woke up

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I really love this purple thingy, bros. The world feels there is only this color that makes me happy

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same, i love purple, its like the sexiest color

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kek, those indogs are funny

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me too, I just love her so much

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Kek what the fuck happen to /moon/ last night

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something about drunks and calling Moona a dog or something

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Someone actually triggered just because a random anon calling moona dog? I thought you need to be 18 to visit this site kek.

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I think it was more calling them Indogs and them saying that they shouldn't because that's like calling Moona a dog 'cause she's also Indonesian. I don't really know tbqh, I was reading the thread half asleep

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If Moona has 1 million supporters, I am one of them.
If Moona has 5 supporters, I am one of them.
If Moona has a supporter, it is me.
If Moona had no supporters, I would not be on earth.
If the world opposes Moona, then I oppose the whole world.
Until the last breath, I will support Moona.
Moona Hoshinova Ch. ...

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1 hours and 45 minutes until she wake up

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More like someone calling out indogs to be less obnoxious, and for defence mechanism the indon retaliate by bringing Moona as a shield

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>calling them Indogs, is like calling Moona a dog 'cause she's also Indonesian.
confirmed fbtard kids lurking this site and seemed amazed how /vt/ works, they are part of the crowds who support moon-ollie-connchuck few months ago

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>acted like a retard
>anon got called as indog
>why are you calling moona a dog ?
Absolute state of /moon/. Dragging my oshi to shield his own pride.

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Morning Moon

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No wonder that anon was too thin-skinned and got baited easily by such an obvious bait turns....

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Did she mention if she was going to play a horror game this month?

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>confirmed fbtard kids lurking this site
Not even lurking anymore. They are actively posting in /moon/ nowadays. Just look at the increasingly amount of newfag and alien language this past few months.

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I don't think so

>> No.11331656

Even if she was, she won't play Solo

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An obvious bait turns out....*

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Hit a nerve, indog ?

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don't fucking start now please

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whats this then? >>11325692

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late thread

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Moona is a dog? yes. she is indog after all

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Her schedule is too cluster these day, she barely have enough time to actually do MoonaBoona, let alone invited a guest.

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It'd have been perfect to invite Ollie since it's her birthday and she fits the spooky theme.

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How much would it cost to fuck Moona one time without a condom?

>> No.11332582

is there hololiveID general?

>> No.11332595

Ollie's a scaredy cat too, it's gonna be Anya most likely.

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God, just please stop. What's the point of these off topic converstation anyway, it barely have anything to do with Moona. Just be the bigger person and ignored the bait.

>> No.11332620

back to your own thread zomkek

>> No.11332624

Make one yourselves

>> No.11332651

I want Kiara to be Moona's first guest on the ID server

>> No.11332698

Or Reine or genmate.

>> No.11332708

I want GurAme for old time sake

>> No.11332801

true, could be cute, but I also want them to be the unstoppable Minecraft duo between EN/ID

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Jey Moona please make artificial volcano in MC for more authentic Indonesia Experience

>> No.11332971

moona... RFA doko? :'(

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What would you expect? Most of Mooner's hater actually come from SEAnig, especially indogs. They just can't accept the purple thingy who they deem the same as lowly indogs like them to be successful and popular. SEAnig has this rotten mentally that despise one of their own if they're more successful and happy and prefer to support other than their own.
Let just ignore the dogs, they just want to shit the thread and make everyone uncomfortable enough here, so ppl would stop supporting the Moon.

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They've both talked about wanting a Minecraft collab, I want Kiara to tour Moona again in the EN server and in turn Moona to tour Kiara in the ID server

>> No.11333135

that is what you call, the crab mentality of seaniggers
t. seanigger

>> No.11333148

Why ? They are not particularly close. Even if the chance of pissing of schizos is pretty funny.
Ame maybe, Anya probably invite Gura since they are closer.

