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You ever have weird dreams about vtubers? I had a crazy dream that there was a Hololive girl named Ayunda Risu. She was a squirrel vtuber from Indonesia who streamed mostly in English. She did a great mixture of pure zatsu streams, weird tongue-in-cheek ASMR streams with things like typing or whistling for extended time periods, and gaming streams featuring often highly unusual game choices and a lot of indie titles.

On top of all this, she had an amazing singing voice with tons of range, and had several very high quality songs that were produced and released on her channel every few months. She could switch between different "singing voices" while she sang and would often do acapella singing streams just to show off how good her voice was and how pleasant it was to listen to.

It was a crazy dream and it really made me sad when I woke up and realized nobody like this existed, but I still remember the name, Ayunda Risu.

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Talk shit to my face. See what happens.

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Yeah yeah, anon, cool your dick. I'll get back to streaming when I'm done with the Gen 3 screenings.

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>words words words words

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It hurts

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Almost never sing and when she did, only acapella and it's not even once a month. Always debuffing herself by collabing with stars more than JP or EN. Don't have speciality contents because she has no game she's good at. Throwing more innuendo more than actual content worth watching. Hey, i know you lurk here treerat. Please if you hate doing karaoke so much just say it and where is my Anime Character Voice Acting impression season 2 at? You good at that right?

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>HUAAA- ... it was just a dream ... ... no.. nono... nonononono NO NOOO aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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If this was a dream, I don't want to wake up

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Just a little bit more and she will be back

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Fat squirrel titties

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Commission actual arts pony, don't use your money on shits she can't use.

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She can totally use that face for a thumbnail.

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She might not be able to use it, but I can

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In your dreams maybe

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Risu gets plenty of art that she ignores anyways.

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I miss her

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You mean horny clipfags might used it for their thumbnail? Sure let's see if they can find any risu clip worth their time.

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It's just me or gen1 lacks of stream lately, I mean compared to gen2.

hell I only watch anya at dead hours sometimes

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Moona and Iofi are still in college
Risu........is just lazy at this point

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They might be preparing something bros. Maybe they'll fly them into Japan soon.

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:v I wish

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I only watch Moona among Gen 1, she's busy with college

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Risu should Graduate instead of being Ayame of ID

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Sure but ayame should graduate first for being the ayame of jp

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I wonder if there's Ayame of EN

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Don't know don't watch EN

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better yet, ayame should collab with risu

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>risu : ayame senpai kawaii *hii hii hii
>ayame : arigatou risu chan *giggles
>gachikois proceed to dump all their salaries for that sweet-sweet aka

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oh how I wish

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I like this lineup.

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Kek I don't mind, this is a good thing in the eyes of capitalism.

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After that collab both of them proceed to take a break for 2 weeks

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She is not ayame if her gachikoi is not even as rich as him. Can't even make her new cover song break 500k and that is after she used her Ayunda voice

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But why should she?

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For risu maybe, but you're underplaying ayame in this case, try 2 months.

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I don't miss Risu!

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yeah I wish she was real...
if she was real there would be streams

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It's usually Mumei or Ame

Btw new costume incoming

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this is now ayunda risu general

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literally tomorrow

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We’re very excited for Gen 1’s Halloween outfits, M-Chan! With it being spooky month, this is going to be even more joyful! It will be a pleasure to watch Risu, Moona and Iofi receive their new costumes! Looking forward to the reveal streams, starting from tomorrow! :D

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Speaking of this gook, i saw him liked a tweet about roasting that faggot alfred riddler kek.

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I love the sleeves

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>roasting that faggot alfred riddler

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Apparently something related to moona, that guy is her gachikoi but he likes jumping fences to other chuubas, honestly never like the guy, always making things about himself...he deleted his twitter and this was his last conversation.

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Wake the fuck up tree rat, they're announcing YOUR outfit. Go tweet about it or atleast pretend to care.

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They better not fuck up her rigging again

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I smell brian tsui handywork

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So are these halloween costumes then?

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sleepy treerat, please understand

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It's hard to tell what Moona and Iofi costumes are. And Ayunda is a witch, so it is not necessarily related to Halloween.

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woooo new risu costumee

>> No.11654361

She is awake at last!

>> No.11654625

Witch treerat gonna use her magic spell after the outfit reveal and disappear for a month

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I like how the first thing she does is taking about food.

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What the fuck. Someone please fire the ID managers. This is something you should hype up, not just announce last minute.

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Gita is an incompetent bitch, what's new? They would even have a much bigger audience if they promotes ID better too.

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Who said she doesn't uses it.
She said it herself that she loves selfcest.

>> No.11656699

Do you understand what i meant by "use" here you horny fucking nigger?

>> No.11656884

Dude, she doesn't even stream as she is on vacation nowadays so she wouldn't "use" normal art anyway. Beside he does commision normal art as well from time to time.

>> No.11658313

She will need it for the r18 arts review.

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How pink will it be? I hope it's mostly black with a bit of pink.

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Not like this probably

>> No.11658759

It will be nothing but pink

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What are the chances that himono sensei will take the rein to rig her again? I say pretty slim but i also want to believe...

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It would be funny if it's someone new and they manage to fuck it up in some new way

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I swear if they fuck up her side face again...I'll take himono rhombus risu anyday than anyone else's.

