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lads, how can we save Kiara?

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Give her Harapan.

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When the streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of her menhera attacks will foam up about her waist and she will look up and shout 'SAVE ME!'...and I'll look down and whisper 'No.'

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Either change her personality completely or hire a new voice actor for her

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She made her grave when she took this shitty promotional work and now she has to lie in it

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HoloEU with more German streams. I've started to come around to the idea that she only seems extremely rude because of ESL issues. And I'm not just saying that because I saw a picture of her roommate before the jannies deleted it and reevaluated some things. Nope.

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>20th most superchatted streamer
>Taking a fat paycheque to play a game she loves
>Has less Chimpanzees in her chat than usual
I dunno bro, seems like she's winning right now.

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New voice please

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Suggest another JRPG

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Tales of Symphonia

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embarrassing, even ollie got better numbers than this.

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you don't . she really doesn't need saving ,and besides she's playing what she loves and still earning lots of sc. kiara still winning.

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Ollie is the most popular HoloID member.

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that's Moona

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We don't need to save her anon, she's playing JRPGs because she likes them. She's not selling out for high numbers. She has SOUL

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Top 20 Supperchated user in Youtube Worldwide.
I'm sure she's fine

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Why are these threads made any time she does a debuffed RPG stream? Her other streams do just fine.

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Still better numbers than NijiEN.

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Her and Ina already turned down doing FFXIV even when management begged them

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until she has a menhera attack, im inclined to think she's living the dream right now.

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Rent free

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viewer free

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>19th loser
>money money money
>low viewership

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Just let her mother do the streaming for her.

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I will watch this when i finish the game

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Is she? I never see anyone talk about her here at all. Didn't she fall off big after the pekobuff?

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Holy coperinos batman!!!!

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she sure doesn't feel like winning no matter hat you say lol

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I used to watch Yakuza during summer but I have too much work now.
I'm sorry Kiara but I can't watch you play 8 hours of boring JRPGs everyday.

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>debuffed RPG stream?
Suisei playing the exact same game has completely mogged her.

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>Has 46 emojis for membership
>This requires at least 4200 members
>Her membership is $6 AUD
>She makes $302400 per year before youtube or Cover take a cut and $211680 AUD or $157019.99 USD a year after Youtube takes theirs but before Cover takes their cut
Even if Cover takes half of her earnings, which I doubt, she's still making at minimum $78509.995 USD a year from membership alone.
She's fine.

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Bro don't doxx him like that!

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>nips are more willing to sit through a JRPG stream
No fucking shit, anon

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i will make her orgasm so hard her cats will think i’m killing her

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You know it's him (or his faggot friends) making these threads because they always report egg pics and get them removed. It's hilarious.

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Make her not sign up to represent a game from a company that has known history of censoring games and then lying about not doing it?

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We can't.

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By telling her to stop playing dubbed games. Her Voice acting was the only thing that made these fames watchable.

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Nope, Ollie is shit compared to Moona.

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>game she loves
>game she doesn't even know
>is absolutely trash in
>>>>>>normal mode
>60 hours in and she's not as far as suisei
>pleb mode party picks
>>>>>>>game she loves
Suisei is absolutely mogging her in presenting this very short game, in the hours Kiara takes to play it people got plat.

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She is as stubborn as a mule. Many times people were telling her to get her old scuffed mic back, but she doesn't want to. Her cooking streams are the only way to hear her pleasant voice now.

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She's getting paid to play this game.

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>she's a cunt

>> No.11523534

>using being talked about on /vt/ as your measure of popularity

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Have you not seen the dokomi shite they participated in
THOSE are the people you are inviting here

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let her die or trade her for a better talent from niji like selen onegai

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Kiara is absolute dogshit at jRPGs and only knows how to bruteforce games.
Just look at her Atelier playthroughs. They are utterly horrid to sit through as someone who actually plays the games. No optimization, no attempt to really 'get' the systems of the game to make it more tolerable to watch, just absolute garbage.

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Kiara started her ToA series with 2k viewers and will end it with 2k viewers.
Suisei started her ToA series with 10k viewers and will end it with 2k viewers.

There is nothing to save her from, fuck unfaithful tourists

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>brought in $900,000 of superchats
>Telling me to cope

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So are KFP the trannies or are the eggs the trannies?

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anon, money can't save you from the embarrassing fact that you're the most unpopular in your branch

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KFP, one look at twitter will confirm that

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I WILL watch your chubba if she plays Romancing SaGa 2.

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Stop using Suisei in these thread. Bunch of faggots.

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Isn't Suisei playing in game journalist mode?