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We both know that if someone is giving a tour to Kiara on the ID server is going to be either Reine or Ollie. Probably Reine.

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How was her performance last night?
i fucking missed it

>> No.11333332

I can see the potential, Moona sometime talk about wanting to hanging out with Kiara when the merge happen.

>> No.11333383

Well Reine has already secured Fauna a tour, but yeah. Still, I'm hopeful

It was great, some were her best performance of that particular song

>> No.11333400

Great as always. She sang I Will Always Love You again and it was probably her best version so far.

>> No.11333440

Good as always, just too bad she took the worst timeslot for unannounced gorilla

>> No.11333495

Probably Reine because of Holobirds, Moona could do Usaken.

>> No.11333497

She sang Speechless again, but i like the previous one more.

>> No.11333601

here you go anon

>> No.11333604

It was fine, if you're talking about numbers she still got 5.6K peak despite overlapping with big streams she still got more than Ollie and that was with the Holodeath buff and it being a late announced guerilla

>> No.11333642

I loved her Circle of Life even if she struggled a bit in the end

>> No.11333743

God bless you anon

>> No.11333894

God bless to anon in the last thread...
i just copy the link.. i missed 17 songs too

>> No.11334087

Don't lump me with you people.

>> No.11334330

Good as usual, I like that she did new version of Hysteria and Starlight since her last attempt was a long time ago and wasn't as good.

>> No.11334507

Let sleeping dog lie, guys, no need to reply to the self hating indogs

>> No.11335083

For tomorrow archived karaoke, what songs you guys want her to sing? Personally i want her to sing The Beginning by One Ok Rock

>> No.11335232

Stellar Stellar

>> No.11335272

personally i want One Ok Rock - "Be the Light" since it full english but checked on JASRAC it not allowed on live performance...

So End of Life - Calli

>> No.11335309

One Ok Rock is good but can she archive the songs? I mean it's a Japanese band

>> No.11335329

Any One Ok Rock song is fine by me. All of them would sound great with her voice.

>> No.11335383

>Moona could do Usaken.
>Kiara's part of Usaken
I'll take it but
>all of Usaken
She's NGMI...

>> No.11335421

She already did with wherever you are, so I think that is applied to other songs of the band.

>> No.11335472

oh shit I forgot about that, also mooner you promised to get better with that song, I'm waiting

>> No.11335648

It like Miko is part of Flare kenketsu and will have a collab with them later on EN but she also have a solo collab with Bae. Beside having Kiara would help with the language barrier.
> The whole Usaken
Okay, maybe not everyone. I can see her taking Pekora, Kanata, Botan, Kiara.

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>indogs calling each other indogs

>> No.11336989

This is a fair representation of schizobrain at work. Only schizoprhrenic person able to formulate a claim like this?

>> No.11337107

this should be the topic for last thread but some smooth brainers would rather have an infotainment gossiping mother tier "discussion".

>> No.11337294

Then why not continue the discussion instead of giving more attention to these said smooth brainers?

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>> No.11337477

Which part of my post that indicates im "giving more attention" to these retards?

>> No.11337642

holy fucking cringe. you're no better than the usual /moon/ schizo.can someone post that hololive meds? this anonymous looks like he needs it so badly.

>> No.11337681

one oke please, shes almost nails it before

>> No.11337761

any song that she can belt

>> No.11337780

I also want her to try their song Stand out, fit in

>> No.11337792

in one hand, some people discuss what song would moona sing. in the other hand, some schizo just shitting each other

>> No.11337794

i want shuba for the first guest

>> No.11337825

they are gonna make a sex dungeon right ??? right ???

>> No.11337896

That's Iofi's job

>> No.11337908

she's the moon, but for me, she's my sunshine

>> No.11337915

acknowledging their existence is still giving them attention anon

>> No.11337955

Minecraft sex party when ?

