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Are you learning Japanese so you can understand your oishi without being dependent on a translator?

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Less my oshi and more any Nijisanji streams
It's fun, I enjoy learning Japanese even if I have a peabrain so I learn slowly, and I get to watch vidya while I learn

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>Are you learning Japanese so you can understand your oishi
why would I need to learn japanese to watch Kiara?

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No as I don't care about what they're saying since it's most likely just basic stuff

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Over years of anime and video games, I've picked up a decent amount of vocabulary, but I've never formally studied. As a result, I mostly understand sentence fragments and piece together the meaning based on context. Sometimes they'll use some unfamiliar vocabulary though, and then I'm totally stuck.

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Partially, yes. My primary interest in learning Japanese extends to being able to consume a variety of forms of untranslated media. I'd also like to help with fan translations at some point if I get proficient enjoy. Learning for purposes of communication and travel is a close second.

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She'll actually read your messages if she thinks you're nipponjin

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It's the other way around

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If you don't understand them why do you watch them?

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Not really desu. For me at least JP Streams are like background music akin lofi hip hop beats. Their laughs, cries and smiles are enough.

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i already know japanese

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Why is Family Guy so popular on this website after it was mocked for a decade and a half for being painfully tryhard and unfunny?

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That's exactly why it's popular, irony and shiet

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>get me out of this whack-ass crystal prison-peko

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No im not learning a whole language just to watch vtubers and other jp media if im learning a language its gonna be mandarin since we all are going to need it in the future

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i was aiming for using it as job skill and vtubers happened. what a timing

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I perk up at every mention of yabai

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would like to, but i don't know where to start.

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I want to be a translator myself

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duolingo is a good start

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I hope for your own sake you're shitposting

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My oshi is a beautiful and most likely autistic Southern belle

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No. My oshi is learning English, the superior language for me.

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The Genki textbooks are pretty commonly recommended.
That's what I'm using and I like them. I am also using Anki to better memorize vocabulary.
I would also recommend checking out this youtube channel for good and succinct explanations

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I'm not just trying to psyche you out man, Duolingo is dogshit for learning Japanese
Follow a grammar guide and then once you've got a good grasp of it (and katakana and hiragana) use Anki with a recommended deck to build up your kanji knowledge and vocabulary, anything's better than Duolingo really

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Dont need to learn japanese to understand that

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LOL the absolute state of EOP vermin

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Grab a fucking beer and sit the fuck down

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>Will never fit in at 5ch
>Will never fit in at /vt/
Fuck off back to /jp/ dakimakura fucker.

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Amerimutts are too dumb and fat to learn a foreign language. Enjoy only short clips made by Chink clippers until you die lmao Truly you are a Chink slave.

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He is right and you don’t even need to learn shit. Using any translator on live chat and twitter reveal everything. Worse if the woman behind the avatar is a fan of stacies, the topics those engage are no different from twitch stripers.

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Meh, I started using it literally just yesterday to learn hiragana and eventually katakana (+ I’m writing them over and over) and so far I feel like I’m picking them up without much trouble. I’ve read the reviews about the course as a whole and I don’t expect much from it longterm or even midterm frankly, but so long as it teaches me the syllabaries and some vocab along the way I can get the rest elsewhere. I have Tae Kim’s grammar guide and I downloaded the Genki PDFs today, so I’m not planning on duolingo to carry me all the way or anything.

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Start doing Kana reps, then learn some grammar from Cure Dolly / Tae Kim on youtube.
Then after having some basic grammar down try learning some vocabulary through Anki decks.

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I started duolingo after seeing some chuubas using it, its pretty okay when you supplement with other material but I doubt I'll learn everything I need from it alone

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>Truly you are a Chink slave.
That's some juicy seethe.

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Enjoy your lesson


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Family Guy is one of the most underrated piece of American media, you know someone is a midwit when they dismiss it.

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This is what im using:


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learn hiragana and katakana, it should only take 2-4 weeks or so, test yourself using any of the random online kana memory quizzes you can google. then get anki core 2k/6k vocab and do that everyday, however many cards you're comfortable with, kanji seems daunting but i don't really see any reason to hold off on it versus just jumping in as soon as possible, the longer you hold off on it the longer it'll be before you're able to read. get a textbook(and bunpro if you want a grammar SRS), there are a thousand torrents and pdfs you can easily find for genki, minna no nihongo, japanese the manga way, just get whatever you like and stick to it. lingodeer if you want a supplementary phone app. and consume japanese media. in 2-4 years you'll be competent as long as you stick to it, don't waste hours everyday in DJT or japanese learning forums where people senselessly argue about what the most efficient method of learning japanese is while they never actually stick to any method to eventually actually learn japanese. never let a break turn into weeks/months/years of essentially giving up on japanese because one day you didn't feel like doing your reps and you gave in to it and it snowballed from there.

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>tfw all that hard work on learning just to find out that 80% of the time all they talk about are mundane everyday stuff that would have been translated by your average clipper.

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clippers don't clip everything important
learning japanese isn't just for otaku stuff
and at the very least, the discipline you've built up into focused studying every day for years will make it easier to apply the same thing to other stuff

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>I do it for the Kana


>2-4 weeks or so

Yeah, for grade schoolers. Or do you want to include 変体仮名?

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my method for teaching people to memorize kana usually has them learning around 2 columns per day so they never feel overwhelmed.
have them memorize a column of hiragana and write it without any aids, and then add additional rows until they're able to write the entire chart from memory, and then moving on to katakana and doing the same.
too many people talk about getting confused by shit like ツシンソ that i know a lot of people are rushing through the charts/never bothering with handwriting.

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whats after that oh wise one

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I have been but it's not going well and RTK is forcing me through thousands of stupid useless kanji and I don't know how to filter them without making an entire new deck that I have to teach.

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No, I'm learning it because Western entertainment is taking a nosedive and at least I can have some fun in the weebsphere.

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I already learnt it.

Also, every time I see them reading kaigainikis' comments, this: >>1146261

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We're supposed to learn not-Mandarin to better collaborate to fight against the Chinese in the future.

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china is secretly doomed to fail

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>10 kana a day
Honestly putting reading a reverse cards in anki would be faster.

Anyone remember that kana game where you put each tile into the corresponding sound? I remember that being very useful when starting out.

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>my method for teaching people to memorize kana usually has them learning around 2 columns per day so they never feel overwhelmed.
Anon, I think even my grandpa could learn faster than that

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Does your grandpa work for 10 hours per day?

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Say what you will about the series as a whole but the first season is kino

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Yea and in the future maybe even be the one to fully sub her streams for the filthy eops

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>"-chan" is actually spelled with the characters for "tchyan"
kind of weird but k

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i'm not some retard who bandwagons a chubba i can't evenunderstand

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Nope. I've also met a total of one (1) Japanese person in my entire life. I've met as many people from Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt. I've met twice as many Iranians.

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That's what I did for kana too.

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He sleeps 16 hours a day

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Jerma became a vtuber?

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Are the realkana charts really the best way to go? My listening comprehension has been going surprisingly well but I'm dyslexic as fuck and still really struggling with my kana.

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Learning japanese is a choice made out of morality. it cant just happen to anyway
Also less than 1% of people on this board are learning japanese the right now.
animecards.site explains how to do it the right way

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it cant just happen to *anyone

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My Oishi is already a primarily english speaker but she does do JP collabs. I very recently picked up learning again after like 2 months of Duolingo back in ~2018 so I can watch JP stuff without relying on clips.

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>because one day you didn't feel like doing your reps and you gave in to it and it snowballed from there

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