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I miss her :(

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same :(. chama just stop this uni nonsense and come back, you will be richer and happier this way. you don't even need to throwaway you uni friends

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she need to play minecraft the the new EN girls

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I miss her :(

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she's never coming back

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she got sick from the 2nd covid shot, she'll be back soon

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I know

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blame her boomer parents.

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She's too busy partying, dating, and living a normal life.

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Shut up amerimutt, don't project your shitty lifestyle on others.

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she literally said that she wants to be a normal girl that parties in college

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She's also really pretty and sweet. She definitely has a boyfriend.

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anon she is a 5/10

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she said she wanted to live a normal social life in college, what's normal in japan isn't the same in muttland fag.

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>it's real

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She never said this, she just said she wants some friends, from what I'm worrying is if her friends would be a good influence or not

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>nooooo you can't be a person you have to sit in a glass xase and let me gaze longingly at you because I'm afraid of real women!!!

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Imagine her living the full university experience. Classes, new friends, and experimental sexual partners.

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of course they won't be a good influence look at what has happened to her stream schedule since stating uni. bet that they are filling her head with bullshit like being a wage slave is a good life path compered to what she had going for her before she started uni

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>wage slave is a good life path compared to what she had going for her before she started uni
No one would believe this, even my 8yo cousin

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apparently chama does

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they aren't going to convince her to be a wage slave they're going to convince her to "try new things" and then laugh as she gets wasted and taken advantage of by a couple of senior classmates

female friendships are like that

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haachama said she wanted to try the parttime job lifestyle or whatever but not because of the money, her family is rich and she literally doesn't give two shits about money.

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>Henshin emergence vibes
No not like this anon...

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they say women who go to normal dorm college end up having sex with up to 50 men

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She congratulated Ollie on her stream yesterday, you can listen to Chama's voice for a bit

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Having been one of those men for more than a few girls, yeah I'd believe it.

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You can also hear her as well as other blondes in the new Watame cover.

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Young people are horny and promiscuous everywhere, anon.
Your only hope is Haachama getting into a all girl's Bible study group.

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How do you imagine student life in Japan?
She would literally have two or three new friends, and given her interests, they could be total otaku.
A lot of attention from guys?
Be realistic, guys in Japan are total human garbage who are afraid to talk to the opposite sex.
Let's hope she has sex at least once and her partner isn't a fat, ugly pig.
Her biggest worry is that she will start drinking alcohol in large doses. I remember on one of her streams she even said she wanted an alco offcolab with Lamy.

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Don't be reasonable here anon, in their minds every place is America

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wow a real japanese person and not someone who learned everything from anime

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gross, this doesn't appeal to my cuck fetishes at all wtf

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She lives in Japan bro........... taking a day off from work is shamed upon over there.

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weren't her parents the ones that sent her to a different country? to her distant family that treated her like shit? or am I getting some details wrong

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Chammers is being cummed inside RIGHT NOW

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>best friends with village bicycle Hoshikawa Sara
>"D-don't worry, guys, Haachama just wants to be a shut-in loser like me, heheh."

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side effect of going on long vacations~

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She was the one who wanted to study abroad, but her first host family didn't give her the best treatment and the kids were rude to her.

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It's probably similar to K-On college arc. Except she's half inkya and attracts bullies so she'll turn into a loner. If she has sex, it'll be like domestic na kanojo where she gives it away just for the experience. There's few orgies in Japan, but if she comes to America I'll introduce her to it for you guys.

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Your shitty rrat is killed, deal with it.

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This is why we agreed to not have threads. Pigs, you need to stop. Oshi doesnt mean girlfriend. It means someone you support. If you cant handle that someone who pinned to be back in her homeland wants to interact with her native peoples above all else then you dont deserve her. Shes been streaming for six years now. It was never about the money either but the connections she formed along the way. Please let this thread die.

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Haachama is the true daughter expierence where you slowly see your cute and innocent girl turn into a massive whore. I had to drop her after the masturbation bait streams

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no anon we will keep calling Haachama retarded for choosing the obviously wrong live decisions

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I hope she ends up in a loveless marriage with a salaryman that spends all day working and all night fucking other women that gave her 3 children to take care of all by herself in a lonely suburban house. Only then will she remember who cared about her, who supported her, and who she abandoned.

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I can't judge Haachama as a person because I only know her as a character. And what she says about herself is often a lie.
But I think the years she spent as a streamer helped her improve her social skills and she's not so introverted that anyone would bully her for it anymore.
About the sexual experience I agree, that's a possibility, but I hope she has a nicer experience.
I've always wondered why /vt/ cares so much about the sex life of vtubers? Although I think a lot of people here write about it ironically, it's the Japanese brothers who put too much importance on it. Forgetting that we're talking about regular people.

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This but unironically.

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