>> No.11337959

oh right, that would be fun, at least the worry of language barrier would be less

>> No.11337977

>nyooooo dont call them retards even tho it's obvious
>nyooooo /moon/ should be a safe place for everyone! retards included!
yeah, no.

>> No.11338020

I can't stop masturbate since she revealed her 3 Size

>> No.11338039

Ask Marine

>> No.11338065

>NOOOOOO im a better indog than you!
>i post "i love moona so much bros" 5 times on every single thread that means im a better indog!!!
pretty much.

>> No.11338120

I don't remember, but she would cry if she play it alone.

>> No.11338140

So until her throat has recovered, right??

>> No.11338151

she can do a tour like a company tour, so Anya/lofay(because they are in the marketing department) and her guiding usaken or other kensetsu touring ID servers.

>> No.11338176

as odd as its sound, i want to see it too

>> No.11338201

she's also a star

>> No.11338217

she didn't mention it but it would be kino like last year

>> No.11338235

this thread in a nutshell

>> No.11338247

That's nice therefore the chance for schizos to use holobird vs usaken as a bait would be zero. I just hope they won't speaking mostly in japanese tho

>> No.11338249

PETITIONS FOR MOONER TO PLAY HORROR GAME indogs horror game please, so she can wet her pants

>> No.11338273

that was good, i missed 3 songs tho

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Post moona pics now!

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File: 189 KB, 400x400, moona ill shoot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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When you got caught in a pickle, just call them indogs and run away like a true indog you are KEK

>> No.11338354

Is there any good Indo horror game tho? I just know Pamali and that one game when you play as a JK (Pocong iirc)

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1st dreadout is much better than dreadout 2

>> No.11338363

a-anon its a no bra day

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>> No.11338409

please no, she'll get traumatized

>> No.11338448

Bros can we go back talking about how Alfred is the bad kid in the class? i miss gossiping wih you all, it was a blast. this is MUCH more important kind of DiScUsSiOn than moona. purisu anontachi...

>> No.11338462

she's /x/ girl, she will definitely wt her pants

>> No.11338512

do you think mooner ever felt pain in the back because of her big moonas ?

>> No.11338553

double bra for double support

>> No.11338560

here's sum ups from anon from the last thread
basically just indogs calling other anons indog. like usual.

>> No.11338575


>> No.11338607

That's my hands that supported her moons Anon

>> No.11338631

isn't that too tight? it would leave marks on her body

>> No.11338637

Of course, all girls with big boobs have severe back pain

>> No.11338644

there is ghaib too

i hate to say this but i have to agree with liao fey said, shes so cute she cried

>> No.11338646

idk what's Sir Alfred doing recently, but he's my inspiration because he's the only gachikoi who is brave enough to say "enough is enough!" to her oshi, unlike those fucking yes-men. If not for him, Moona would had fallen on Connor's slimy grasp.

>> No.11338681

I don't know how efficient this actually is but it looks cool

>> No.11338690

Cry or have a panic attack. That phasma stream really did sound like she is near one.

>> No.11338692

i want to give her a massage

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It's too heavy, she won't stand it. Try to find another game

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File: 119 KB, 599x239, 20211013_112626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11338748

Migo had a similar setup on her "God of Shike" house.

>> No.11338786

one or two villagers for the early server is good, this is will boost their efficiency mining and building

>> No.11338804

im dumb on mc, but i know that they need redstone to make some mechanics works, but what do you have to do to have a redstone? do you have to be on a certain levels or are there any specific quest that you have to do to get that?

>> No.11338832

I'm not sure if you're baiting but i'm not biting.
You can't go wrong with Dreadout I because /our/ resident vtuber Felix Kjellberg played it too

>> No.11338841

double bra for double fun

>> No.11338850

For redstone mechanics, they'll just need to find redstone to craft the materials they need

>> No.11338853

indogs are too brain dead to take a hint let alone figuring things out for themselves. so retarded that they cant even take a hint from the obvious like when the ENs like ame and gooruh basically told Connur to fuck off. all they can do is being a yes-man and poisoning their oshi with "you can do whatever you want, moona". you need to ratio these kind of retards.

