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Pain incoming

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>implying she's not just making up an excuse to take time off for mafumafu's birthday

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Rushia would never lie to her fans

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this. so much this.

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Just looked into it and damn that would be something if it is ture

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yep, it's so obvious

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so is this the legendary menhera stream

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so basically she'll be off for the rest of the year

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pets are overrated, big deal, some dead cat.

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LMAO got banned from her chat for writing "まふまふ誕生日"

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parents are overrated, big deal, some dead parent.

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>there are 32000 men listening to a girl they've never even seen complain about her cat's health

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anons here are edgy that they prefer their parents dead, so yeah...

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>まふまふ 誕生 10月18日
Holy frick, it's actually fucking real. I can't believe all my red SCs are turning into mini-sized condoms for Mafumafu's 3 incher.

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>its real

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That you guys think she's going to make up the tragic death of one of her cats to avoid streaming a single day, having to give the cat too so it doesn't exposes her, when she could have 100 other easier normal excuses for it (like "i'm recording") that no one would question makes you sound really fuck up in the head.

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I don't know much about this guy, what's the big deal?

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Why else would it happen on THIS DAY? There's no other reason!

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Your post actually put my brain in the right place agian. Thanks anon

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parents are persons and humans, part of my species. Cats arent people , different species, they are parasites.

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im glad im not as crazy as some of the people in this thread

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I agree that the coincidence is absurd (1/365) but really, faking a death and having to do the dramatic performance of your life just to not stream a couple of days,
when she could just say i'm recording or i'm feeling bad or something (which she does often around the year). It isn't like she streams every day anyways. Do these people think she's a psycopath?
Maybe her cat is actually is dying...

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isn't Rushia a necromancer? just bring the cat back to life

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wonder if there's someone who made a meme about this and get into meme review

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why did none of yall donate a sc with lets fucking gooo

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The people in this thread are actual psycopaths, they mistake everyone else as being the same as them.
Honestly the only cure for these people is suicide. Actual heartless schizos.

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"Make up"? Of course not.
She deliberately killed her cat for the opportunity. She's just that type of girl.

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welcome to the club
enjoy your stay
just like rushia rn is enjoying mafumafu imaginary cock with her dildo

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Oh shut the fuck up you pathetic faggot

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>watching meme review

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>rushia's pet is dead
You can't make this shit up. Letting any kind of animal, virtual or not, near this girl is a major mistake.
Better yet, how do you even fail at taking care of a cat? It's a fucking cat, it barely needs anything.

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Are you that ofended by being called a heartless schizo? Do the world a favor and kill yourself

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>someone on 2ch just dug out old stuff and turns out they actually have matching cups, dog plushie, etc.
okay but seriously, this one yab is kinda dangerous. unlike other fanbases, fandeads are actual richfags and they don't play around with these stuff.

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this isn't even a yab
everyone knows she gushes over jpop singers
the problem would be if she was actually dating someone

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I too don't understand these humans and their emotions

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Why do you care?

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She IS dating him. She had a private chat open with him on discord.

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I hope when rushia gets old and fat someone is around to abandon her when her heart and lungs collapse so they can mafumafu’s birthday

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Privat chat = dating KEK

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I don't I am an alien confused by humans, they're so weird with their empathy

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when that was a drama before "rushia" even existed, the funny thing is it was actually mafumafu's unicorns being the ones that were upset & needed to be reassured he wasn't in a relationship
People getting upset about it years later from Rushia's side is amusing

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Why and how does she happen to have private access to a singer she supposedly gushes over??

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>jpop singer
>private chat with a girl
Use your damn fucking brain

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If she was dating him she would have added him on her roommate's discord, not Rushia's discord

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kill yourself
make your mom proud

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newfags trying to resurrect an old rrat that got no attention in japan. just sad

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Do you have empathy for the thousand of people who will lose their mother today? Of course not, then why do you feign empathy for someone you've never seen losing their cat?

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She doesn't have a roommate discord

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bros get a life

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because she's my oshi you fucking nigger faggot i hope your family dies in car crash

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I don't understand emtions so I can't feign them. I am an alien, emtions are a human construct

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if a thousand people lose their mother she had it coming for being such a hoe. HEYOOOOO !

