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If we accept the rhetoric that Gura is popular because of her own hard work and talent, we also have to accept the fact that others are less popular because they didn't work hard enough, and they aren't as talented.
So did Gura actually earn her success? Is every other vtuber less talented than her? Or did she just get lucky?

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It's a thread about Gura. Who's image should I have used, the pope's?

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The options you've laid out are a false dichotomy. A person can believe that working hard is a necessary condition for Gura's popularity but not a sufficient one. Put differently, no one will become that popular without hard work, but someone CAN work as hard as Gura without enjoying her success if they lack the same personal qualities that make her entertaining or run into worse luck. This is pretty common in a lot of fields, people at the absolute peak of their craft have to work hard, display innate talent, AND get lucky in order to make it to the top.

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What did I say that was so egregious that it comes across as bait?

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>know it's bait
>respond to it anyways because I want to have fun getting baited and I'm interested in what they're arguing
/vt/ is so sad to see, every other board just goes along with the bait even if they know it's bait because it's fun to discuss about stupid shit

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Technical skill is only one part. As much as people harp on about what they call >nepotism, networking *is* a skill that gets you far. And... yes, luck has a lot to do with it, particularly the the luck of other people noticing you.

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This bait pic is new to me, I love it. ...It's been a while, ok?

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Yeah sure, Ayame worked very hard to farm her subs while Mio is a lazy whore

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If it was luck that factored into Gura's success, then why hasn't anyone else gotten as lucky as her? This logic stinks.

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Combination of hard work, circumstances and sheer fucking luck. Like anything in life, nothing is black and white. Some people will work a fuckton harder and never get close to her success, some will do less and get more successful than her, some will be born in an environment that molds them to be naturally entertaining for a lot of people (see pretty much any big Twitch streamers, they're absolute lazy retards and they mog all of the Holos despite the holos "working" harder with lessons)

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Nobodys gotten luckier than her... yet. Its been a year, please have patience.

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> This logic stinks
Anon, for each lottery draw, there is only one winner.

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I... the logic holds. Luck is luck, sometimes you just hit big. For all the anons who despair at this, though, please, keep holding on. You may not become BIG, but you can become big in your place.

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>popularity based on subscriber count

Try view counts instead. It's more indicative of the current trend.

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I just want to say amyamya is cuter than same. That is all.

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Learn to read please? I explicitly said that while luck was PART of the equation, luck ALONE isn't enough to make someone Gura 2.0. You need the right personal qualities like a good voice to be a strong streamer, the right work ethic to hone your craft, and then the right luck to be picked up by a big agency (most likely Hololive) so you don't spend years streaming in obscurity.
If you want my honest answer, "getting as lucky as Gura" is basically impossible now, because part of the perfect storm that made her so successful was coming along right at the height of the pandemic vtubing boom. So even if you checked the other two boxes, you're never going to debut in as good a situation.

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>Buff songs
Some of them play with advantage

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>If we accept the rhetoric that Gura is popular because of her own hard work and talent
Yes. I'm not claiming she's the hardest working or the most talented, just that she didn't sit on her laurels and do fuck all.
>we also have to accept the fact that others are less popular because they didn't work hard enough, and they aren't as talented.
No. The world isn't just or fair. Just because Gura got there by her talents doesn't mean that far more talented vtubers weren't given the fair shake or didn't get screwed over in some way..

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fame is 95% luck and 5% having enough talent to keep afloat after that luck runs out
nobody earns it, it's out of their control

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As per view basis. Can we accept that pekoor makes a lot of stream than to gura.

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In English please

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I think they mean that, for every foundation of opinion, then, that we can accept that Pekoor offers Gura numerous streams

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the only hard work gura is doing is making my dick hard while she eats out shion

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If you find Gura sexually appealing, you are a paedophile.

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>hard work
this but unironically, she starts from scratch, see HER and pre-HER
true, no one else comes close to this karaoke numbers https://youtu.be/g0lQESej9zc

i also want to add charisma, personality, and good attitude to the mix, gura's model is a debuff though according to /vt/

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>gura's model is a debuff though according to /vt/
Literally who has ever said this? I've heard "cunny buff" being said quite a few times but never the opposite

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probably referring to the quality of the model as it can be much much better especially the rigging and range. I've seen better from indies. The design is fine though and does help.

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If you don't want to make love to her childish body you're not a man

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The others are in fact less talented, didnt work hard enough, and in a cosmic twist of fate, also purely unlucky.

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Hello! This is a now a Gura imagedump thread. Enjoy your stay.

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Just ignore it you cunt

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Then gura is surely successful. She doesnt even have consistency

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Cunny is both a buff and a debuff. Arguably, Gura should have flopped HARD when that one Youtuber chick made some noise about Cover pandering to pedos. The fact that she didn't and also made people stay is a testament to her quality as an entertainer.

Compare this to another (albeit smaller) Vtuber, Kyutto, who is almost non existent nowadays because of the stink raised at her

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Oh nyoo

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fuck off faggot

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gura big cute

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>Arguably, Gura should have flopped HARD when that one Youtuber chick made some noise about Cover pandering to pedos.
Except that one Youtuber chick had supported Trump. Gura got real lucky that the person trying to start the witch hunt was an untouchable. The usual internet mob crowd didn't dare agree with her about anything.

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Two people can work exactly as hard with only one "making it". It's called life.Yeah gura got lucky ,but it does not diminish her hard work.

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Bro if you can't comprehend her luck, you can't say that...

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Is that one hoshiyomi's schizophrenia contagious or is it just the same guy?

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tasty bait

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