>> No.11338862

do you think she has permission to use mods?

>> No.11338884
File: 16 KB, 596x118, smellymon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes and it stinks too

>> No.11338909

imagine the smell, it would give me a boner

>> No.11338912

That is a great idea, I like the little rp she did when she present the relay. So she with Iofi or Anya created/rp a tour event with each destination having a in dept explaination on the building and activities for the guest to do.
Moona can explain in english (she can write a script first if she isn't confidence) while Iofi or Anya translate back in JP.

>> No.11338924

Client-side texture mods are possible, i.e. Optifine. But the problem with server-side mods is that it'll affect everyone and there's a 0% chance that everyone will like it.

>> No.11338926

ahh ok2 i thought its hard to get, because i think mooner is a redstone addict but havent seen one bsides that mrt which i belive its a gift from the staff before they on their own

>> No.11338937

>indogs are too brain dead
the result of being colonized by europeans and japs and malnourished for hundred of years pls andastand

>> No.11338963

On one hand, I really want to see her play some horror game alone to see how cute she'll cry but on the other hand I don't have the heart to see her suffer...
That's why I'm wondering if there's any Indo horror game that she can bear to play alone, anon

>> No.11338993

collecting materials that hard, redstone is one of the easiest materials to get when mining, the actual rigging of the machinery is the hard part

>> No.11339006

she still can explain some buildings in Indonesian or English and Anya can help translate for her. but yeah maybe mostly they will be speaking Japanese.

>> No.11339021

>b-but you biting anon
its been years for pewds, but yeah dreadout works too, i just want to see mooner on panic mode in horror game anon

>> No.11339025

>collecting materials that hard,
collecting materials isn't that hard

>> No.11339028

Probably, she definitely feel it when exercising. Must be hell when doing dance reps.

>> No.11339063
File: 432 KB, 1617x1659, 038271706372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11339076

i want them to explore more their server, like find a massive cave, imagine she accidentally met the warden lol

>> No.11339079

You just have to mine it. They are pretty easy to find.

>> No.11339094

> Yopi
> Translating conversation back and forth
Kek but if Anya is also there I guess it will be alright

>> No.11339119

nah fuck off with that shit, soeharto era indons are a lot smarter than democracy era indons. Blame democracy for bringing a lot of dirty uneducated peasants into the city

>> No.11339145

Are they in 1.18 already?

>> No.11339162

you see, there's a lot of kind of posters ITT
>beggar posters
>i want moona to this and that
>muh discussion
>do you think moona this and that
>occasional horny posting
>i want to do this and that to moona
and many more. you pick your poision and bite what you want, anon. no one forced you to engage. though in the other hand im kinda agree with you about the low quality shits lately. last thread is the perfect example.

>> No.11339168

Yes Anya is decent for that job not to mention Moonanya collab is kino-guaranteed

>> No.11339180

it would be turned into a horror game lol

>> No.11339186

Isn't asian horror game a lot more scary than the western one ? If she want to start with horror game, i feel like she should try those shitty cheap horror on stream to get used to jump scare then move on to better one.

>> No.11339207
File: 52 KB, 448x80, Screenshot_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>remember the kara duet suggestion month ago
o fuck they did it first, should been mooner first if she didn't busy

>> No.11339209

it's 1.17 mob

>> No.11339245

she said she want to beat that shit with usaken

>> No.11339248

the fuck the damage and fucking fast

>> No.11339269

>should been mooner first if she didn't busy
yeah, you're too retarded to think before you speak.

>> No.11339280

i believe some anon here thought its imposibble to have a kara collab stream

>> No.11339283

but that's her job, it's the thing that loafifags are so proud about: being the bridge between ID and JP and all that shit

>> No.11339309

would be kino

anon I...