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idk man, I really love her eyes on the new one

>> No.11659164

I'm not talking about her eyes, i'm talking about the fact that everytime she turn her head to the side it's always turn into garbage. No matter how you look at it, it just doesn't seem okay to look at, atleast himono rhombus was really cute, tsui on the other hand is not.

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Why can't they test this shit with her setup first is beyond me

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ehm, she will get the hololive (in)famous rigger to rig her new costume

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I'm rangebaned again great :)

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New costume silhouette

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The hat stays on during mating press

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The hat tells us that this is going to be a witch costume, but we Risuners are also speculating what else could be a part of your outfit! Seems like you’re going to be wearing some kind of magical attire to match! Maybe you’ll have a new hairstyle to fit Ayunda too!

>> No.11666233

are you going to copy all of his tweet here?

>> No.11666246

no miniskirt, can't unlease full ayunda experience :(

>> No.11666286

I'll try.

>> No.11666605

Room is up, 47 hours remaining.

>> No.11667543

Kronii is getting there. 4 streams last week with no reason given, 3 this week because "she's sick".

>> No.11669783

Sexy witch Ayunda.
Imagine the possibilities

>> No.11669825

There is no mini skirt, but as I see it, her top is very short, probably could see her belly

>> No.11670092

well i take whatever is it, it's risu movitation fuel afterall.

>> No.11671407

>risu motivation fuel
I am overdosing on hopium that this will help

>> No.11672329

Anon I tell you this as a Risuner any comparison to Risu, let alone Ayame, with Kronii is absolutely ridiculous. Especially since we know EN2 have a requirement of 3 streams a week at minimum. You can call her the least active streamer of EN but that's not remotely close to 4 hours of stream in the entire month.

>> No.11672362

I think collab with her witch friend from niji is a must now.

>> No.11672518

Don't mind him, "Kronii doesn't stream enough" is the new hot bait that is going around rn.

>> No.11672671

Yeah I know, the catalog is flooded with it pretty often. But if I see it in the Risu thread I'll still give it a (You) especially because there are people in here who don't watch EN that might believe it

>> No.11673029

I'll be back in a week if she puts out a schedule with two streams.

>> No.11673862

Risu would it kill you to stream like 5 hours later one day? Just one stream I could catch maybe?

>> No.11674007

>Whispering midnight stream
Sounds like fucking kino.

>> No.11674302

Risu witch would lure children into her house in the forest and boil them alive in a cauldron just to listen to their screams

>> No.11674350

shes the most indie feeling of all of hololive.
its not a compliment.
cute sometimes though

>> No.11675445

Ayame, Ayunda, Amelia
i'm starting to see a pattern

>> No.11675677

Or 8 hours earlier

>> No.11675691

I don't think you've actually watched Risu

>> No.11675828

>inb4 "how can i when she doesn't stream".

>> No.11676276

Time to commision lewds of new costiume at exactly the same day she reveals it.

>> No.11676350

Yes, I had a nightmare where my oshi was trying to break into my house and murder my family. I remember trying to barricade the doors and windows and arming my family with guns.

>> No.11676440

Normal art first then lewds ffs atleast let her have a decent thumbnail she can use for once.

>> No.11677271


While I can get the sentiment of having discussion over horny posting, telling him not to commission lewds for the sake of thumbnails is too much. I don't watch her streams for thumbnail, she can use scribbles made in paint or just her avatar and it will be fine. But I'm tired of deviant art tier porn of her. I enjoy squirrel's singing and free talks, but also busting a nut to her lewds. And there's only so much good ones.

>> No.11677310

She gets plenty of good art for thumbnails. If you don't like what she picks, that's on her, not her artists.

>> No.11677523

your keyboard will wear out first mate

>> No.11677730

>Desperate coomer forcing his twisted fetish on a chuuba that has barely any sexual appeal
Sure is great talking to the spokeman of all risu fanbase, well can't blame them since Risu's the one that round them up.

>> No.11678305

Honestly there's a lack of real good art for Risu man I dig for it but it's just not there

>> No.11678448

>barely any sexual appeal
That's subjective. I don't see Ina as sexually attractive both design and personality wise, yet /wah/ is full of horny.
Anyway, I'm sorry I can't hold up to your standards as a fan, but it is what it is.

>> No.11678512

You're saying like she doesn't get deviant art tier trash on a daily basis, there are good ones but the majority of the shit you can find with her tags are about as great as the toddler's drawing you hang in a fridge. You want balance? Go make quality arts.

>> No.11678657

>barely any sexual appeal
False. But she does absolutely need more good regular art.

>> No.11679325

That's a fair take. She does seem to get really good stuff pretty infrequently.
Although it sucks when she finally does get high quality art (like that recent one with squirrel pushing an acorn into her cheek) and she completely ignores it.

>> No.11681143

Dude, I'm not forbidding you for commision not lewds art of her.

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I still can't believe the announcement was made literally 1 day before the reveal.

>> No.11684612

Offically yes but if you watches ID they already talked about new costiumes like over month ago.

>> No.11686121

Shit's fucked up they have no idea how to draw people in

>> No.11686220

Just because we knew Risuwitch was coming for months doesn't make it okay that we were only given like a day's notice for the actual date.

>> No.11686614

And having only having that info during streams doesn't have much reach either

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