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This anon gets it!

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Yikes, the projection

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Holo should find a Hungary vtuber and partner her with Kiara.

>> No.11524172

acquire oshi with some talent

>> No.11524266

By making all of the EU KFP central. Starting with making all of Germany know her name via more German vutber collabs and then once she secures her popularity she can start collabing with other popular EU vtubers. I think France has a well known one.

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The eggs, one look in the archives will tell you that

>> No.11524466

your pronous: was/were

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>lads, how can we save Kiara?
the ritual

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Do you need to constantly have that many members to keep the emojis? She could've had that since the first membership stream. I know in twitch, once you reach a new milestone, you keep the emotes spaces no matter how much you subscribers you lose.

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kfp you can't just make a thread for every Kiara JRPG stream to beg for views. Reported.

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Encourage her to audition for VShojo

>> No.11528234

I know it's easy to forget but let me remind you Sana exists.

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Only if you look at the current subscriber count. Ollie is growing way faster than Moona is and will overtake her somewhere around January. She'll be the first ID to hit 1M without question, unless Moona starts sucking rabbit dick on stream again.

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She makes more in SC's in her Gen except for Kronii. I think she's doing fine.

>> No.11528691

Really? But doesn't that mean she's literally in the same situation as Kiara but less popular overall though? My point was that Sana's existence is sole reason Kiara isn't the the most unpopular in her branch.

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by throwing her off a cliff and ending our misery

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the difference between a casual and a gamer
ToA may be Kiara's favorite game, but she isn't an obsessive gamer to the point where she'll read up on strategy and optimizations. Susei strikes me as the type to do the homework whether she's hardcore about it or not.
my favorite chuubas are the hardcore gamers playing the games they like. think Gura playing rhythm games, or Mori playing Guilty Gear... or Ina just building stuff in minecraft or vr paint.
I don't know why girls don't go as hard as men. most women I've gamed with give up if you try too hard. guys on the other hand do the exact opposite, the harder you beat them the harder they train.
it annoys me that even women whose jobs are literally streaming video games that they still can't put some time into grinding or even just opening the game once before collabing in it.

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This is just sad now

>> No.11529331

>Mori playing Guilty Gear
Ina did more real Guilty Gear practice in one solo stream than Mori did ever.

>> No.11529420

Yes, you and Kiara are sad indeed

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>no u

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Oh no, you didn't, such a good burn guuuurrrllll

>> No.11529589

Kfptranny discord activate!

>> No.11529613

Etrian odyssey

>> No.11529706

Are these KFP trannies harassing you and your friends, my queen?

>> No.11529716

on stream. Mori played Guilty Gear before streaming it. She's not very good but she did put in the time to learn moves.
Ina barely scratched the surface of practice. She just did what she should have done before the collab.

>> No.11529740

yes, off with their heads

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she needs the money for something
she pretends she likes the game but its obvious she needs the money. maybe she's scared the vtubing fad will end and trying to save as much money as she can?

>> No.11530356

where do you think you are, kfptroons?

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You guys remember when Kiara was playing the rice game for the first time and somebody asked her if she was going to continue?
She said probably not because the numbers were "kind of meh".
That stream averaged 8k CCV.
Oh how the times have not been kind.

>> No.11530500

Suisei mogs everyone at everything.
She's perfect

>> No.11530921

>will overtake her somewhere around
zomcucks still repeating the same shit since Ollie's debut lmao

>she will overtake moona after 2 months!
>she will overtake moona after chess arc!
>she will overtake moona after math arc!
>she will overtake moona after her new outfit reveal!
>she will overtake moona after anituber collab!

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People stopped liking Ollie after the Great Yab of Phasmo and when she started sucking Connor's/Vshojo's mutilated penis

>> No.11531311

Well yeah anon, numbers are relative to your own averages. 8k was meh for her back then. Pretty muche everyone's veiwership's have dropped, it's just that hers took the most colossal dip. Also it seems she stopped caring because half her streams are shit nobody cares about, she could probably just stream Meincraft every day and start getting 8~10k regularly again.

>> No.11531326

*4chan we are the schizos, alongside the indogs. She is second largest holoID afterall

>> No.11532012

She won't do it on stream, next time she's gona suck pekofuta cock offline when the IDs get their 3D debuts, and the gap between Moona and the zoomer will grow 3 sizes that night. All while Ollie sucks Astel cock, which while based, will probably lose her more subs than it'll get her.

>> No.11532083

So this is just the egg thread I guess.

>> No.11532125

Based poet.

>> No.11532167

Given what a horrid experience playing that is when you are a streamer, I don't blame them.