>> No.11339330

see this? see how clueless and retarded (You) can be? KEK

>> No.11339341

Anon, they are both in Japan and Calli have a track record of doing collab karaoke (Kiara, Homo, Milky) so of course she would do one with Irys. Beside Moona never said she would do one.

>> No.11339352

holy retardation

>> No.11339359

if mooner using discord for her duet, it will be robotic like the previous call

>> No.11339423

Moona already talks about this with Calli but it is impossible because of lag/latency.... They should do it IRL so expect it during 3D trip.

>> No.11339431

thanks for proving my point that these muh discussion posters are fucking retarded. go on, what kind of "DiScUsSiOn" you can think of next?

>> No.11339455

No, they said it is impossible to do one in different country because of the lag. Calli and Irys are both in Japan just like Kiara doesn't do karaoke collab anymore because she move back home.

>> No.11339465

indon shitty ISP that cover didn't pay for pls andastan

>> No.11339549

Yeah, the trip to Japan would spawm a lot of good collabs (offline collab, Karaoke, Group collab).

>> No.11339578

yes please read the post again, its not about collabs with mori, but more like kara collabs idea, she could do it with reineer, weesu, or even zombos

> Calli have a track record of doing collab karaoke (Kiara, Homo, Milky)
didnt know kale already had one, i didn't watch her

>> No.11339619

of pako collab

>> No.11339678

yes, and she did it all OFFLINE. THATS THE WHOLE POINT. is it really that hard to comprehend?

>> No.11339743

yee i kinda i understand if its offpako, i didnt even fucking know arise are in japs right now

>> No.11339955

nah I'm just drunk and saw thin skinned nigga keep replying to me, got me really excited,
I'm sober now, so bogos binted?

>> No.11339964
File: 81 KB, 959x1305, E9F24xiUcAIGC2O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Me me me

>> No.11340012
File: 422 KB, 1600x900, cover1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ruins your duet collab.

>> No.11340081

fuck off retard

>> No.11340111

her option only risu and reine
I even forgot when the last time she did a karaoke

they are not in the same town

>> No.11340137

i thought only deadbeats shitting each other on mori thread, other members general seems fine tho. except risu thread, they on existential crisis right now

>> No.11340225

/moon/ is okay when Moona's streaming (except karaokes, we get an influx of schizos during those) but when it's dead hours everything turns to shit

>> No.11340243

yeah, thanks for shitting up the last thread.

>> No.11340292
File: 15 KB, 336x126, moon uncle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did she mean by this

>> No.11340340

Aren't you supposed to be at least 21 to "drink"? Why were you acting like a toddler then?

>> No.11340348

Purple women loves purple women, simple as.

>> No.11340386


>> No.11340410

manchild + alcohol = disaster

>> No.11340415

>she uses voice changer for mamank
>she appears in Shion's doughnut collab

>> No.11340460

Look how you try to justify what you did with
>nah I'm just drunk
I hope you take the rope soon so this thread could be a little bit better.

>> No.11340476

my bad, I'm really sorry.
I'm just your regular hornyposter before, but seriously baiting It's fun.

>> No.11340518

why there are two moons?

>> No.11340519


>> No.11340538

pretty sure it was fun too for other anons reading the thread. grow up.

>> No.11340551

nice try brother but I'm sober now.
so weare friends now.

>> No.11340575

i want to lick her sweat

>> No.11340580

fuck off, bait somewhere else

>> No.11340602

take a 12 gauge. honestly.

>> No.11340619

who is the organizer?

>> No.11340620

Imma just jwu, see you later bros

>> No.11340658

dapatkan tali, homo.

>> No.11340673


>> No.11340719

where's Moona's doujin AAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.11340742

you must be really proud about it. give yourself a pat in the back.

>> No.11340748


>> No.11340775

but I want to hear moona freak out and cry because of the ghost

>> No.11340776


>> No.11340860

Nah, though she capable to speak nips, she's not a capable to be live translator(or not willing/confident to), it's probably either Reine/Anya who could do that

>> No.11340910

Fellas, can you explain this clip to me?

