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New outfit reveal October 21, 6:00 AM (PST), 8:00 PM (GMT +7)

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Every time I go to sleep her thread dies

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I hope this one shows some cleavage or tummy.

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Holy shit, an actual scheduled in advance Risu stream. How long has it been since I've seen that.

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Well this one's mandatory

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If management had any competence this would've been announced and scheduled during the last area 15.

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They announced them months ago on area15, retard.

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Lads, I don't know if I'm gonna make it. I need to hear the rrat yell nani like a retard.

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You do understand the difference between "we are getting new costumes some time in the future" and "our costumes are ready, try to predict how they look, oh and btw we will show them tomorrow"? This shit needs to be hyped, retard.

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They specifically said "near the end of October".
Also area15 wasn't the only time one of them talked about it.
I'm sorry you're a clipwatcher.

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Fuck off with your infantile name calling, or at least put some effort into comprehending the posts you are replying to before you start shouting insults like an ass.

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How about you go suck a dick you fucking double faggot. I ain't reading your fucking post.

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My squirrel is having PMS

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>I ain't reading your fucking post.

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Big hat collab?
Risu, please do it

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They've collabed before a lot of times, kek.

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well, typical Indonesian, insult 1st, reasoning never. This is why even Hololive brand can't save them

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What are you referring to here

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Risuners are starting to lose it. Hold on just a bit more, bros, Risu is almost back.

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Honestly, it seems like full costiume so no tummy. Maybe cleavage though I doubt it as well.

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just can't stay away from them, can she? Going back to leech the IDs again, only this time she carries a brand.

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Risu is not my oshi. However, I cannot help but wonder what’d be like to go on a date with her. I want to take her on a date.

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She's the type of girl that would take her sweet time to respond to your messages just to piss you off and to overslept on your first date.

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And this is why I hit the gym. So that I can pick her up and take her wherever I want.

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Nice pits

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All she needs is a slingshot bikini

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If only she's not an Indonesian

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*casts a spell*

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Not sure how it came down to this, but Risu is the last vtuber I still watch. There is something special about her for me. And I miss her a lot.

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