>> No.11532175

Holy cope

>> No.11532229

Trails of cold steel

>> No.11532405

wasn't that Ina who did that? it's kinda funny how only Kiara gets accused of numberfagging, but her genmates are always avoiding debuff games

>> No.11532424

Stop falseflagging

>> No.11532427

I dont think its about the voice calli have the same voice as kiara and she seem fine i think

>> No.11532435

>hardcore gamer
>Mori playing Guilty Gear
That stream was pure cringe distilled into its most concentrated form. Those streams filtered me from Mori forever.
She went on and on about how she liked Xrd and played Axl in tournaments and all that BS and she couldn't even execute special commands consistently.

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Almost NONE of the EN girls are good at games the only exception is Gura at rythim games otherwise watching EN is horrid if you want real good gameplay that isn't minecraft and even then look at their server and all their unfinished shit, because they suck at games and don't do the bare minimum to improve their gaming skills and sadly that's just a woman thing, it's a miracle that JP has a handful of them that are actual gamers and are decent.

>> No.11532719

t. autist

>> No.11532747

>kiaras able to keep an audience of 2k or more for multiple hours on end almost every stream
>thinking shes hurting at all
The chick is probably in top 1 percent of all youtube streamers with the amount of watched hours she mustve racked

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>> No.11532898

>of all youtube streamers
KFPchama....youtube has WAY more popular streamers

>> No.11532944

Is it a cope if I'm admitting her viewership sank like the titanic? I'm just saying if she still really cared she wouldn't be so stubborn about wanting to stream shit nobody watches, or would stream mainly Minecraft which is a mega buff because Hololive viewers are all autistic zoomers.

>> No.11532998

Those are usually in the 0.01% or lower. It's like how having 100 consistent viewers already puts you in the Top 1% of Twitch.

>> No.11535798

>Almost NONE of the EN girls are good at games
Nobody has a problem with them being shit at games, but Mori specifically bigged herself up as somebody who was at least competent at GG only to expose herself. I've seem some hard cope from people who have probably never played a fighting game in their lives justify it by saying "She was good at Xrd, that doesn't mean she's going to be good at Strive" which is ridiculous. You don't just forget command strings from one game to the next.

>> No.11535963

Who has played that already

>> No.11536282

chumbuds pls.
stop shitposting and go spam gura

>> No.11536372

Watching somebody play an RPG is boring.

>> No.11536482

That's true. I have the game, but I'd never watch that shit.

>> No.11536793

Closest I know is Sora playing Romancing Saga 3

>> No.11536923

The real question is what could be the final blow to Kiara.

>> No.11536928

That I can agree with, even though it's not a ''fighting'' game I won a few local tournaments back in the day for smash and even the brawl release day one and after that I didn't really play any of the new games until recently when I got ultimate and I was still decent at the fucking game, my gf on the other hand is a hardcore GG fan and she hadn't played in years and she got Strive recently and she was doing pretty good and climbing fast in competitive or tower w/e the fuck it's called, but yeah if you don't just forget commands if you've ''played'' the game for so long to the point you did tournaments that's some massive ass cope.

>> No.11537123

Sucking at games is whatever. Talking yourself up only to play like a literal toddler is another. Besides, I only brought that up because another anon was calling her a "hardcore gamer" citing her guilty gear streams. Which is laughable.
your oshi is a fraud

>> No.11537164

I'd say she should change her voice but it seems she just can't or won't, like it's just way too late for that. It's a shame beacuse she actually is perfectly tolerable with her normal voice.

I mean she can't just completely go in an octave lower suddenly, it'd have to be gradually lowered. There've been a couple streams lately where she did seem to be speaking a bit more lower/softly/naturally sounding and it was nice, but it isn't consistent.

>> No.11538896

>Moona had an eight month head start
>Ollie has closed the gap between her and Moona to only 32,000 subscribers anyway
>Ollie got 11,000 more subs last month than Moona did (37,000 to Moona's 26,000)
If this pace holds, she overtakes Moona in January. That's not really up for debate. I'm not predicting some massive bump due to some event, I just took the most up to date 30 day stretch where neither of the two really had much going on and compared, and that's where it ends up. Anyone saying that Ollie isn't going to overtake Moona is completely in denial. Also, Ollie has made almost triple what Moona has in superchats, before anybody tries to go down that road.

>> No.11539326


>> No.11539419

Xenoblade Chronicles

>> No.11539488

she should play worms

>> No.11539731

>Implying that the board is not filled with gossiping women
Good joke anon...

