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>let's just fling chuubas at the wall and see what sticks.

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That's Nijisanjis whole business strategy. Worked for them so far.

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Selen is still on the wall the others hitting the floor

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imagine getting outdone by a literal corporate mascot

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Except for IN. ID and KR only have maybe 1-3 worth watching and that brings in views. The rest that aren't those in those branches get beat by even Anya.

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How many of the same exact threads with numbers do you guys need to be satisfied?

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except it doesn't work , they even stopped new debuts for a long time precisely because it stopped working.
You'd think the people in charge would learn from that but apparently not

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The good old Niji SHOTGUN!

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No audience in IN. ID has good indogs already and KR audience are on twitch.

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>en chubbas will audition for crunchyroll instead of nijisanji in the future
roru roru

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Based Anykara

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>He isn't watching Fauna and Finana at the same time

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Based purple dragon is the team carry. Without her, the other two would be getting Nina numbers.

With that said, most of Selen's viewers are just there for yellow bitch. She's so bodaciously different from standard chubas (due to being bully magnet gamer tomboy gfe) that most of her audience usually won't carry over. That's probably why Rosemi and Petra loosened up and became more gremlin-esque, in order to better fit as the dragon's dragons.

Selen's fans are there for the rollercoaster ride where she alternates between being a yolo loudmouth and an insufferable coward. If other chubas aren't trying to be frenetic, that's on them.

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Why does Finana get such poor numbers on anything but Honkai?

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Finana has higher viewership on her own. Selen is a viewership leech on the rest of Niji EN.

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Chinks and gachafags love honkai. It's the beat 'em up to genshin's breath of the wild.

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Only during Honkai, otherwise her numbers are abysmal.

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>lying on easily verifiable info
Selen is a debuff

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I'm just happy that Nina is doing badly

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How? I thought no one liked her

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Do you actually believe the schizos on this board?

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oh i missed one
here's the niji en collab a day ago without the selen debuff

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>Wave 3 debuts
>Wave 2 does a debut watchalong over it
>Selen steals the show, and also got all the viewers that would've given wave three the debut boost
And this is why debut watchalongs are a stupid idea

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It worked though. selen alone will make up for the deadweight.

why should nijisanji care if a few of their 2views are suffering? their company is still making bank.

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The debut watchalongs that Nijisanji does is a mistake and needs to go. Wave 3 pretty much got shown up by Selen which ultimately did wonders for her numbers but undermined the new wave. To anyone who thinks hololives collab bans are unnecessary, this is the exact reason why they do it in the first place.

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How's this going to play out? Gen 1-2 are relatively safe because they had time to establish fanbases but with more and more gens some of these nijis are gonna struggle to pass 100 viewers, right?

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they should all drop this shit and start playing minecraft, right now

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Pretty sure even 100 viewers are enough for niji to break even, all the ens are profitable.

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You forget that people judge all number by Hololive standards

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A lot of the more recent NijiID chuubas (if not all of them) get literal 2view numbers. They have around 20 chuubas over there so I'm assuming that once NijiEn starts getting up there than thats gonna be their future too.

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This collab aint good

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dont think they joined nijien so they would have to work a part time job to make ends meet

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I really don't get why people care so much how many viewers or money vtubers get.
They're entertainment as long as they get enough to keep streaming who cares, it's not like I'll get a cut of the money.

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You mean Sony. The vtuber push has been done by Sony and they are looking to debut 50 vtubers
Pic related is why people are going to be thinking twice about going to Sony, they will only be able to get tiktok influencers that are only in it for the money like Hime

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Considering like half of ninas streams so far was her saying thanks for superchats i doubt she needs another job

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Finana has the Reddit coomer audience

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I mean even numbers wise, Most of NijiEn numbers are closer to Shiki from Prism Project than they are to HoloEn. Shiki nowadays can get 150-250 viewers regularly. The moment that NijiEn waves start dipping to the 300s than most indies are gonna start to wonder what is even the difference between joining them compared to some of the other startups.