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Unironically have sex

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>please stop sending me cat graves on twitter
jesus christ

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Humans have sex to to have less empahy, interesting. I shall note this for my people

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>never seen

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How many holo pet deaths does that make it in a months time?

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At least 2 for this month.

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Why did Nijisanji do this?

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I mean, seriously, what are the odds? If you add all the deaths of the previous months, I don't want to buy into the rrat that the girls are autistic but they aren't helping their case.

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Fucking bitch, this is why Nijisanji is MUCH MUCH better

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Was shions over a month ago? I thought it was 3 including her and sana

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It's called BIG LIE anon, it's one of the oldest trick in the book

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if I could I would have sent you the money to buy the rope to hang yourself with. I sincerely wish that all tragic things happen to you and only you

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>It's real

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Which one of you fuckers sent Rushia cat graves?? Fucking cat graves..... Holy shit /vt/ you're too heartless... But I'd be a dirty liar if I said I didn't laugh my ass off at that part

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>Cat grave
Like, literal grave or what?

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Are you retarded.
She streamed on this day last year and the year before that. If she needed an excuse, literally just a week ago she took a day off streaming saying she was working on signing cards https://twitter.com/uruharushia/status/1447464228676272132?s=19
Instead of doing something simple like that, do you really fucking believe she cancels yesterday's stream in a panic due to her cat's health, worry tweets about her cat and how she can't calm down on her roommate's account, just so she can today proceed to cry on stream about her cat while being blatantly mentally out of it, all for a day off when she could've just tweeted "I'll sign cards today! See you tomorrow"?
How retarded are you?

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>Rushia already broken and pathetic after her pet hits the hay permanently
>informs her audience and gets a wave of comfort
>package comes through the next day
>eyes red
>first time she hasn't slept with nekochan
>Holds the package with a faint smile on her pale face
>"oh... what could this be?"
>Sniffles as she goes into character as a coping mechanism
>lightly shakes the box while weakly giggling to herself
>See picrel
>The air surrounding her is quickly replaced with dread
>cat grave falls on the ground with a loud thug
>along with rushia's knees
>loud uncontrollable sobs can be heard outside of her residence

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you do know that she has to ask her manager if she can stream something important right?

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stop giving attention to these "people"

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>She streamed on this day last year and the year before that.
Because she got back together with him this year.

>literally just a week ago she took a day off streaming saying she was working on signing cards
>all for a day off when she could've just tweeted "I'll sign cards today! See you tomorrow"?
If you keep using the same excuses, you will lose your credibility, just like Ayame.

>worry tweets about her cat and how she can't calm down on her roommate's account
Both tweeting and switching Twitter accounts can be done easily by anyone with fingers. It's not difficult.

>just so she can today proceed to cry on stream about her cat while being blatantly mentally out of it
She is an excellent actor. Do you remember the early days of Rushia? Her character and personality are completely different from now. She can "act" with ease.

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Utaite big one.
They're even deeper in that utaite guys shit considering Fuwa is legit IRL friends with Mafumafu before Fuwa and still during Fuwa. Kanae also has connections. KZH's just a dumbass that lucked into numbers like Peko.

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Don't talk to these people! talk to me instead!!!
Keep farming those (you)s buddy

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think of justin bieber but japanese. if the case goes above the surface and both fanbases clash, 100% rushia's side will get stomped due to size difference. basically kuzuha-mikoto situation but 10x worse.

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How would you even know she was even with him to begin with? Stop chugging rrats like it’s cool-aid. You fucks need professional help.

>> No.11617264

> Justin Bieber but Japanese
Kek anon, this has to be the worse fucking comparison.

>> No.11617344

yeah, i don't follow recent western trends so i don't know who are the popular guys out there for now. but you got the idea.

>> No.11617581

Yeah but that’s the thing, even in Japan he’s not THAT popular. But yeah fair enough, he’s a pretty big name.

>> No.11617643

I thought they weren't together anymore... Not like this bros...

>> No.11617732

Based mirror rrat

>> No.11618467

Doesn’t really matter. You fucks will still watch, and more importantly, donate.