>> No.11340914

do you think pochi has her own hololive doujin? only for herself?

>> No.11340935

join membership

>> No.11341039

One is Luna, so yeah, there's always been 2 moons

>> No.11341076

Joinda membership....oh wait wrong thread

>> No.11341082
File: 109 KB, 412x316, haachama in indonesia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she draws reine getting massaged and railed by indonesian beach boys in bali for practice

>> No.11341119

Please. Dont ever come back.

>> No.11341162

me in the corner of the back ground

>> No.11341228

She thinks she was slick but we know Ane Naru Mono chapter 11 is a Hololive doujin in disguise

>> No.11341306

not the retard, but i think he always here, just don't reply his bait, he is no better than that leechschizo.

>> No.11341315

Luna is a moon princess, while moona is a moon being. but yeah, both still consider a moon

>> No.11341363


>> No.11341383

Just endure it Anon, he always quoting en masse pretending to be someone else each time, but in reality it just the same schizo

>> No.11341464

> tfw open the thread and ppl still talking nonsense

I'll be back later

>> No.11341498

>IP count still the same when this post was made
stop pretending ur not /here/

>> No.11341732


>> No.11341787

> implying ppl can't just leave the page open

>> No.11342050
File: 1.66 MB, 1080x1080, 1620712363739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not perfect

>> No.11342140

Appreciate it, Anon

>> No.11342152

I like how it's look like a virgin trying to touch boobs for the 1st time

>> No.11342187
File: 659 KB, 2222x3281, shuba thirsty for the moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a handful of mooner's mooner

>> No.11342252

Nice, Moona smirking is a nice touch lol

>> No.11342314
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 1627692279280s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11342443

>a schizo thinks that other anons are the same person talking to himself
this is what >we called schizoception

>> No.11342740

As they say Anon, only schizo could identify other schizo

>> No.11342839

takes one to know one. so basically this anon >>11341383 also a schizo?

>> No.11342972


>> No.11343056

Probably, but at least he's not trying to stir shits up like the other anon

>> No.11343482
File: 2.96 MB, 1668x2388, 1606227416920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11343521
File: 339 KB, 488x427, 1620996921591.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine being spoon-fed by moona and she giggles as you says AAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.11343998


>> No.11344024

> Shion Donnut collab
What ?

>> No.11344088

Guess we have to wait for the Japan trip to get our karaoke duet or if the girls ever decide to do a HoloID offline collab.

>> No.11344186

i can imagine her doing this to oilly/iohi irl

>> No.11344208

It look like someone going to slap her moon

>> No.11344238
File: 310 KB, 813x840, 1627551815509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11344721

don't make me halu anon
I almost run out of moonapium already

>> No.11344918

>260+ replies
>9 hours
>41 ips
>1 chuba
>no stream

Please get a life anontachi.

>> No.11345243
File: 81 KB, 735x744, 6541961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11345266

Your pattern is just that simple to notice anon schizo. Also there's no reason to reply to your own post with "precisely!", you only convince yourself with that.
Also don't bother replying to this multiple times either, I know it'll be just you. This is my last (you) to you, since I don't want to shit this thread too much

>> No.11345332

dead hours, pulisu andastando and why are (You) here?

>> No.11345401
File: 752 KB, 220x220, 1605831545089.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just listened to Ollie's Indonesian song cover now I want Moona to sing an Indonesian song because it was honestly good

>> No.11345505

I hate her brother

>> No.11345533

if you cant beat them, join them!

>> No.11345558

Yeah it's good tho, but no matter how good the song is Ollie couldn't even sing properly, she need more practice.