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Anyone who becomes a vtuber to make a living on is fucking stupid.

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Its actually a bullshit number that OP likely did on purpose. Nina had 1.5k-1.6k ccv and this picture was taken 2 minutes after Nina's stream ended.
Not saying I care much for her but its a bit shameless of OP to intentionally give a false impression.

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Every Holo EN makes more than a living being a chuuba. It's only Niji midgets and literally who corpos that don't.

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It worked for pomu

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Can confirm
t.reddit coomer

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Some of the startups still have management issues and being in Nijisanji allows you the chance to interact with its talents. Even 2 view KRs play on the ARK server and get to interact with people like Ange and Hima and so on. There's more to joining a group than solely numbers.

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Makes sense, seemed too low to be true

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yeah but what happens to those chuubas? they just go on at 10k~ subs for a while and then stop?

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How many threads about this you guys need to make per day?

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dont lie to yourself anon

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Until people stop replying.

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Selen is a retarded furry and her viewers are extremely cancerous apex kiddies, holy shit they are insufferable.

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Is that why her fans were bullied out of the main thread or never /here/

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Nijis age like Fine Wine™.

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There's nothing surprising about this. It just shows that the EN market is heavily oversaturated at this point and Niji will have to revise their strategy there. You see the same pattern with Myth/Council with Council having much lower subs on average than Myth as well. Both of the groups have the same amount of members. Lazulight and Obsydia still get decent viewership.

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Niji should just bite the bullet and try an ES branch

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Becoming a vtuber doesn't mean you're getting into Hololive English though even Hololive girls have jobs and go to school. and outside of Niji and literally whos, what is there but Hololive and Vshojo (which are either highly selective or circlejerks)?

She still works part time for stability

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Holos are talking about Nijisanji everyday now it must be working Nijisanji’s dick is permanently in your throat rn.

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The difference is that Council does not get sub 1k views during their honeymoon period

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Yeah, Baelz got a whole 3k playing Bayonetta during her honeymoon period. That's totally different

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The low point of council is the high point of niji en, lmao

>> No.11691044

Yeah and the low point of NijiEN is the high point of Prism. Try comparing Council to Hololive.

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Do people here actually watch chuubas they like or just jerk off to numbers?

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Problem is that being able to interact with the main branch isn't an actual buff though.

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Shiki is basically the gura of en indies, most indies would be happy to get double digits.

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Pretty much. Moona by herself has almost as many subs as all of them combined. Views wise, even Anya mogs Hana nowadays.

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Kinda makes me wonder how much she'd incline if she ever got into Holo.

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Pretty much anyone that gets into holoen is assured to have at least 2k views
That's just how brands work

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i'm pretty confident Selen would be THE EN vtuber for gaming in general if she were in Holo. She completely steals the show

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I don't think she appeals as much to the type of people who watch Hololive. Would probably just be a 10k andy

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Anecdotally most of the spanish weebs are more likely to watch things in english than anything weeb in spanish. Honestly if they find themselves having to try to find a new market i expect Niji/Holo FR, frog weebs actually watch shit in french.

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lol apexshitter isn't a buff in hololive
she's doing as best she can with her appeal(being decent at apex)

>> No.11692047

I love feesh.

>> No.11692086

it wasn't a buff with EN audiences either but she made it interesting by being good and providing a laugh track

>> No.11692090

Finana is a sweet girl that is willing to go what ever direction the conversation goes to.

>> No.11692112

I'm impressed with the fact that Selen put more effort into her thumbnail than the other 2. Sure it's basic, but she definitely knows how to get more people to her, making her thumbnail so chaotic

>> No.11692161

Yeah, it's mediocre. Not offensive, but nothing I'd recommend.

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I guess that explains why I like her, since she's not overly cute or just a degenerate. Guess that's why I also originally like Amelia Watson

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I only see the world in numbers.

>> No.11692685

Sucks for the individual chuubas though.