>> No.11539962

She built walls in Phoenix Town just to make Germans happy.

>> No.11540138

>live viewership is a b-better indicator of success than income!
The most retarded take

>> No.11540276

this is cope

>> No.11540380

>only knows how to bruteforce games.
>no attempt to really 'get' the systems of the game
I like Kiara but that quality of her, more than anything else, makes it hard for me to enjoy most of her gaming streams that aren't minecraft.
And unfortunately she isn't the only one who approaches games like that
ame and platformers

I couldn't enjoy games that way and I don't understand how someone else could.
How can you enjoy something which you spend hours of your time on if you can't even take 5 minutes to learn the absolute fucking basics of the gameplay systems that are supposed to make the game fun in the first place.
If you're not engaging with those systems, what's even the point in playing?
It's so frustrating to watch.

>> No.11546428 [DELETED] 

But yeah she's utter dogshit. Maybe she *did* play by doing like, arcade or story mode or whatever the fuck and won against CPUs throwing random shit, but you can tell that she has absolutely 0 experience in any remotely competitive enviroment. And by that I mean, she probably didn't even play with friends, or she'd probably suck less.

>> No.11551881

>I like Kiara but that quality of her, more than anything else, makes it hard for me to enjoy most of her gaming streams that aren't minecraft.
This is the whole reason I don't watch her, as someone who knows Three Houses like the back of my fucking hand watching her playthrough completely turned me off watching anymore of her content.

>> No.11552162

kek that`s called autism anon

>> No.11554554

>start using her sparks clothes.
>drop the chicken voice.
>go balls deep with her 'terrible boss' meme, just like kronii goes with her depressed shtick

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>implying Kiara needs saving
Kiara makes more money in month than you make in a year OP.

>> No.11554849

Yes, I know, she's very autistic.

>> No.11554879


No (you)

>> No.11555594

i can rebuild her i have the technology ! i can make her better !

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Does this savage beast look like it needs saving ?

>> No.11556573

Wasn't this thread about die? who the fuck is bumping this

>> No.11556962

>Viewership more important than money
Dirt poor nigger detected

>> No.11556963

>I never see anyone talk about her here at all.
She has a constant thread up that's filled with nothing but people gushing about her
She could almost be the most liked vtuber on this board

>> No.11557038

TWEWY, /v/ would eternally kneel to her.

>> No.11557229

She expressed her Interest in Playing TWEWY in one her streams anon

>> No.11557371

Everyone on this board is trans, anon

>> No.11557383

Something by Squaresoft or Enix on the PS1.
She has to play it on real hardware.

>> No.11557546

If that's the case, then she's actually really smart, the whole vtuber thing won't last forever, so better make as much money as you can now.

>> No.11557837 [DELETED] 

You seem unaware that she's pretty ugly, even among Germans

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>> No.11558175

Not an egg, but do you guys honestly watch Vtubers because you want to watch the actual game? Aqua is a great gamer, but I watch her for her cute reactions not because I expect amazing gameplay. For me, it's the company they provide and being able to have the stream play in the background while I work.
That said, I'm glad Kiara is a phoenix so she can keep burning for all eternity Ina pile of hot dog shit

>> No.11560732

Kiara would get filtered hard playing EO, either at the character creation of one of the last few titles by trying to make a HoloEN team and get the portraits and colors to match up or by any 3rd stratum at the latest. That said, it'd be very enjoyable to watch.

>> No.11560796 [DELETED] 
File: 1.77 MB, 600x600, 1631050685711.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not an egg, but do you guys honestly watch Vtubers because you want to watch the actual game? Aqua is a great gamer, but I watch her for her cute reactions not because I expect amazing gameplay. For me, it's the company they provide and being able to have the stream play in the background while I work.
>That said, I'm glad Kiara is a phoenix so she can keep burning for all eternity Ina pile of hot dog shit

>> No.11560874 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 227 KB, 279x381, 1632862449318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only one man is capable of saving her

>> No.11564341


>> No.11564910

>using v fucking t to gauge popularity and likeability
also I know for a fucking fact you're a global nigger considering her general is more alive and healthy than plenty of JP generals

>> No.11565278
File: 1.58 MB, 1291x1972, The_Chicken_Is_Dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11571201

save her

>> No.11572644

Get her to stop playing JRPGs for one.

>> No.11576647
File: 72 KB, 600x686, 1634088179917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11576697

But that's the only good thing about her...

>> No.11576773

RPGs are inherently a filter, this isn't just for streams but also multipart walkthroughs.
Still, what matters more is being able to hold onto a diehard loyal audience that'll follow you to the ends of the earth.

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