Also just like Moona said, different chuubas has different permission,
specifically when that chuuba is a Monster SC generator in their branch
I wanna fuck Gita so bad

>> No.11345587

dont forget to use condom anon

>> No.11345693
File: 37 KB, 652x523, 1623461826643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got Indonesian permissions for karaoke and to cover while Moona literally thought to ask again 'cause she's been waiting for so long
>has ID, EN, JP, AND Javanese subs while Reine's song still has no English subs even though she already translated the whole thing
guess we know who's the favorite of the branch

>> No.11345745

ID2 is a lot more successful. Even Moona has admitted it.

>> No.11345792

If we're basing by success, then shouldn't Moona be the one getting the most here since she's literally known as the singer of ID. It's clear they have favorites when it comes to their talents, even among those within the same branch

>> No.11345922

more (SC) money more support, why support other member when you can just pump ollie with more money to produce more (SC) money....God I hate Gita so much

>> No.11346061

what about the 3rd parties donation? (streamlabs in this case). does somebody has any data of it?

>> No.11346137

just take your medication already

>> No.11346311

did you even think about the possibility that talents might put her own effort there? like maybe commissioning and paying some translator? or even getting their very own permission for a song? i might be wrong but all this "IT'S GITA's FAULT" starting to sounds like a beggar mentality.

>> No.11346398

Here, moona sing an Indonesian song, she should sing this and other Indonesian song with her new setup


>> No.11346432

Then what's the point having a management if the talent(s) have to do that by themselves? Sure there are cases like Pekora's prisoner costume and other's. Isn't the point having management is that they don't have to do BTS stuff and they can focused on streaming?

>> No.11346519

Getting permissions have always been, more likely than not, between managers and whatever company they have to ask permissions for. That’s literally the point of managers. We all know that Moona has been trying for months to get permission to sing Indonesian songs but sure I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they prioritized Ollie because it’s a special cover for her birthday.

>> No.11346756

o my god

>> No.11346989

nah gita is a cunt but permissions need money and moona is busy with other projects and even if she is free zomb make much more and can do a lot more

>> No.11347060

my whole point was, >we dont know exactly how they do their works and there's a lot of contributing factors on why certain talent got this and certain got that. >we basically pulling shits out of our own ass based on stuffs that happened in front of our eyes which is only the end product. Also, pardon my goldfish memory, but can you link me the stream where she stated that she's been waiting for ID songs permission, please?

>> No.11347070
File: 49 KB, 757x835, 21544654756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hi Moona

>> No.11347344

Okay, fair, that’s true but you also can’t blame us for thinking that it’s Gitams fault when we’ve already seen and experienced first hand how incompetent she can be

>Also, pardon my goldfish memory, but can you link me the stream where she stated that she's been waiting for ID songs permission, please?
Not sure if you were watching the guerrilla last night but someone asked about Indonesian songs and she said that she has no permissions yet and maybe she should ask again to follow up

>> No.11347474

Those indogs are fuming ahaha.

>> No.11347635

>there's a lot of contributing factors on why certain talent got this and certain got that
There are two. Money, like EN, Gen3, and certain member. Favoritism, like homos.

>> No.11347829

>certain member

>> No.11348124
File: 183 KB, 1920x540, IMG_20210918_135856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did she mean by this?

>> No.11348153

>squirrel and alien in the thumbnail

>> No.11348155
File: 62 KB, 1110x284, 1615539081719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the reason why Moonatios hate Ollie?

>> No.11348252

>Moonatios hate Ollie
Where did you get that?

>> No.11348258

I don't speak for everyone here but I could care less about how many superchats she gets or whether she's about to surpass Moona or not

>> No.11348260

Wth anon we're not hating her,
it's Gita

>> No.11348284

4chan in its entirety hates Ollie minus her own general.

