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Myth 3D debuts when?
Will they just debut alongside IRyS and Council since its taking so long?

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Japanese company. Move to Japan first

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Debuting close to IRyS is a strong possibility since she is a Vsinger. Not alongside Council though. Nip hierarchy system won't allow that. There's a likelyhood that Mori has already been offered a chance to do 3D but she said not since she wanted to wait for the rest of Myth to get theirs too.

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Half of them will have quit by the time they get around to letting them do 3D.

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why do people even want 3d stuff anyway? what is the draw? 3d vtuber models look almost exclusively worse than anything 2d, all you get out of it is occasionally they'll faff about in their room and dance (maybe)

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In case of Holo EN (well most of it I guess) there is almost no point, setup for home 3D is more cumbersome and doesn't really offer that much more than a proper L2D model in terms of movement etc. it's almost pointless without the studio.

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Wrong. 3D is the one thing that is stopping them from calling it quits.

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coofed forever

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If they gave her and IRyS the opportunity to do a 3D debut together, would she do it? They're becoming really close friends, and if it takes another year to get the rest to Japan, it might be smart to 2 of your most performance-ready girls have a debut, despite any "unfairness" about it

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They should have opened an office either in Europe or the US, maybe Europe to avoid most of the SJW faggots.

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Japan is on track to hit herd immunity by like winter, so hopefully early next year.

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Isn't every fucking country open now with people traveling with no issues?
What the fuck is Japan even doing?

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They both would get a ton of antis and chinks using the opportunity to do the same, not to mention Cover has a boner for seniority and gen togetherness bullshit.

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ID gen 1 is supposed to have their 3D first since they debuted first. Their 3D has been finished for months but Japan won't give them Visa's because of wu flu.
The American holos can probably easily get visas. But it will be a bit harder for the Canadian ones. And literally impossible for Kiara because she isn't eligible for a visa for a while because of how the last visa she entered the country with worked.
They could probably give Calli and Irys 3Ds but people would lose their shit if they skip the rest of EN and ID gen 1 and 2.
Building a 3D studio somewhere else isn't worth it, a full Xsense setup like they have at cover HQ costs more than a quarter million bucks, requires a huge room, requires technicians to setup and operate (the girls would probably make the setup catch fire if they have to operate it) and you'd still have to fly all the girls into one location since they're pretty spread out. They'd never make back that investment, it would be a giant money pit. The best option is probably just waiting until Japan gets it shit together and lets ID gen 1 enter the county.

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just ask the girls to take a momentary paycut, let cover collect supachats,
which go into paying the setup in america.

Or just tell the fans, or do a kickstarter to pay for it, goal of 250k, would probably reach 2milion.

but leme guess muh japanese company ethics. who cares didnt that studio who made guren lagan and darling recently do that shit aswell.

And they could literally pay patreon donators peanuts. Like 1k gets you an exclusive audio from the girls.

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It's a stupid idea and a money pit. You still need to buy or rent a building, hire people to install and operate shit, fly everyone to said location, rent rooms, and a whole bunch of other shit.
Just waiting for Japan to open up would mean they get a return on the investment of commissioning the 3D models. Not to mention that all the ID gen 1+Gura and Amelia want to go to Japan at all cost and visit the studio and their colleagues.

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I admit, and i think youve got this problem pretty on this nose understood.

but theyd have to expand eventually right? unless they dont have plans for gen 3,4,5

as a company, setting HQ in america seems like the next priority.

but i digress, i dont know shit about their business, but sometimes I wonder if they are just incompetent.

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are you retarded? No one's gonna pay for something and then let Cover have it for free.
2m dollars is a big and people will fight to get control of that studio.
And ID has to debut first anyway, ENtard

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No because building such a setup and maintaining it is so fucking expensive that flying IDs and ENs into Japan and paying for their stay multiple times is still cheaper.

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I was exaggerating.

250k is well achievable by the wallets of ENtards.

wouldnt take less than a week, if good incentive and rewards were given

and what the fuck kind of fight, what some 50k lonely virgins who donated 5 dollars each are gonna suddenly find will and fight in ther lives to control a studio? to do fuckin what?
you stupid fuckin ID monkey.

simps give 100 dollars and say shit like 'love your streams', and a bunch of noncomittal support. their wallets would empty faster than I empty my balls when seeing kronii funding their 3d studio.

anyway, im not saying they would, as the other anon has brought up the logistical crap, but money isnt the issue here.

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2m is a better estimation and that doesn't count operation cost.
And Cover is a fucking company, people won't give a company money for nothing. You have no idea how big 2m is right?

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they could sell an nft of exclusive artwork done by Ina, for like 20 million

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total all time SCs for Myth is less than 4M, ENtards are truly delusional

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They'll still probably insist on Kiara and the North American trio being there for the first 3D stream. Once that's out the way, Mori and IRyS can do as many 3D collabs as they like, but they will be reluctant to do it without them.

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you dont know the NFT market, fuckin images of badly drawn pixel art goes for 500k each.

i dont understand how they havent even tried to tap this market at all.

they would make a killin on some gura exclusive nft, or nft-ing her debut video with the 'a'

could easily sell for multiple millions, and they just pocket the money.
they own such a unique product, but have barely tapped the potential

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Lmao are you that shill faggot from /ic/? At least try to be more subtle when you are shilling your pyramid scheme.

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no idea what youre talking about.

have seen nobodies who are living memes sell their images for 500k each.

a gura debut video nft could sell for 1M easy

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This thread reeks of redditor

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ewww why the fuck are they all holding hands?? disgusting

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