>> No.11692765

She also started the stream a bit earlier than the others, did the same for the blazing sails collab. It is a pretty easy way to get more viewers in a collab. Rosemi did the same thing for the Devour collab and had unexpectedly higher viewers than Finana. Selen is of course the most popular and even if say Reimu had started 10 min before, Selen would still have had way higher CCV, but the difference between Selen and the others gets even more lopsided when she starts collabs before everyone else because everyone floods to the only running stream

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>Even 2 view KRs play on the ARK server and get to interact with people like Ange and Hima
The majority of westerners have no idea who those people are. Hell, the majority of this /vt/ probably doesn't know. Nobody's going to join the company for that.

>> No.11693176

She'd incline because Holo but I don't watch her enough to know if she'd be the same kind of streamer. I've heard anons say she didn't get into Holo because of some of her more edgy personality traits.

>> No.11693229

This. The majority of Nijisanji is still unknown to the west, if anything joining Vshojo is more appealing.

>> No.11693370

Your mistake is thinking from the POV of the viewer. If someone is a fan of members of Nijisanji then the chance to interact with its members will always be a major pull. Same with Hololive and probably Vshoujo if it's managed to inspire some people.

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LOL, moving goalpost bro just admit their bad and stop embarrassing yourself

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Don't care, not watching Holo

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>If someone is a fan of members of Nijisanji then the chance to interact with its members will always be a major pull
Sure, but that "If" is a major issue since there are very few fans of the main branch in the west. It's not a realistic method of attracting talent.

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Why are you brining up Holo?

>> No.11693953

Hololive board

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These designs are so bad
That purple haired one looks godawful and so does the floating hair one.

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Niji hasn't had any breakout star Since Kuzuha, worse is that they're fucking declining hard, except for Kuzuha.

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they sure did stick in your mind

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At least they stream

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It looks like hololive is the one declining to me. How come their former most popular member gets less viewers than some random wagie playing the same game?

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Touristsanji, yeah, you took that from numbers thread, you should know.

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>see what sticks
Pomu and Selen

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Works for the company, sucks for the streamers who are lagging. Those who are on top would just cannibalize those on the bottom.

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Why do they always resort to gimmicky streams just to get numbers? Can't they just stream normally like Crunchy hime?

>> No.11698828

Vtubing has become just as saturated as regular streaming. What a shocker. People have more options to watch and if you don't make the cut you don't get views.

>> No.11700711

Here more (you) anon, idk if holofag really this dumb or...

>> No.11700919

>Can't they just stream normally like Crunchy hime?
You joking right?

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Selen is going to become the Kuzuha of the EN branch if this continues (good for her but not her genmates or future waves).
She is going to steal the male wave’s thunder and grow her audience at the expense of the new wave, screencap and grudgepost me if I’m wrong.

>> No.11709552

Most of them look over-designed

>> No.11709579

I'm betting half of the audience are watching Honkai just to see her reaction to chapter 9 and then immediately stop watching kek

>> No.11709680

The Great Leeching has started. They have moved shilling operations offshore.

>> No.11709862

I could swear I've seen this thread before...

>> No.11709883

Yeah, why is Kiara leeching off Pomu? Fucking chicken bitch.

>> No.11709941

Congratulations, you actually made me check because I definitely didn't remember her breaking 1k. Too bad, I didn't misremember it. I'm not sure where you got the 1.5-1.6k from

>> No.11710025

>let's just fling chuubas at the wall and see what sticks.
this is Fucking nijisanji, newfag

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>> No.11710045

It only worked in Japan

>> No.11710051

Massive cope

>> No.11710088

nijifags lie all the time, don’t trust them.

>> No.11710142

Look at these naive kids. Thinking that OMEGA would have their nonexistent balls in place to greenlight any Nijisanji EN and Hololive EN collab.

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>> No.11712247

>Niji should just bite the bullet and try an ES branch
Nothing but broke motherfuckers and even more horny retards there. Why do you think ID was shuttered despite serving a country of, IIRC, literal billions?

>> No.11712301

The difference is that Wactor and the bunch of native spic vtubers already show there's a market for that, unlike india which even after the vtuber boom has produced no local vtubers of note

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