>> No.11348290

>almost triple

>> No.11348356

Maybe she's gonna talk about her experiences

>> No.11348402

alright place your bet
it's either going to be one of those camping encounter stories or something about her classmate getting possessed in school

>> No.11348419


>> No.11348434

Anyone here watching Ollie? Please just tell me when Moona or Reine calls in, thanks

>> No.11348463

We couldn't careless about Ollie herself, we just hate schizo who larping to be zombkek and start shiting the thread

>> No.11348489

I'm with you anon if there's someone here who got bothered by such metrics then he might as well hand over his Moonaito's badge

>> No.11348492

Dang this is hard, but i would take 2nd instance.

>> No.11348493

Anon..... That just play word of "mystery"

>> No.11348502

i watch everyone in ID, even niji ones.
>just tell me when Moona or Reine calls in
probably same like reine, the ID will be the last to call

>> No.11348507

Please stop, this sounds like Cope to them

>> No.11348568

i'll skip this stream if she collabed with loafy and wisu

>> No.11348574

I want to watch Ollie but damn, I don't understand nihongo enough to follow the conversation and it baffles me so much that chuuba as big as her doesn't have any dedicated liveTLer in her chat

>> No.11348588

i'm hating her genmate
gen2 is daijobu

>> No.11348595

No, it's her retardation.

>> No.11348699
File: 44 KB, 1000x1000, 1633627149382-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here I thought mutts and yuropoors are much better at recognizing and handling baits than indogs.....

>> No.11348711

does she gonna sacrifice her genmate ?

>> No.11348723

Indogs and seaniggs*

>> No.11348728

my bad, I'm really sorry.
I'm just your regular hornyposter before, but seriously baiting It's fun.

>> No.11348760

>I'm just your regular hornyposter before
no you don't

>> No.11348786

Not everyone is Oil Baron or Crypto miner. Sure it's a little sad that someone you admire working so hard and has enough talent to be a superstar yet only get so much. Just remember that because each one of you she has another reason to continue being here.

>> No.11348790

Yeah, I'm just horny

>> No.11348821

>bump limit reached
>a lot of bait posting

>> No.11348828

it's her own story? nice
i wonder if she's been doing any storytelling reps

>> No.11348845

80% of them are done by one or two person tho. eliminate Tsumeshiro and Nekota handsuta donation and she got almost the same amount as her genmates. she got freaking whale as gachikois.

>> No.11348879

This is Moona we are talking about anon. I belieb

>> No.11349074

>Not everyone is Oil Baron or Crypto miner.
This makes me wonder if anyone in hololive has whaled for their oshi. I bet Reine has dumped hundreds of dollars on Marine by now

>> No.11349140
File: 24 KB, 416x430, 1622895523705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This makes me wonder if anyone in hololive has whaled for their oshi.
You mean wasting her money?

>> No.11349167

I bet reine already invited to marine's top10 whale orgies, organized by marine herself.

>> No.11349184

If I remember there's that one Ichimi who always akasupa her with max amount that allowed by Susan per day/week right?

>> No.11349209

All I know is moona usually send supa to her branch debut stream and her sister birthday stream.

>> No.11349216
File: 1.59 MB, 1080x1169, 1607770864245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always wondered how much Matuli spent on Hoshikawa.

>> No.11349238

I mean they have lots of it, why not whale on your oshi

>> No.11349347

ollie is beating moona's totsu at this rate

>> No.11349424

on what? the guest? the view number? or SC?

>> No.11349474

All of them.

>> No.11349516

Mooner peak 29k view
Ollie 9k view
So not quite,
but if we're talking about SC and guests i couldn't care less if she beat mooner or not

>> No.11349559



>> No.11349569

I thought she got 50k views
just check it just 5k, but I agree with you on sc and guest

>> No.11349572

okay zomrades you win, now go back to /zomg/

>> No.11349703

Back to your own thread numberfag

>> No.11349746

never been there.

>> No.11349809

> zoomkek with their inferiority complex on display

Nothing new

>> No.11349848

Okay faggots you win. Now go back to your generals

>> No.11350030

>2 threads in 24 hours
jesus christ why are >we like this

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