>> No.11618645

Is he like a budget Hikakin?

>> No.11619100

>my cat died
>must streaming!

>> No.11619182

This thread should stop going offtopic about mafumafu but here, basically anybody who's listened to "Hated by life itself" has heard his cover, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq8r1ZTma08 , I was actually a mafumafu fan & watched his covers and lets plays before I even knew who Rushia was, so it was kinda funny when I first heard the rrat as a hololive fan and was like "wait I know and like that dude"

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imagine unironically believing this. all of their pets died at the same time. none of them died of old age. none of them died in their sleep. none of them died quickly or painlessly. and what do you know, it spread through hololive just like everything else they do on stream. always the most dramatic death possible to get the money printers running

>> No.11621169

>before Fuwa
Mafumafu learned about Nijisanji through finding him and you can see their first meeting on Twitter. They aren't roommate friends. But they do hang out irl now.

>> No.11621221

Rushia's cat is old, idiot.

>> No.11621258

Anon, literally everything these girls do is to print money. It’s nothing new. The retards who still haven’t figured out that watching a Hololive stream is watching the most curated content meant to farm views and money are retarded. Buying into the “genuine family” meme is for autists with absolutely no clue how social interactions work.

>> No.11621281

They are roommate friends. Do more digging.
Mafumafu's a big utaite. Has big concerts and shit. Got dragged into APEX shit by Soraru. Hikakin's a "bigger" deal in Japan but overseas people probably know Mafumafu more because most JP celebs are lolcelebs when outside of Japan.

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Mafumafu is so menhera he cried on the night of his birthday because people he wanted to talk to were asleep in the same room as him. If they were dating someone would be murdered

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>mafumafu's birthday in 10/18
>Rushia needs an excuse to take the day off to get fucked
>Shion also used the excuse of her cat dying to take a break
>Rushia also pretends that her cat died to take a break

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Rushia's cat is not dead. Try to keep up if you want to seem convincing when posting this shit.

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Imagine being this retarded kek
Rushia was been somewhat worried about her cats' health since at least like February, especially since they're old as fuck. Rushia did an announcement because her cat's not dead yet and she's taking a break to care for it while it's dying. Do you think Mel's grandfather dying recently is also a conspiracy because the timing of deaths are too close? Like how retarded are you kek

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I did do my reps I think you're confusing his roommate for someone else.

>> No.11621490

Cope with what? You being a brain dead monkey who eats shit?

>> No.11621501

I'm not.

>> No.11622061

NTA, but as far as I can tell from pro searching, Fuwa's past online life never interacted with him in either online collabs or on twitter. If it's like one mentioned the other as being irl friends on a random unrelated video once I'd understand why the other anon is confused

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Keep coping fag, Rushia gets fucked by JP Bieber on the daily

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>> No.11622572

the cat's fine
she's getting deep dicked the next week 24/7
> 24/7

>> No.11622616

Have you seen Mafu, Rushia has a better chance dicking him than the other way around.

>> No.11622643

What am I coping with? Having to tolerate morons like you? I only said the cat is not dead and you react like this.
I think you need to see a mental health professional.

>> No.11622687

I'm more offended about you downplaying the death of a pet cat than I care about mafumafu's girldick kek

>> No.11622699

K-son is overrated. Big deal, some dead e-thot.

>> No.11622782

parents are persons and humans, part of my species. Jews arent people , different species, they are parasites.

>> No.11623234

Yeah I'm not sure where that anon got it from. Do not see anything on NND either.

>> No.11623434

And btw I am not asking for spoonfeed I just think the anon is confused. His original point still stands Fuwa and Kanae have non vtuber connections.

>> No.11623445

what does that have to do with anything, no holo is crying over dead Jews

>> No.11625496

Holy giga cope. Know when to admit defeat bro

>> No.11625574

I'm fairly certain that dude was joking & not serious.

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>> No.11630800

How do I cope i'm not the dicking my oshi

>captcha: GG2MW

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This but unironically

>> No.11635342

Dude... they may be dating and all, but pretty sure even Rushia's clit is bigger than Mafu's dick

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